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3 months ago
I have had my specialty medicine filled with Accredo for 4 months and have never had to pay. This month I placed my order and I was charged almost 1600 dollars. I was not notified of any price increase. They refuse to accept the medicine back and I have no way of filling any future refills, which can result in my MS getting worse. I do have invoices that show I had a zero and no one informed of any price increase.
1 year ago
I was reading the submitted comment from Phillip Cohen 3 months ago, and I have the exact same situation to Phil Cohen. The money they say I owe then is not anywhere near what they are saying Phillip owes, but my situation and conversations with Accredo have gone the same way. I have a very long story and many, many notes to conversation with multiple Accredo representative. They even removed my balance after many 3 way conversations between myself, Accredo Rep and Abvie copay assistance stating my bills should have been covered. After over 4 months of showing a 0.00 balance on my Accredo portal and amount due Accredo sent me a fresh invoice for the same bill this week dated 3/20/2023. Stating that I owe $724.53. The amount Accredo claims I owe them changes regular, as well as their records for how much I was offered in copay assistance. I\'m not sure what to do at this point, because it\'s clear that I don\'t want to accumulate any attorney fees in fighting this amount. I can be reached at my direct work line (503)687-1313
1 year ago
Have been enrolled in the co-pay program for several years with a $5 copay, Accredo would blow my house phone up when prescription was approved by my insurance,that’s when I knew it was time to call and place my order.then all of a sudden started receiving a bill for around $3500, when I called the said to disregard,that it was passing in the mail ,would then get a bill for the $5 copay amount,which I paid then recieved a $6500 bill.when in contact with accredo I was told there was not enough money in copay fund ,which I was not informed when making my monthly order . Now getting the run Doctors assistant contacted the regional person for Lilly and was told that they would be contacting me,never happened. I have now contacted and left messages with no reply last one was 1-9-23 . I have been informed that I can pay the bill and it will be reimbursed.If I had that kind of money I would not be in the copay program. Received notice of payment or going to collections. I have stopped ordering the medication,which my doctor prescribed for me and is not happy about going backwards after several years of treatment to get me to place where I can maintain my pain management for my psoriatic arthritis.LOOKING FOR SOME HELP,any recommendations will be appreciated greatly. Thanks Phil Cohen