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Phone Numbers Used By Alliance Mediation Group

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2 months ago
I am getting a call from Broadway accounting services about a claim through alliance mediation. They have all my information and saying that I have been reported to chexsystems regarding writing a bad check for a $450 cash advance. Now I’m being told they are pursuing legal action for over $5000 and saying that it is criminal because of the bad check but I never wrote any checks or authorized payment for anything. I’m just really confused about this.
3 months ago
Alliance has contacted me saying there going to serve me if I don\'t pay them. I don\'t know if it\'s real or not.
9 months ago
Number called saying to call Alliance mediation group regarding a legal matter. I call to get more info and have no idea what account they are talking about, they said they have been trying to reach me in order to serve me. They knew all my personal info including ssn. They call almost everyday.
10 months ago
A company from Alliance Mediation is calling but is using another name as Countrywide