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Phone Numbers Used By Anderson & Associates Credit Services (Anderson Collection Agency)

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4 months ago
Hello, im contacting you due to me having trouble with a medical bill. I know longer know where to turn or what to do, as im experiencing great stress. In june of 2023 i was in a car accident, in which i seeked chiropractic treatment from North portland chiropractic to help with pain and discomfort. I then later settled due to stress and bills as well as no improvement. I then received a bill a bill from their agency Anderson collections LLC for a bill of $4,905. I then instantly felt stressed as i knew i could not financially afford the stress and bill of this. As they\'ve threatened to take my mothers house and sue us, i\'ve researched and researched financial assistance programs for medical bills, and have turnt to a wall everytime. Im hoping you guys can help me or guide me in the direction to help as i desperately need it and will take anything. Thank you. @Aneea Jones