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Phone Numbers Used By ARA and Associates

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10 months ago
Hello, Back in October, Pacific Resolution called to get me to pay for a debt I owed. I paid the $330 in full and received a paid in full letter after my final payment. In the past 3 days, ARA & Associates contacted me claiming that: 1) because the debt was officially owned by them through a \"chain of title\" I needed to ALSO pay them the $330. 2)they have the original account information and it doesn\'t add up to with what the other agencies have. However, when I when started calling through the chain of title starting from the original creditor to who had it now, the account number they ALL had was different from what ARA & Associates was claiming they had. 3) ARA & Associates said that my account number starts with a 3 or 4 but never gave me the entire number at any point. 4) Because the company I DID pay did not have an official letterhead in the paid in full letter, she, someone named \"Judy Harmon\" was heavily implying without explicitly stating that Pacific Resolution is scamming me. Also, they said that a paid in full letter should have all the payments listed and other pertinent information to verify that I did pay it. 5) ARA & Associates sent me a \"debt validation letter\" to my email because if they sent it in person \"it would be in the form of a summons\". The email also had my previous address, no account information related to the original creditor, and a contract for payment to sign, but I did not. 6)the last time they called me, 02/22/23, they called *SEVERAL* times from a blocked phone number within the span of 2 minutes before an unknown number got through to my voicemail to let me know that they were giving me a courtesy call before filing. Her name was \"Casey Thomas\". 7) when I originally spoke to \"Judy Harmon\" and then called back after lunch, the person on the phone sounded totally different and said their name was also Judy Harmon before switching it to saying I spoke to their colleague. Now, ARA & Associates are threatening to file a case against me because I won\'t pay them as well. I just want to make sure because of the mention of about the \"3x the amount\" I\'ll have to pay if I go to court for this. I barely could pay the $330. I can\'t afford $1K. I\'m just looking for a little advice on how this is *actually* supposed to work? Please and thank you.