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Submitted Complaints

I called the BB&T official number on the back of my debit card and reached a customer support person who eventually forwarded me to a department for my problem. This number answered and eventually informed me that I had won a $100 visa gift card as some kind of company customer appreciation event. I was fine with that, but after they started asking for my card information to cover the cost of shipping I got suspicious and hesitant. I am almost positive it was a scam but considering it got to my phone line after I contacted my bank I am very concerned that their line has been corrupted.

constant phone calls from 888-259-8463

Auto-dialer called me 2 times 4/27 & 4/28, claimed to be BB&T bank staying my bank account was overdrawn by $294.00. First call, the person stated they were with client services and asked me to confirm my name, then did not ask for any further verifying information proceeded to inform me of an overdrawn account and how did I wish to resolve it. Today received another call, similar conversation.

They won’t stop calling me at my house phone (which isn’t on my account) asking if I live at this address. This is completely unnecessary as my account is just overdrawn but not a large amount and is being paid off. It hasn’t even been more than a week yet. They’ve never called because my account was overdrawn before.

Back in December 2018, I informed the Manager of the Orlando, FL branch of this Bank to stop harassing me with their phone calls. The calls stopped until now which they claim the call "not being a sales call and it is a curtossy call" They end the massage with "Thanks for banking with BB&T". I do not have an account with these people, and want their harassment to stop.

this number is continuously calling me

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