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Submitted Complaints

Synchrony Care Credit OWES ME - I've spent the past 2+ years trying to Collect nearly $3000.00 Debt from Synchrony because They've Never issued a Refund for the Payments They Required while They Deliberately Mishandled the Fraud Claim/Billing Dispute - Identity Thieves Illegally Opened a New Care Credit Account & Processed a $7000.00 Charge in July 2017 - Synchrony Care Credit's Fraud Solutions Dept Resolved the Claim in my Favor December 2018, but They've Never Refunded the Payments & They've Failed/Refused to Respond to Dozens of Letters Delivered by CERTIFIED MAIL + UPS, FedEx, etc., with Signatures Proving Delivery

I tried make purchase from my Synchrony Bank from pc richdson and son on dec 6 2018 tie for tv and Apple TV which I never received they claim they could not release my order due to fraud department put a hold on it so they told me to wait and this happens all the time well as day progressed I became worried and reached out to bank which they said they seen the charge went through,so called the retailer mthey said they were still waiting on bank so I call ever day until Monday same answer mean time I show pay,ent is already due I was wow what is going on I called bank fraud department they said they could not help me it not fraud I said how is this not fraud I am charged for something i didn’t get I was going around around with this I canceled the order still no result now I have debt for1471.65 now they represetives said they can’t give info on my own account I turned the retailer into the bbb and attorney general office the bbb said retailer refunded the money back to bank the so I have no idea who to beleave!

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