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The day we bought the car the transmission went out we took it to the shop they had it for three we hadn't even driven the car yet because on the way home transmi tion went out.when we got the car back it was making weird noises and the steering wheel is way off and the alignment is so far off that the tire place couldn't even align $700 in tires that r going to where out the wrong it's not even a yr later and the trany they put in is not working correctly.more like doesn't work and we now don't have a car to get food or go to our doctor appointments.we had direct payments for each month to be taken out of the bank on the first of every month.had an amended contract riten up so the money would be in the bank on that day.they would take the $ out whenever they wanted despight our league contract.3 cylinders fouled out had to put new plugs wires.3rd set of tires we have paid 350 every month except for the mo they took the payment out early.our bank account was overdrawn 400 $ from that.carhop then turned off the connection to the starter so we couldn't start the car with no notice to us in that regard.we never were over 30 days late on a payment.they had no rite to do that.the down payment didn't go to the car the interst is different every month.and our credit is all messed up becaused of carhop.