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Who We Are

Agruss Law Firm: People, First

We see you as a person, not just a client - and that makes us better at what we do. We listen. We learn

your story. And, as we help you get the money you deserve, we go above and beyond in a way most

law firms never could and never would. Because we're not just lawyers. And you're not just a client.

How it Works

You have rights

Robo-callers and debt collectors may be violating the law

We stop the calls

We will send a cease and desist request for free

You get money

Up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls

You don't pay a dime

The other side pays our fees and costs.


(855) 957-3119

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  • 855.957.3119
  • 1.855.957.3119
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  • 8559573119
  • +1 (855) 957-3119

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They call me every day even on Sunday nights

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