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This company uses shady scare tactics (like guessing ones immigration status and/or credit score) and allows their employees to impersonate attorneys by threatening to sue consumers for already closed gym memberships (or so that was what we were led to believe when we called to unsubscribe) and even go out of their way to create false court costs if the consumer questions their integrity and legitimacy or refuses to pay. Not to mention, their aggressive, petty/defensive demeanor when speaking on the phone. Covid doesn’t play a factor when it comes to negotiating a payment plan or making accommodations of any sort. Employees are unprofessional, unethical, and lack manners or proper phone etiquette when speaking to consumers. Their website is outdated and lacks a sense of security when making payments online, and to top it off, their location is ghetto. It is clear that they are desperate to make money and will do or say anything to do so. This place is a joke compared to other debt collection agencies and needs to be audited or better yet, shut down.

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Hi. It isn't uncommon for debt collectors to use scare tactics, but it is still illegal. I would like to speak with you about the issues you've had with them and what you can do to resolve the situation. Please feel free to reach out to me at 888 572 0176. Thanks, Mike