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Gregory Funding has inflated our monthly obligation claiming late payments which I have proved otherwise with plenty of documentation. Their statements are inconsistent and false. We tried to refinance with Wells Fargo and all was well until we were denied due to Gregory providing a false and unsubstantiated "mortgage rating" even though we have been current, 8 credit bureaus have me rated at over 750. They continue to send us inflated and inaccurate statements although I have made consistent payments as agreed upon since they took over from Mr. Cooper, aka Nation Star Mortgage. We had to sue Mr. Cooper for the same issues which we prevailed and they had Gregory Funding take over which I continue to dispute and their veiled foreclosure threats.

I filed for bankruptcy 9 years ago and have been treated like that never happened. I have tried on numerous occasions to return the property, as they still have my name on the title. I moved and notified them that I was vacating the property last May and they should secure it. They didn't. It may have been vandalized and now Gregory is refusing me a deed in lieu because they are telling me that they cannot verify the condition of the house and that there may be squatters. I don't know why they think that because they have never tried to secure the property. I am never able to talk to anyone past general customer service and the guy "Jeff" who is supposed to handle these matters refuses to return my calls or emails. Why am I still fighting with these people 9 years after a chapter 7?! They are NOT a legitimate company.

Up until June 2020 my mortgage was paid up to date. Due to COVID I haven't been able to pay. I have received 4- 3month forbearances, starting Aug 1 2020. Back in October 2020 my loan was sent to Gregory Funding, besides constant notices of being late and additional charges adding up, I received on JULY 17, 2021 a NOTICE OF INTENT TO FORECLOSE, and if I did not pay the entire missed mortgage payments of $17,946.89 (this includes $195.35 late charges and $47.16 unpaid charges) with in 35 days, 8/17/21, then they will foreclose on my property. Today Friday Aug 13, I finally spoke to customer service, was told I was currently in foreclosure and only way to clear up was to pay entire amount of $17,946.89. After going back and forth and being confused about how could anyone pay entire year all at once due to covid, the representative contacted some department to come back and tell me I need to fill out some covid form AND that there is no current foreclosure just the NOTICE of INTENT. I have no idea what to expect in the near future and scares me that this company expects all missed payments repaid in one amount. I have seen other complaints about Gregory Funding and feel this situation shows the disregard of what the purpose of forbearance because of covid meant, how can anyone be expected to pay right now when I am still being affected by covid???? I am wondering if this is all legal? Did the federal government set this up to only put me in a worse position with my loan. Thank you for your time- Kirstin Hogberg It may be too late for my home but maybe something can be done to protect the millions who are in a similar situation. Again thank you!!

10k more added to my account

I am in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama. My taxes have not been paid and my house is on the tax sale for Msy 25, 2021. Gregory Funding has told me it's ok if it gets sold because they can redeem it within 2 years. Told me not to pay myself because they will not reimburse me. I have over $4000 in escrow.

I tried for a total of 6 hrs. to get in touch with Gregory Funding and make a payment. Today my significant other and I sat on hold for a long time and someone finally answered. We made 1 payment. We feel they are not on the up and up, and are quite concerned.

Gregory funding Totally incompetent and don't ans phones

will not reply to request to remove PMI even though I have over 50% equity in the home and I have paid off over 20% of the original mortgage. The PMI should've been removed years ago. After numerous requests over 2 years, I am yet to hear anything or get any kind of response.

Trate de hacer pago el jueves por telefono nunca regression llamada y el viernes 230min y hoy martes llevo 3y 30min esperando pension servisio

Have been trying to talk to them gregory funding for 6 months due to when it was transferred in June from Rushmore loans. I got ahold one them once due to they sent me a letter to foreclose and paperwork for mortgage hardship which I filled out everything and sent it to them. I got a hold of them after I sent them everything a month later and the guy said I sent in everything they will call me in a few days. I said I dont want to lose my home but the payment was to much. He said not to worry. They will send me my new payment. I have not paid them anything in 6 months due to all the bad reviews I've been that they are handling for other people. I cant afford to pay them and then lose my money. I have another company zopa who is trying to help me but they cant get ahold of them either for 2 months. What do I do. All they send me every month is my statement and nothing has been said.