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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

The FDCPA applies to everyone in the county. It’s a list of what collection agencies can and cannot do while collecting a debt. Under the FDCPA, collection agencies cannot harass you while collecting a debt.

What is the Electronic Fund Transfer Act?

The EFTA is a federal law that protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. Under the EFTA, companies cannot take unauthorized payments from your checking account or debit card.

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The FCRA is a federal law that protects consumers’s information on their credit report. 40 million Americans have mistakes on their credit report. We will help you dispute inaccurate information on your credit report at no cost to you.

Do I have to pay your fees and costs?

No. We handle consumer rights cases based on a fee-shift provision. That means the other side pays your fees and costs. You will never pay us a penny.

Do states have their own laws to protect consumers?

Yes. Several states also have laws to provide their citizens with an additional layer of protection. All states also have laws to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices from big companies.

How does Mike Agruss Law help me?

The EFTA is a federal law that protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. Under the EFTA, companies cannot take unauthorized payments from your checking account or debit car.


We see you as a person, not just a client - and that makes us better at what we do. We learn your story. And, as we help you, we go above and beyond in a way most law firms never could and never would. Becuase we're not just lawyers. And you're not just a client. We're friends, neighbors, and family. We're all people and here at Mike Agruss Law, we put People First.


Top Collection Violations

Called you about a debt you do not owe.

Called you at work after you told them you cannot recieve calls at work.

Left you a message without identifying the company's name.

Left you a message without disclosing that the call is from a debt collector.

Called third-parties (family, friends. coworkers, or neighbours) even though the collection agency konws your contact information.

Disclosed your debt to a third-party (family, friends. coworkers, or neighbours).

Called you after you said to stop calling.

Threatened you with legal action (such as a lawsuit or wage granishment).

Called you before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM.

Continued to call you after you have told the collector yo cannot pay the debt.

Communicated (phone or letter) with you after you filed for bankruptcy.

Failed to mark the debt on your credit report as disputed after you disputed the debt.

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  • +1 8888996650
  • 8888996650
  • 1-888-899-6650
  • 888.899.6650
  • 1.888.899.6650
  • 888 899 6650
  • 8888996650
  • +1 (888) 899-6650



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Submitted Comments

1 week ago
Keep receiving calls about account services and i don’t know why
2 weeks ago
This phone number keeps calling me. Continuously getting calls from a whole bunch of numbers
2 weeks ago
Transworld Systems has called me almost every morning for the last week. I have tried calling to get them to stop.
3 weeks ago
ive been getting a call from this number. I dont know why they been calling me but one time they left a voice message telling me to call them back but I dont know them. There is one incident this March 25 th 2024 when my phone rang and when i looked at the window someone so close to my window taking a picture of me, when i got up to find out, he ran away and rode to the white car. This is really scary. Im thinking if getting a security system because of this.I’ve been receiving calls also drom outside the state and when i googked it , its from the prison.
3 weeks ago
Am I being spammed?
4 weeks ago
im trying to get help against bill collectors whom i asked many times to stop calling me every since I cosed my chaoter 13 case bill collectors keep calling ne compant name Main Monroe a seventh ave store located in Wisconsin My name is Sabrina Huff Young. 6117 Elm Ln, Matteson, IL 60443 if i miss a call they do not leave a message.. i told them many times to stop calling me they told me to pay my bill and they will
4 weeks ago
I don\'t even own a creditcard. Only in the US short term, and have no debt. I keep telling them to calling me, that is is considered harassment and I am on a no call list. I refuse to state my name to them, pretty sure previous owner of my phone number is the one they need
1 month ago
The calls are every day with the exception of Sundays. I have asked them repeatedly not to call me yet they continue. The company is Transworld Sys 888-899-6650. Please email me versus calling. I am at work and can not take outside calls. Thank you.
1 month ago
When the lease for the aparment ended I moved out, ever since the apartment complex sent my ex-husband a notice of damages, ex $100 for painting, etc. He then emailed them and said even though his name was also on the lease that I was responsible for the entire fee, I am not going to pay for the entirety of the fees alone when I was not the only name on the lease and two most of those damages they claim are a lie, they are trying to rip me off.
1 month ago
They call me every day without leaving a message. Looking online it seems to be a debt collector but there is no way i have any debt that i have not paid.
1 month ago
I keep receiving calls from these people telling me I owe debt and to confirm my identity
1 month ago
1-888-899-6650 will not stop calling my cell phone. I do not owe any collector. They just wont stop after they have been asked to.
3 months ago
I\'ve been living in LA for the past 13 years, and around April 2022, my SS# was leaked in a security breach and fraudsters opened 3 utilities accounts in other states. I just received an email from Experian informing me that a collections account has been added to my report. This comes on the hills of multiple calls I received since the end of October 2023 from (888) 899-6650. Given that I am overseas attending to family issues, I never answered the phone. I do not have access to voice messages. However, after receiving today\'s email from Experian, I googled the phone number and it appears to be from a collections agency. I do not owe any money, so my best guess is that the account belongs to someone else. But I have not been able to see the amount nor the original debt because the Experian site blocks me and denies me access to my credit report. I also requested an \"annual credit report,\" and I got the following message: \"A condition exists that prevents Experian from being able to accept your request at this time.\" Today I have called customer service multiple times, but I am not given the option to speak with an agent or access any information regarding the collections account. The automated system is not working properly. Please let me know if you could assess my case. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you, Aitana
4 months ago
I wont even need immunity. 888-899-6650 is the number that called me just now on 12-12-23. I was directed to your law firm when the number was googled. It was a nuisance. I\'m Nathaniel Wenger and I work on policy. My policy is international and I believe in it. The issue is judicial action internationally because of conflict. We watch the person leading our country no matter who leads our country. We watch them so they can never cover up unlawful behavior. We watch the leader so they never cover up treating a person unlawfully. When a country is invaded a correct response is arguing to watch the leader of the invasion. Why? Because they can\'t invade. Why? Because we can\'t defend during the invasion. In context, \'we\', is the victim and \'they\' is the nonconsensual actor. We refers to consensually watching our leader in policy. They dominate. When israel invades Gaza. Palestinians need to say, we must watch the leader of Israel the entire time anybody ever leads Israel. Why? When Jews are sent to Auschwitz and are liberated. They need to say after we leave Auschwitz we need to watch the leader of Germany the entire time anybody ever leads Germany. Judicial action internationally because of conflict is using this idea. While using this idea I bought Tvocracy dot com. The idea to watch the leader. That wasn\'t hard to say, while watching TV. I have international immunity because of policy that hasn\'t been granted. Because I have a defense everyone should use. Some say it will be granted. Please grant it.
4 months ago
I am receiving calls from Transworld Systems. I am not sure if it is a legitimate company. I currently owe 117 dollars apparently, but I am worried that if I pay through card they will take a lot more. Is there anyway to verify if it is a scam. And if it is legitimate, is it possible to communicate with them on my behalf?
4 months ago
I\'ve gotten several calls from this phone number. I am deployed overseas with the United States military(this might grant me some additional legal protections?) and do not pick up phone calls due to additional mobile costs. I don\'t know why they are calling. I can communicate via email.
5 months ago
TSI has for years been reporting that I owe Cox Communications (which I paid my final bill and returned all equipment) for over five plus years. Each month they ding my credit report like it\'s a new issue when it\'s not. They call Monday-Wednesday. Skip Thursdays and start again on Fridays. They sent me an email saying I owe as of May 18, 2020 but no details about what it is for. Can you help stop/correct this? Please contact me via email: [email protected]
5 months ago
I received three missed phone calls from 888-899-6650 in three consecutive days. I have my Call Filter turned on so the calls get blocked instantly as they come through. I haven’t received voicemails regarding the calls.
5 months ago
I want to stop this number +1 (888) 899-6650 calling me because I have collections debt so I want to some more months to pay off all. But I really need a time.

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