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Do you think is not playing fair?  You have rights under the law and we can help you at no cost to you. UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business.


If violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 312-300-5996 for a free consultation.

What is was established in Amsterdam in 1996. The company, which initially operated as a small Dutch start-up has grown to cater and offer over 28 million properties across the globe. 

According to its site, is available in 43 languages. Today, it has also expanded into booking car rentals and airport taxis. Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Postal Address
Postbus 1639
1000 BP Amsterdam

+31 20 712 5609 (Fax)
1800 1 114 2126 (Customer Support)
24/7 Customer Service 

Misleading Advertisements  

Numerous complaints against indicated false advertisements leading them to believe that bookings were going to be charged in cash, upon arrival. However, the reviews show that said customers enticed with the offer were debited an initial charge. Some of the customers even complained that the initially charged amounts were non-refundable. Other complaints stated they availed of accommodations at lower rates and charged for the initial amount indicated, but were asked for surcharges prior to their stay or upon arrival. Other misleading promos were free breakfasts attached to the room price but were, apparently, optional per the property’s discretion. 

Confusing Refund and Cancellation Policies 

Next to their deceptive offers, customers also lamented about’s confusing policies, especially with their cancellations and refunds. According to complaints, some had their bookings at the last minute – others upon arriving at the properties – canceled. Since the error was between the property owners and, customers expected full refunds only to be met with full accommodation charges or uncredited refunds, as well as indifferent customer service agents. 

Refund Delays

Per the reviews, took weeks, if not months, before settling their refunds. Most had to consistently email and call the company’s customer service line to get an update about their orders. Some only had their refunds after filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Unreliable Customer Service has made its customers go back and forth in order to settle rightful refunds. This has wasted hours, maybe days, of the complainants’ time. Some, who have had their reservations canceled without notice, were met with unhelpful agents. Unfortunately, misleading advertisements, unclear policies, refund delays, and poor customer service are just the beginning for Aaron’s. Aaron’s customers are left wondering what options they have regarding their consumer rights.

We Fix Complaints When Customer Service Won’t

Has used misleading sales tactics? Have you received poor service? Do you have complaints with billing? Do you want customer service at to listen?

A lot of Corporation customers aren’t happy with their service and the Better Business Bureau lists 847 customer complaints against the company in the past three years, including complaints for billing and collections practices, problems with a service/product, advertising and sales, among others.  

If your complaints haven’t been heard, we can help. At Mike Agruss Law we help customers who have been mistreated by big companies–much like–and we turn your complaints into resolutions!

We’ll not only file your legal demands with, we’ll negotiate with the company. If your claim isn’t resolved through these negotiations, we’ll work through the legal process that is outlined in your contract, which is typically arbitration. 

Mike Agruss Law gets results–including zero balances, refunds, and other compensation. 

Here’s How to Make Big Companies Listen

It can be frustrating when you rely on a service and don’t get the results you’ve paid for. Big companies make mistakes every day and not only is it their fault, but it can also cost you money, time, and leave you with big headaches. 

Have you tried calling to address an issue, only to be told that the representative has no authority to do so? Or maybe you’ve tried talking to someone higher up in the company, only to be ignored, dismissed, or they take too long, continuing to waste your precious time. Maybe you’ve sent an email to the company which only resulted in a prefabricated response or they never follow through with what they’ve promised. 

When you’re limited in your choices for service providers or you’re locked into a contract, what can you do?

Fortunately, you do have options. 

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint

Most companies like have an arbitration clause in their contracts to prevent being taken to court for traditional litigation. This is actually an advantage for the consumer. When you request an arbitration hearing, an independent third-party (the arbitrator) with knowledge of the type of situation involved will listen to the facts from both sides and make an impartial, binding decision. will have to do a lot of work and there is no guarantee that they will have a successful outcome. 

Arbitration is Fast, Inexpensive, and Private

Arbitration with is conducted through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). According to the AAA Consumer Due Process Protocol, arbitration through AAA will comply with their Statement of Principles, which includes:

  • The process is fundamentally fair – All parties are entitled to qualified, competent, impartial arbitrators who will conduct a fair hearing.
  • You get access to all relevant information – This includes reasonable costs, confidentiality, reasonable time limits, and meeting times and/or locations that are agreeable to both parties.
  • Transparency – AAA provides clear arbitration agreements and the ability for each side to hire their own representation.
  • Just process – Arbitration allows the arbitrator to award the same relief as traditional litigation in a binding decision. 
  • Alternative to arbitration – Mediation and the ability to take the case to small claims court should be available in some cases.

Arbitration Gives you Control and Leverage

When is alerted that you plan to pursue arbitration, they know it will cost them money out of pocket. Not only do they run the risk of losing the case, but they will also pay for their mistake(s) and the arbitration itself. This gives you more leverage with your demands. 

If doesn’t meet those demands and you have a real complaint, Mike Agruss Law can help by representing you in arbitration where you will get a fair, just, and transparent hearing.

Control and Leverage Triggers Faster Settlements

Large companies like don’t like the uncertainty and loss of control that comes with arbitration. Not only do they lose the advantage in the situation, but you’re also on equal footing with them in the eyes of arbitration. 

The first step in taking on is to formally raise your complaint. The lawyers at Mike Agruss Law can help you to do so. We will send a letter of demands to the corporate offices of, letting them know that you’re ready to begin arbitration if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved. Typically, this is 30 days, but it will depend on your specific contract with 

Approximately 50% of cases will settle before proceeding to an arbitration hearing during this time. However, if doesn’t offer a reasonable settlement within the appropriate time frame, the next step would be filing a case with AAA. Mike Agruss Law will not only put together the necessary paperwork for arbitration, but we will also help you take the next steps in the arbitration process. 

UDAAP and Arbitration

UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business. This includes misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

UDAAP laws are regulated by two organizations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC expanded the initial UDAAP laws in 2004 to include unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Some standards for unfairness, in particular, include if it causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers, the injury is not reasonably avoidable by consumers, and the injury is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.

Every state has UDAAP laws, which can vary widely. However, the lawyers at Mike Agruss Law understand these laws and can use them to get compensation for deceptive practices, representing consumers throughout the country in cases of arbitration at no cost to them. The company will not only pay the consumer, but they will also pay my fees as well. The consumer will never pay me a cent.

If you’re dealing with an issue with, you might try filing a complaint with the BBB or the customer service team with Unfortunately, these avenues won’t always lead to a successful resolution for you, the customer. Instead, you may want to consider an experienced arbitration lawyer to take on your case. 

Arbitration is a very useful tool for resolving disputes, and Mike Agruss Law can help. With our expert guidance, we bring the big companies to the table and provide the support needed to get your bills corrected, credit reports fixed, improper fees refunded, and more. Let us pick up the sword for you; you have nothing to lose.

How Do I File a Complaint Against

We will use your state’s UDAAP law to file a complaint in Arbitration on your behalf at no cost to you. UDAAP laws include misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. Under your state’s UDAAP law, you are likely entitled to money damages for your actual damages.  Plus, the other side will pay our fees and costs.  You will not pay us a penny.  These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

People, First

We are proud to serve consumers in arbitration cases. We see you as a person, not just a client – and that makes us better at the work we do. We listen. We learn your story. And, as we help you get the money you deserve, we go above and beyond in a way most law firms never could and never would. Because we’re not just lawyers. And you’re not just a client. We’re friends, neighbors, family. We’re all people and here at Mike Agruss Law, we put People, First.

Share Your Complaints Below Against

We encourage you to post your complaints about Sharing your complaints against this big company can help other consumers understand what to do when they have problems with this company. Sharing your experience may help someone else!

We are listening

We will respond to you at lightning speed. All of your information will be kept confidential.

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Submitted Comments

5 days ago
Hello I have listed Alabama as my state, but actually live in Europe (your site didn\'t provide that option). I\'d like to pursue a case against, for many outrageous actions. Here\'s one example: I blocked off an entire year of my calender as I had decided to sell my property that was listed on then opened up my calender, without my authorisation and changed my settings (also without authorisation) to allow same-day bookings (something I have never allowed). Two guests then made a booking and before I could respond arrived at my locked-up property. is now trying to make me pay for the alternative accommodation that they found for these guests. The question now for me is whether I could work with out, even though I don\'t reside in the USA. If not, could you recommend anyone else who could work with me (I live in France and my property is in NZ, so either EU or NZ jurisdiction would work). Thanks for your help. Martyn Nicholls CEO and Owner of Timber Trail Centre, New Zealand
5 days ago
Hello I have listed Alabama as my state, but actually live in Europe (your site didn\'t provide that option). I\'d like to pursue a case against, for many outrageous actions. Here\'s one example: I blocked off an entire year of my calender as I had decided to sell my property that was listed on then opened up my calender, without my authorisation and changed my settings (also without authorisation) to allow same-day bookings (something I have never allowed). Two guests then made a booking and before I could respond arrived at my locked-up property. is now trying to make me pay for the alternative accommodation that they found for these guests. The question now for me is whether I could work with out, even though I don\'t reside in the USA. If not, could you recommend anyone else who could work with me (I live in France and my property is in NZ, so either EU or NZ jurisdiction would work). Thanks for your help. Martyn Nicholls CEO and Owner of Timber Trail Centre, New Zealand
2 weeks ago
hi, i had a whole situation against that started with a mold infected property that they rented to me. i have evidence of mold growth, water damage and evidence they knew about the mold issue before renting to me. furthermore i have a recorded phone calls with incriminating evidence and a phone call where they guarantee me a refund and then when i call back they denied ever saying that.
2 weeks ago
Recent rental was misrepresented by host and - and we have found other reviews to verify the same issues. Asking for a partial refund through proper channels, but getting a run around.
3 weeks ago
I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to urgently request your expertise and assistance regarding a concerning incident tied to reservation number 4130601467 at our property, which involved an elaborate scam and resulted in significant property damage. To outline the situation, the reservation was made for the period from January 6th to February 20th, with payment processed through However, after the guest checked out, it was revealed that the reservation had been cancelled, and the guest refused to pay, claiming payment had already been made through Shockingly, it was discovered that the guest was somehow connected to a employee, identified as Daiki H / Sahd E, who falsely assured us that the booking was fully paid for by, leading us not to collect any payment from the guest directly. Further compounding this issue, during the stay, significant damages were incurred, including a broken floor and extensive bathroom damages, which have added to our financial losses. Despite repeated attempts to resolve this matter with\'s customer service, including a specific inquiry on February 7th, and assurances of a forthcoming payment due to the guest\'s card having insufficient funds, we have not received any payment, resolution, or adequate support. This situation has persisted for over two months without any progress, suggesting the possibility of internal fraudulent activities involving\'s employees. Given these alarming developments, we are seeking your immediate intervention to investigate this matter thoroughly. We believe it is imperative to take legal action against those involved and to implement measures to prevent such fraudulent activities in the future. We are prepared to cooperate fully and provide any additional information or evidence needed for the investigation. We request an acknowledgment of this email and a clear outline of the next steps and timeline for resolving this issue. Your prompt and decisive action is critical for us to address these losses and to prevent similar incidents from happening to others. Thank you for your immediate attention to this urgent matter. We look forward to your swift response and are hopeful for a resolution that restores our trust in the system and mitigates our current losses. Sincerely,
1 month ago
In this case, a past guest who booked through posted a defamatory and retaliatory review, falsely accusing the business of racism after being reported for misconduct. The review unfairly tarnished the reputation of the business and its staff. Such baseless allegations not only harm the business\'s image but also highlight the challenges faced in managing online reviews, especially when they are used as a platform for personal vendettas rather than constructive feedback.
1 month ago
Hello, do you help people in Japan? I am not Japanese. are not refunding my money. I spoke to Polish Airlines as I canceled my ticket because they moves the date by 3 days, so I was just hoping for a quick refund but has turned into a nightmare
2 months ago engaged in deceptive practices and has cheated me out of getting my refund due for a flight they told me to cancel. The full facts are explained below. In January 2023, I booked a business class round trip ticket from Seattle to Lima: SEA to MEX on 28 Oct 2023 departing 9:30 am via Aeromexico flight 495, business and MEX to LIM departing 5:20 pm on Aeromexico flight 18, business. The return flights were on 5 November 2023, departing LIM 4:50 pm on Aeromexico flight 47 to MEX, business class and MEX to SEA on 6 Nov 2023 at 3:40 pm on Aeromexico flight 494, business class. I paid $1,297.04 via my Apple Card on 5 January 2023. In August 2023, I found out I would be having back surgery in October so I needed to postpone my trip. I called and asked to rebook my ticket. They told me Aeromexico had changed the flight so the easiest thing for me to do would be to just cancel my existing booking and get a refund, and go ahead and rebook my flights online on my own on the website. I agreed. They told me I would be getting a credit for the existing Aeromexico flight in the amount of $1,296.04. I went ahead and rebooked my trip with Aeromexico for May 2024 on the website and paid for the new flight since I had been assured I would soon receive a refund for the first flight. Since that time, has put me off. I had several conversations with the people who handle their phone calls, GoToGate. They always told me to just be patient, the refund request had been submitted to Aeromexico, and I would get my refund soon. I have still never received a refund. In December, deleted the reservation from my app and unfortunately I don’t have a written confirmation of the flight but I can show that I paid for the flight on my Apple Card. In two communications from GoToGate, they reference confirmation numbers which I am hoping are my Aeromexico flight confirmation numbers: CPQXJK and LZDAUB. I am convinced that engaged in fraud to cheat me out of my refund and I should never have agreed to cancel, I should have insisted they rebook the existing flight. I am hoping that you can help me to get the refund. has left me no option since they deleted my old flight from their app, it is impossible to reach a customer service representative through their system. If there is any other information you need, please let me know. Thank you.
2 months ago
I recently booked flights for my sister and children on for her to fly from Springfield, Illinois to Mobile, Alabama. Problem is during the process of doing so in the beginning when you choose origin I specifically typed Springfield, Illinois and unfortunately for me I don\'t know the airport abbreviations and it had Springfield Missouri Airport abbreviation but after followed Springfield, Illinois, USA. They booked the flights from Springfield, Missouri and will not refund me. Also, I have complained to them numerous times. I offered the screens hot they asked for with no avail. I recieved an email stating that I clearly picked Mobile, Alabama as my destination and would not be refunded. Obviously this is not the issue. They will not let me speak to anyone in management or supervisor when I contact customer service. Can you help me. This is clearly\'s fault with their system. You can\'t have abbreviations for an airport in one state but clearly states that it is in a completly different state.
2 months ago
I hosted on a home on Many times the guests stayed at the home but never paid through Other times, guests never showed up but still charged a commission and now sent me to a debt collector.
2 months ago
I reserved a hotel which had a free cancellation until March 9, 2024 I tried to cancel this reservation for the last ten (10) days. My log-in is not working. No help from the company to re-register. Now is saying for me to try to cancel my reservation by contacting the hotel directly - that they can do nothing.
2 months ago
The following is what I wrote to Dear Customer Service, I hope that someone can take the time to read this email carefully. I want to explain the situation clearly and why I’m terribly upset with the responses from On January 22, I started to feel ill and I was afraid that I would have to postpone my trip to Los Angeles. I called customer service and the agent told me that she could not cancel my trip but she could see that there was still a free cancellation available. I would have to download the app to do it. So I did install the app and attempt to do it but on the app the reservation was not to be found, after multiple attempts. I went back to my computer to try again. I went from my confirmation email. There is a link to “manage my booking”, so I clicked on that and it took me to a page on your website that does not give me any option to “manage” it. Please see below. I navigated that screen and looked for anything that could allow me to adjust the dates or cancel.Booking Melissa Emergui Confirmation.png On January 23, I received an email confirming my reservation but I was not able to read any emails and could barely answer the phone because I contracted some kind of a virus. On January 24, I received an email about my attempt to cancel and it stated to do what I had already done, click “manage my booking”. I tried again and got to the same page that does NOT give me an option to change anything. January 24, the day prior to my reservation, I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. As soon as my documents come from my insurance I can easily provide proof of this. I called and emailed several times but was not able to speak with anyone besides the customer service representative. I kept hearing the same answer and I was trying to say that it was not possible for me to cancel my booking online, by phone, through the hotel directly or by email. I was really looking forward to this trip. The 26th was my birthday and I had many events planned in Los Angeles. The last thing I wanted to do is not go. I was sick through the 29th when I finally got some strength back. I am begging for a refund or to book the same hotel again for 4 nights at the rate I paid. $1600 is a lot of money for me. It’s food and rent. I beg of you to please help me this issue.
La Tanya
3 months ago was trying to charge me with $675 invoice for an overbooking they caused. Guests had to be cancelled due to this overbooking which we did not cause. We refused to pay it. They closed our property.
3 months ago
I made a five days reservation at Serenade Punta Cana via in September 2023 which clearly stated free cancellation/Modification before 25th November 2023.two days later, I tried to modify the booking to four days and was unable to do so online. I sent a mail to and they responded that I should go to the hotel on the desired date and I would be accommodated. I was surprised to get to the hotel on the planned date only to be charged for 5days. I was given an option to ignore the booking with and make a fresh booking for 4days directly with the hotel but I declined thinking the noble thing to do was to honour my booking with booking. Com and seek redress which I did. I have been back from my trip for almost two months now and I have been chasing my refund with After months of being tossed back and forth and been kept on long calls, they have told me to contact the hotel. I am surprised that a big organisation like can treat a client like this. I hereby seek your kind assistance in getting my refund back. I reside in England and can be reached on this email and telephone number Awaiting your kind feedback.
3 months ago
Hello! Do you work with people from European Union or only in the USA? If not, do you have partners in EU? I had issues with where they have acted wrong 100%.
3 months ago
The situation is like that: 6th January I entered apartment, I slept 1 night and due to bad conditions I had to exit. House was with mould, bugs, dust. AC full of dust and there is no air. I texted host but she was busy watching movie (this is what she said) Then my husband booked for me another place and I moved because I could take a breath ( I’m pregnant) I tried to negotiate with host and change dates and return my money. She declined all, she said we keep for you etc and blocked me. Booking only offer me 200$ (which already I spent on calls). 8 of January I entered house for took photo of another evidence and I saw that the woman entered apartment which is still on me without my permission. Also she throw my foods from regfrogirator. I called booking and asked is that ligal actions of her and I was told it’s not. After that I texted her from using another number and asked again to change dates. She said if I enter again she will call police and give them my passport. She sent my deposit back and stated she made my check out without I asked. Booking support her, still apartment is on me, she said to booking that she is waiting me back and that I confirmed I received money. But i didn’t.
4 months ago
Hi there, we are a host on and we are in south america. Can you be of any assistance? We have an apartment complex on but we recently received an invoice for commission that we refuse to pay. This because the invoice is valse and the person involved never stayed in our apartment.
4 months ago
I am a South African, and would like to know if your firm would be able to still assist us with our issue regarding as legal firms in SA do not represent international lawsuits.
4 months ago
Hi I am based in the UK. I am elderly and disabled with severe mobility issues. I was charged the full amount for a property that gave a wrong address 200 metres from the beach which is actually 2.3kms from the beach. I tried to check in but did not as I could not stay there with my disabilities. Booking.Com ignore all my complaints. I paid the money directly to Booking.Com. can you help? Do you have similar cases that were won? Thank you.
4 months ago
Ongoing dispute w/ over a booked RT flight to London June 16, 2023. Was purchased last October and \"Comprehensive Travel Protection\" insurance was obtained for X3 PAX @ $97 each ($291) w/TOTAL of flight being $4107. In short, flight was to sail a Baltic Sea cruise w/Carnival an alleged FAA ground hold on the Tarmac (weather but ultimately more like staffing issues @ United Airlines) from our origin DSM IA airport to connecting flight in Denver was delayed nearly 3 hours. Our London flight departed 7 minutes earlier than scheduled causing us to miss the flight. No other immediate available flights could be obtained. United CS promised one about 20 hours prior to ship embarkation. In mid flight it was changed without notice to arriving 4 hours past ship sail. We were forced to cancel the flight and was stuck at Newark NJ airport for about 14 hours then flown back to Denver the home to Des Moines. Booking, United and an array of the shell game insurance coverage companies (almost 5 differing name) have declined refund citing it was \"flight interruption. Granted, flight was later discovered to be \"non-refundable\" but why allow obtaining flight insurance thats seems like ma scam? When purchased the coverage plainly stated trip cancellations, interruptions, delay, lost baggage and medical. we had about 4 of these. What is our recourse here? Can hou help we would gladly give you half of that refund. Nailing down who bears responsibilty is key. I have considered local small claims but again serving proper party is key. THANK YOU!
5 months ago
I booked my ticket through and its been 2 weeks there has been no updates only one statement it’s pending at the airlines and we can’t give you any updates when it will be refunded
5 months ago
I’m in Canada. Long story, many issues
5 months ago
Hi let me summarize my case.... 1. Booked an apartment for hawaii for 1300$, it was not clear or visible anywhere that the apartment was a shared place or else I would not have booked it. When I got there I noticed there was another guestroom expecting a guest. When I asked the owner what that’s supposed to mean he said there will be another person the next day. I asked man/woman. He said man. I said that was not stated in the listing I wanted to cancel and out but it was already 10/11pm and pouring rain and I could not go anywhere else. He said lets discuss in the morning. Next morning he said since I now slept there it’s a done deal. Which is pure blackmailing and deception. 2. the Location was fake, instead of coffee shops and neighborhood and infrastructure it was far off of anything and in a complete dark lonely neighborhood. I did not have a rental car and didn’t plan on having one 3. The photos are totally misleading and from a different location 4. (PS: the guys seem to not have an official license to rent out appartments. They list it as a sports membership with a FREE room. Very questionable!) my main complaint is there was a male stranger in the same place as me sharing bathroom and the apartment without any notice without any security for me as a female solo traveller. Not even in the neighborhood. I was cornered and harassed. I book accommodation via in order to feel safe and secure and book with reliable and trusted hosts. i collected all proof materials. booking refunded me 10% which is unacceptable for me. they say they cannot do more. i not only then lost the 1200$ i paid but also had to pay for an alternative stay. Thanks for looking into this Yvonne Tesch
5 months ago
Hi, I am not from the US and I\'d like to know would you be willing to take care of my case?
6 months ago
Hello, I was scammed by in their latest phishing scam and would like to know my options what we could do for reimbursement
6 months ago
On Aug 20 of this year I was looking into booking a place in London for my daughter for the following summer on the offhand chance she could get an internship in London the following summer (we do not even know of any internships). I saw a place called TITIWANGSA One Paddington listed for approx. L73 a day. I just put in approximate dates because we were just exploring the idea. I really wanted to know about what it would cost in American Dollars for a few months so I placed some random dates for a year from now and was hoping the site would do the conversion to dollars per night for me with a total. I then suddenly realized I accidently booked the rate. Upon realizing I accidently booked it when looking for the conversion rate, I went to cancel the booking immediately and was told it was a nonrefundable booking. II went ahead and canceled it because it was about 2 seconds later, figuring I would just call and explain and they would simply back out the transaction. After going thru the phone channels at BOOKINGS.Com I got ahold of someone who clearly saw my error and said no problem we will alert the TITWANGSA and have them back out the charge even though it is not refundable they could see it was done in error. I also called Bank of America right away to explain what happened. They did not see the charges yet so I waited and called them three days later and explained the issue. Then I hear back from BOOKINGS.Com a few days later and they said TITIWANGSA One Paddington will not back out the charges and I needed to call them The merchant is in London and I have called and called them. They answered once and pretended they did not know what I was talking about and said they would get back to me. I called several other times and they will not answer my call. It is a hotel so it seems weird they will not pick up. I have my phone records to prove it. Every time I call it costs $15. has called the hotel several times and they cannot believe the hotel will not simply refund the error for a stay that is a year from now but they say their hands are tied. This hotel is not out anything and I am not preventing other rooms from being rented. They have not provided any service to me and have costs me days and days of time trying to get this matter resolved. $9200 is A LOT of money for my family (most families) and I feel TiTiwanga One Paddington is stealing my money. is not helping with this and is making it impossible to resolve
8 months ago
I have had an issue with booking since last year, awaiting refund for a airline ticket that was protected through their insurance and I have never gotten any feedback on my status and they have no number or contact information.
8 months ago
I used to book a 2 night stay from February 28- 30. I cancelled the reservation 24 hours prior so I had to be charged for one night while the hotel refunded the other. Weeks go by and I’m still waiting on my refund, so I contact holiday inn through and they tell me that uses a virtual credit card to make the reservation and so the refund went onto that virtual credit card at Months go by and I speak to a representative at booking today. He tells me that his supervisor told him that he has to call the hotel and have them charge the virtual credit card the original full amount of the reservation then the hotel will refund me the money. I tell the booking representative that this makes no sense because if the hotel does not have my card on file how would they refund me the money. AND it doesn’t make sense for the hotel to refund me when booking has had my money for MONTHS! I stay on hold while he calls the hotel and the hotel refuses to oblige with their request. The agent now tells me that he has to email the hotel and ask for the name and position of who can approve the refund amount. Once the hotel responds then they will refund. I demanded that the booking agent include me in the email that he sends out and I asked him that what happens if the hotel doesn’t respond? He tells me that if they don’t respond in 24 hours then Booking will refund me the money. I have email threads along with receipts and documentation of all of this. This has to be some sort of scam to try and make you give up on getting your refund. This should have been an automated system where I got my refund once the reservation was cancelled. Please contact me soon, I want to sue these cockfuckers!
8 months ago
Using, I booked a \'pay at the property \' and \'free cancelation\' room for April 11, 2024 for 4 nights. As per the policy, I could cancel for free up until the day before checkin. Then strangely enough, my credit card was billed for the cost of the room....when the policy said I was to pay at the property. I then canceled the room and was not provided a refund. I called and the refused to issue me a refund. All the policies for this hotel and booking state I am entitled to free cancelation and that payment should not have been taken in the first place. So now what?
8 months ago
Dear, I booked the ramada hotel lahore pakistan from for 8-13 July. I receive the message from the property on 13th June that for security reason my card is not accepted, I have enter new card details for the payment otherwise my booking will be cancelled within 8 hours. in order to avoid that i enter my card details because I have book hotel for my stay during my wedding and don\'t want to loose that. When i open the link through which was messaged by ramada hotel. payment page is displayed i enter my card details it didn\'t deduct the amount i enter again it deduct twice. I click on help chat dsisplayed on payment page, He/She asking me to that i have to make 5/5 payment in order to refund the amount. By then I realized it is scam by the I have screen recording & screens shots & original messages from the property in I have submitted all information the recording, transactions details, card details & messages . They keep sending me a form which doesn\'t contain reason which happened to me. Last time i send the email if they didnt help legal action will be taken. Can you help me with this. I live SAUDI ARABIA , I booked my hotel ramada hotel in lahore pakistan through
8 months ago
I booked a last minute hotel in Lake Como on couple of hours before check in time. They sent an instruction video for check in where it shows that we need to climb 100 stair to enter the property. As soon as I saw it I called to property to tell them that is is impossible to access to the building with knee injury. They claimed that that information was on the information. I proved that it was not. They asked to call the for cancellation. I called them and they talked to me that they would do their best for refund so that I could book another place. They got back to me next day and told me they won’t be able to refund me because property owner refused to refund. I kept calling them as we never used the property and it was misleading. They did not lose any customers as we wanted to cancel within hours. Now says they are not responsible and could pay only 15%. I want to open a claim against them.
9 months ago
Booking Confirmation No. 3070933850 / PIN No. 5088 Loano (Italy): \"Appartamento a 100 mt dal mare\" (18-20 July 2023) Paid Euro 389.00 Booked and paid the above before the actual check-in date. No one turned up to check us in (regardless of my messages and phone calls). We were left there in front of the door to 11 Marco Polo, Loano (Italy) with no one to host us... Contacted Booking\'s call centre several times. I\'ve been told I\'ll be refunded. Booking refused to find me an alternative place where to stay. Had to find one all by myself (without Booking, obviously), which was very expensive and, hence, we were only able to stay one night. Tremendous pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress in an extremely unbearable and boiling hot day (Caronte\'s heat weave). Just to mention a few, my son was totally dehydrated and almost fainted, we had nowhere to stay and I had tremendous quarrels with my husband, who was mad at me due to the unpleasant situation. Very truly yours Paula G. Riley PS We\'re from Italy, but I can\'t find Italy amongst \"Your State\"
9 months ago
I had a guest who gave a fraudulent phone number and booked an entire week during our busy season. When I contacted to have them cancel the guest so someone else could book, they said the guest was verified and i could not. So I waited for the guest and they didn\'t come. The guest gave me their phone number and we texted and he insisted he was coming. Day 2 of his not arriving I realized he was for sure not coming. I require full payment for the week because the guest did not cancel. But I have no way to collect because only allows me to collect on site. So $5000 is gone. I have a full week during my busy season not collected. And I feel is at fault because I tried to cancel the guest but they wouldn\'t allow it. I told them it is a fake account. Now I only have a phone number to come after the guest. I want to sue booking .com for the lodging fees and damages and legal fees.
10 months ago
hi, we are from qatar, you can help us for threatening us by deb collectors for commison payment , the guest cancelled and didnt show , but is asking commison for that even we have a non refundable policy. please advise
10 months ago
I have had the displeasure of dealing with this company for over a year. I have been trying to resolve issues surrounding my property listings for over a year. Nothing has been resolved. I have easily spend over 48 hours on the phone with them in the last year. I have invices with incorrect amounts/commission rates etc. The company is also not protecting owners by allowing anyone with an email to book rooms. With absolutely ZERO vetting. This is the same as a business allowing criminals to loiter in front of the business and allow them to get assaulted and doing nothing to protect the customer. They perpetuate fraud by allowing this to happen. This company needs to be held accountable. I am an OWNER. This company has billed me for reservations that never happened and is charging me for invoices with amounts of money they MAKE UP! They are completely FAKE!
11 months ago is has taken money from my account from a fraudulent booking
11 months ago did not collect payments from 3 guests who stayed at my property. Guests did not pay me either. refuses to charge the guests and wants me to collect payment but will not provide contact information to the guest. Guests also caused a lot of damage to my property and refuses to help me collect money for that as well.
12 months ago
I have a serious issue with the manner has handled my reservation-cancelation.
1 year ago
We reserved a series of one way flights on as part of a planned trip to New Zealand & a related 39 day seasonal transpac repositioning cruise on Holland America departing Auckland on March 25 & ending in Vancouver BC on May 4. The itinerary was to fly from Phoenix to Queenstown, NZ (flight #1) departing March 14, then rent an RV for 8 days to explore the South Island of NZ (the RV was booked directly with the RV rental company, not, thence flying on March 24 from Queenstown to Auckland for a one night hotel stay,(one way flight #2) & boarding the Holland America ship the next day on March 25 for a 39 day transpac repositioning cruise ending in Vancouver, BC on May 4th, then the final flight home from Vancouver to Phoenix (one way flight #3). All these flights were reserved & prepaid via back in July & August, 2022. Then unexpectedly my otherwise healthy spouse came down with a serious case of life threatening pneumonia starting on Jan 18 & was hospitalized from Jan 21 to 27th & then transferred to a rehab hospital from Jan 27 to Feb 6. But at home on the night of Jan 20 she had become disoriented from the early effects of her illness & fell on the way back to bed from the bathroom & seriously fractured her right wrist. As a result, not knowing how long her recovery would take (she is 78 years old & at one point her very survival was in doubt) we decided to cancel our trip. We had purchased trip insurance for flights & hotels with as well as directly with Holland America for the cruise. Getting refunds for the hotel & from Holland America was no problem. But I\'m still fighting with\'s 3rd party insurer on getting refunded for $2,695 in air fare (less coverage limit deductibles). I\'ve submitted all pertinent medical records but now they\'re holding up settlement wondering why we felt the need to cancel flights & the trip in March for an illness/injury that occurred in January & hospital stays that ended in early February with wrist surgery that was performed on Feb 13. Never mind that my wife is still undergoing therapy and follow up visits with the surgeon. Even now, eleven and one half weeks after the fracture she still has very limited use of her right hand & can\'t grip or even open jars or packages. So even if we had gone on with the cruise her comfort and enjoyment for a trip that cost in excess of $20K would have been seriously compromised. As it stands now I recently submitted a letter from the surgeon last week confirming why she needs continued therapy and follow up visited well beyond the original flight dates & am waiting reply on that. But my patience is running thin.
1 year ago
We bought flexible airline tickets for 2 with and we starting to change the inbound ticket for over a month now. W also found out that there is no return reservation for one of the passenger which was paid for and we received confirmation from I’m calling their customer service every other day and getting the same answer “please wait for or support team to fix the system issue and call you” they never did.
1 year ago
Hello. I am glad to find your law firm that offers free consultation regarding issues with You are doing good job and wish you further grow. I found that you are based in the USA and probably cannot help me, but I decided to anyway send a message. I am writing from Georgia, not from US state, but country Georgia (republic of). Maybe you have information about law firms or NGOs who offer similar service in Europe, probably, preferably in the Netherlands (as is registered and based there). I am writing on behalf of an accommodation provider (a family guest house in Batumi, Georgia) who is having an issue with I need legal advice and assistance to resolve an issue related to a financial request: requests a payment of around 300 euros from the guest house and warns of legal action in case of non-payment and possible higher costs. The guest house does not agree with\'s request and believes it does not owe anything. Best regards, Mikheil
1 year ago
Im Officer in Charge of Social Media Unit at Computer Crime Investigation Division. We have been trying to get contact with you from submitting a public request. But we haven\'t had the approval yet. So can you please look into it and give a feedback.Thank You
1 year ago
I am an owner of a vacation rental home and signed an agreement with to list my property on their website, under the agreement that will charge the guest and transfer to my bank account my portion of the charge after deducting the fee. So far we had two bookings through that blocked my calendar for other possible reservations. One guest canceled his reservation within the 50% charge timeframe. charged the guest the appropriate fee, but didn\'t transfer out portion of the payment. The other reservation, the guest didn\'t show up, and thus had to pay 100% of the reservation. In this case too, we didn\'t receive our portion. All my phone calls to customer service didn\'t yield any solution, I get conflicting messages from different representatives. Needless to say that I am under the impression that I was scammed. charges guests for their reservations to stay at our place but doesn\'t transfer the portion of the reservation to the owner.
1 year ago
I’m a host. After sending request to cancel for nonpayment bookings they don’t cancel reservations but keep sending me invoices for reservations that I requested to be canceled for nonpayment. Guests are never provided their credit cards and they are saying that it’s my problem to collect their payments.Now they are sending me emails to threaten me to start legal actions against me.
1 year ago
Guests attempted to cancel their booking within the time frame where they aren\'t entitled to a refund and won\'t payment to me. I asked to see the policy concerning my issues and the phone always conveniently gets disconnected.
1 year ago
Harassing to pay the invoices.. As a host of The property I got max 4-5 bookings which I am Ready to pay the outstanding bills but the invoice payment is too huge as it includes fake bookings nd cancelled bookings. Half bookings are fake and still added in my payment invoices. Half bookings were cancelled and still added to my payment invoices.. Threatening to take legal actions if I don\'t pay but how am I supposed to pay false amount.