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Do you think Chime is not playing fair? You have rights under the law and we can help you at no cost to you. UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business.


If Chime violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and Chime will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 312-300-5996 for a free consultation.

What is Chime?

Chime is a financial technology company headquartered in San Francisco. The company was born in 2013. Today, the company offers a range of services including online banking, automatic savings, and mobile banking. 

Chime Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Branch Location
818 W. Seventh Street, Suite 930
Los Angeles, CA 90017 

+1 844-244-6363
Monday-Friday: 6am-10pm CST
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-9pm CST

Sudden Account Restrictions

A common complaint among Chime’s consumers is with their account restrictions. Numerous reviews iterated having had their accounts locked for suspicious activities. Upon trying to get said accounts unlocked, Chime commenced a barrage of information requests spanning days, if not weeks, of back and forth with the same information. Some complaints were closed after the complainants sought help from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Compromised Accounts

Some account restrictions led Chime’s clients to believe their accounts were compromised. According to complaints, there were suspicious activities with their accounts prompting the restrictions. Some who had reviewed their account activities had suspicions there were also charges in the past that they were unsure of and had never given some thought until the incident. 

Illegally Collection of Stimulus Checks

In some of the complaints against Chime, clients had their stimulus checks taken to pay for previous debts. This practice is opposed to some legislations in certain states barring debt collectors and even banks from cashing in stimulus checks. This unethical conduct has left Chime’s consumers piling with bills and needs requiring immediate attention. 

Poor Refund Processing 

Relating to the account freeze, many of Chime’s customers have requested to close their accounts worrying for their safety. Chime apparently has been inefficient in processing refunds taking time way beyond their timeframes. This has led to many people going behind their necessities. 

Lousy Customer Service

With over 4,000 complaints in BBB alone, Chime’s customer service has no doubt failed clients in many ways. Most notably with their unhelpful and long-drawn account processing and refunding that’s left many consumers without their much-needed money during massive layoffs and incredible financial distress. Some have even aired out that if not for BBB’s intervention, their concerns would not have been addressed.

Unfortunately, abrupt account freeze, compromised accounts, illegal collection of stimulus checks, poor refunding, and subpar customer service complaints are just the beginning for Chime. The bank’s customers are left wondering what options they have regarding their consumer rights.

We Fix Complaints When Customer Service Won’t

Has Chime used misleading sales tactics? Have you received poor service? Do you have complaints with billing? Do you want customer service at Chime to listen?

A lot of Chime Corporation customers aren’t happy with their service and the Better Business Bureau lists 4,204 customer complaints against the company in the past three years, including complaints for billing and collections practices, problems with a service/product, advertising and sales, among others.  

If your complaints haven’t been heard, we can help. At Mike Agruss Law we help customers who have been mistreated by big companies–much like Chime–and we turn your complaints into resolutions!

We’ll not only file your legal demands with Chime, we’ll negotiate with the company. If your claim isn’t resolved through these negotiations, we’ll work through the legal process that is outlined in your Chime contract, which is typically arbitration. 

Mike Agruss Law gets results–including zero balances, refunds, and other compensation. 

Here’s How to Make Big Companies Listen

It can be frustrating when you rely on a service and don’t get the results you’ve paid for. Big companies make mistakes every day and not only is it their fault, but it can also cost you money, time, and leave you with big headaches. 

Have you tried calling Chime to address an issue, only to be told that the representative has no authority to do so? Or maybe you’ve tried talking to someone higher up in the company, only to be ignored, dismissed, or they take too long, continuing to waste your precious time. Maybe you’ve sent an email to the company which only resulted in a prefabricated response or they never follow through with what they’ve promised. 

When you’re limited in your choices for service providers or you’re locked into a contract, what can you do?

Fortunately, you do have options. 

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint

Most companies like Chime have an arbitration clause in their contracts to prevent being taken to court for traditional litigation. This is actually an advantage for the consumer. When you request an arbitration hearing, an independent third-party (the arbitrator) with knowledge of the type of situation involved will listen to the facts from both sides and make an impartial, binding decision. Chime will have to do a lot of work and there is no guarantee that they will have a successful outcome. 

Arbitration is Fast, Inexpensive, and Private

Arbitration with Chime is conducted through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). According to the AAA Consumer Due Process Protocol, arbitration through AAA will comply with their Statement of Principles, which includes:

  • The process is fundamentally fair – All parties are entitled to qualified, competent, impartial arbitrators who will conduct a fair hearing.
  • You get access to all relevant information – This includes reasonable costs, confidentiality, reasonable time limits, and meeting times and/or locations that are agreeable to both parties.
  • Transparency – AAA provides clear arbitration agreements and the ability for each side to hire their own representation.
  • Just process – Arbitration allows the arbitrator to award the same relief as traditional litigation in a binding decision. 
  • Alternative to arbitration – Mediation and the ability to take the case to small claims court should be available in some cases.

Arbitration Gives you Control and Leverage

When Chime is alerted that you plan to pursue arbitration, they know it will cost them money out of pocket. Not only do they run the risk of losing the case, but they will also pay for their mistake(s) and the arbitration itself. This gives you more leverage with your demands. 

If Chime doesn’t meet those demands and you have a real complaint, Mike Agruss Law can help by representing you in arbitration where you will get a fair, just, and transparent hearing.

Control and Leverage Triggers Faster Settlements

Large companies like Chime don’t like the uncertainty and loss of control that comes with arbitration. Not only do they lose the advantage in the situation, but you’re also on equal footing with them in the eyes of arbitration. 

The first step in taking on Chime is to formally raise your complaint. The lawyers at Mike Agruss Law can help you to do so. We will send a letter of demands to the corporate offices of Chime, letting them know that you’re ready to begin arbitration if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved. Typically, this is 30 days, but it will depend on your specific contract with Chime. 

Approximately 50% of cases will settle before proceeding to an arbitration hearing during this time. However, if Chime doesn’t offer a reasonable settlement within the appropriate time frame, the next step would be filing a case with AAA. Mike Agruss Law will not only put together the necessary paperwork for arbitration, but we will also help you take the next steps in the arbitration process. 

UDAAP and Arbitration

UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business. This includes misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

UDAAP laws are regulated by two organizations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC expanded the initial UDAAP laws in 2004 to include unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Some standards for unfairness, in particular, include if it causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers, the injury is not reasonably avoidable by consumers, and the injury is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.

Every state has UDAAP laws, which can vary widely. However, the lawyers at Mike Agruss Law understand these laws and can use them to get compensation for deceptive practices, representing consumers throughout the country in cases of arbitration at no cost to them. The company will not only pay the consumer, but they will also pay my fees as well. The consumer will never pay me a cent.

If you’re dealing with an issue with Chime, you might try filing a complaint with the BBB or the customer service team with Chime. Unfortunately, these avenues won’t always lead to a successful resolution for you, the customer. Instead, you may want to consider an experienced arbitration lawyer to take on your case. 

Arbitration is a very useful tool for resolving disputes, and Mike Agruss Law can help. With our expert guidance, we bring the big companies to the table and provide the support needed to get your bills corrected, credit reports fixed, improper fees refunded, and more. Let us pick up the sword for you; you have nothing to lose.

How Do I File a Complaint Against Chime?

We will use your state’s UDAAP law to file a complaint in Arbitration on your behalf at no cost to you. UDAAP laws include misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. Under your state’s UDAAP law, you are likely entitled to money damages for your actual damages.  Plus, the other side will pay our fees and costs.  You will not pay us a penny.  These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

People, First

We are proud to serve consumers in arbitration cases. We see you as a person, not just a client – and that makes us better at the work we do. We listen. We learn your story. And, as we help you get the money you deserve, we go above and beyond in a way most law firms never could and never would. Because we’re not just lawyers. And you’re not just a client. We’re friends, neighbors, family. We’re all people and here at Mike Agruss Law, we put People, First.

Share Your Complaints Below Against Chime

We encourage you to post your complaints about Chime. Sharing your complaints against this big company can help other consumers understand what to do when they have problems with this company. Sharing your experience may help someone else!

We are listening

We will respond to you at lightning speed. All of your information will be kept confidential.

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Submitted Comments

4 days ago
Chime is refusing to refund my money from a failed ATM transaction. They have the documentation from the ATM owner. They are refusing to give me the balance owed
2 weeks ago
All of my accounts associated with this particular bank have been compromised as a result of fraudulent activities. Upon contacting the bank to contest all of the transactions, they merely replaced my credit cards and resolved the dispute on the same day. I have also submitted supporting documents for my other accounts to substantiate my claims. Unfortunately, my accounts remain in the negative, with no one having reviewed the provided documents, and they are still being utilized at this very moment. It is imperative that my accounts are restored to their original balance as soon as possible. Currently, only one of my bank accounts has issued a refund, while the other account with Chime has not taken any action. I have been a customer of this bank for six years and have never encountered this issue before.
2 weeks ago
I filed 218 disputes with chime for unauthorized transactions totaling 5,081.00 however Chime decided to close my case a day after with no evidence and no reasoning behind their decision, i called them back up to fight against the closed dispute they came back with no error was made, and that if the merchant provided any evidence that it would be included in the email; there is no evidence or anything from the merchants side of this to prove why they have come to the decision that they have made, i have also reached out to the merchant with no reply and no resolution , this threw a giant wrench into the plans that we had to move and transfer jobs and has left me stuck in a bad situation overall
4 weeks ago
Chime Financial Inc paid out $999.00nto an unknown merchant, entity, person without my authorization on 09/15/2023. My disputes were denied and my phone calls left me without any resolutions. My police record was not honored. I have contacted several agencies about this matter, but up to date no resolution. Can you help me with this matter? I just want to get my money back.
4 weeks ago
I submitted my first dispute on March 29, 2024 of 2,840.00, and received my first denial on April 19, 2024. Additionally, my dispute has been denied 6 times already. I am currently on my 7th rebuttal. Chime states on it’s website “ If we can\'t resolve your dispute within ten business days (20 business days for new accounts), we may add a temporary credit to your account balance to cover the disputed amount. Dispute types under Regulation E are eligible for temporary credit. This regulation covers both authorized and unauthorized electronic fund transfers at places like ATMs, point-of-sale transactions you make with your debit card, or automated clearing house (ACH) systems. In addition, all disputable Pay Anyone transfers are eligible for temporary credit. “ I was denied the credit the same day I submitted my dispute, and my dispute passed the 10-business-day mark without receiving a provisional credit. The website clearly states that under Regulation E, both authorized and unauthorized transactions are entitled to this credit. My dispute falls under the category of \"non-receipt of goods and services,\" which is considered a point-of-sale transaction. Chime has clearly violated Regulation E in this case. Since my first dispute, I have consistently informed every representative that I am filing under Regulation E and read them my Regulation E rights. I have included my Regulation E rights in my past complaints to the CFPB, FDIC, and BBB, as well as in my intent to sue letter to Chime. However, discovering the information currently on their website is disturbing because it clearly shows they are violating my rights. Cash App has provided merchant documentation confirming my authorization of the charge, which I submitted. However, this hasn\'t resolved the issue. Cash App is only addressing a $100 dispute, which is inaccurate. The full dispute amount should be $2,840. The problem arose from a payment made for goods and services that turned out to be a scam. I have neither received what I paid for nor a refund. Despite having clear evidence of an error, Chime continues to deny any mistake. I still haven\'t received documentation proving that an error occurred. Just because I authorized the payment doesn\'t mean I received the goods and services I paid for.
1 month ago
I have a few complaints first one is this someone has been using png my identity per my old iPhone and old address. And I want to add overall I am happy w chime but this past fall I’ve had MAJOR issue. Long story short I asked for them to refund/stop over $3000-$4000 in charges I was being charged to a rental car company bcz that wasn’t our (rental company) agreed upon price. They refunded me $2000 approx and then the rental car submitted a bill of over $6000 and they had me over drawn for over a month with my credit builder account showing negative. A few weeks later it says I’m over drawn only $ 579 (approx) I’m curious but I had a few other things going on with fraud so …. All of a sudden it tells me I can’t use the card until I pay on the over drawn amount. I can’t remember but I’m sure there is record of it I made a few payments. Still unable to use the card. I believe I paid it down to 300 or so. But next thing I know I was contacted by some bill I used for autopay saying they couldn’t use my card. I dig a little further and find that Chime without ever contacting me or informing me, or attempting to call me completely cancelled my credit builder bcz of being financial responsibility in regards to my car rental. Meaning that they would have had to pay the 6k. If they had done as I asked in the first place this would never had been an issue. So the cancelled my original credit builder card, reissued me another one (so they say but they never did) but the fake temporary one they issued to I guess say was my actual card as a defense in response to not paying the car rental shows in my chime card info. Under card numbers and luckily I have a photo I took of my original card I’ve had since 2019/2020. But I digress. If they did not pay the rental car why did they say I was over drawn? Bcz up until that issue any time I was over drawn I paid my bal to zero or I wasn’t able to use the card. Furthermore I pulled my credit and they have the nerve to post a negative mark on my credit report that I want removed! They fucked up (excuse my language I tried telling them and contacting them (nightmare) u get a bot most times and the reps can’t and couldn’t understand what was happening to my account. That’s basically it for that more or less. But to me thats scandalous. Then a year maybe year and a half someone used my debit card to get a uhaul truck and gas I filed a dispute they gave me the money then took it back and that sucked bcz I needed that money at the time for my real id birth certificate. That I still haven’t gotten. But I was like I never rented a uhaul. Not for legit like 15 plus years but they won’t give me my cash back. But I’m stuck w them bcz someone has opened bank accounts for me with every major bank and did fraud so . I’m attempting to clear all of that up. Ok hopefully I’ll hear back
2 months ago
I am very confident I have a multitude of provable reasons to sue chime. Closed account Feb 14th “closure to being rude and disrespectful” to start. Proof they falsely disputed payments to merchants collected after closure. Refusal of information to this date. I own a small business of 14 years. It affected my home purchase and my credit card processing company I have used for 12 years. 100’s of emails and lies. I suspect they falsely initiated disputes & collected of which I have no knowledge of. My business has been affected financially upwards of 10k. I really need someone that knows the company and it is time sensitive. Ty
2 months ago
Some hack and to my chime account and stealing my money from my account and I get I get a check from the government SSI check I miss two payments of that that was going on my account too it\'s like that keeps stealing money from me somebody hacking into my account and when I follow the dispute trying to denies it it\'s like they very unprofessional they really don\'t help you they don\'t explain anything to you it\'s like they always just denies it saying oh we feel like it\'s authorized that\'s not right right they don\'t know what person l
2 months ago
Undisputed three transactions for it to get denied three times they asked for some information I gave them the information even gave them a receipt just so they can reopen it and deny enclose it again three times I want my money back
2 months ago
I filed a dispute with chime because I had been scammed out of $1,649 while trying to purchase a car I never received and was left with $87 in my account. I filed a police report and tried to provide evidence proving that yes I sent the money but the whole thing was a scam. They opened and reopened my dispute claim three times only to keep denying it. I just want my money back
3 months ago
Chime will not approve my disputes of unauthorized transactions totaling $519. I have provided a picture of the person, a police report, and the co-workers statement acknowledging that this guy stole my card. I ask them what do they need to get my disputes approved and I always get \"if you have new documentation you may submit it\". I have requested the denial reason 3-4 times now and I only get an email that they are unable to deliver a message.
3 months ago
Chime recently closed my account due to fraudulent activity instead of refunding me my money
3 months ago
Fraud on my acct for 185.00 Said they can’t process investigation, I got angry they closed my account and said they will mail me my funds that’s in the account , which was over $3000 It’s been over 45 days and I haven’t got anything and now they saying they are not going to give me anything due to not compliance
3 months ago
I have an open dispute with chime bank, I have tried to collect on the $7450 they owe me from denied bank claims. Chime shutdown my account after I was denied a claim even though i was protected under their liability disclosures and deposit payment agreements. Please help me recover my money from my lost dispute with Chime.
3 months ago
Chime froze my account and now 6 months later is telling me they are closing my account because I am not in compliance with the account which makes no sense.
3 months ago
Chime is not allowing me to mobile deposit my weekly checks that I receive from my Payee that she gets from my SSDI Benefits that get’s dispersed to me weekly. There are time’s when they do let me to mobile deposit my Weekly Benefits and there are time’s that they don’t because there not willing to disclose the real reasons on why Chime get’s to pick when and how and why they get to Discriminate against the Chime Customers by viewing there Account to where they feel like the Chime Customer isn’t making Chime Any money so Chime feel entitled to Discriminate on any of there Chime Customers regardless on how much money that Chime Customers end up Trusting The Chime So called Bank to get Discriminated Day In and Day Out Because Chime Cannot Fully Explain on why they mistreat any of there Employees and Customers for there own Personal Chime Bank Satisfaction. Just like being kicked back down when any Chime Customer try to Make it right with the So called Chime Bank by making amends with All the Chime Customer’s and Employees just so Chime would think that there in the right to Discrimination against who ever there willing to put through the Pain and Misery by Discriminating and restricting there Chime Account’s without any further explanation that needs to be explained to All Chime So called Bank Account Users.
3 months ago
So many many things.. chime has cost me to almost lose my home. Small business owner of 14 years. I’m on the phone with them right now. They closed my account Feb 14, 2024 for being rude and disrespectful. Accepted deposits since then. Currently unable to access any info on account due to closure. On hold for 56 minutes. Collected $ on disputes I never made…….a lot
3 months ago
Dispute Process is non existent for unauthorized charges
3 months ago
Hello I was locked up for 4 years during that time a lady took over 33000 out of my Chime account. They told me to send them paperwork they needed so they could put my money back into my account. I have sent them the paperwork over 6 times still denying me. I even talked to a man there and he said there is no reason they should deny me. Please help me. Because of them I am homeless and I cant pay me bills and I really need help
3 months ago
It started in 2020, when CHIME suspended my account after my unemployment deposit. I submitted the necessary documentation but they never gave me access to my account. 3 years later, back and forth, email after email, and several calls. I finally got access, 2 days after my account was reopened I was a victim of Phishing. My account cleaned out. once again investigation after investigation dispute denied, denied. The people that work there are really stupid they deceive you tell you one stuff that isnt true. I have so many email its crazy they all say the same thing. I even wrote to the CEO no response. Then all of a sudden they closed my account with disputes pending I get emails where there is a credit to a dispute but I get no where no closure check nothing. They are so ignorant and so quick to close your account and keep your money but play stupid when its time to give you your money. They have no clue what there doing or saying not properly trained to handle someones money. I want to SUE them for pain and suffering sucj an inconvenience I almost lost my car because of them and I became homeless due to them keeping my money.
3 months ago
2382.74 stolen out my account I didn’t Authorize chime not solving my problem they are giving me arun around for money I sent police reports I just don’t kno wat else to do i am very dis Satisfied by Chime
3 months ago
Chime refuse to pay me my refund of $160.00 that the atm machine has returned my money of $160.00 on March 14,2024 at 1:52.I informed chime on March 14,2024 of this issue.Chime didn’t process my dispute until the second time I called on March 20,2024.On March 21,2024 chime denied my dispute.I believe because I lost my receipt.When my money of $160.00 went back in the atm machine the bank of Santander should have cleared it like any other transaction that didn’t go through.Chime stole the big amount of money from me $160.00.But chime will not take the little amount of a dispute.I have done disputes with chime and they returned my money of the little amount.The big amount chime will be dishonest and steal your money and lie stating they have gotten in contact with the merchant.Which chime has not got in contact with the merchant.The merchant would have cleared the $160.00 because it’s on file and recorded.
3 months ago
Chime account was closed Jan. 29th, 2024 for no reason, account never had any suspicious activity or malicious intent. Account was used for work direct deposit. I requested a refund for a service not received which was $150 with georgia power before the account closed. It was sent in email that the dispute was finalized and refunded. I then received an email about a closure check being sent and to wait 30 days for processing. I did just that & after waiting and calling for updates I\'ve been lied to by every representative at the establishment about this \"check\" I was promised to receive from them. I called today 03/20/24 and was told ANOTHER lie but even worse told that my check cannot be sent but wasn\'t given any reason why, it\'s ridiculous and needs more attention than usual so I hope to find help lawfully on this, Thanks.
3 months ago
chime did not give me my dispute for over 4.5k
3 months ago
Chime has refused to accept my tax return check through the app. The back of the check has “Deposit to Chime only” written on it so I could deposit it and now I cannot use the check anywhere else due to this. I have contacted them and they refuse to give me any further information as to why it will not go through. The IRS will not re-issue me a new tax return check due to my current one be a valid check with nothing incorrect on it. I have explained to Chime they are the only people who can take this check and now I’m out $7,721 since I cannot do anything with this check. I don’t know if I can do anything about this but I sure do want to try because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. They just won’t take it and will not tell me why.
3 months ago
Need representation in an arbitration case against chime finacial
3 months ago
Chime is will not return funds for charges disputed for my authorized charges
3 months ago
Unauthorized transactions started coming out of my account on February 16 and continued through February 27. I usually get Alerts if any transaction are conducted. I didn\'t receive any during this time. I have provided the documentation that Chime has requested but they continue to deny my claims.
4 months ago
4200$ was taken from my chime account fraudulently and i disputed it and they had denied me not even in 48 hours that\'s to quick that\'s shady it should have took longer if they really looked into it. and the merchant draftkings literally has 0 customer service they have no actual phone number to contact just a voicemail they will never respond to i called over dozens of times mulitple voicemails left and 30 plus emails sent they dont care and wont do anything for me chime should have my back and they dont i want to fight them
4 months ago
Chime took 2315 dollars from my account and bancorp and chime both acknowledge that it happened and bancorp said it was supposed to be deposited almost a month ago and neither bancorp or chime seems to know why it\'s taking so long and I\'m going farther into debt I Don\'t know what to do
4 months ago
I had a chime representative call me on my phone telling me that I have fraudulent activity going on in my account and was trying to get me to transfer money from my account to my cash app to his cash app and then said was going to refund it back in my account that my account had been frozen due to Fraudelants on activity. Me not thinking at first I sent 200 and then I got hesitant and I was like man I don\'t believe that we would have to do all these extreme measures just to secure my account like something\'s not right so I didn\'t send the rest of what they were asking for they were asking for the whole amount of my account but they only got and I\'m still waiting today for a refund that I haven\'t got back in all it had ended up costing me way more than what was in my account due to when I took everything out of my account because of this into my catch up someone hacked into my cash app and took all my money out so I\'m left with nothing this is horrible
4 months ago
9500 dollars stolen
4 months ago
If you can email me, I will send the screenshots I took of the whole situation. I finally have the proof . [email protected] thank you
4 months ago
I have been told by three different supervisors that my SSI payment would be posted today. They lied once again and are very rude with customer service. Not giving me any specific time just the same generic answer. This has been going on for the past 3 months
4 months ago
Hi there was fraudulent activity on my account. Someone compromised my account and ran up a bill, I never authorized any of these bills. So they denied I noticed more things in my account and I disputed them and they awarded me temporary credit. So if you thought my account was compromised, why would they denied some and some they said know.
4 months ago
I was scammed online and filed a despute with chime it was denied even tho i have proff snd they r unwilling to help me
4 months ago
I have had 3 fruadulent charges on my chime card and they denied all 3 chargebacks. My card was stolen, ordered new card and they still denied me. Im soooo frustrated with this bank thinking they can do what they want. So basically chime is saying steal money out of any of our customers accounts because we dont care and will not try to help you get your money back. A real bank would not act this way that is why I believe this can not be legal right?
5 months ago
I filed a claim this past Saturday when I had received a text message from chime letting me know that somebody had tried to use my card for crypto wallet. When I denied the transaction. I was told a representative have called me shortly. When I had received a phonecall customer support number I answered where I spent 41 minutes talking to what I had assumed was a chime representative. In the time span of that phone call, I had received alerts that I had a new login on my account. I changed my password and then money was transferred to an account that I do not know saying it was for a new account. Where I was placed on hold again. Then the call is disconnected. I called the customer support number back which was directed to another person who said they had no idea what I was talking about so I filed a claim. Ever since then the claims have been denied saying they see no air in the transaction. When I did not authorize money to be taken out of my account. I filed a police report. I sent all the evidence in and it\'s still being denied. They\'re not trying anything and just writing off the fact that $3,000 is taken out of my account.
5 months ago
False advertisement. Direct deposit iddues
5 months ago
So I was charged 1200 dollars plus for credit repair service from a company that did not provide the services and turned out to be an illegitimate company. Chime literally told me on the phone they had no address or phone number on file for this company but yet denied my dispute and couldn’t provide me any true evidence as to why .
5 months ago
I used my Chime account in October to transfer $1500 to an email address. Chime says the money was claimed but the recipient did not receive the money. I have asked Chime several times to reveal who claimed the money but they refuse to tell me. I would like a refund of the money, I have spoke to Chime a lot about this, Thank you
6 months ago
You • 1:44 AM They closed my account with around $1,750 in it they will not open it back up so I can get my money out of my account also they never let me know they was closing my account so I could go take the money off my card .. it was my whole paycheck right before Christmas and that\'s all the money I had .. they won\'t tell me a reason I already reported them to the BBB and still nothing .. i did absolutely nothing wrong or illegal for them to close my account
6 months ago
I am wanting to proceed with arbitration against Chime Financial for 2 disputes totaling 6 charges from Paybis in the total amount of $1409.00. I filed the first dispute on November 17, 2023 and the second dispute on November 26, 2023. Dispute claim IDs are: 12080321 and 12163271. I have filled 14 rebuttals on claim 12080321 providing police reports, FTC reports, IC3 reports, complaint to FDIC, Office of the Comptroller, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and I also included screenshots of fraud alert text messages that was sent to me by Chime asking if the charges were valid and I replied No. They stated the transactions were blocked but still the transactions came out my account. I also included a screenshot of where my address was changed in the app without my permission. My address was changed to a Tennessee address on November 19, 2023 and I do not live in Tennessee. I live in Kentucky. My license is in Kentucky. On that same date, I received more text message fraud alerts about the same Merchant trying to take money from my account. I replied No to them being authorized and the charges still went through on the account. I filed the 2nd dispute for the charges in October because i was not aware that those charges came out my account at that time. I was not informed via text message like I was in November. I feel like that was also odd. So on November 26, 2023, one of the Chime representatives told me that there were charges from Paybis in October 2023. So we disputed those together and I made a new police report to include those other transactions and sent that to Chime. I asked Chime dispute dept if a chargeback was every initiated and several representatives said No. I asked for the documents to deny my claim on every single rebuttal and they only sent me “Intake dispute form and Member Evidence” meaning only the evidence I gave them, they come to a denial. How do you come to a denial with this sufficient evidence that I’m using to SUPPORT my claim? There was not an investigation done on these claims. Because where is the proof that these charges were valid? Chime never supplied this information. I have proof that Chime NEVER supplied any documentation or proof that the charges were valid. I am demanding the $1409.00 back into my account. If I have to go through arbitration for this, I will consider adding treble damages, statutory damages, etc.
7 months ago
I had nearly $2000 in fraudulent activity in my account during 6 months while I was in jail I filed a police report and sent documentation of when I was in jail and when I got out and copies of the police report. but time sends me a letter 24 hours later to my email saying No error occurred And no fraudulent activity was found I\'ve tried multiple times with the same results please I need help.
7 months ago
Several unsuccessful attempts to get answers regarding my disputes . I have reopened them many times only to get an email within 24 hours after telling me the don’t see any error occurred . It would be a lot to type out , but would love to have some help in getting my money back .
8 months ago
Lies, rude representatives and acxount breach issues
9 months ago
I received an sba loan for $12,500 and $5,000.After the deposit was made available to me, Chime closed the account days later and says my account does not qualified for a refund. This situation has been going for years. Chime owes me over $17,500. I still have the loan to pay back.
9 months ago
I need to sue chime for millions of dollars, I have a legitimate claim.
9 months ago
An instant deposit was made to my Chime account from CashApp. The transfer went through. 2 hours later my account was put on \"hold\" for \"suspicious activity.\" They stated the deposit was \"out of compliance\" with chimes enrollment. I immediately sent verification and documents requested. It has been a week now. Several appeals, and escalations have been done. My account is still on hold and i am unable to access funds. They are repeatedly asking for the same information. The representatives are no help. I stopped receiving emails they claim they\'ve sent and they claim they don\'t receive my emails. When i emailed from a secondary email i received a response until i voiced my complaint, and then they went mute. I just want my funds!
9 months ago
On aug 27th i got a new phone number and when i went to change it and the chime app said numer was already in use. they locked me out of my account and i sent required documents immediately and it took 12 hours for account to get unlocked, during this time, my disability check hit on the 28th and chime rejected my deposit. I called the sept 1st, got told call the next day,second daythey told me to call SS to re issue check and he said they would be glad to but they did not recieve it. got the run around for days . On sept 5th i got pissed and told chime they was gonna locate my money NOW. Was told chime had a hold on my money and it could be 5 business days. Wellthat was a week ago, and stuill waiting on my mothly money. SS said to ask them for the advance since they had my money, they could not do that. Im flat broke, family has helped but they live month to month. Im mad and in very bad health. they gonna cut my lights off, water, and my bills has late charges because of overdrafts. my chime is overdrafted 96.00 and no spot me left because they didnt get my deposit. i have 35% of my heart and 27% of my lungs and end stage of life and this stress over my check and no money is affecting my health big time. Can you help or get my money faster
10 months ago
Like to sue Chime for not honoring my dispute and providing me with false investigation. they concluded I never submitted documentation on their final investigation, but I did by email and them acknowledge it. I have all the emails from them.
11 months ago
I woke up this morning to a text message that was sent at 4 am stating that the phone number on my chime acct has been changed and that if I didn\'t make this change that i needed to call immediately. Well its 4 am, I didnt get the message till after 6 am. During that time not only was my phone number changed on the acct, so was email giving the hackers full access to my online acct and wiping my account dry and leaving me with just 19 cents. Over $2,000 was taken in 98 seperate cash app payments. I called Chime immediately and reported it. They said I needed to wait till the payments process through my account before I can be issued a refund. They said it could take up to 90 days. Which to me is unacceptable. These hackers didnt access my cars information through anither source. They were able to gain access to my account by changing the email and phone number. I would like to talk someone about a possible lawsuit. It shouldnt be this easy to to gain access to someones acct. They should have better fraud protections in place to protect the consumer. I had 98 transactions in a 20 minute time frame to two different cash app accts not once did they think WOAH! something is wrong here and now I have to wait to get my money back. If you think this is a possible case and can help me out id appreciate it. Someone needs to be held responsible it shouldnt be this easy. Also, these types of things are happening everywhere, every single day. I have noticed through my own research that are are videos on Youtube explaining how to get a VPN and step by step instruction on how to hack accts. I am interested in a possible lawsuit against Youtube for not monitoring the content that is on their platform. May sound crazy but something needs to be done. Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
11 months ago
Chime reset my account and told me to put in new password I did they locked I went through there steps and it remained locked they said they can\'t do nothing they reset it I didn\'t know I\'m getting eviction notice past due notices for utilities because they stole my money
12 months ago
I deposited a check on 7/2 - it cleared my DADS account (writer of the check) on 7/3 - CHIME gave me 200 - They CLOSED my account without the 1300 being put into my account - I doubt I will ever see this money
12 months ago
Chime closed my account due to suspicious activity. Also, for filling my Georgia tax. I explained to Chime that I am a travel nurse. Chime also said my account was being closed due to large sums of money coming in and out of my account. I paid funeral expenses for my loved ones. I gave Chime the necessary documents and they still closed my account.
Victor - Eugen
12 months ago
Chime dispute. Chime never really work a dispute and won\'t comply with the laws. Decline the dispute without thoroughly investigating since it already took my money.
1 year ago
Mislead and misinformed by chimes customer service rep, I inquired about a payment notification that I owed and had to pay$1595 on credit builder/secured card due on May 21 or they would send a delinquentcy to my credit report.. I had $325 in the account.chime neglected to send me secured card replacement. And for the second time sent my SSD deposit to that account instead of the checking account that I set up my direct deposit with ,and have a debit card I use the access funds...I specifically asked 3x penalties for closed the credit building account which I had already turned off the appt. How would I be able to access the $325 which is all the money I have for the next 10days. I was told that once the account was closed the money would Immediately be transferred to the checking account and I could use my debit card to use ATM. She told me once they closed the credit builder the account couldn\'t be reopened I asked again because if I couldnt get to the money immediately I would leave it open. Again she said the money would immediately be transferred and I then agreed to close . When I checked my balance there was no money in my account. I called back got hung up 2 and there was told the information wasn\'t couldn\'t. That they would send me a check and it would take up to 30days to receive my money...Im now destitute no food, or rent money. I filed a complaint with they gave me a number and said there is nothing they can do to correct this expedite the funds, or even give me a partial credit for your mistake. The customer service rep. Give wrong information, don\'t understand or communicate thier procedures or ability to correct their mistakes...
1 year ago
Chime did not protect my identity.. a card was sent to me.. I never applied for. Once I opened it with all my pictures of ss card driver license and a selfie etc once I was finally able to open the card was already being used by someone else and then charged by a gaming site when I was asked by chime to enter a card??? I am asking for $500,000.00 for privacy act violated and much more
1 year ago
Chime is holding my money suspended my account and is not releasing it to me. When they asked me for requested documents I sent it in 1000 times and they keep sending the same generated email back stating they did not receive any information from me I need my money.
1 year ago
I suspect Chime Bank of providing false bank statements and charging. hidden fees. They are also not adding money bank to the bank balance when a pending transaction is settled. For example yesterday my starting balance was -89.14 and had a pending transaction of 59.55 the transaction settled for $59.44 and the 0.11 was not added back to my account… my account balance still -89.14. There are also monthly computation errors.
1 year ago
1 had an account with chime and someone stole money from my account and I reported the transactions which opened a dispute on my account on March 5th 2023. Today March 9th chime closed my account claiming because I failed to comply with the deposit account agreement which is a complete lie. They still have made any progress on my disputes and also closed my account without any heads up so I could atleast remove my remaining funds before they closed my account. When I call they just keep giving me the run around about my account
1 year ago
I deposited a check with chime and the funds were not on my account and when I canceled the mobile deposit and tried to deposit the check somewhere else my insurance told me chime had already cashed my check before I even canceled my check deposit with them
1 year ago
My debt card was lost and used in a different state they deny my claim in less than 4 hours the frist time this happen last year June 7 since then I have submitted my location history I’d that day my work history and my next bank accounts history showing I was in Florida at time and they still have bin deny my claim over 6 times now and I was told by a agent that chime had a history of agents taking advantage of the system so they removed the button to release the claim money it’s way more but this is short and simple
1 year ago
Someone stole my card was able to transfer 6000 Dollars out of my account plus change my info on my account now they are giving me a runaround 3 months
1 year ago
Chime has been reporting to the credit bureau that I owe them money whilst having a clear account . 4 months the issue has persisted . 4 months I\'ve reported it . Sent emails . Made complaints . Currently on the phone with them
1 year ago
I just had my car repossessed when I went to make my two missed payments. I put $4000 down on October 28, I called the dealership and they told me to come there to make the two missed payments. When I did, they took my car. They told me to call the bank in the morning and they may or may not take the payments. The United Auto Credit financing sold the loan back to them on December 29, 2022. They lied when they said I could make the payments. I have the money. I need assistance asap please.
1 year ago
Hello, this company took my funds and refused to release them. I have been disrespected by the representatives and this company has discriminated against me viscously. I am preparing to tell my kids there isn\'t a Santa clause because this company is still holding my funds illegally and not issuing my refund check to my correct address or re-enabling my account. I will be having stride bank investigated for allowing this irresponsible company to distribute off their platform. I have contacted the authorities, filed a police report and will be seeking arbitration. This has cause my diabetes to eat me alive by me not having my medication but justice will be served. This company took my $8,341.04 and gave me no response about my funds even after I sent the requested document and I see that I\'m not the only one because there are tons of complaints. I\'ve lost over $20,000 in property due to this company neglect.
2 years ago
I opened an account with Chime, it is shut down, they are still reporting to experian and possibly the other credit agencies my account is open, when it is closed. Disappointing because I rely on experian to accurately do their job.
2 years ago
Hi, My name is Thomas and I have filed multiple unsuccessful disputes with Chime. I was charged for a payment that was said to have been declined. Afterwards, I placed a replacement order to the same merchant. Because I was charged for both orders, I issued a chargeback dispute. As I was working out the details with the merchant, I canceled the chargeback claim and received a refund from the merchant. However, the merchant was charged back for both payments, and I have only received money for one of the refunds. The merchant has contacted Paypal which has confirmed that both charges were sent to Chime, and Chime disputes that I have received both payments despite my account only receiving one of the payments. Additionally, I have lost approximately $100 due to the exchange rate (payment/refund was in CAD) and how long it took Chime to process the first refund. I have asked Chime to provide me the documents that led them to their decision, but I would like to know how to proceed with an arbitration hearing because I do not think Chime will pay me the money for the second refund. Thomas