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Do you think eBay Inc. is not playing fair? You have rights under the law and we can help you at no cost to you. UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business.


If eBay Inc. violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and eBay Inc. will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 312-300-5996 for a free consultation.

What is eBay Inc.?

eBay Inc. is an e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers across 190 global markets. The company, founded in 1995, is headquartered in San Jose, California. eBay Inc. began as a part of a personal site that soon became the first person-to-person online auctioning site. 

eBay Inc. is reportedly employing over 13,000 employees as of 2019. Forbes reported that eBay Inc. had $10.5 billion in sales as of May 2020. 

eBay Inc. Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Corporate Office
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125 

+1 800-322-9266
Monday-Sunday 24/7 (Customer Service)

Refund Issues 

Refunds are a primary concern for most online buyers including eBay Inc.’s consumers. According to complaints against the e-commerce giant, consumers have faced a number of refunding problems on the platform including eBay’s refusal to mediate between buyers and sellers; slow processing; or in worst-case scenarios, complete rejection of requests. 

Unregulated Products

Although eBay Inc. is a place where buyers and sellers meet to sell and negotiate their products, the company is still expected to mediate and regulate products sold on their site. Complainants detailed receiving items that didn’t match product descriptions and having a difficult time returning items due to eBay’s wrong return shipping labels. 

Sudden Account Suspension

Sellers and buyers alike have also lamented about the sudden suspension of their accounts. This is despite consumers’ and sellers’ strong adherence to the platform’s regulations and their years of loyalty and good standing. It wasn’t until they asked for the Better Business Bureau’s help that eBay, Inc. had addressed their concerns. 

Poor Customer Service

Numerous buyers and sellers complained about eBay Inc.’s lousy customer relations. According to accounts, the company refused to mediate between buyer-seller disputes, sanction abusive behavior and misleading listings, and refund products accordingly. eBay Inc.’s hotline had also been hard to reach for many of its troubled consumers.

Unfortunately, refund troubles, unregulated listings, account suspensions, and lousy complaints are just the beginning for eBay Inc. The company’s customers are left wondering what options they have regarding their consumer rights.

We Fix Complaints When Customer Service Won’t

Has eBay Inc. used misleading sales tactics? Have you received poor service? Do you have complaints with billing? Do you want customer service at eBay Inc. to listen?

A lot of eBay Inc. Corporation customers aren’t happy with their service and the Better Business Bureau lists 6,234 customer complaints against the company in the past three years, including complaints for billing and collections practices, problems with a service/product, advertising and sales, among others.  

If your complaints haven’t been heard, we can help. At Mike Agruss Law we help customers who have been mistreated by big companies–much like eBay Inc.–and we turn your complaints into resolutions!

We’ll not only file your legal demands with eBay Inc., we’ll negotiate with the company. If your claim isn’t resolved through these negotiations, we’ll work through the legal process that is outlined in your eBay Inc. contract, which is typically arbitration. 

Mike Agruss Law gets results–including zero balances, refunds, and other compensation. 

Here’s How to Make Big Companies Listen

It can be frustrating when you rely on a service and don’t get the results you’ve paid for. Big companies make mistakes every day and not only is it their fault, but it can also cost you money, time, and leave you with big headaches. 

Have you tried calling eBay Inc. to address an issue, only to be told that the representative has no authority to do so? Or maybe you’ve tried talking to someone higher up in the company, only to be ignored, dismissed, or they take too long, continuing to waste your precious time. Maybe you’ve sent an email to the company which only resulted in a prefabricated response or they never follow through with what they’ve promised. 

When you’re limited in your choices for service providers or you’re locked into a contract, what can you do?

Fortunately, you do have options. 

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint

Most companies like eBay Inc. have an arbitration clause in their contracts to prevent being taken to court for traditional litigation. This is actually an advantage for the consumer. When you request an arbitration hearing, an independent third-party (the arbitrator) with knowledge of the type of situation involved will listen to the facts from both sides and make an impartial, binding decision. eBay Inc. will have to do a lot of work and there is no guarantee that they will have a successful outcome. 

Arbitration is Fast, Inexpensive, and Private

Arbitration with eBay Inc. is conducted through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). According to the AAA Consumer Due Process Protocol, arbitration through AAA will comply with their Statement of Principles, which includes:

  • The process is fundamentally fair – All parties are entitled to qualified, competent, impartial arbitrators who will conduct a fair hearing.
  • You get access to all relevant information – This includes reasonable costs, confidentiality, reasonable time limits, and meeting times and/or locations that are agreeable to both parties.
  • Transparency – AAA provides clear arbitration agreements and the ability for each side to hire their own representation.
  • Just process – Arbitration allows the arbitrator to award the same relief as traditional litigation in a binding decision. 
  • Alternative to arbitration – Mediation and the ability to take the case to small claims court should be available in some cases.

Arbitration Gives you Control and Leverage

When eBay Inc. is alerted that you plan to pursue arbitration, they know it will cost them money out of pocket. Not only do they run the risk of losing the case, but they will also pay for their mistake(s) and the arbitration itself. This gives you more leverage with your demands. 

If eBay Inc. doesn’t meet those demands and you have a real complaint, Mike Agruss Law can help by representing you in arbitration where you will get a fair, just, and transparent hearing.

Control and Leverage Triggers Faster Settlements

Large companies like eBay Inc. don’t like the uncertainty and loss of control that comes with arbitration. Not only do they lose the advantage in the situation, but you’re also on equal footing with them in the eyes of arbitration. 

The first step in taking on eBay Inc. is to formally raise your complaint. The lawyers at Mike Agruss Law can help you to do so. We will send a letter of demands to the corporate offices of eBay Inc., letting them know that you’re ready to begin arbitration if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved. Typically, this is 30 days, but it will depend on your specific contract with eBay Inc. 

Approximately 50% of cases will settle before proceeding to an arbitration hearing during this time. However, if eBay Inc. doesn’t offer a reasonable settlement within the appropriate time frame, the next step would be filing a case with AAA. Mike Agruss Law will not only put together the necessary paperwork for arbitration, but we will also help you take the next steps in the arbitration process. 

UDAAP and Arbitration

UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business. This includes misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

UDAAP laws are regulated by two organizations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC expanded the initial UDAAP laws in 2004 to include unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Some standards for unfairness, in particular, include if it causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers, the injury is not reasonably avoidable by consumers, and the injury is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.

Every state has UDAAP laws, which can vary widely. However, the lawyers at Mike Agruss Law understand these laws and can use them to get compensation for deceptive practices, representing consumers throughout the country in cases of arbitration at no cost to them. The company will not only pay the consumer, but they will also pay my fees as well. The consumer will never pay me a cent.

If you’re dealing with an issue with eBay Inc., you might try filing a complaint with the BBB or the customer service team with eBay Inc. Unfortunately, these avenues won’t always lead to a successful resolution for you, the customer. Instead, you may want to consider an experienced arbitration lawyer to take on your case. 

Arbitration is a very useful tool for resolving disputes, and Mike Agruss Law can help. With our expert guidance, we bring the big companies to the table and provide the support needed to get your bills corrected, credit reports fixed, improper fees refunded, and more. Let us pick up the sword for you; you have nothing to lose.

How Do I File a Complaint Against eBay Inc.?

We will use your state’s UDAAP law to file a complaint in Arbitration on your behalf at no cost to you. UDAAP laws include misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. Under your state’s UDAAP law, you are likely entitled to money damages for your actual damages.  Plus, the other side will pay our fees and costs.  You will not pay us a penny.  These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

People, First

We are proud to serve consumers in arbitration cases. We see you as a person, not just a client – and that makes us better at the work we do. We listen. We learn your story. And, as we help you get the money you deserve, we go above and beyond in a way most law firms never could and never would. Because we’re not just lawyers. And you’re not just a client. We’re friends, neighbors, family. We’re all people and here at Mike Agruss Law, we put People, First.

Share Your Complaints Below Against eBay Inc.

We encourage you to post your complaints about eBay Inc. Sharing your complaints against this big company can help other consumers understand what to do when they have problems with this company. Sharing your experience may help someone else!

We are listening

We will respond to you at lightning speed. All of your information will be kept confidential.

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Submitted Comments

1 month ago
Hello ,I came across with your website . Let me tell you my Case and about myself I’m from Brazil at the moment I live in Portugal. I bought same precious stones on eBay , like diamond, Alexandrite, Ruby on eBay . when it arrived here in Portugal I done the gemologist test all of them is fake . eBay refund me same fakes stones . after eBay blocked my account , call me abusive buyer. EBay did not refund me 4 fakes diamonds . they never done the investigation why I have ask so many refund they just blocked my account . That’s why I wanted to sue eBay to pay me compensation for the real value of the precious stones. Obs: If the stones was natural the valeu around 180 million usd That’s the compensation eBay must pay me . Please let me know if you can do it ?
1 month ago
I sold a coin to a man, he claims I didn’t communicate with him after selling it, so he left negative feedback on my page and due to it being my first sale I got shut down
2 months ago
Hello, I am reaching out to seek help with a transaction on eBay for which I had sold an item, shipped it, Buyer opened a case for Item not Received, eBay refunded the $4,800 Buyer paid and I (Seller) have lost the money and product. Buyer has received the item, proof from USPS showing delivery is available and despite over 7 calls to eBay, I have been told I have no options with eBay and have lost money, time and product. Seeking help in recouping this money if possible. Thank you, Andrea Saccani
2 months ago
I am writing to request legal representation concerning substantial and unjust fees charged by eBay, which have significantly impacted my small business. While eBay promotes 250 free listings per month, I recently discovered recurring relisting fees after requesting a refund for March 2024—the first time I noticed the excessive charges. These undisclosed fees have been severely depleting my profits over the years. The single-month refund does not compensate for the ongoing financial damage suffered by my business. I am eager to discuss potential legal actions to recover these fees and address eBay\'s misleading practices. Please let me know your availability for a consultation. Thank you for considering my request.
2 months ago
Ebay customer Service sucks, you will get one thing from one then another complete explaination from another. It is us the sellers that made Ebay the huge, rich empire they are, now they repay us by poor customer service, lying, excuses and more excuses, charge us fees on shipping and taxes (we will never see) and then justify EVERYTHING one stupid way or another. They take days to give you money that you honestly made and paid dearly for and say it will take days THAT WAS UNTIL THEY FOUND A WAY TO CHARGE US then all of a sudden you can pay a fee and get your funds within 3 seconds. They have been able to do this all along. On top of all that, they treat sellers like shit. I been there for 10 years and you would think they would be nice and kind and all the money we all made them they forgot that part!!!!!!!! They lie, they steal and they con you. I been waiting 5 days already to add a new account to my account and chatting with agent was told 48 hours!!!!!!!! Its been 3 days since I put in my new acct stuff and my bank was not listed so now I had to wait for them to do 2 micro deposits and today they did that, and I immediately entered those, which was supposed to end this mess, I chatted and they told me now I have another 48 hour wait and tryed to blame me. There customer service is terrible and getting worse. Once they charged me close to 60.00 for listings that showed up as free and at the time I had the print screen they WOULD NOT REFUND Me when my account showed I still had a certain number of FREE listings they ended up taking my money charging me when the system siaid I owed o.oo!!!!!!!! This is the kind of crap they do. They have charged me many, many, many times to REVISE a listing. The top thing they have done now that gets my goat is they cater and treat just the buyer the best. A buyer get by with pure stealing, bait and switch ANYTHING. Ebay will just take your money back and will not hesitate and no matter what proof, what you say, the buyer complains, and BAM you are wrong, they are right. Now you cannot even leave negatives anymore for buyers. I have run accross some that deserved a big fat negative but Ebay will not let you leave them but a good one or NOTHING. How fair is that? They can leave you as many neg as they want and some retaliate just to get back at you , EBAY DOES NOTHING TO FIX THIS! A seller has to depend on their FB to sell and they do not care!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 months ago
I placed an order for jewelry from a an eBay store. When I received the order, several items were missing. I attempted to communicate with the seller who initially denied any wrongdoing. When pressed, the seller finally replied that they “found” the missing items. I was refunded but had such a horrible experience that I posted on their feedback. eBay removed the feedback. I had communicated unsuccessfully with eBay regarding reconsideration of reinstating my feedback of this store as a warning to future buyers. Apparently the store is a “charity” store supported by the actual eBay corporation. This same store sold me several items that were broken. When I attempted to initiate returns on these individual items(the order was a bulk order) eBay suspended my account on the basis of “excessive” returns. I tried to resolve this with eBay to no avail. I tried to contact the BBB but it seemed to get me nowhere. I’ve been a seller/buyer on eBay for over a decade and have never had an issue. Now it seems I am being punished for wanting to return items that were broken and useless because eBay did not want to do their due diligence in protecting buyers. I was punished unfairly while this store and their shady business practices still persist. In addition, when I wanted to cancel an order that I had once I realized how corrupt that store was, eBay refused to cancel it even though it had only been 1 or 2 hours since the order was made. An eBay rep told me to initiate a return when I received the order. How are they going to tell me that then suspend my account for “excessive” returns? This makes sense at all. That is the gist of where I am right now.
2 months ago
2 months ago
My company sold a piece of lab equipment (~$5000) on eBay. The buyer submitted a refund claim he was ineligible for per the eBay money back guarantee since he arranged his own shipping and sent a third party to pick up the item - this circumstance is explicitly described in the policy. eBay approved the claim, denied appeals, and told me there was no way to escalate this any further. eBay is now attempting to collect $5000 from my account as a result.
2 months ago
I would rather discuss these issues over the phone due to the many issues that eBay has done to not just one of my eBay stores but to multiple eBay stores that has effected my company in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please reach out to me to discuss what eBay has done and is currently doing to my business. I have lengthy records of everything that has happened in the past 7 years selling on eBay.
3 months ago
Have been lied to several times by EBAY. I have transcripts to prove it. Plus they are holding my money repeatedly. My phone is not connected at this time. They are screwing up my business.
3 months ago
Hello. I am an eBay seller in NY. I sold a $1000 item to a buyer in London. The buyer never received the item, which tracking confirms. Unfortunately, he waited too long to complain (over 60 days) and the USPS insurance was no longer in effect. He opened an eBay claim and it was found in my favor. He then went thru his bank (Barclays) as he had purchased with a credit card. Barclays took 3 months to decide and found in his favor. eBay has sent him my $1000. I spoke to eBay and they said they can\'t help. I called Barclays and they can\'t help. Note that I fought the dispute (thru eBay) and I have the documentation. USPS, eBay, and the buyer said I did everything right. The only mistake made was by the buyer who simply waited too long.
3 months ago
Ebay\'s policy is that they will send a 1099K IRS tax document even if a sale is cancelled by the buyer or seller and no funds were transferred to the buyer. In addition, once Ebay was contacted, they refused to correct the 1099K IRS form. To conclude, it is my opinion that Ebay is using the US Postal Service to send false information which may cause a person financial harm.
3 months ago
Ebay is using manipulative business practices. I have been selling on ebay for 6 years. One single product sold I have noticed some irregularities pertaining to fee collections. Also with regards to \" Promoted Listing \" fees. I have honed in on what they are doing. They are VERY sneaky in their methodology. Most wont notice. If you contact me, I can fill you in. Im NOT the only one; as eBay community boards are filled with complaints over scandalous behavior. This is not small beans. This is potentially big . Class ACT.
3 months ago
February 9th I sold a extremely rare baseball card (topps archives hunter brown 1/1 superfractor ) for $275 everything with transaction went smooth customer paid immediately item then shipped to an eBay authenticator and was approved and shipped to the customer then February 20th my account permanently suspended with no clear reason my payout on hold of $195 and some cents until March 11th it was supposed to be released it was not so eBay takes $80 for there sum of advertising wich is a scam but also refuses to release my payout and on March 20th I\'m told 170 more days I have to wait no one will help me customer service is horrible and I\'m beside myself just for stress and frustration anxiety how they can make up the rules as they please it\'s like I\'m dealing with the mafia I have children and yes it\'s a small sum of money but it\'s mine eBay takes there portion immediately while people like me have to suffer the loss of income this same reason has continued for years with many former eBay users please help me resolve this issue
3 months ago
I had a crazy seller on the ebay and the guy made some report on me and revenge shopping to make me damage casue he was upset that we returned the item he changed the listing during the return etc... before that i had a chinese seller which sent me wrong item i ordered two different watch band also i ordeered a very expensive watch which was sold with fake informations and i tried to return but the seller never responded the service cost me 2000 dollars. and today i wanted to return a bag which condition was much worse than the listed and m account got suspended forever the seller as well, no chance to appeal no information why only \"misused return\" i won all the cases on my favor, so i decided to sue them also they lost my 2k watch few mont ago and no chance to appeal casue the ebay said the ups the ups said only the seller which was the ebay casue it was at the authenticator can file a claim. they made me a lot of damage and pain and they took my time since i registered. but the the scammers still selling unbelivable. can we do anything? I have photos videos everything
3 months ago
I was suspended permanently without breaking Ebay policy. I am long time seller of used car parts (500 transactions /annually). Top rated. Shipping next day. Ebay stated in email. That I am a threat to community and can’t appeal.
4 months ago
Hi, My name is Robert Chmiel and I am a Canadian eBay seller. Last month I received and MC067 from eBay claiming I was getting sued buy a law firm in Illinois for a used figure I sold. Googling the ebay buyers address I sold this figure too goes back to this lawyer firm so I am sure it is them. In the eBay message that was sent to me for the MC067 it claims the suit is sealed so I was not sent more information yet but I have been in contact with other sellers that got this lawsuit and there is 250 of us in the list. One has had his funds frozen and the firm wants 3000$ from him. Could you please let me know if you can help me with this if this happens to me and they freeze my funds for this civil case? Sincerely, Robert.
4 months ago
I am a seller in this issue....Buyer claimed the product was different as advertised and requested a return 32 days after receiving. I promptly responded and rejected the return with sharing evidence of what I sent was in fact, \"as advertised.\" I allowed the buyer an extended time period to provide proof otherwise, and he failed to do so. After an open case, Ebay just randomly determined in favor for the buyer, despite my many phone calls to Ebay clarifying that the buyer\'s claims were not accurate and suspicious. Now they charged my bank, which should be illegal, and having to stress through this issue.
4 months ago
Documented unfair practices with eBay. eBay member for 26 years.
4 months ago
E Bay Selling Account Permanently Closed Jan 10th Posted to Sell 100 bags of Kachava Whole Meal Repl. Powder Exp 3/2024 Jan 15th New Posting of 60 bags to launch as other items sell through All bags sold except 6 were available when they shut down my Postings Product pricing was based to move quickly, plus I extended free shipping on all orders based on the discounted postal rates E Bay extended Due to E Bay actions of suspending my ability to print labels, I had to pay directly at the PO for approx. 25 orders at 18 - 20% more which in turn yielded me less profit I had 450 bags total that I had anticipated to sell on this platform (only sold 154) when the closed Acct. I have 100% Satisfaction with 225 reviews To date they have not provided any answers as to what lead to this decision and they have stated I can not appeal. I filed multiple complaints to the equalizations team and TD No response. They still have my earnings and have not released any portion Please let me know what options you maybe able to provide. Thank you!
4 months ago
eBay restricted my account after I sold an item over $750. They made show Proof Of Business, Proof of Good Standing with the State of Arkansas, Proof Identity with my SSN, Proof of Drivers License Showing the Correct Address, Proof of Business Store Front, Proof Of Banking Banking Account, Proof of Purchases with Receipts, Then Proof Purchases showing from my Bank Statement showing the purchases. I provided everything that they asked, & they indefinitely suspended my account for know reason. They also just refunded a customer of mine, refunded his money back when it 100% shows delivered. They said there was no proof of delivery. I am furious with eBay, what are my options here? They charged me also $27.96 for a eBay Store. I lost a $3400 Brake Sale over this Suspension. Along with all of the other sales that I would have gotten. eBay just straight up stole from, & cut off all communication, where I can\'t even call them now.
4 months ago
I am only able to list $2200 or 10 items. But I ended a stamp auction the stamp was listed for 900.00 and I wanted to list a nother stamp that was sure to sell. I went to look at my remaining items and it showed I had 900.00 worth of listing left so I put another stamp on there starting bid 30.00 and after I filled out the details I clicked on the list auction button and it said that I have already reached my limit which is BULLSHIT. THIS IS HARASSING. I SHOULD HAVE 1000.00 STILL AVAILABLE FOR LISTING AUCTIONS AND SO I DECIDED TO END ANOTHER AUCTION SO I ENDED A 200.00 OF STAMPS. SO I SHOULD HAVE HAD 1000.00 OF LISTING UTEMS BUT THE MESSAGE SAY YOU HAVE COME TO YOUR LIMIT AND THATS A LIE. I CAN LIST 2200.00 A MONTH. WITH EBAY NOT LETTING ME LIST THE 1,000.00 I HAVE REMAINING THIS MONTH. THIS MEANS I WILL MAKE HARDLY ANY MONEY AT ALL. THIS IS BULLYING AND MESSING WITH PEOPLES LIVES. HOW AM I GOING TO GET BY ON 1200.00 THIS MONTH? I AM NOT I AM GOING TO LOSE MY STORAGE IT HOLD
4 months ago
During COVID I got permission to sell masks on eBay, eBay kept on removing my listings by mistake which lead to many disputes on PayPal , PayPal end up closings my account , and I couldn’t sell on eBay since they didn’t want to help me with their money management at this time, and didn’t want to help with any issue, I owed them 110,000$ on sale fees, which I couldn’t pay since PayPal held my money. PayPal end up holding my money until I hired lawyer , and eBay closed my account. I left with 2M with of masks and debts.
4 months ago
Hi, I have an issue with eBay please let me know if you can help. So, in essence, I bought a truck from an eBay seller last year. The seller committed fraud in my opinion by seriously misrepresenting the condition of the vehicle. I am trying to deal with the seller too. However, it came to my attention yesterday to dig into the seller\'s feedback. Now. mind you the item page when you go to bid on or purchase one of the seller\'s items represents that the seller has 100% positive feedback. However, if you dive into the feedback, there are numerous instances of folks complaining of the same issue I encountered (they purchased a vehicle that was represented to be rust-free but was significantly rusted). Not understanding this, I contacted eBay and was told, well the feedback score is only for transactions in the past year. I said that must be a joke. Nowhere on the item page does it indicate that the feedback score does not take into account the seller\'s entire history? In essence, this seller sells a bunch of cheap tactical gear ($5-$30 items). He gets all positive feedback from that. However, a ton of his reviews for vehicles are negative. This isn\'t right and seems like a borderline actionable claim against eBay. Now, I am not sure what effect, if any, the terms or service or user agreement have on my ability to find relief, as I have not litigated against eBay before. I just wanted to see what you thought.
4 months ago
ebay suspended my account about 4 years ago. They told me it was because they had to pay for a refund that they paid someone else. Since 2020, they\'d sent Paypal to collect that money. the matter was resolved with Paypal and I did not hear from them again. Ebay recently emailed me that there is a bill (for a different amount) that they will send to collections. I told them that this is impossible and that paypal already contacted me on their behalf and things were settled. ebay goes on to tell me that i owe a bill. i tell them to close my account and stop harassing me and threatening to ruin my credit with collections. i ended up paying the balance shortly after because I don\'t want them harassing me any longer. now they won\'t even close the account. they won\'t acknowledge that they have received payment. and at this point, it feels targeted and there\'s distress from this entire experience.
5 months ago
I believe that ebay is perpetrating a fraud on myself and many others. Instead of getting paid for your sale in a timely manner, it can take Up to 7 days to get paid for the sale of your item.
5 months ago
Ebay charged my credit card for an item I only bought once. I contacted the seller and he tells me that he only receive payment once. I contacted my bank and credit card and they tell me I cannot make a claim as they see the transaction made by ebay. I contacted ebay many times and they see I don\'t have a purchase in my Purchate History on Nov 9th on the amount of $62.49. But they say they cannot give more information about the other charge as they don\'t see it in my purchase history. So... I paid for one item twice. The money is not with either my bank nor the seller. And Ebay refuses to check further to refund the money. It is only 62.49. I know. But I find it outrageous that such a big company is stealing money from consumers this way! I speak English but Spanish is preferred.
5 months ago
Negative feeback: \"This is an illegal copy! Bootleg piracy!\" Email to Ebay: This buyer has wrongly accusing me of being some sort of a Criminal by breaking Serious Federal Copyright Laws of Copying Dvds , it is against the law to make , sell etc. copies of Dvds and that is what she is saying I did here. I am well aware of all that and would never do any of it. This is a legitimate FYC SAG Award Screener that I BOUGHT from another seller on Ebay , there are 6000 plus FYC Screeners on Ebay now and 12 of this exact one here The Fablemans. This is DVD I sold her is neither an illegal copy nor bootleg piracy , this is all absurd!!. She never contacted me and I have written her with no response. I have been on Ebay for 24 years and never had any issues like this. I don\'t think she has ever watched FYC Screeners and does not understand how they work. Please remove this damning and unfounded negative feedback as it is damaging my character & ability to resell DVDS I buy on Ebay watch and then resell. Thanks for your serious attention to this matter
6 months ago
I biding an a 2019 John Deere 30G mini excavator in eBay platform, and l won the auction. I send the money $28,150.00 including shipping. I did a wire transfer to the seller. After l did the transaction the seller disappeared. His phone number isn’t longer in service. l never received my excavator. eBay motors have a protection plan up to $100,000 in case the buyer don’t receive the purchase item. I open my claim with eBay motors and they transfer me with their insurance called (Business equipment purchase protection program (BEPP) This happens in 10/02/2023. I’m still waiting for my refund. Is hard to communicate with the insurance representative by email only. They provided me a phone number to contact them. But no one answered the phone, you can leave a voicemail but no one call me back.
6 months ago
Sold medical device new in box wrapped in original factory packaging pictures to prove. Buyer almost immediately claimed wasn’t new broken and missing pieces demands 3k refund (unit is 8k new) now unit is used possibly unsanitary as unit contacts skin. IMO customer has similar device but is broken and is using my device as replacement at my expense. eBay demands I give good customer service but how is wrapped in factory packaging not new?? No indication of damage during transit by buyer.
7 months ago
eBay permanently restricted my selling account, therefore stealing over 6,000.00 in my money for my sales. I can get nowhere with them, they refuse to pay me my money.
7 months ago
I sold an engine on ebay over a year ago for 3,400$. Transaction went fine initially, engine was shipped and arrived without any issues and the 3,400$ was awarded to my account. 10 months later the buyer filed a payment dispute and began withholding funds from me. Over a year later eBay settled the dispute in the buyers favor with no grounds to. 3,400$ was taken from my account and my engine is gone, along with my eBay fee\'s and shipping cost. I feel that this is fraudulent on eBay\'s end as well as the buyers end with whatever payment institution they used to contact ebay. I\'ve contacted eBay to file an appeal and they\'ve admitted that this is wrong but claim there is nothing they can do, and request to file an appeal is denied. I\'d like to get the engine back at the very least.
7 months ago
Ebay just suspended my account, Nothing sold could be considered questionable. all items shipped and delivered, no complaints. now saying I have to wait 170 days to get my money. I sell items on consignment so I may have to close when I take all my spare cash to pay my clients. ($4000+).
8 months ago
8 months ago
Sudden Account Suspension
9 months ago
I purchased a $4600 item from an international seller, item went from DHL, then to a 3rd party shipper (USPS), item was sent uninsured and was signed for by postman on signature confirmation. eBay did not, and has still not updated shipping sowing the package is still in transit. Post Office admitted to fault, and provided letter, eBay says that the Post Masters word is not good enough, and wont rectify the situation. I was told that a customer service \"leader\" would call back on 3 separate occasions. Now 3 weeks later, no item and no money.
9 months ago
I was being sexually harassed by a buyer and I told eBay and made a report they did nothing about it then the buyer started sending me photos of my children threatening to hurt them . I also made a report to eBay and once again they have done nothing to protect me or my children . I told them to close my account they told me they couldn’t . They are holding my money from me and I’m still scared for mine and my children’s safety. I don’t know what to do
9 months ago
my eBay account was hacked. There was unauthorized access and someone began selling products using my account. I called eBay to dispute the transactions. They agreed to initiate the dispute, but two months later, many phone call 3 difference reference number they sent me a letter ask me to pay or they will send to collection agent. no one seems able to resolve the problem for me, I complain to bbb but ebay said there is unable to find evidence to confirm my account got hack( bank account and ssn is not even relate to me ). is this something you guys can help or I should just pay for it( $900 ) and move on
9 months ago
On August 22, 2023, an Ebay member with the username primitivescrewheads70 purchased a TMNT action figure (order #26-10439-38124). The buyer included a note in the message section of the purchase order reading “who won now sweetie? Get ready for some sweet negative feedback. I wished to cancel the order and contacted an Ebay associate as to how to go about it. He advised me to simply cancel the order and state the reason for cancellation as a problem with the buyer’s address. I asked him on the chat if this would allow the buyer to leave negative feedback, he told me he could not. After cancelling the order, the buyer left negative feedback stating, “Cancelled my order claiming a problem with the address completely false, address is correct seller is wrong.” I notified a second Ebay associate the next day. He told me that Ebay was transitioning to a new way of how they handle removing negative feedback. The associate had me file my reason for the appeal (threatening messages), and send it off. The appeal was denied, stating that the buyer is entitled to leave honest feedback on their experience. My argument is that this buyer should have never had the option to leave feedback, buying an item with nefarious actions should have voided the entire thing. As a result of the negative feedback, my defect rate increased. This spike led to me losing my “Top Rated Seller” designation, in turn costing me more money with each item I sold in my store. I have a large collection of vintage toys and sports memorabilia on the site, and regularly pull in $30,000 per year. Over the next month, I chatted with 4 Ebay associates over the computer and another 3 on the phone. I voiced my case and filed a report each time. Each report, was denied. My last computer conversation with an Ebay associate (transcript #1-4673107531701) was my most hopeful. The rep was kind and seemed to take my complaint seriously, so seriously in fact that they gave me their “guarantee” that the feedback would be removed after we filed our report. The report was denied. I believe that Ebay has breached their own User Policy when it ignored a Seller’s complaint to act on threatening messages directed toward them, over the course of more than 10 Ebay associates. I called Ebay to request that they send me all transcripts relating to my complaint. They told me that they were not able to resend those transcripts out more than once. I asked them if they keep copies of all of their customer service chats, they did. I asked if I could have them, I was again denied. I would like to recover lost wages during this time as well as any other potential litigation against Ebay. Thank you.
9 months ago
I bought item from Ebay and seller, in florida, shipped the item from mail box in NY and from there I shipped it internationally to my country in Bahrain. So far I have spent 203.00US$ in shipping, but because it was his mistake in supplying a wrong compressor, I am not only claiming for the price of the compressor but also for the shipping expenses that I have paid. The seller says that he cannot accept the above shipping charges and that is why I decided to speak to you about this problem. Can you handle my case?? Regards, Husain
10 months ago
for the past 3 years Ebay has taken advantage of me in so many ways.. it all started with the Promotion scam they have going now... once that started if you didn\'t use it or put a high % your listings would not be seen...I had highly demanded baseball rookie cards listed under market value and I couldnt get 1 view... I started out with Auctions and almost every auction they won for 99 cents...20 dollar cards for 99 cents...I had to change all my listing to Buy it Now cause I was losing so much money... I have lost so much money that I should have made....once I switch to Buy it now my sales dropped because they weren\'t getting it for what they wanted to get it, I was forced to start using it because I wasn\'t makin any sales...once I started using it I still didn\'t get as many views cause I had my % below 15...but then I raised it up to 30-40% then I started getting views and now with that 30-40% plus there 13% and there 21 a month store fee.. I was maybe taking home 25% and Im using my own supplies...then if someone didn\'t gethere package I was forced to give them a refund and be out on the they have been stealing from me for the last 2 to 3 years and its not right at all.... I have convo after convo on Twitter with them saying that they can\'t help me.....Now the other day I was a buyer and I asked for seller to cancel order because they were taking forever to ship, theu canceled and I didn\'t get my said closed no refund...I was wtf. they stole from me again don\'t understand..I feel so [powerless and hurt...IM trying to make a living between them and Topps Trading Card Company... I stopped buying from them like a year ago but I got a whole speal on them
10 months ago
My account was suspended. They asked me to provide info of ID, purchase of inventory, and shipping. I did all this and got my account banned. Now they will not let me add a bank account to recieve my $3k Was told it will go to state unclaimed funds which can take up to 3 years.
10 months ago
My account was suddenly suspended. I would like to discuss methods to reinstate my account.
10 months ago
I have a problem regarding a sale on Ebay, i need some legal help according to Ebay, to get or my money back or my items back, i have all the proofs regarding of this topic
10 months ago
Dear MikeAgruss, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance and guidance in addressing a concerning issue I have encountered with eBay, which has left me deeply disappointed and concerned about the treatment of my listings and account. Recently, I received a notification from eBay informing me that I have been restricted from selling on their platform for a duration of 30 days due to alleged ongoing activity that purportedly does not align with their Counterfeit policy. I would like to express my utmost dismay and frustration over this matter, as I strongly believe that my listings did not violate any eBay policies, including the Counterfeit policy. In the communication I received from eBay, they referenced prior warnings about policy adherence. Regrettably, I have not been provided with specific details or instances where my listings failed to comply with eBay\'s policies. This lack of transparency has left me in a perplexing and unjust position, as I have always taken great care to ensure that my listings meet the platform\'s guidelines and standards. To shed some light on the matter, I carefully reviewed eBay\'s Counterfeit policy, which strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit items, such as brand name replicas, unauthorized copies of media, and bootleg recordings. It is my sincere belief that my listings did not fall within any of these categories, and I am confident that my products were genuine, authentic, and met all legal and ethical requirements. It is important to highlight that eBay\'s actions have not only restricted my ability to sell items on their platform but have also negatively impacted my reputation as a seller. This situation has caused undue stress and financial loss, and I am determined to rectify this misunderstanding to restore my standing as a trustworthy seller on eBay. I kindly request your assistance in addressing this matter with eBay on my behalf. I believe that your legal expertise and guidance will help in clarifying the situation and ensuring that my voice is heard. My primary goal is to have my account reinstated for selling and to have any unjust restrictions lifted. I appreciate your time and consideration in assisting me with this issue. Please let me know how I can provide you with any additional information or details that may aid in resolving this situation. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your guidance and support in resolving this matter. Sincerely, [Nedea Cristian]
11 months ago
We have started the arbitration process with eBay, Case #01-23-0003-3130, but really need help. They are restricting my ability to sell based on a completely bogus claim. I\'ve been on eBay for over 25 years and make my living there. They made it sound like we couldn\'t use a lawyer, but your information says otherwise. Please call. Thank you, Carolyn
11 months ago
I am a disabled person who has asked eBay for help repeatedly. They’ve suspended my account, they are holding my money. They wont tell me why or what I’ve done. They asked for documentation, I provided. I told them in a chat that I have a transcript from that I am a special needs person who needs more help because I don’t understand and they closed the chat on me. I am confused by the way they do business. I asked for a transcript of phone call # 1-466007775531 with Jose on 7/24/23 (Pacific time) that I was told was being recorded. I requested a transcript both via email and chat. Both times I was denied. I was told they would not email or mail the transcript of the phone call. They are holding over $1000 of my money. I am very low income and was thrilled to be making money on eBay and suddenly they suspended me from selling but not buying. I’ve asked for any phone numbers of anyone who could help me and they said no. There is no one who can help me understand these insane practices.
11 months ago
Hello, I am a abused seller on Ebay. Ebay refunded customer who returned devaluated item. Now they are trying to charge my Bank account and not protecting me as a seller. Item price is $6500, Ebay agents are telling me its better to file a claim on and involve authorities cause the decision was made by buyers Financial institution not by them. I have video evidence how i shipped the item and how i received it, plus the Authenticity guarantee issued by LLC LEGIT CHECK. I have suspicion that item could be replaced. This is a long story and 5 month negotiation with the customer but i have all the evidences. Thanks Nia
12 months ago
Hi there, i am from Greece. I\'m selling on eBay up to 6 years with a great success as much as they let me to work. In the past i got different suspensions and restrictions all the time with no reason specified. Nowdays, i have two active eBay accounts and they restricted them both permanently as they said. To note at this point that i have an LLC USA based official company with all the documents as well. Ebay asked me for documents and i shared all of them. After that we had a bit more conversation through the mail untill one moment they replied finally that my account will be restricted from selling activity permanently. I had full time income from there. Also they didn\'t shared any additional information about the restriction or suspension. I could provide more details but firstly i would like to know if you can manage that case or not. I saw that you take care sellers they selling on eBay...I have to share with you more details and i would do later. Thanks for taking the time to read my message. PS Please don\'t call me through the phone. Kind Regards, Nick.
1 year ago
In a nutshell, my eBay selling account was restricted by eBay due to an arbitrary increase in sales they labeled as \"suspicious.\" I promptly complied with all their requests for proof of identity, residency, and the legal acquisition of all items. However, eBay refuses to lift the account restriction, and they currently hold over $4,500 of my sales proceeds. Each time I contact customer support, I receive conflicting information about when my funds will be released or simply get disconnected. I have followed eBay\'s terms of service by submitting a notice of dispute and an arbitration request, but I\'m seeking any additional assistance available. It is absurd that despite proving my legitimacy as a seller, eBay continues to withhold my funds without providing clear instructions on how to retrieve them or any valid reasons for the account restriction.
1 year ago
I sold an item on eBay for $120. After paying for the shipping and fees, I actually received $84.13. I shipped the package once and it was sent back to me because the buyer chose USPS Ground and I packaged the item in a USPS Priority Mail box. After repackaging the item, I shipped the item again, this time coincidentally HANDING the packing to the mailman myself and seeing him drive away. Per USPS via the tracking number, the package was accepted. It was never delivered though, so I\'m assuming USPS lost it. The buyer filed a claim and because I sent proof of the package being \"accepted\" and not \"delivered\", the case ended in his favor. Now eBay has tried to charge my bank account twice for the full $120 because I had no money in the account and cost me two $29 returned check fees. I use this particular account only for obscure things, such as selling items on eBay, specifically so they can\'t use some BS and pull money from my actual checking. I had Navy Federal put a stop payment on anything from eBay, but eBay will just put the payment in collections. I don\'t even want a refund of any sort, even though this circuit breaker that I sold is essentially priceless. I just want eBay to drop this charge so I can close my account and never use their trash services ever again.
1 year ago
After a short time on eBay with no issues, we were suspended without explanation. We are a smaller company owned by a very large company...meaning, we have people remotely logging in from all over. Our only guess is that eBay saw this as suspicious and suspended us. They won\'t let us speak to a representative and won\'t respond to any of our attempts at communication. We would like to know the cost of getting our account reinstated.
1 year ago
We have been overcharged by eBay\'s - Customers have been leaving negatives on our account due to poor communication but this is a cause of ebay tech issues on our account. We can not receive messages from customers or able to resolve customers issues because when we do try to respond to customers on ebay platform the are tech error messages. This has been going on for about 3 years- We have made several attempts though out the year and have had countless hours dealing with Ebay lose regulations and poor customer service. Please contact us regading this issue if its of any interest to your lawfirm - Thanks
1 year ago
Ebay allowed a return and charged all the costs including shipping and fees to me under the guise of their \"Money Back guarantee\" despite the fact that the item was as advertised and the guarantee was not applicable due to the buyers use of a third party mail drop in Oregon to get the item to Australia. They have stonewalled me from beginning to end ignoring all my efforts to work with them, never allowing an appeal and never responding to my certified mail \"notice of dispute\" delivered to them 31 days ago. The only bright spot in all of this is that I thought ahead and made sure they could not steal money from my accounts. they claim I owe them $520 of the $639 cost of the item. Oh and they suspended my account after 22 years as a customer. looks like we are going to Arbitration
1 year ago
I issued a refund and Ebay charged twice, I\'ve called several times and no resolution, I didn\'t get paid on one of my sales, Ebay says it was paid out and I\'ve done the math over and over and it doesn\'t add up, they still owe me, and not to mention the fees and taxes being charged by both I (seller) and the buyer.
1 year ago
I have had $299 held by ebay for over a year due to a \"Legal Matter\"
1 year ago
Hello I had accountbwith ebay for 8 years it was suspended by Ebay with no reason Ebay holding my 14000 dollars telling that they dont have prove of my bank account information. The use my account to deposit my money for the 5 years. Please help me Sincerely Mike Fourman
1 year ago
Ebay refund issue
1 year ago
Ebay has suspended my account since December of 2022, they\'ve held $3900 with no straight communication on when I will get my payout for sales I made prior to them suspending my account for no reason they also managed to refund 3 orders that I shipped and delivered and I lost out on the products because the buyers never returned them with ebay not even giving me a opportunity to show them the items where in transit losing over $3000 in sales and products. I had auctions ending the day of my account was suspended which cost me over $10,000 in sales. ebay basically stole my money and won\'t give it back and are making up excuses on what\'s going on
1 year ago
In 2009 my husband, John, had an accident that left him fully disabled. I started an online company to bring in additional income with a single member LLC. Selling on multiple online sites, of which Ebay is one. Every year the 1099 came from Ebay in the company name. This year, however, they changed that and sent it in an individual’s name. Company was originally set up in Kansas. In 2021 I did a domestication moving the LLC officially from Kansas to Texas, when we relocated. It has a federal EIN, which Ebay has in their records. The issue is that the 1099 for 2022 came addressed to my husband personally. I have no idea how they got his info for the 1099, as everything in the account is set up for the LLC and myself. Deposits even go directly into the company account. My husband has not now, nor ever had anything to do with the company. The 1099 should be in the company name, or at least my name. Contacted Ebay and they said that was the information they had. I do not know how that is possible, but that is what they say. They said they would correct the 1099. Two weeks passed and I received nothing. Contacted them again and they said that they would not be correcting the 1099 as that is the info they had at the end of the year. Keep in mind the 1099 came in the company name every year for the last 12, so I have no idea when the info became incorrect, or how. It still did show that it was a single member LLC in my name and the deposits went into the company account. Nothing ever went to my husband. Contacted them again and they are refusing to help. Here are the problems… #1 - This is my company. My husband never had anything to do with it. He never received any funds or worked in any capacity. The tax statement from them is patently false. #2 – My husband is completely disabled. He receives social security disability as well as monthly payments from a long-term disability policy, and Medicare. The 1099 incorrectly coming in his name shows income, which can cause him to lose all three. Ebay is refusing to correct the 1099 as “it is against their policy.” When I called the IRS they said that Ebay is required to correct the 1099 after notification, but they will not. I need help getting this corrected. Please note - While I am under the Ebay user agreement, my husband is not in any way.
1 year ago
Hello, A collection agency is trying to collect $2900 for Ebay Collections. I sold some Jeep doors to buyer for $2900, shipping was paid for by the buyer and done outside Ebay via UPS. UPS damaged the doors, buyer tried to get UPS to reimburse through shipping insurance, UPS denied claim. Buyer went to Ebay and was refunded entire amount. Listing on Ebay was listed as non-refundable, Ebay wants me to pay the $2900 and figure out how to get the doors back on my own, leaving minus the doors and $2900. This is not just.
1 year ago
Hello, my name is Juan Rojas and I am an ecommerce seller. I have been working with eBay for the past 8 years and receive a steady flow of income from this website. Today, my account was suspended, because they have determined i am underage when the account was opened in 2014; I am currently 25 years of age. My income is currently being affected by such arbitrary decision as they said \'it is a breach of contract\'. Here is the policy they have to have determined the need to suspend my account: My seller reputation, income and trust that I have created with my clients over there years may be damaged forever and I seek reparation for such decision. Please contact me if you believe you may take this case.
1 year ago
ebay charging invalid fees
1 year ago
Hello I am living in Israel and i been using eBay from 2009, from 2017 i start selling and not only buying. 5 days ago i got mc011 and my selling privileges were restricted as i told from eBay for permanent period. I am youtube video maker and my topic is ebay and how to become seller on ebay. My followers are mostly people from Ukraine and my content is free for all. The reason i got banned is not very clear but i made few sales for my friend from Ukraine and after that ebay blocked me. If you guys could help me i promise all the world will hear about it. More than that the money for my friend in ukraine is on total hold and there is no sign of me getting to my payoneer the money and transfer the money to him
1 year ago
I have been charged back 850 dollars, lost an 850 dollar item, and my account and payouts are restricted because eBay doesn\'t follow its own terms and conditions and I have so many transcripts of lies I\'ve been told. I want to file suit for eBay causing me damages. My kids have gone without food and power because of this. And they have 1200 more dollars on hold. First they lied and said the return was closed and there would be no return, now they decided in an instant to open it again and tell guy to return the item that he has lost two claims on already for a full refund after he lied and said it wasn\'t delivered when he had signed for it three days prior and sente a message that he got it. Then the next claim was it wasn\'t what he ordered. That return was closed in my favor. Now suddenly another return case for same thing and I don\'t even get to respond to it at all. They are issuing a full refund no questions asked. Even after buyer verbally abusing me and violating abusive buyer guidelines which make money back guarantee null and void.
1 year ago
Ebay has been my business for over 10 years. They have done many things I don\'t like but this time is too severe. They shut me down from listing, and are holding almost 3,000.00 hostage until they investigate my identity, and verify multiple facets of my life. I own a consignment business, a brick and mortar. They verified this previously, this time, there is no one I can speak to, I have lost wages, and they repeatedly ask me for the same thing I have provided to them since last friday, and its been almost a full 7 days of restriction. I have sold almost 1 million dollars on their site and they are abusing their power over me. Its insidious exploitation, I have sent my id, my bank statements, my business information, they asked for all tracking of ALL items I have sold on ebay when all I could submit (manually at that) is the last 2 years of individual tracking numbers, when they can see them. Now they want purchase receipts for all items sold on ebay, when there is no way I can provide that being a business with over 500 clients who consign with me. It seems they will want the clients names and their receipts which seems like entrapment and over the top. I want to sue them as I have been providing my business marketing materials and website and all this stuff and they still keep playing dumb with a department handling all this that even the ebay staff can only reach by email. I need help. I have a son who is paralyzed and is why i started my own business to be more available for his seizures and needs. This is ruining me and I hate the pain in my stomach. Please Help
2 years ago
I sold what I consider to be a high end guitar on eBay, to help me with moving expenses. The person who bought the guitar waited 3 weeks before contacting eBay directly for a refund. I called eBay, as this person was stating that the guitar had a crack in the neck and high action with the strings. The male Asian agent assured me that eBay would side with me, but that I needed to wait till a certain date before calling eBay back. This was after I told them that I had taken pictures of my guitar before shipping and the guitar was in perfect visual shape. But they wouldn\'t let me send them the pictures till after 3 days. In the middle of the night before the 3,Rd day, eBay sided with the buyer and charged my account. They never questioned why the buyer waited 3 weeks and bypassed contacting me first. They sent a shipping label to the buyer with an old address on it (even though I updated my address 1 yr ago when I moved to Ky). I had no way of knowing that I needed to change my address in about 4 or 5 places on my account and by the time I found this out, by calling eBay again, it was too late. And the guitar is lost now. I was out $445.68 plus my cost to ship the guitar to the buyer; his cost to pay for the initial shipping, and taxes too I think. I also had to pay for the return shipping. That was about $500 or a little over. Tonight (Nov 23, 2022) eBay charged my account another $445.68. When they notified me a few days ago that they were going to do this, I called them and gave them a confirmation number where my account had already been charged. This has put me in a very bad place financially and I have already had to sell some of my personal belongings in order to put the $445.68 back into my account. My move is suppose to be in Dec and that may not happen now d/t loss of more money. I have been with eBay for 12 years and have a 100% seller rating. They have now also restricted my selling, which after this experience, I will never buy or sell on ebay again. I bought this guitar, which was used in excellent condition, from Guitar Center. They inspected the guitar and also put new strings on it. The a tion was nice and low. There was nothing wrong with the guitar. I don\'t know if the guitar was damaged in shipping, or if the buyer damaged the guitar. eBay has removed the option to purchase insurance to ship an item and I have now lost the guitar and have been charged twice the amount it sold for. Can you help me get this money refunded back to my account?
2 years ago
I bought a product on ebay, Fedex delivered to the wrong address, I have a written proof. The seller, Fedex and ebay refuse to Refund. Is there anything you can do? Can you confirm that this is at no cost based on UDAAP laws ? Plus, the other side will pay YOUR costs. Also , that I will not pay you a penny?
2 years ago
My daughter had an ebay account she made in january 2022 about a month before she turned 18 and was selling her things on there. Well she sold some things ad ebay sent 3 payouts to her then in june they locked her account because shewas underage when she made it. They new she was underage because she turned in a irs form when she made the account with her age and all on it. Now they will not release her money she has in the account we have been told everything from they will release it to they are not going to release it and she has sold all her items and is now out of them and her money I sent a dispute notice but did not here from them and now I amtrying to find out what we need to do My daughter is disabled and was doing this to make her a little extra income but now it is causing her to be upset because she cant get her items back and ebay will not give her her funds I was going to file arbitraion but dont know how so if you could please email me back at [email protected] as soon as possible that would be great Thank you and have a Blessed day