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3 months ago
I wish to sincerely show my hearty appreciation to Hack West and also to let the world know about HACKWEST@ WRITEME. COM and how they helped me clear late payments, debts amounting to approximately $45,900. West also raised my score from low 400s to 805 minimum across the three credit bureaus and erased all negative items on my credit report. I strongly advise you to contact him if you\'re in need of a hacker to fix your credit score. I did this 5 star review because people usually say or believe no person can hack through the system to fix your credit, but here\'s a legend who has proven himself to the world that it is possible to achieve.
3 months ago
Story about how I got away from bankruptcy . If you are truly In need of a hacker who can take you out of financial stress plus boost up your credit score permanently without it coming back to your tradeline then you need to search no more as you can contact XAPCREDITSOLUTION AT GMAIL DOT COM. I have strongly believed in XAP Credit after Justin Lemme recommended him. I had bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, medical debts and other negative items that messed up my score. He was able to clear up my capital one credit card and Discover card too, he also cleared up other debts, negative items, removed foreclosure, bankruptcy, collections and increased my fico score. I am thankful for your help and to Justin Lemme who recommended you guys.