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Episode 29

Employment Background Check

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Your rights with employment background checks are protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Employers oftentimes will do background checks on potential employees, especially in the gig economy. And what I mean by gig economy would be Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, companies where people are driving around delivering products or driving people from one place to another.And these gig companies are doing employment background checks, and oftentimes, our clients have inaccurate criminal activity on their background report. They will come to us. They are protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We dispute the inaccurate information and if it’s not fixed, we go after the company reporting it. And under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, our clients are entitled to a fixed employment background report.They’re entitled to money damages and whoever’s reporting that information is required to pay our fees and costs. So if you have a background check run on you and there’s inaccurate information, you can contact us, we will dispute it for free. And if it’s not fixed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we will go after that company, get it fixed, you’re entitled to money damages, and that company pays our fees and costs, so you’re not going to owe us a penny for our time.

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