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Episode 25

Meet the Agruss Law Firm Team – Erin Nutt

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My name is Erin Nutt. I am a legal assistant at Agruss Law Firm. I started at Agruss January of 2018 part-time while I was finishing school and then I came on full-time in August of 2019.The thing that I like most about personal injury cases is being able to handle the paperwork and the headache for clients while they focus on getting better. Dealing with the insurance and the different companies can get very stressful and so being able to take care of that so they don’t need to worry about it is the thing that I like most.The thing that I like most about consumer rights clients is how grateful and appreciative they are to learn that they have rights too. Everybody goes through different things and just finding out that whether you owe the debt or not, that the big businesses aren’t the only ones that have protections is very helpful for people and I love being able to teach them that and help them through those hard times.The thing that I like most about doing plaintiff’s work is being able to be a voice for people who need one.My favorite animal is a dog. I love all dogs. The app that I use most is a combination of quite a few different games. I like watching the stock market and Facebook. My favorite food is cheese. Everything needs cheese on it. My perfect vacation would be the beach. Any beach, as long as it’s warm. Weekends are for family and spending time together and sleeping. If I was not working at Agruss as a legal assistant, I would be working as a teacher. My favorite book is the Hunger Games series. My favorite movie of all time, hands down, is The Princess Bride. Nothing holds a candle to that.Working at Agruss is really nice because of how well we all get along, the comradery. How everybody helps everybody. I never have to be scared to ask a question. If I don’t know the answer, I know that I can go to any one of my colleagues and I’ll get that answer.

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