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Episode 22

Meet the Agruss Law Firm Team – Taylor Kosla

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I am Taylor Kosla. I’m an attorney at Agruss Law Firm. I started here in August 2017, after taking the Illinois Bar Exam. What I like most about personal injury cases is getting to know my clients. Building a relationship with them and having a rapport with them allows for me to understand who they are as a person and have a better understanding of how the accident or the injuries has affected them as a whole. This helps me be the best advocate that I can be for them.What I like most about our consumer rights clients is how incredibly grateful they are for the services we provide. Most of our clients were faced with unforeseen circumstances and we have the ability to get them back on track. Our clients express their gratitude through email, over the phone and on reviews on our website. I can’t tell you how many clients refer us to their family and friends because they are so pleased with their results. A referral is the best compliment an attorney can receive.What I like most about doing plaintiff’s work is fighting for the underdog and making a difference. Most of our clients, from the second they are injured or the second they accrue debt, the odds are against them and we are oftentimes the only people that can help them. For example, when someone’s in an auto accident, immediately after, they’re struggling with issues with their property damage claim and those issues maintain throughout the personal injury claim. I can ensure that my clients aren’t taken advantage of by insurance companies.So I have never had a pet, but I would have to say a dog is my favorite animal. I hope to have one, one day. And in the meantime, I enjoy when Mike brings his dogs into the office. The app I use the most is Apple News. I think it’s a great source for news from various resources. I don’t have a favorite food. It really depends on what I have a taste for. I like sushi and enjoy cooking and trying new recipes at home.Most of my trips are filled with adventure, from skiing to sightseeing and tourist activities. My favorite vacation is to Florida, where I can play golf and spend the afternoons by the pool or on the beach. Weekends are for spending time with family and friends. I actually grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and I’m fortunate that most of my friends and family are in the area, which makes it easy to get together, to try new restaurants and play a round of golf together.If I was not a lawyer, I would be a medical doctor. I learned in high school chemistry class that I did not care for science, which made it easy for me to pursue a career as a lawyer. I think being a lawyer and doctor are pretty similar in that the hustle and bustle of a hospital is similar to being in a law firm. I believe that doctors have a need to continuously learn and develop professionally, like we do at Agruss Law Firm. And, of course, doctors get to help people, which is why I love my job as an attorney.I will read just about any John Grisham book and have accumulated quite a collection of his books over the years. I don’t have a specific favorite movie, but I love a good Rom-Com such as The Proposal or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.Working at Agruss Law Firm is like being part of a team. Mike is our coach, who will guide us along and provide us with the tools that we need to succeed. We succeed when our clients are happy. Every person at the firm has a role and there is pressure to perform and do their job to ensure that they don’t let the team down and make sure that out clients are happy.

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