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Episode 64

When Should I Dispute a Collection Account?

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If you have a collection account on your credit report that you believe doesn’t belong to you, you should file a dispute right away to have it removed. The process for filing a dispute is relatively simple and generally starts with you pulling your credit reports, which you can do for free at If you have any issues pulling your credit report, we can help you do it. Normally, collections are disputed because the debtor believes they are incorrect for some reason. For example, if you review a copy of your credit report and you see a collection account that you believe belongs to another person, has an incorrect balance, or is greater than seven years old, you can file a dispute. If the collection account turns out to be accurate, we can help you settle the debt, and try to get the account deleted from your credit report. We’ve helped thousands of consumers with debt collectors and credit report problems.  Contact Agruss Law Firm today to learn about your consumer rights.

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