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You might receive communications from a debt collection agency if you incurred debt due to an unforeseeable emergency or other expenses and got behind on your payments. These agencies buy your debt from the original lender and pursue you to obtain payment. They may use unscrupulous tactics and harassing phone calls, texts, or emails to get you to pay. 

If debt collection agency Beacon Recovery Systems contacts you, working with a debt collection attorney can help. A debt collection lawyer from Mike Agruss Law safeguards your consumer rights and makes sure collection agencies follow state and federal laws. 

What is Beacon Recovery Systems?

Beacon Recovery Systems is a debt collection agency with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company claims it accesses billions of public records to find debtors and their assets in judgment recovery cases. Beacon Recovery Systems seizes assets, freezes bank accounts, and garnishes wages in their attempt to recover their clients’ money.

Besides commercial collections and judgment recovery, Beacon Recovery Systems’ services include accounts receivable management and seminars on collections practices. One of the company’s seminars has the title, “Collect Your Money without Using a Baseball Bat – Collection Strategies the Pros Use.”

What is Beacon Recovery Systems’ Better Business Bureau Rating?

Beacon Recovery Systems has a profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website listed under Beacon Search & Recovery. The BBB lists the company in the collections agency category and reports 11939 Manchester Rd in Saint Louis, Missouri address. 

Beacon Recovery Systems is not BBB accredited, and there are no customer reviews on the company’s profile. However, the complaints include a user that experienced harassment by the debt collection agency despite being willing to make payment. 

What Constitutes Debt Collection Harassment?

Federal law prohibits harassing behavior from debt collection agencies. However, debt collectors often overstep their boundaries and engage in unpleasant and illegal practices. Federal legislation prohibits debt collection agencies from:

  • Calling consumers before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • Making repeated calls intending to harass or annoy debtors
  • Using inappropriate and obscene language
  • Withholding or opening your mail
  • Threatening consumers with violence
  • Threatening you with arrest
  • Calling phone numbers of friends, family, employers, or other parties about your debt
  • Contacting you at work
  • Misleading you with false statements about your debt
  • Removing your possessions without permission

What Should I Do if Beacon Recovery Systems Contacts Me?

If you receive harassing calls from Beacon Recovery Systems, you should say nothing except that you will only take calls from the company’s attorney. Your next step should be to contact the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. After you report the agency, you can also send the collections agency a cease and desist letter in which you demand that they stop all communication with you.

When mailing your cease and desist letter, send it via certified mail and get a return receipt. This provides you with concrete proof that you have made the request.

If the collection agency persists, document subsequent communication. Contacting you after receiving your letter is harassment and warrants a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission via their website. You can also work with a consumer rights protection attorney at Mike Agruss Law to handle communications with the agency and help you document harassment. 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Protects Consumers

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects you from third-party collectors, meaning any entity acting on behalf of the company or organization you owe money to. This law does not protect you from those trying to collect personal debts, such as the owner of a brick-and-mortar shop that you have debt with. 

Apart from calling you, the FDCPA states that the debt collector can send you letters, text messages, or emails about collecting a debt. While the debt collection agency may not call family, friends, or relatives about your debt, they may contact people around you about getting your contact information if they cannot find it elsewhere. 

Keep in mind that in doing so, the debt collector cannot reveal to your contacts the nature of their inquiry or even that they are calling from a debt collection agency. If a person you know is receiving calls from a debt collector stating anything about your debt, you can move to pursue legal action.

Protect Your Consumer Rights With Mike Agruss Law

At Mike Agruss Law, we strive to protect American consumers from debt collection agency harassment and abuse. If a debt collector like Beacon Recovery Systems contacts you about a debt, speak with a consumer protection lawyer at our law firm as soon as possible. We will protect you from abusive behavior and pursue legal action if the debt collector has violated your consumer rights under federal law.

Book a free consultation and stop abusive practices by debt collectors that can take a toll on your wellbeing. 

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11 months ago
I need prompt assistance with possible civil law suit from Beacon Recovery Systems
11 months ago
Need prompt assistance with possible civil law suit from Beacon Recovery Systems.
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I was contacted by Beacon Recovery in reference to a payday loan from 2012, didn\'t remember the loan however I set up arrangements to pay and now after reading that they are not an accredited institution I am concerned.