Stop Debt Collection Harassment

When a debt is sent to collections, it can bring on a new level of stress and anxiety that continually increases with each call from a debt collector, especially when they are engaging in abusive debt collection practices such as using profane or threatening language, calling without identifying themselves, or even publishing your name if you refuse to pay your debts. 

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, all of these behaviors are expressly prohibited, and there are several steps that you can take to stop these unfair practices and push back on the collection agencies. Trying to gather proof of this harassment can be difficult, especially when you are trying to confront an aggressive debt collector who has routinely disregarded these fair debt collection practices as they seek to recover payments for your household debts or consumer debt through such actions as phone calls, text messages, and other intimidating actions. 

Working with an attorney is one of the best ways to get these debt collectors to stop contacting you as you and your lawyer work to file a complaint (here) with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or your state’s attorney general. Collectors using illegal means to collect debts must be held accountable for their behaviors, and the consumer lawyers at Agruss Law Firm is here to help.

Contact Agruss Law Firm To Get The Support You Need Against Debt Collectors

Our law firm has years of experience helping against creditor harassment stemming from things like medical bills, auto loans, credit card debts, personal bankruptcies, and more through unconscionable means. The debt collector may stop calling once they realize that you are partnered with an experienced legal professional, and we will inform them of the legal actions we are preparing through a written notice — and to cease all further contact while we file a complaint against the collection agency or individual debt collector with the Federal Trade Commission.

We offer a free consultation with people who are victims of harassing debt collection practices where we can discuss the behaviors of the collection agency such as using obscene or profane language or other acts of debt collection harassment and help you understand the protections provided by the Federal Trade Commission and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We are prepared to take your case to state or federal court depending on the type of legal action we will take against the collection agency.

Read more below to better understand what constitutes debt collection harassment, learn more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and understand your rights when it comes to debt collector contact and unfair practices. Contact us right away to get help ending the telephone calls and unwanted debt collector contact.

What Is Debt Collection Harassment?

In just 30 seconds, a debt collector can tell you that it is calling to collect a debt. In those 30 seconds, the collector may also try to bully or intimidate you into paying as much as possible as quickly as possible. This kind of conduct by the collector is known as harassment. Certain behaviors violate laws designed to protect consumers from fraud and unfair practices in consumer transactions.

Harassment by Debt Collectors Is Illegal

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits a number of harassing behaviors used by many unscrupulous debt collectors. While some people call these actions offensive or obnoxious, they are unlawful if they cross the line between legal and not allowed under the law. However, it's important to note that the FDCPA only applies to debt collectors. Debt collectors include collection agencies or attorneys working on their behalf, but it does not cover banks or original creditors trying to collect debts you owe them.

Harassing behaviors are prohibited if they take place while a debt collector is attempting to collect a debt from you. The following are examples of harassing behavior by debt collectors:

  • Calling repeatedly with the intent to annoy you or harass you, including calling before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night;
  • Withholding your mail from you or opening your mail without permission;
  • Contacting others about your debt, including family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors; 
  • Making false statements about the amount owed or the status of the debt;
  • Threatening you or your family with violence or use of a weapon; 
  • Using obscene language; 
  • Communicating with you by postcard, letter, fax, email, or other non-traditional forms of communication beyond phone calls;
  • Taking your belongings without permission;
  • Calling a consumer’s place of employment

Notice that most conduct listed is not harassing if it makes an individual aware they have a legal obligation to pay money. It becomes harassing when used to annoy, pester or intimidate someone into paying money they don't think is owed. Under the FDCPA, Section 1692d, “A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt.”

If you are being harassed by a debt collector who works for a company collecting debts related to medical bills, student loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education, old mobile phone accounts owned by Sprint or AT&T, or the IRS, you may also wish to contact the original creditor or government agency directly.

Beware of Debt Collector Scams

Although the federal government has created laws to protect you from harassment by debt collectors, some companies and individuals out there try to take advantage of consumers and use deceptive practices to collect debts that aren't owed. 

If a company or individual contacts you about a debt but can not provide you with proper identification or refuses to verify your account information when asked, we suggest immediately contacting your state's consumer protection division for assistance. Connect with our law firm immediately to learn about how we can help you fight back against these illegal or scam attempts to get you to pay debts.

Steps to Stop Creditor Harassment

First, don't say anything to a debt collector over the phone if you are being harassed. Let the caller know the only call you will accept is from an attorney representing them and then hang up. The call can be reported to the U.S. Department of Financial Services' Consumer Complaint Database by filing a complaint online or calling 1-800-613-HELP (4357).

In addition, federal law requires collectors to send written notice within five days after they first contact you about a debt. The letter must include

  • The amount owed; 
  • The name of the creditor you owe;
  • A statement that, unless you dispute the validity of the debt within 30 days after receiving the notice, it will be assumed to be correct by virtue of your silence, and a collection agency can begin taking action against you. These may include suing you, garnishing your wages, or withholding your tax refund.

Submit a Written Letter Requesting They Cease Further Communication

Once you have submitted a dispute letter to the debt collection agency requesting that they cease further communication, collection agencies must respect this request and cease these communications or face legal action if they choose to violate your request. Sometimes, the collectors working on your case may not have received your certified letter before seeking your debt amount again, but this can be considered a bona fide error.

Document All Harassing Behaviors and Additional Contacts

After you have requested the creditor to cease contact and have a return receipt for your certified mail requesting, a debt collector may still attempt to contact you. Whether or not they engage in threatening or harassing behaviors listed in the above section, they are now harassing you under federal and state law. Keep a record of these actions, and the attorneys hired to help you through this process will be able to use these examples as proof of the collector’s violations.

File a Complaint With the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission has a simple online portal for reporting scams, frauds, and illegal business practices, including the threatening or harassing behaviors of the debt collector seeking to recover compensation. Any attempts to collect a debt or get you to pay the collector after you have submitted a certified letter is illegal. While you still may need to pay these debts, you are protected under the law from these egregious behaviors. 

Hire an Attorney

Working with a lawyer to help fight back against collection harassment is one of the best ways to identify how you will pay this debt without needing to deal with threatening and emotionally damaging behavior carried out against you by a collector or creditor. Your attorney will be able to handle all communications on your behalf. Once you have resolved the matter, they will take steps to gather substantial proof that you no longer owe this debt to any collector or creditor.

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been around since 1977. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA, which is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.


If a collection agency violates any section of the FDCPA, the consumer is entitled to damages up to $1,000.00. Additional damages are warranted in cases where the collector’s collection activities were so egregious the consumer suffered emotional distress. 99% of cases do not involve emotional distress damages, but if you have suffered these damages due to debt collection harassment, we will fight to get you the support you deserve.

Attorney’s Fees

The FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means the collection agency pays the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs. Under 15 U.S.C. § 1692k(a)(3), “in the case of any successful action to enforce the foregoing liability, the costs of the action, together with a reasonable attorney’s fee as determined by the court. On a finding by the court that an action under this section was brought in bad faith and for the purpose of harassment, the court may award to the defendant attorney’s fees reasonable in relation to the work expended and costs.”


The FDCPA covers only consumer debt, such as personal, family, and household debts such as money you owe on a personal credit card, an auto loan, a medical bill, or a utility bill. The FDCPA does not cover debts you incurred to run a business, debts regarding unpaid taxes, or traffic tickets. In these instances, working with an attorney who specializes in debt management or restructuring may be in your best interest.

FDCPA Applicability

The FDCPA only applies to 3rd-party debt collectors: the FDCPA defines a debt collector as any person who regularly collects, or attempts to collect, consumer debts for another person or institution. In short, only third-party debt collectors are bound by the FDCPA. Original creditors, such as credit card companies and banks, are not bound by the FDCPA.

If you are uncertain of whether or not your situation is covered under the FDCPA, contact Agruss Law Firm as soon as possible to connect with an experienced attorney to determine whether or not the debt collector violated your rights and to understand your path forward as you seek compensation from the debt collection agency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Collector Harassment

The following are just a few of the many questions asked during initial consultations (and throughout the work together) when working with an attorney. Whether or not you see your questions below, keep in mind that no two situations are alike, and whatever actions your creditor intends to carry out will have different guidelines depending on things like whether or not they are the original creditor, whether or not you have submitted a dispute letter, the nature of your debt, and more. 

The best way to understand the specifics of your circumstances is to hand the situation off to an attorney so that you can stay focused on your personal life. Being harassed can lead to emotional damages, lost wages, and even marital instability. The sooner you contact our law firm, the sooner we can start building a case on your behalf.

What Is a Statutory Notice?

A statutory notice is a letter from a debt collector that includes the amount of money they claim you owe and your rights under federal law. They send these notices after they have attempted to contact you without success for 30 days or more. Once a debt collector has sent you a notice, if you do not respond within 30 days, it will be assumed that the original information is correct by virtue of your silence. The agency can begin additional collection efforts against you. If you receive this type of letter from a debt collector, we suggest calling them immediately at their toll-free number listed on the letterhead to dispute its claims.

What are the most common ways debt collectors harass consumers?

Debt collectors often use unfair or deceptive practices to collect debts. Common harassment tactics include making repeated calls, pretending to be someone else, telling friends and family about your debts, threatening you with violence or arrest, publishing your name as a debtor in an effort to embarrass you, and refusing to communicate with you by mail. 

Engaging in such action is illegal, and you deserve legal support against a collector who is disrupting your ability to live your life without fear.

Are there any rules prohibiting what debt collectors can say when they call me?

Yes. Under federal law, if a debt collector contacts you using profane language or even abusive language to coerce payment from you in some way, it is illegal and should not occur. They also cannot state anything in their collection notices that aren't true, such as misrepresenting the legal status of your debt, claiming that failure to pay could result in you being arrested, or having your wages garnished. A debt collector does, however, have a right to pull your credit history.

What should I do if a debt collector harasses me?

You have the right to ask, by written letter, that they stop contacting you over the phone. Once they receive the letter, it is illegal for them to continue calling you. If they continue calling even after receiving this letter, tell them, "I am now hiring an attorney." 

This should make them stop immediately because sending such a letter means that you are taking legal action against them, leading to serious consequences if pursued further through an attorney.

What about credit cards?

Some types of collection letters can't involve threats such as arrest because it is illegal for a debt collector to threaten you with arrest if they don't intend to make good on the threat. For example, if a debt collector sends you a letter saying that they will file criminal charges against you for nonpayment unless you pay immediately and the person has no intention of actually filing criminal charges, this is considered a form of harassment. 

However, the actions and actions involved in a creditor collecting these debts may be different than other types of accounts. If the amount said to be owed exceeds $2,500 or involves personal property such as your houseboat or car, then the debt collector may be able to use more aggressive tactics. Your attorney will help guide you through this process as they seek to reduce or eliminate the contact you have with a creditor.

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Submitted Comments

Collector contacted my place of employment. I sent a letter disputing as it is for university registration fees when I was not enrolled in any classes. They responded stating these fees are still owed. I do not think that these fees are owed. Thank you

I keep getting calls from debt collectors(one of which i am not sure is legit) saying i owe money for an account with Credit Shop(Barclays) which i settled and have the settlement letters and satisfaction letters to prove. The collectors are Mediation recovery services (which i think is a scam) and Barnes Legal Processing/Barnes Firm. I spoke to both and told them i have proof and the account keeps moving/being sold. What can i do about this? I used Boulder Legal Group to handle the settlement, but they will only help if i am sued and said to just ignore calls. Is there a way to reach out to Credit Shop and say stop this!!

Call from HRG on out of statue debt that they claim they are going to sue me for. Agent says she has 15 years to sue me for "theft".

My parents owned a business and unfortunately declared bankruptcy in 2007. Since then, my father has passed away, and my mother, who is 81, is receiving calls from Collection Agencies. Today she received one from The Revenue Group. We want them to stop. Thanks! -Wendi

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Wendi. I'd be happy to talk this over with you or your mother and determine if we can help get it resolved. I will be in touch. Thanks, Mike

I believe Midland Credit Management has violated my rights under the FDCPA by continually harassing me; sending threatening Pre-legal notifications stating that if I don't pay the full amount, they will take legal action against me.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Tarik. If Midland Credit Management is violating your rights under the FDCPA, they could owe you money. Let's talk about the law and the violations you're dealing with. Give me a call and we can work together. Thanks, Mike

I keep receiving calls from 844-280-7657 name that shows on caller id is Agruss Law Firm. No idea why i am being called, same number has been calling and harassing my son which is a CLEAR violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I am not available by phone but can be reached at the email referenced. Also if you are attempting to contact me DO NOT CONTACT MY SON OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS AGAIN

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Catherine. Actually, this number is associated with United Collections Group and they are likely attempting to contact you about a debt. I do not represent UCG, but instead represent those consumers that are dealing with harassment from debt collectors. If you would like assistance with the calls you're receiving, please reach out to my office at 312-224-4695. You can also email my office at [email protected] Thanks, Mike

I have 7 items in collection. I am now back to work and want to "pay to delete" so I can increase my credit score. do you deal with this type of situation? Thank you, Peggy Gooday

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Peggy. I would be happy to discuss your case and see if we can work with you to get your items in collections dealt with in a satisfactory way. Please feel free to contact me at 312-224-4695 so we can talk about "pay to delete" and what you would need to go through to make this possible. Thanks, Mike

Hi you guys did an awesome job helping me before I wanted to know if You could help me again. My sister received a call from a place called Pedia Process Service, they told her they were looking for me to try and serve papers. I called the number that she sent to me but no one answered it was just an answering service. They haven't called me yet from that number.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Sheila. I would be happy to discuss your current situation. I'm glad you found our services to be helpful and I will be in touch. Thanks, Mike

My husband and I were served papers that a debt collector is sueing us for unpaid medical debt. We are not sure what to do

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Holli. Being served papers for a lawsuit can be frightening, especially when you're not sure where to turn for help. If you could send over the paperwork you've received to my office at [email protected], I will look them over and contact you about your next steps. Thanks, Mike

Keep receiving calls from you guys and I am not available by phone. Please email and advise what it is you are calling about.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Marissa. You are likely receiving phone calls from a debt collector, not our office. We represent the consumer and not big companies. If you'd like to discuss the phone calls you're receiving, please reach out at your earliest convenience at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Getting harassed by debt collectors

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Katie. I'm sorry to hear that you're being harassed by debt collectors. I'd be happy to talk this over with you, discuss the law, your rights, and help you determine your best course of action. I will reach out or you can contact me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Multiple debt collection harrassment calls/texts

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Alex. I would like to discuss the harassment calls and texts you're receiving. If you are experiencing excessive contact, you could be entitled to compensation under the FDCPA. I will contact you to discuss this in more detail. Thanks, Mike

I was served a summons from Suttell & Hammer,P.S. about a debt. I have never heard from them before or the people I owe. Tried to call and was referred to TrackAmerica. They were closed. I don't know what to do. I can't pay the entire total. Googled then and read some bad things about dealing with them. Can you help me please.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Donna. It is likely that Suttell & Hammer are representing a creditor you may owe money to. I would be happy to discuss this with you. I will reach out and we can talk further about your options. Thanks, Mike

I paid an amount in full settlement of a family members debt but the collection agent has continued to seek collection of amounts on the account and it has caused serious problems for my family member.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Cyrus. Have they stated what the additional money is for? Have you asked for a debt validation letter yet? I would like to talk more with you about this and help you get this debt settled once and for all. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Key 2 Recovery has contacted me multiple times, after a few missed calls (because I sleep during the day due to working night shift), they then contacted two family members stating the call was for me and that I owed a debt. Did not specify what the debt was for.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Katie. Debt collectors are permitted to contact your friends and family if they are attempting to get contact information about you. They are not permitted to disclose the nature of your debt or any personal information about you/the debt. Doing so is a violation of the FDCPA. If you would like to talk about the debt and the calls you're family received, you can contact me at 312-224-4695 whenever is a good time for you. Thanks, Mike

Circa 2015, I had a Civil judgement placed against me in civil court for money in New Jersey where I’m from. In 2017 I relocated to Texas. The money owed was to my ex girlfriends mother and her attorney has begun calling my job, telling people she’s calling in reference to Hernandez vs Flores. It’s become embarrassing.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Michael. I'm sure this is very embarrassing for you, especially with them calling your place of business. Have you made attempts to pay on the judgement that you have against you? If you can't pay, unfortunately you will enter into post-judgement collections, which can include phone calls, wage garnishments, and bank account levies. This can also include interest, the costs of collection, and damaged credit. If you'd like help in this matter, please feel free to contact me at my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Trakamericn has been taking money from my account for over 3yrs now I have tried calling,emailing and I get no reply or returned call they ignore me.. over 3 years ago they sent the sheriff's to my parents house to serve me papers that I was being sued at the time I was going through a divorce.. the best way to get ahold of me is email I work nights.. thank you

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Tina. I will contact you with the email address you provided. Thanks, Mike

Portfolio Recovery Associates keeps calling

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Neil. Portfolio Recovery Associates is often relentless when they are pursuing a debt. I can help you to get these calls to stop. I will call you or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

navy federal

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Monique. Is Navy Federal harassing you over a debt? Let's talk more about this. You can reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I received a called today and it stated. This Dale Wiseman calling in reference to a legally required notice that needs your attention press one to speak to a representative or contact the office today at 833-619-0982. Then the an automatic voice said twice unknown Dale Wiseman came on and saying he was calling from AA recovery solutions and wanted to speak with me to get the matter settled quickly and gave me a different number which was 716-362-2803. I don’t know what the debt is because I didn’t called back.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Denetre. If you are unsure what this debt is about, you can always ask Dale Wiseman to provide you with a debt validation letter. I would suggest you do so in a certified letter. If they fail to provide you with this, they are in direct violation of the FDCPA. You could then contact the state attorney general, the FTC, and/or the CFPB. You could also sue them for up to $1,000 plus damages. If you'd like to talk more about this, reach out to my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I have been harassed by Synchrony Bank 7 days a week for the last 7 months. Getting calls from early as 5am from multiple numbers.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi David. If Synchrony Bank is calling you at 5am, they are violating the FDCPA which only allows calls between 8am-9pm. They are also not permitted to call excessively, although that isn't a set number. If you have a record of the calls, you can send it over to me at [email protected] for me to review and I will contact you about your possible options. Thanks, Mike

keep getting calls from All-Cal. They never tell me who they are or why they are calling. leaving messages for someone else on my cell phone concerning a debt I assume. I am in no way responsible for this issue. now they're calling around and harassing other individuals (Third Party) the person in question has been laid off due to covid 19 and is on unemployment. biggest issue is that they're calling me about it. not sure where to go with this. no telling who else they're calling and harassing. thank you for your time. RGF 6/26/2020

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Ricky. This is common with debt collectors and it is quite annoying. I would be happy to talk with you about the best way to get these calls to stop. You can reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I am getting calls from Virtuoso Sourcing Group. I have not given them any information and want to know my rights before I reach out. I do not believe I have any debt and not sure how to go about this. Thank you!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Joanna. Virtuoso Sourcing Group could have purchased your debt from another creditor, so you may not recognize their name. You do have the right to have a debt validation letter provided to you to determine if the debt is actually yours and how much you. I can certainly help you with that. Please contact me at 312-224-4695 and I will also give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I am receiving multiple calls per day from my Kia Motors Finance Account. I have made payments and they harrass me multiple times per day

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Cammy. What types of things is Kia Motors Finance saying when they call? How often are they calling you and at what times? Let's talk about the law and I can help determine if you have a case against them. Reach out to my office at a time that best works for you. Thanks, Mike 312-224-4695

Hi, I am from TN. I am getting calls from ARS regarding my account with CashNet. I called them and asked fro a debt validation, which they are unwilling to provide. In addition, they are calling and leaving messages to my wife's phone, who has nothing to do with this debt. They are also threatening me with litigations.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Bhaskar. If ARS has refused to provide you with a debt validation letter, they are violating the law. You could be entitled to compensation of up to $1,000 and damages. I would be happy to talk this over with you and I will reach out. Thanks, Mike

Comedity Bank calls me repeatedly and now they have started calling my days phone. I am aware that I owe them/I switched jobs from one that was paid monthly that I worked at about 6yrs to a job with biweekly pay. With the pay schedule change I got behind trying to remember who to pay. When I was paid monthly I paid all bills at the same time.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Lenicia. How often are they calling you? At what times are they calling? If they are calling excessively or at times that are not permitted by the law, they could be violating your rights. I will call you to discuss this further. Thanks, Mike

I have been behind in my monthly payment to Western Dental by one month for the past four months. I receive multiple debt collection robo calls a day from Western Dental debt collection.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello William. Robocalls are some of the most annoying calls to receive, I can understand your frustration, especially after four months. If you would like to discuss how to make the calls stop, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Get voicemails that sounds like prerecordings from structured settlement debt collector.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi John. Are you aware of any debts you may owe? Have they left any phone numbers or contact information? If you'd like help in dealing with this, give my law firm a call. We are experienced in dealing with debt collectors and we can work for you. Thanks, Mike 312-224-4695

Snap Finance was contacting my wife back in June 2018, they were texting, we told them to stop via text and then we did not hear from them. April 2, 17th and 25th, my wife has been receiving emails from True Accord for the same Snap Finance bill. I had contacted you guys back in June 2018 about this and was wanting to know if this falls into the category of a complain.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Terry. We would need to discuss this further to determine if this is a valid complaint or not. If Snap Finance stopped texting after being told to, they did as the law requires. They are permitted to continue to contact you for the debt if it is valid--asking them to stop contacting you doesn't remove the debt and they are permitted to contact you in another method, typically via letter. But we can discuss this further when I reach out. Thanks, Mike

I have been having unwanted phone call from a agency asking to to sell my diabetic test strips.i told them I don’t want to sell my test strip they have been calling me three or four time per day.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Delores. Unfortunately, there is an underground market for diabetic test strips and these types of people can be relentless when trying to get their hands on the products. These types of spam calls are annoying and can really cause a disruption in your day. I would suggest you register on the Do Not Call list and consider blocking their number through your service providers tools. You also have options if they are calling your cellphone, including different apps. If you need assistance with this, you can certainly contact your service provider. I would also suggest you inform the caller that you do not want to be called anymore and you could also ask for their address so you can send a certified letter informing them of the same thing. If you'd like help with this, give me a call. Thanks, Mike 312-224-4695

My understanding is that with the Coronavirus pandemic, collection agencies have ceased collection efforts at this time & maybe it's just in Nebraska. Anyways, I still have an agency out of Massachusetts CCS Offices, 781-824-5000 that call at least once a day.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Carol. The pandemic doesn't stop debt collectors from calling you. They do have to follow the FDCPA, however. If you'd like to determine if they are violating your rights, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Hi, I am receiving emails from "Elite recovery services" demanding payment regarding a debt that I Don't have from 2 cash service companies I never heard about. If you are willing to handle this case, please, contact me and I can forward those emails. I never clicked on any links provided, suspecting a phishing. Thanks for help.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Goran. It is smart to not click on any links in unsolicited emails. You can certainly forward the emails to my office at [email protected] I will look them over and determine what options you might have. Thanks, Mike

Hello, I received several phone calls from EastPoint Recovery Collection Agency. They explained that if I don't settle my balance by the end of this month, I would get sued and a lein would be placed on my house. Would you be able to contact me to see what the next steps are? Thank you so much!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Christina. I will certainly give you a call to discuss the debt you have with East Point Recovery Collection Agency. Thanks, Mike

I have a medical bill through Denton Regional Hospital here in TX. It is with a collection agency (MediCredit). I have reached out to MediCredit disputing the amount of the bill and asked that they not contact me again. Well, they are still calling me. Any assistance is appreciated.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Andrea. Have they provided you with a debt validation letter? You can certainly ask them to provide it to you and if they do not, they are violating the law. Have you sent a certified letter to MediCredit requesting that they stop calling you? Again, this is another right you have under the FDCPA. I can discuss your other rights with you when I give you a call. You can also reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I was the owner of a small business and kept it running successfully for 3+ years. However, when the commercial property I was renting for my store was purchased by a new owner, my rent was immediately increased $500+. It was all downhill from there and I was forced to apply for a business capital advance loan to keep my business afloat. Then, in August of 2020, nearly a year of this cycle of debt, the business closed. I have been unemployed since until recently and am now attending college as a first time student at age 29 to try to redo my life path after losing my business, which was devastating. I can not afford to lose my financial aid and not go to school, it is very important to me. The company my capital loan is through, but now they have now sent the account to Kearns Brinen & Monaghan. The person assigned to my case leaves me very aggressive (sometimes threatening) voicemails. He may just be trying to do his job and get this account wrapped up, but I am concerned they will take me to court, file civil action, etc. and it will make me lose my financial aid and/or worse.... I’m in way over my head and do not feel comfortable dealing with this guy, or the company he’s calling from (Kearns Brinen & Monaghan) on my own... please help!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Emily. Do you have the voicemails you've received from Kearns, Brinen & Monaghan that are aggressive? I would like to listen to those and determine if they are acting illegally. I can certainly understand your nervousness about losing student aid, so let's talk and discuss your options. My office can be reached at 312-224-4695 or [email protected] Thanks, Mike

i keep getting calls from Hand R Recovery for a medical bill . I told them this bill was forgiven by hospital and not to call me anymore . So far at leat 10 calls since January 25th . When i told them again to stop they laugh and hang up . im SSD and really could do without the stress. If this is not a case to investigate my apologies

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Hi Rick. Do you have proof that the debt was forgiven by the hospital? Have you sent Hand R Recovery a certified letter informing them to stop calling you? That is one of many rights you have under the FDCPA. We can discuss your other rights as well when I give you a call. Thanks, Mike


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Hi Kurt. Can you send over any of the information you have about this debt? My email address is [email protected] Thanks, Mike

I have a debt collector that somehow got my 11 year old daughters cell phone number. They are calling her numerous times a day during school and everything. Please tell me you can do something about this. Also, please contact me via email, I am at work and can not answer the phone but I can email/text

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Hi Monica. Is this a debt that you owe to the debt collector? I agree that this is not an ok situation and it is possibly a violation of the FDCPA if your daughter isn't listed on the debt with you. I will contact you about how you can stop these calls. You can also reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I am currently being garnished from pioneer credit recovery also while on a payment plan

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Hi Shakima. Are you making the full payments on your payment plan? Debt collectors do not have to accept anything less than full payment. Have you been served papers about this wage garnishment? I have some more questions for you and will contact you about this debt with Pioneer Credit Recovery. Thanks, Mike

I received a garnishment writ for 9k from Liberty acquisitions. After researching, this bill is from 2007 when I graduated high school and wells fargo gave me a $300 credit card. I have never received bills or been served papers of any kind and $300 was charged off as bad debt by the bank years ago. Please help me....I have no clue how to handle this. I do know that I got a few calls years ago but they stopped after they called at 4 am and realized what time it was, I never got another call after that. Thanking you in advance. Edwin

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Hi Edwin. I will give you a call so we can talk about your debt from 2007 with Wells Fargo. We can discuss your rights, your options, and possible outcomes. Thanks, Mike

I have a debt with la curacao. I believe $1100 at this point. I've been getting calls from the store,collection departments and now some attorneys that are saying they will take it further if they dont receive the payment in full. I'm confused because I walked in to curacao to see what my options were to pay off the debt and they told me it had gone to collection. I call collection and they told me they cant help. But why do they keep calling. The attorney guy calls and doesnt eave any information except his name and ask for me. I gave up talking to him after the first conversation we had. He asked if I planned to pay the debt I said I would talk to curacao collection department then he said they're no longer involved that hes their attorney or loan agent and all payments are made to him. So I'd like some clarity on what can be done here.

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Hi Vicente. I can definitely understand your confusion, you've been given quite the runaround in trying to deal with your debt. I will certainly give you a call to discuss how to handle this and be done with the debt and the constant phone calls. You can also reach my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I have sent cease and desist letters to wakefield and associates throughout the year and yet they continue to call me. I have copies of the letters that were sent

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Hi Josh. I would be happy to review those letters and see what options you have in dealing with Wakefield and Associates. Please send over your copies to my office at [email protected] Thanks, Mike

Comenity Bank calls me multiple times in one hour. Yesterday morning they called at 10:04, 10:20 & 10:29 from The same number (720)456-3700 I’m aware of the debt I owe and I am currently trying to figure things out but they never ease up.

I am harassed every day throughout the day by NCB. I have seriously thought about switching my number. They call both my home phone and my cell phone. I have blocked their number on my cell phone, but they still can leave a message. We tried to call the original creditor to setup payment arrangements, once I was in a position to do so. I was informed that the loan had been sold to NCB. Every time I see their number, it upsets me for the rest of the day. I never have any peace. I have never been harassed like this by anyone in my life. Several times they have called me before 9 am, and it has ended up waking me up. Please help me with this harassment, so I call finally have some much needed peace!

I constantly get call from debt collectors and robocalls on a daily basis. It has me contemplating switching my number. Ive blacklisted so many numbers from Payday Loan LLC and Payday Money Center as well as Cashback Loans and they still call or text daily!

Need assistance as soon as possible regarding a bill from 2010 not my signature and Convergence Receivables is harrassing for almost 3 grand for an alarm system.

I won a small claims court case against a company for fraudulent credit card charges. I am still receiving calls from the collection agency.

I have been contacted by a debt collector from 1-877-877-5501 three times since I told them that they have the wrong number and remove me from their call list. I cannot makeout the the name of the company, but I need help getting to stop calling me.

I owed Quest Diagnostics $106.33. I paid them when they called. I received a letter from a debt collector. They called and I told them I already paid and I asked them to stop calling me. They are calling about 4 to 6 times a day and won't stop. The number are 1-888-365-7129, 813-333-1789, 813-424-5301, 800-233-6111, 833-262-4528,844-304-7290. Please help.

Repeated calls from 210-520-1454 as well as others.

Call live and robo come every day except maybe Sundays for my step son. The number is 800-695-2912. No threats just calling virtually everyday. My stepson hasn't live here for over 7 years.

I got a harrassing call from anita washington at 1-866-380-3132 threatening a lawsuit and wanting a big lump sum for a bill . I was paying on this bill in 2017 until they stopped sending me a bill . instead of trying to work with me on paying the bill she just kept threatening me and wanting my bank information . Im worried about a lawsuit what should i do?

1(855)880-4795 requesting to pay my debt

I received a call at my job about legal action. The number they used was 855-208-9725. I answered because it is also a business line and the man apologized. Though I am in debt and in the process of catching up, I didn't believe this was a true debt collection agency because most companies identify themselves over threatening legal action and it sounded like some random guy over a collection agency that was primed to threaten whatever was necessary just to get a call. I wouldn't mind the help so I'm not getting calls like this on a regular basis. I have had problems in the past because my finances aren't mine to utilize and the companies I had cards with began to increase my payments beyond my ability to pay even when everything was paid on time.

I have received voice mails from Simon Riley he department of civil processing he does not state the company by the phone # is 866-207-7019 which I googled and came up as CSR and Associates. It states that he must retrieve a statement from me or my attorney today in reference to a pre-litigation complaint that was filed by their client in accordance with TN law I have 48 hours to respond with a fomal statement. My name is not on my voice mail but this message was left. I do not know who his client is or if I should respond. Is it legal for them to leave this message on a voice mail especially since it does not state my name.

I have a monthly payment to Aloha Pools. They said they did not receive two payments, so we stopped payment on those two, and re-issued the combined payment for $230. Now, Aloha Pools is saying they did not receive the new check/s either. What do the records sho I have grown impatient with Aloha, as they are the only people I pay monthly who seem not to receive their payments!

Just trying to verify a phone number I called. Involves a letter from Convergent Outsourcing. The bill is bogus!

Received a call on my work phone on the 14th from 844 498 6545 stating I need to call back with my attorney regarding some important information with Union County. I read some of the 800 notes and it sounds like this could be a scam call!

Hi, I’m Juah. I got a litter from you guys Regarding T-Mobile!

Hello. I believe I received a call last week from this firm for a rental debt by Vernon Jones. I’m not sure if I’m speaking to the right people however and I had a rental balance on my account/credit that was offered to be reduced and removed from the credit. I wanted to know what was the lowest amount that can be paid to close the account and take it off my credit report. Like I stated to a representative from your firm, I’m currently unemployed!

Good afternoon. I keep getting calls and they refuse to stop that I owe money on a payday loan and that if I don't pay I will be going to jail by Friday. I as well work for a law office and they are now calling here, I have finally talked to them and they are cursing at me and told me I was going to be served a 10 day notice. When I asked what collector they said I should know. They don't have that information in front of them. I have the messages saved as well. one messages said I will be in custody by the local cops which I think is so funny but now it is too much as my boyfriend is a cop!

This number called me while im in class. I am not sure whom i am speaking with may you tell me who you are. I assume you are a debt collector. My job called and said that someone called them also and asked to speak with me. If its about a bill i have been struggling for the past few months and plan to get caught up in a few weeks. They have my phone number because they called me not too long ago!

I just received a call to my Work # from Summit Financial Services. Probably associated with MobiLoans or another Indian Lender. I'm going to tell them to cease calls via the FDPCA. How often can they call relatives, etc trying to pressure me about a debt?!

My name is Kim. How do I stop calls from ADR. I don't have any large outstanding debts. I got a call saying there was a complaint against me and they were trying to serve me. Do medical bills usually get handled like this? That's the only thing big I owe!

ARS keep calling I have asked for proof of said debit they refuse to provide me with any proof of a debit. I am currently on the verge of losing my job because they will not stop calling my work. I have asked may times to stop!

They call like 6 times in a day!

Comenity Bank called my job and lying saying that's the only # they had for me when in fact I never gave them my work number. They mention they are going to send a request for my income status to my job can they do that? Texas is a non garnishing state why would my income at my job matter? Why would they request that? They call several times a day on my cell phone as well.

Comenity bank has been harassing me since the day after I missed my first payment on my Express store card. I receive about 10+calls per day from different area codes and now they have started calling on unknown numbers so I am unable to block them. My sister started sending me voicemails from them that they left her which contained my personal information (left vm stating I have a debt and they were going to take legal action.) She is not authorized to have my personal information and I am seeking damages not only for daily harassment, but violating my privacy. These people are bullies and I want them punished!

Husband died 6/2017, I have limited income. Could not pay credit cards, loans. I had to pay mortgage and all utilities. Car insurance. Have few dollars to buy food!

Midland Credit has sent two letters and call about 2-4 times a day since last Friday for a debt of 4k. I am self employed and paying would be difficult!

I have been getting calls at work and on my personal cell and even when I tell them they are not allowed to call my work they would wait a couple days or weeks then call again!

constantly called by this number to my cell phone!

Calls from 800-295-9466 and 980-242-3995 call daily to try and I assume collect on some kind of debt. I'm not sure what, but I need the calls to stop. Can you help?

The number calls me atleast once a day and it's got to be robo calls something cause I've got many emails of silence from this number and it's more than once a day sometimes a few times I don't know what I'm entitled to or what I can do about it!

My car got repo'ed an theses people charged me twice!

Fingerhut account, debt collector keeps calling at all times during the day. I’ve told them to stop and they won’t. Last time I told them I was on disabillity and couldn’t pay the debt which is only a little over $100. She kept saying “so can you pay $25 a month or do you want to settle, i kept telling her I couldn’t she kept talking over me and repeating herself over and over. Creditor Information LVNV FUNDING LLC C/O RESURGENT CAPITAL SERVICES PO BOX 1269 GREENVILLE, SC 29602 (866) 464-1183!

Commenity calls me at least 10 times a day seven days a week. I have 4 cards with them I cancelled!

I've been getting collection calls from Citibank and I made a payment arrangement with them in Jan for 1 credit card which balance is $2800 and past due. I also keep getting calls for another Citibank card which balance is about $11,000 and past due. I haven't been able to pay b/c I'm applying for social security disability and just want the calls to stop. They want me to contact them tomorrow, 2/15/18, with a payment arrangement, but I need to talk to my boyfriend to see how much he is willing to pay. I am currently not working and have not worked since 2013. It's annoying and they keep mailing me letters. The best way to reach me now is by e-mail bc I've been diagnosed with a mass in my right lung and am getting medical attention for it. Thanks, Nancy

I've been getting collection calls from Citibank and I made a payment arrangement with them in Jan for 1 credit card which balance is $2800 and past due. I also keep getting calls for another Citibank card which balance is about $11,000 and past due. I haven't been able to pay b/c I'm applying for social security disability and just want the calls to stop. They want me to contact them tomorrow, 2/15/18, with a payment arrangement, but I need to talk to my boyfriend to see how much he is willing to pay. I am currently not working and have not worked since 2013. It's annoying and they keep mailing me letters. The best way to reach me now is by e-mail bc I've been diagnosed with a mass in my right lung and am getting medical attention for it.

Getting calls all the time from collection agency

Hello, I had two Amex charge cards with avg. of $2K on each one. I do have other Amex CC and have been making payments on those. Unfortunately, I tore my Achilles on top of my father having a heart attack a year later. The bills have piled up and wanted to figure out a way to debt consolidate maybe all my cards into one payment and get it squared away. I've been getting calls by 855-344-0244 which is one of AMEX collection agencies. I don't feel comfortable making payment plans with them and being fleeced at the end with my already negative credit report. Not sure if this is something your firm does but figured I would reach out since I've been filing inquiries after research online. Thanks!

After my divorce in 2012, I lost my house. I left the country, desiring a "new start". I came back 8 months later. Almost two years later, I received correspondence from the Michigan Attorney General's office that the attorney I hired to try and save my house was being prosecuted for fraud. There was a 2nd mortgage on my house that the attorney said would "go away" IF I lost the house, which he assured me would not happen. As the case against him was closing, I got a garnishee notice from an attorney firm in Wixom, MI, on the 2nd mortgage. The AG's office intervened and I was able to pay $150/pay. This arrangement had to be renewed every 6 months. I missed the renewal, being very busy at work, and they put a hold on my bank account, taking $1098. They claimed to have tried to contact me, but I never received word. After the hold, they did start a garnishment of $477/pay. I no longer have the money to pay other bills. I am now being garnished over $954/month. With rent, car payment and insurance, and all other utilities, I do not have enough to pay for food and gas. I also have a Parent Plus loan I do not remember taking out for my daughter. My ex said that since my name is on it and not hers, she will not help with it. She took half of my pension, I feel she should take have of this debt. I did send a letter to the attorney, asking to not take more than $200/pay, which they never responded to. An attorney here in Grand Rapids says that bankruptcy is my ownly option, but I really do not want to do that. ANY help is greatly appreciated!