Common Credit Report Errors

Credit report errors are all too common. Studies have found that inaccurate reports are a serious problem:
  • Between 46% and 70% of all consumer credit reports contain mistakes.
  • 40% of all credit reports contain public record information that belongs to someone else, a credit account that does not belong to the consumer or accounts incorrectly reported as delinquent.
  • 26% of credit report errors are serious enough to result in a denied application for credit, employment or housing.
Some mistakes are more common than others, and it is important for consumers to be aware of these errors when reviewing their credit files.

Common Credit Report Error: Mixed or Merged Credit Files/Mistaken Identity

A mixed file is a credit report mistake in which the credit bureau puts information belonging to one consumer into another consumer’s report. This problem occurs most often when two consumers have similar addresses or names, but this is not always the case. Our firm has found that in some cases, the credit bureau has known of the issue for several years and could prevent it, but does not always take steps to fix the problem.

Common Credit Report Error: Public Record Mistake

Public records include bankruptcies, tax liens, lawsuits and judgments, and all are reported on consumers’ credit reports. Public records can be very damaging to a consumer’s credit rating and cause a denial for a mortgage, job, credit card or apartment rental. This mistake typically occurs when the credit bureau obtains information from separate companies who are sloppy in gathering information, do not check court records and do not take the time to determine who the record belongs to.

Common Credit Report Error: Inaccurate or Stale Collection Accounts

Debt collection accounts make up a significant share of credit report errors, and these mistakes may occur in many ways. Most often, the debt collector fails to obtain sufficient information from the creditor to properly identify the right consumer, or get the right account status. As a result of this mistake, collection accounts may end up on the wrong consumer’s credit file, or on the right file with the wrong information. Many debt collectors also “re-age” the accounts, which makes them appear to be recent delinquencies. This means the accounts may stay on the consumer’s credit report longer than allowed by law. Even when the account is accurate, most negative credit information can remain on a credit report for only 7 years in most cases, and sometimes up to 10 years.

Common Credit Report Error: Identity Theft

Another common form of credit report mistakes is accounts that have been fraudulently opened or used by an identity theft. Victims have the legal right to have these accounts removed from their credit reports. Despite this, even after a consumer disputes the inaccurate or fraudulent information, it may remain on the file because the credit bureau or bank does not take the necessary steps to check their records and investigate the dispute.

Common Credit Report Error: Inaccurate Employment Records

Consumers often lose out on employment due to inaccurate credit reports pulled by employers. Employment records do not impact a credit score, but they may impact a consumer’s ability to get a new job.

Do You Have Errors On Your Credit Report?

Do not let these mistakes remain on our credit report. Contact us today for a free case review. We will see if we can help you resolve the mistakes on your credit report. It is crucial that you check your credit report at least once a year to correct errors and to detect unauthorized activity. Once again, the information in your credit report affects whether or not you get a loan, and it determines your interest rate when you do get a loan. The information also affects insurance, renting a home, and even getting a job. Therefore, you want to make sure the information in your credit report is accurate, complete, and up-to-date before you apply for a loan or a credit card, before you apply for a job, before you apply for insurance, and before you submit a rental application. Finally, monitoring your credit report will help guard against identity theft. Contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for help disputing inaccurate information in your credit report. We have settled thousands of consumer law cases, and we would like to help you, too. Under the law, we can help you fix the inaccurate information in your credit report, and get you money damages. Plus, the credit reporting agency will be responsible for our attorney’s fees. You won’t owe us a dime for our services.

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Submitted Complaints

I’m being victimize by a company named American First Finance located in Texas. I have read some very negative reviews and complaints about them and they are preying on me! I need to get them out of my life! My 79 year old nerves and heart can’t take it!

I can’t get Social Security or Medicare even though I am in the enrollment period because the credit agencies (Equifax) have my past addresses and Credit history wrong – they have mortgages and car leases in my credit report that I have never had as well as addresses that I have never lived at. As a result of the incorrect information in my credit history, I cannot get into “my Social Security“ site to register and cannot register for Medicare. Can you help, and if so at what cost?

Equifax refuses to remove child support as showing late. The county keeps saying the first deliquiciey is the current month when in fact it is not. I have not missed a payment in over 8 years, I have provided the credit beaus proof of this several times, I have sent a letter to the county requesting they fix it and they flat out refuse to do so. A few thing is under Minn state law even if I was late recently which I Have not been the statue says if I have been making payments on time for 3 months I belive plus paying any back amount that it must report as paying as ordered!

i want to find out if can get any legal assistance in settling my private student loan I have three different private loans. One of them is about 62K and i found out today that they increased the interest from 4.00 something to 5.00 percent. the original loan amount is 45K. I would like to settle this account by paying it off and would like to know if i paid it off could it be settled for less than 62K!

So far Agruss is willing and helpful. However I recommend that anyone who is dealing with a creditor to know your Rights and learn them and use them to guide you thru the process. Creditors prey on your ignorance and acquiescence yes look up the legal definition of that word it will change your thought process on how they get you to agree without even knowing it. Another understanding is being in honor and being in dishonor. Learn those legal definitions and you will be successful in fighting off creditors before they hit your credit report.

I spoke with a representative last via this chat regarding Midland Credit management. She told me she would forward my info to a lawyer at the firm and ask them to call me and I haven't heard from anyone!

I just spoke with someone a moment ago and couldn't respond quick enough. I had contacted your law firm last week and was told they would give my info to an attorney to call me and I never hear anything. I noticed you have a page on your website regarding midland credit management!

I have received a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions about a medical debt from 2005 that im not sure is even mine. Long story short they have all my CC information, available balances etc. so im almost positive they did a hard hit inquiry on my credit! Im in Texas so im just wondering if you could help me with this? Im sure they have violated something within FDCPA no? Please help, im scared they will ruin my credit! I have no prior knowledge of this debt, and the person on the phone said they will be reporting this on my credit if I fail to pay within 30 days and said she will be mailing a demand letter to me!

I received a call at work yesterday Wednesday , from a doris or delores I really couldn't understand her and she immediately said that I owed Citibank card 2000 dollars, and I immediately said I don't remember having a Citibank if I did it would have been at least 10,12 or 15 years ago, and I wouldn't have that much of a limit, because of my credit..she then reiterated I did now owe that , then I got upset and said IFFF I mean if idid I am already garnished by the max. amount allowed by federal law on some defaulted fed student loans and she started to say they could still get 600 dollars ????which confused me and proceeded to hang up on I have been researching debt collection laws and for one thing if I did have a card my god that was pass the 10 years of statute of limitations for iowa and I am already garnished fully.. then I researched this company called dynamic solutions recovery and it sounds like they are crooooookkkkk ed!!!!!!!!!! . I guess their procedure is to get these old debts and or stolen identity records like maybe in my case? then if they don't succeed, they must hire these ambulance chasing attorneys to threaten judgment or garnishment... oh by the way , I never once was contacted by a server for court so how can one fight in court? when you were never served... what shall I do ? wait until contacted again and simply ask them for details, and explain what I just told you? well I guess that is all I can say , since I have only been called once, and as I have said already , this is what happened.. now if I remember right, remember I haven't a Citibank at least 12 years ago or more. I did receive one once I think with a credit limit of 300 dollars which I was not going to use unless it was a emergency. well about a month later I get this bill for 175 dollars for membership fee and annual card fee... well I did not like this and called them and said that is the way it is so I took out a cash advance of 100 dollars and threw the card away.. I received some letters of bills for maybe a few months, and I tossed them.... I guess that was wrong... but was not contacted again for all these long as I am sure your not one of dynamic solutions agents or employee!

I am unemployed and have been since Aug. they called me every day threatening to garnesh wages when I do get a job, calling several times a day. I got my daughter to lend me 50.00 a month to pay them just to get them to leave me alone. they kept calling anyway, telling me that telling me that they wanted more money and wasn't I getting unemloyement or welfare they could collect on? I had one rep berate me and say well then how are you living, and if your looking for a job whos paying for your gas? cant you get more money from your daughter. this made my daughter mad, and this month she didn't send the the 50.00. they started calling again and again, two and three times a day! They said that when I file my income tax they are going to take it. I told hem that I finally found a job that starts mon and they told me I have to call them and they are going to "reevaluate" how much I am to pay, and that they are going to start to garnish my wages and I haven't even started work yet! I have been homeless since Aug, forced to live in my car, and they have caused me to cry, beg my daughter for money, and now Im afraid they are going to start calling and harassing me new job, like they did the one I had before. that would be great I am so afraid to even start my job Monday. they told me I had to call them asap and give them a new bank account number to take money. the weird thing is, that I have another collection agency for student loans telling me that I didn't have to pay them because my income is so low, but allied interstate says that they can and will take money any way they can I m so stressed out!

I get up to 10 robocalls a day from a auto finance company that I have a car financed through is this Illegal? been going on for several Months. I got an autoloan last March 2013 they told me in September to start paying by weekly and I did for one month now they are accusing me of being late/Ever since september I have got these calls a recorded message and I am sick of them up to 10 a day. I have saved a copy of the voice recording if that helps and have copies of phone numbers they are calling from!

I am being harassed by CKS Financial. What can I do? They just started calling me one day and I began to block them but now they're calling me from a different number everyday claiming that they have been desperately trying to get a hold of me but wont leave the company name that they work for or any information!

Today I received a threatening phone call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions regarding an alleged debt that is over 8 years old. When I indicated that I disputed the debt, the debt collector started yelling at me and told me if I did not pay they would send me a 1099 and they would sue. When I asked for validation of the debt they said they had already validated things and they would not be sending me anything. After the phone call I notice they are pulling hard inquiries on my credit report!

Today I received a threatening phone call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions regarding an alleged debt that is over 8 years old. When I indicated that I disputed the debt, the debt collector started yelling at me and told me if I did not pay they would send me a 1099 and they would sue. When I asked for validation of the debt they said they had already validated things and they would not be sending me anything. After the phone call I notice they are pulling hard inquiries on my credit report!

I just have a situation that Duvera Financial threaten and harrassing me my regular mail and phone calls but I already to chat to representative earlier about it already. Just waiting for a phone call from the local team!

A collection agency has been harassing me after I asked them to validate the debt they claim I owe and still continue to harass me after I told them to stop calling me. I have phone records printed out to backup my complaignt that they have willfully violated the FCRA and the FDCPA act. They started calling me 3 weeks ago demanding that I give them my full social security number and threatened to sue me if I didnt. I laughed and told the man I do not give out such personal information to anybody. I then told him to mail me whatever bill he claims I owe on for me to validate. Its been 3 weeks and they never mailed me any letter, bill or validation. They mailed me nothing. Today they called me 3 times demand I give them my CC# to pay a bill which I explaigned does not belong to me. Further more they advised me the debt is from 12 years ago. I have printed documents from my phone company and a journal of the events I experienced with these criminals to show as evidence that they are violating federal credit laws!

time warner got there collection after me. How can I stop them from herassing me!

I had dynamic recovery solutions contact me earlier today about a debt that's over 10 years old. They were threatening, and I'm wonder wring if they have any valid claim to the debt. I had a credit card debt from over 10 years ago, It went beyond the statue of limitations for Hawaii, it wasn't counted towards negative on my credit report I got a month ago, although it was listed. They called me today for the first time on a number that I haven't had for more than a year, saying I owed $1600. I'm not completely comfortable giving out too much info yet!

I'm a former client of Michael argues. Does michael deal with non tax offset debts. My tax return was offset to the oregon unemployment collections unit. They claim because I forgot to report twice I had a job that I purposely and intentionally did it to commit fraud. They can't prove that I intentionally did it. It was a mistake an oversight I was going through some mentally unstable hard times and I just forgot. Well the point is they flagged my ssn and my tax refund was offset. However I didn't work last year I've filed for disability but I did go to school. The refund was a school tax credit. Well I'm having financial hardship when I called to ask for my refund back because of financial hardship that not having it could hurt my 21 month old daughter who's disabled and receives SSI. Well he stated that there's nothing he could do and sounded like he didn't make an effort to try to give it back. I got an eviction notice I'm two months behind on my phone and electronic. Is their legal way of getting my refund back!

i just received a call from from allied interstate llc and the person at the call center wanted me to call some number back to find out what he was calling in reference to. i asked and he said it was a personal matter. i refused and asked him not to call this number again. after that i decided to get online and look up allied interstate llc and see wth the company is turns out it was debt collection. i can only imagine the are the collection agency representing the local hospital here in town. when i was looking information up about them i was brought to your site. the question was: "have you been contacted by allied interstate llc about a debt, or called at work, harassed...etc.?". seems they are pretty nasty according to the reports i've been reading. well, i was just called today out of the blue is that some random person wouldn't tell me what the call was about, or what company he represented. he just wanted me to call some other number to be given those details, i told him no way i'm not doing that. i'm not sure thats necessary since it's only the first time they have called. if i was awarded some awesome funding from the wrongful termination suit then i would have money to pay the attourney fees!

just checking that this is agruss website wonder if my details or phone number where taken from the other agent he-she said they will pas it on the russ office. first one regarding century link they turned me into collections for 125 dollars-2nd thing is regarding my wife's ankle after she has fused it in bozemna mt and she cannot walk on it 3rd thing is regarding workers compensation , well century link turned me into collection afte ri was paying 25 dollars per month until there was 125 left and sinc ei didn't stop paying it they didn't like me paying small amounts because ei already closed the account..2nd is regarding my wife she has an ankle surgery in Bozeman surgical center and it did not work she cannot walk on it normally she now needs another ankle replacement than the fusion in april this year she is now on social security disability 3rd is regarding workers compensation,i have been injured at work my write wrist tfcc tear and I don't want to have surgery ,work wanted to terminate me if I cannot perform my duties and being unable to do with the wrist problem,iam now released for full duty because ei passed all the tests to quaify me going full time duty ,,work comp said if I cannot perform the duties my work will teminateme and be on voc rehab and that they will train me do smehting else. so I took work comp evaluation and I forced myself to pass the tests to qualify me for getting back full time at the university as custodian it is state work,,the place where work comp sent me to is the same place where my wife had her ankle surgery at and I reused the surgery since iam afraid it will mess up my wrist same as it messed up my wife's ankle refused. ok now I had lawsuite discrimnination based on national origin against the university in 2010 and human right bureau found reasonable cause and I had lawyer from Montana and we settled the case with them since then the university are after me ,I had filed complaints after that to the university president and about things happening at work and since that they started looking for things to terminate me!

I'm an attorney in Fla with a client who's got an issue settling a debt with Resurgent Capital Services. I was hoping to discuss it with one of the lawyers in your firm and find out what they know. I am not a debt collection lawyer, but it's a pro bono case. From what my client has advised, she settled with an existing collection agency and has the documentation to confirm it. She is trying to apply for a mortgage, and a collection account for LVNV Funding is on her report. She called and discussed it with a rep and was told they are now "Resurgent Capital" and the money she paid to settle was made to the "original creditor" and not to them directly, so it doesn't count, and they're harassing her for more money. And she cannot get the collection account removed from her report. So, I started investigating Resurgent Capital, and found a lot of "dirt" on them. I also came across your website and figured it'd be a good idea to talk to someone who knows about them!

I am in the middle of closing mortgage and midland credit showed up for 4400 I called them today this is for some sort of dell computer for 2006 that they can not validate however to close my home loan I must settle it quickly. The FHA laws require me to pay it even though I did create this debit. I just want it gone quickly I am will to settle and pay it but want to ensure it is done correctly. But I can't pay 4400. All the research I have done on this company they are a nasty company to deal with. I don't want credit counseling etc I want someone to settle this debt by Friday and have the required documents to show it is settled. I want this done this week for the least amount of money and validation it is being handled if I agree for them to handle it!

I'd like to schedule an consultation. diversified consultants keeps harassing me over a T-Mobile bill that is not accurate. They called me today about a overdue bill that i have with T-Mobile that has gone to collections. Then they explained that I owed $1,500. I told them I was willing to pay $800 to close the case. Then I was told that I would have to pay a processing fee of $15. After that I said I would not pay that. Well then she told me she would put this on my credit and that I would be receiving daily phone calls!

They are trying to collect a zombie debt. did a hard pull on my CR. isn't that illegal? They contacted me at work yesterday claiming to have purchased a debt from a payday loan from at least 6 years ago. Told them I had no idea what they were talking about and not to contact me again. Today, I got the alert from my CR. It is a government cell phone, so the legal person will be the only one to call it!

I keep receiving phone calls from diversified consultants. I'd like to stop receiving the phone calls. I'm going to be honest, there isn't much more to the situation, they just keep calling. I don't answer. if you want to write this downas well, I have a "process Server" who goes by the name David Weinberg who also calls from multiple numbers from all over the country, constantly!

I have a debt I am responsible for and have been having trouble with the collection agency in charge of collecting this debt. Nations Recovery Center has been calling and harassing my cosigner and myself. They went into my bank account unauthorized and are now threatening me with fraudlant check charges and being arrested. It is a bill through Care Credit. I lost my job and got divorced so my finances suck but I want to take care of my debts. I authorized a $400 payment in January, which was taken out, and on March 3, 2014 they tried to take $2,919 out of my account, which was not available. They are threatening myself and my mother-in-law with my arrest and sending the police to her house. They must have her credit report and are listing her credit cards telling her that she has enough credit on said cards to pay the. They have told so many lies in the past. They are calling now. They said they have a recording of my authorization. Lies!

possible need help with Dynamic Recovery Solution. I just receive a call from DRS few minutes ago they insist I owe them some money of $18000+. their original creditor was Mongontomery Ward (spelling) I believe it was closed with zero balance. business went out of business and somehow my information been pass down to them. they been chasing me for almost 30 years. I end up pay them $1000 with promise of refund me if I can find the paper to show my account was closed with zero balance. I heard about statetu of limitation!

just called your office and left her anote for the lawyer but its another lady she said she will pass the info to the lawyer Michael. I have those dates I have paid the century link throught the past months on athis schedule please pass them unto the lawyers assistance or paralegal .November 16th 2013 $25, December 4th 2013 $25, December 29th 2013 $25, January 20th 2013 $25. February 4th 2013 $ 25, March 5th 2014 $25. I have forwarded 3 attachments for them yesterday and the lady on the phone said she received them and will have them call me!

after my divorce i got some debit plus i lose my mother i have to get a loan for her funeral plus i do not make some much money i try to go bankruptcy but i never to a final payment because the more i work more bills i get plus i a single mother plus md state is so expensive to live but i do not have money to move out of this state plus food is expensive, also gas!

iam acurrent customer ..and I just need to ask about my accident in Montana ,,I have hit another car on astop sign and I only had liablility insurance ,,I have been suffering from neck and shoulder crampness and the insurance company invested me 1000usd only for my medical treatment,,i still have the symptoms plus my stepson he was 13 years old passanger with me he gotscared from the accident ,,I was the one in the wrong. the kid has freaked out and now is afraid riding with me again!

I have a question regarding a collection agency (Dynamic Recovery Solutions) contacting me for a debt that is from 1994 or maybe 1995. Isn't there a statute of limitations for collections? Certainly. The person who contacted me this morning said the debt was for $1000 and some due to Fingerhut. As I said, whatever I ordered from them was in 1994 or 1995 and I really don't think whatever was ordered was for that amount. It may have been, but from that long ago, I'm not sure. I definitely have not ordered from them in the past 10 years. I was a bit spooked when the caller pressed me for payment info and when I said I could maybe make monthly payments by check she asked for my bank information--that is, the routing number and bank account. I am not comfortable sharing that info with anyone I do not know. What other details do you need? By the way, I've contacted you on the advice of my friend, Valerie Douglas. Your firm helped her with a similar problem from Dynamic Recovery!

Just got off the phone with a representative from alpha recovery group for an old credit card that I am making payments directly to the original creditor. I told alpha this when I noticed they were on my credit report!

I JUST FORWARDED AN EMAILTOYOUR OFFICE REGARDNG CONVERGENT OUTSCOURING INC IN RENTON WASHINGTON. iam pasting the letter I sent to convergent just incase they don't receive it. Dear convergent outscoring Inc. Date march 14th 2014. I am referring to your debt collection letter dated 2/24/2014. Century link previous debt in the amount of $ 125. I am writing today to notify your agency to stop calling me since your calls have exceeded the maximum amount of times in the past few weeks and since your agency has harassed me over the debt which I have disputed on the phone with century link which I do not recognize right after I have closed the account, even though I did so century link has attempted to collect bills which I have not used. although they have been mistaken about the last bills I have sent them a note that I will be paying them $25 per month,I have sent them payments every 2-3 weeks by checks that have been documented by my bank ,right after I have paid most of the alleged amount of the last bill and right after $ 125 left from the amount century link has decided to turn me into collection. Convergent outscoring INC. should know that century link services have exceeded the amount of their debt also has harassed me and my wife after they have disconnected the internet line for more than 3 weeks and right after we have contacted them via phone calls for 3 weeks and many hours that I wasted from my daily life and work trying and attempting to recover my internet access which they intentionally disconnected for more than 3 weeks and have ignored our calls and bounced us around those 3 weeks. Century link then responded after all the excess hours and days we attempted to resolve the issue ,they suggested we bundle up our bill with Verizon wireless company through our cellphones and go with century link and bundle up with one bill, that was not so keen and that was a nightmare we have encountered ,my wife is a witness to the events and nightmares harassments century link employees intentionally caused us they have acted weird and rude and denied any responsibility related to that act , century link should be ashamed of themselves turning me into collection which indicates the amount of vindictiveness they have carried before and after we have cancelled their services!

I had recently been receiving calls from a number 312-712-9233 they have been threatening me and I wanted advice. They said there from a company bureau criminal investigation and I owed a debt of 400 dollars they threatened me with jail time black flagging my ss# and some other corrupt. I feel very violated I thought things like these matters are civil I never committed a crime in my life I felt violated!

yesterday in regard to a debt collector do-called that was threatening me I was advised to leave my email address. These debt collector called me saying that I owed 400 threatened me with jail time!

I received a letter from dynamic recovery solutions but I am being told it is a scam because I looked it up on the internet. It said I owed $157 for an old credit card HSBC which I did have years ago but it says if I pay $55 now it will be paid in full. I've done this before and the place sent me an agreement that I had to sign and send back but this is different!

I have recieved a letter from dynamic recovery solutions attempting to collect a dept that is over 10 years old. I am also being contacted weekly by other companies for the exact same debt. I have told them in the past its not mine but they still cont to harass me. I have vm on my phone from automated calls from different comaniez threatening to serve me with legal documents to my work or home almost weekly. They claim i owe a debt from providian and that company has been closed for years!

Is there any action being taken currently against cashcall? I am in California and am getting up to 25 calls per day and they are emailing me for new debit card authorization forms and I am not even behind on a payment. What the heck!

I was supposed to receive and email from Samantha today so I could send her back some files!

I spoke with you earlier and was wondering if someone will be contacting me or do I need to call in? Sure I was having trouble picking up the phone because of the area I was in. Hello I was served by Portfolio Recovery and have a court date, and I was wondering what to do next. Sure It says for Jc Pennys credit card for 955.38. Never had a card for that amount. I assume it is court cost included as well. I am in a building that my service goes in and out so who ever calls please tell them to leave a message. I will call back right away!

Enhanced recovery has filled a false credit report to two credit score agencies on August 10 which resulted in my FICO score dropping from 812 last month to 699 today. There are no other reports on my credit reports. What can I do? My son is named after me. He had an account with ATT which was settled 3 or 4 years ago. 1.5 years ago I received a collection notice from Enhanced trying to collect this debt. I live in a different state and they were able to get my address. Contacted ATT and there is not account owed by my son or me, yet the persist. Called them today and got no help. my son lives in the house in waycross that I lived in 12 years ago and I still own the house. I checked on line there are many similar complaints about the company!

I saw an ad if a certain # calls me to contact you.. 201-806-3179 keeps calling me. they assume i am the person that answers the phone....i tell them they have the wrong number but they still call. nothing more to say....i don't acknowledge my true identity. not at all...i'm going to send you the link that i got your info from!

got both a deman letter and a phone call from Dynamic for $7400. I faxed in a copy of the letter and a copy of my chapter 7 discharge to Helen Blazevic on June 6, 2014 and heard nothing in return. Then Pooja emailed me and asked me if I wanted representation for a claim or suit against Dynamic. I just emailed her the demand letter again. My questions: your office seems busy and perhaps not totally organized. Why? Also, how do I know that this isn't going to turn into an expensive protracted mess for me? What can I expect to gain from it? Thanks!

Trying to fax a signed legal document but an answering machine picks up!

hello.I saw a youtube video about your firm and how to stop husband had a loan with them years ago, and he got the insurance in case he got hurt or lost his job, it was suppose to pay off the balance. they kept telling us it would be a few days, then 30 days, then 60, 90 days, before we would get copies of the insurance paperwork..then it became get out of our office. my husband did lose his job..and they refused to turn it into the insurance. they started saying it wasn't for that, to we never got it. (sorry..i have a messed up hand so have to type 1 handed)anyway..they took him to court...the judge told him plead guilty it would only be on his credit for 3 to 5 years...what a short..the judge entered the plea..not my husband. that judgment is the only thing stopping us from rebuilding his credit...we want to get a 2nd (used) car so I will have something while hes working in case I need to go somewhere..i don't/cant work and get no disability. we never got a copy of the insurance he took out on the loan....they kept holding us off on getting a copy till after 6 months they said we never got insurance...we live in a crooked me on that one I'm from here and I know all to that's how the judge made the plea of 'guilty' in the small claims action instead of my husband..he wanted to fight it but the judge told him it was in his best interest not to!

I am being issued a summons by a junk debt buyer Portfolio Recovery Associates. I was sent a summons for a Oct 21, the plaintiff is Portfolio Recovery Associates, and they are asking for payment on a credit card debt from years ago. Oct 21 is the pre trail date. I understand but so far without even asking for legal advice I have already been sent 4 notices by regular mail, and it is very stressful as is without being reminded. so far as I understand the law, in florida. I have never delt with this company they have never had contact with me, except for being the plaintiff in the documents. so the basis is of the summons is groundless!

I have an issue to try and see if you guys could might help me. I had a debt where I was taken to court. It was for a repo. I got a judgment against me. I did not pay it all but they must have sold the account to another attorney and then when they did contact me it was almost double in what the original total amount was for. I did a validation letter to them to explain to me where all this extra money was coming from and did it ceritified mail. Well they never responded to the certified letter. They signed for the letter august 26 and as of today's date I have not received anything certified or regular mail from them the letter stated that they had the 30 days or they needed to remove it from my credit. my issue is i know i owe some but no double ofthe original amount. i want it off my credit but they will be able to put it back on there, right? the originating creditor was Capitol One and the account went to Farrell and Zeldin (sp) in colorado!

I am being harassed by debt collection they said they don't care if I file bankruptcy and they are calling my wife's family telling them I owe them money etc. They call and say I have a fraudulent check and to call them back at a number they never answer they have been told about the bankruptcy won't provide an address or anything. The number was listed on the comments in your website when I googled it that is what came up!

I recieve letters from MRS. All the time. The lettersa are about a collection. A collection for chase Bank for $4800.00. Although, I do owe them money, I do not owe them that much, so I suppose it's late fees and such. They don't have my # because I had it changed. I got a letter today. they are sending it to the IRS and suing me. I have 3 chices. pay $1872 in a week or $1176 in 2 weeks or monthly payments. I lost my son who was 18 4 yrs ago. I admit I owe the $$, but since then I guess I just lost it. I let go of everything. I just really didn't care. I lost my job, I am now only working 12 hrs a week as my Dr. doesn't think I need to have a lot of stress. I know I owe them, but I don't have it!

I came across this website while trying to figure out how to get rent a center top so harassing me and my family. We have been customers of rent a center for 4 years and have even paid off for items that we now own We are still renting from them which includes 2 tv's that we have been consecutively paying on for a year. We have run into some financial hardships recently and paid them over 300 dollars last week and they keep showing up to my house threating legal action if we do not return the tvs. We get anywhere between six to ten phone calls a day and at least 2 to 3 harassing notices a day. We told them we will be making our payments starting next week but they won't even work with us. We have 4 children as well and they start pounding on the door early in the morning sounding like the swat team and scarring or kids...we don't even answer the door any more...they swear at us, threaten to file criminal theft charges and garnish or wages. They are calling right now as we speak...they call back to back. I can't think of anything else besides ask the calls and showing up on the doorstep harassing and threatening us in front of our children!

I am being sued by a junk debt collector, Atlantic Credit & Finance, and was served papers today. This is a debt that I originally incurred with a capital one credit card. I tried to settle with them through a debt counseling agency, but they refused. Then the charges were sold off to Atlantic in July!

I am LanaI have a default student loan and the company. The company that has my loan is charging interest so high the interest rate is almost the balance of the loan. My original loan amount was 22,000, now the Loan amount is 31,000. Can you help me with that!

Hi I am here on behalf of a letter threatening incarceration for a debt that is in the hands of GC Services. I read an article on the company and there was a directive to contact your organization if I was threatened by GC Services. Well I received a letter saying If I dont pay the debt I can be arrested. I called their number and told them they are not allowed to make those types of threats under the fair debt collection act and then a manager got on the phone and said yes they are and the letters they send out are approved by the state. The attorney generals office in the state of texas wants me to file complaints!

Do you take clients who have a new substitute trustee (debt collector firm) who have sent me 65 notices of Trustee sale in one day. They violated quite a few provisions of the fdcpa and Rosenthal act what more explanation, it is hard to type so much info, easier to speak over the phone!

i will liked to sue my mortgage service co. Bank of America sold our mortgage to Greentree 6/1/13. since that time we have been lied to,misinformed, payments have been misapplied, forced property tax escrow, after we had paid our property taxes, forced flood insurance, harrassed by phone calls, fees, charges, and misapplied payments, with no explanation. We have been disrespected, and we continue to make our mortgage payments. they are to the point the have forced us to do a loan modification. I cannot believe that our government allows a mortgage company to treat people this way. we have filed complaints with the better business bureau with the banking commission and now we have being to file complaints to our local congressman, senator and more. better business bureau originally had their ratings as :"F" and now you cannot find a rating on them. We have read so many blogs of people complaining, and now many lawsuits are been settled. there is a couple that won over 1 million in Tampa Florida for harrassment. something has to be done. Tampa Florida, and we called the attorney in that case, and he represents customer rights regarding phone call harrassments. since our calls have stopped, they said they could not represent us!

I found your site online last week - looking for some way to stop the dratted Direct tv robo calls - now today I rec'd the VERY nice christmas note and update... VERY well done... The robo calls have stopped as of last week - however they may start again... My main concern this week is how to find an atty here in Santa Fe NM to help my disabled Vietnam vet brother... he is showing signs of Alzheimer's and I need an atty to get his records which VA says they cannot find... How do I find an atty here to work with me on his behalf? any advice appreciated... very sincerely, Dana Chwan, military widow... I have a website - which will verify my military widow status... or google my name provides a lot of info also... I just want to help my brother and don't know how to get an atty here in Santa Fe!

I received a call from Diversified Consultants at work today. I saw that there is a possibility I could sue for harrassment!

I am in search of information on a debt I am being contacted by from Bank Of America. I received a letter from a Debt recovery agency about an old credit card from Bank of America. I first contact Bank Of America to find out the last date of activity for the card and when it was charged off. I found out the credit card has been charged off since Feb. 2003. The amount the gentleman is saying I owe on the card is totally an incorrect!

Hi, I would like to know if you can stop Portfolio from calling. I just don't know what it could be. I started receiving calls almost 2 month almost everyday sometime more than once. That's all I know. The asked me what my s.s. and phone number was but I would not disclose this information to someone I never heard of!

I need some assistance on how to handle an old judgement that has popped back up. It's not a large amount, but I would like to settle it without it affecting my credit. Thanks