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Michael Agruss

Written and Reviewed by Michael Agruss

  • Managing Partner and Personal Injury Lawyer at Mike Agruss Law.
  • Over 20 years of experience in Personal Injury.
  • Over 8000+ consumer rights cases settled.
  • Graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law: Juris Doctor, 2004.

Your credit score represents your creditworthiness, and the likelihood that you will pay your debts. Lenders use credit scores to evaluate the potential risk of lending money to consumers. The most well-known and widely used credit scoring model is the FICO score, which is based on the information in your credit report.

We at Mike Agruss Law can help you dispute credit report information that is inaccurate, obtain your free credit report, and handle the dispute process with the credit reporting companies.

Credit Report Errors Can Cost You

Even a single error on your credit report can be very costly. Mistakes in credit reports are actually common and affect most consumers. Depending on the nature of the error in your credit file, your credit score may take a small hit or a very substantial one. The potential damage caused by a credit report mistake includes:

  • Higher credit card interest rates, which can add up to thousands.
  • Higher homeowner’s insurance and car insurance premiums, as insurance companies analyze your credit.
  • Higher mortgage interest rates, which can easily add up to tens of thousands over the life of your loan.
  • Higher private student loan interest rates.
  • Higher auto loan interest rates.
  • Lost job opportunities, as many employers will not hire anyone with bad credit.
  • Denied government clearance.

Effects of Bad Credit

Studies have analyzed the financial difference between bad credit and excellent credit. The results? Having bad credit — even if it is the result of mistakes on your report — could cost an extra $65 per month in insurance premiums, $95 a month on a home equity loan, $282 a month on a mortgage, $138 per month on an auto loan, and $9,200 in additional interest charges on an average credit card balance.

How the FICO Score Model Works

A FICO score ranges from 300 to 850. About 60% of consumers fall between 650 and 799, with a median score of 723. Every consumer has three credit scores using the FICO model because all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) use their own database, and information varies between bureaus.

Credit scores are used by a credit reporting company to measure the risk of default by considering several factors of a consumer’s history. FICO has released the following components that go into its credit score:

35%: Payment History

Late payments on any bills or accounts will cause a FICO score to drop significantly. Meanwhile, a history of on-time payments will boost a FICO score.

30%: Credit Utilization

This refers to the ratio of current revolving debt, like credit card balances, to the total available credit. A FICO score may be improved by paying own debt to lower the credit utilization ratio or receiving a credit limit increase. Closing existing accounts will generally hurt a FICO score by impacting this ratio.

15%: Length of Credit History

As your credit history ages, it has a positive effect on your FICO score.

10%: Type of Credit Used

Having a history of successfully managing several types of credit increases a FICO score. Types of credit include mortgage, installment, revolving, and consumer finance debt.

10%: Recent Credit Inquiries

Credit inquiries occur when you seek new credit and it has a small impact on your FICO score. If you are shopping for a car loan or mortgage, all credit inquiries are recorded and displayed on your credit report for two years. Only credit inquiries you initiate, or those initiated by an employer or a company for a prescreened offer will not have an impact on your score.

Three Major Credit Bureaus

Each credit bureau markets their score generated with their information in a different way:

  • Experian: FICO Advanced Risk Score
  • TransUnion: Precision
  • Equifax: Pinnacle

It is crucial that you check your credit report at least once a year to correct errors and to detect unauthorized activity. Once again, the information in your credit report affects whether or not you get a loan, and it determines your interest rate when you do get a loan.

The information also affects insurance, renting a home, and even getting a job. Therefore, you want to make sure the information in your credit report is accurate, complete, and up-to-date before you apply for a loan or a credit card, before you apply for a job, before you apply for insurance, and before you submit a rental application.

Remember: you have a right to dispute credit report errors, and our office will assist you every step of the way.

Contact Us Today!

If you need assistance with a FICO score dispute, credit reporting, or other problems involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), contact Mike Agruss Law for a free consultation. Our consumer law attorneys can help you dispute errors on your credit and any inaccurate information, and both the credit bureau and business which supplied the inaccurate or incomplete information will be responsible for correcting it.

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Submitted Comments

10 months ago
I was sitting on my couch on a Sunday morning when I overheard them talking about Clever Credit Fix. I had to make more inquiry about how I could get this done without falling victim to a hacker again with the intention to seek advice regarding my late payment, negative items and how I could raise my credit score across my three credit bureaus reports. I got in contact with the hacker the following days and he replied quickly about how I could get everything done within the next 72 hours. I never knew I could live a happily live once more until I paid off my outstanding credit debt on my credit report and got approved for an auto loan deal worth over $178k within few weeks then I can finally testify that I got my credit score been boosted to 810 without no physical contact or any traces been found on my credit report activities. You can make contact with him anytime through C L E V E R C R E D I T F I X 1 @ G M A I L . C O M
10 months ago
Story about how I got away from bankruptcy . If you are truly In need of a hacker who can take you out of financial stress plus boost up your credit score permanently without it coming back to your tradeline then you need to search no more as you can contact XAPCREDITSOLUTION AT GMAIL DOT COM. I have strongly believed in XAP Credit after Justin Lemme recommended him. I had bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, medical debts and other negative items that messed up my score. He was able to clear up my capital one credit card and Discover card too, he also cleared up other debts, negative items, removed foreclosure, bankruptcy, collections and increased my fico score. I am thankful for your help and to Justin Lemme who recommended you guys.
4 years ago
My credit score dropped 5 points when Equifax stated that Ameris bank report my account closed. My account was not closed. I called the bank and the only thing they could tell me was that they had a team working on it. I'm trying to buy a house!! Hard to even get your score up one point and this has caused me to loose 5!!!
7 years ago
Good morning. I am having a very serious problem with navient and at this point I really don't know what to do.... of course. Several years I had to take out student loans from a university that eventually got rid of the program that I was taking and had gone through a layoff back in 2009 and could not finish my degree program. These were private loans that my mom at the time was able to cosign for. But we got hit hard with other finanacial hardships over the several years including a major job loss with me recently. Navient has tried to get me to pay $150 every three months for forbearance and will not grant me a deferrment and now they are threatening default in a week. There is much more to this , but I want to give you a summary since we are on chat. It's too complicated. A lot of the mail I have received from them has no return address, the calls they leave my vm are from so many different phone numbers, I have received hundreds of robocalls from them . I am in job transition right now, my mom is 79 and still has to work. This is just horrible and I really need advocacy here... Certainly. Take your time. I just got off the phone with them and I am very angry about their tactics. The best time to reach me is Monday afternoon. I do have my promissory note for them to look at. I really feel that Navient is committing fraudulent collection tactics... A few things. I am currently unemployed and my mom was also a cosignor. These were private loans and at the time I was attending Drexel University. When I initially tried to get an advocate at Navient, it took 13 phonecalls just to get someone on the phone. Their marketing/collections never has a return address on it!
7 years ago
I do owe Sallie Mae and I am in default and though I've explained to navient I am not in a position to currently make payments the calls do not stop... They call my family , family in law and even sent an email to my wife's boss through his work email! Is there anyway to stop the harrasment or at least have they only contact me if they need to continue?? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
7 years ago
Good afternoon I have been receiving NUMEROUS back to back to back phone calls from do I get this to stop? I apparently owe a hospital money (have not received any bills to my knowledge). Now getting 3 and 4 phone calls a day from medical data systems demanding paymenr Today I got a phone call at 1:43, 1:44, and 1:46. Thank you. I do admit that I do owe some hospital debt but I am already in a court agreement and paying a few bills down in monthly payments but this has gotten ridiculous with them!
7 years ago
I contacted you yesterday about the audit systems collection agency. There are a few more facts I wish for you to know!
7 years ago
I was looking for information on debt collection assistance. I received a court summons on a debt. I was going to attend myself but have decided to seek assistance because there really is no information on it in regards to what account its for. I have a couple of accounts in collections and I want to pay them off before they too are sent to court. Also I know its extremely last minute but like I mentioned I was going to attend myself but that summons says I have to reply by tomorrow am!
7 years ago
I read that I could contact your law firm for assistance with my issue. I have been contacted a couple of time by Dynamic Recovery Solutions asking for a $517.13 payment for a bill that I supposedly owe dating back to December 2007. This last time they contacted me they were offering a settlement of $300.57 which I did not take because I don't feel that I owe this money. They could not even tell me who they were collecting for!
7 years ago
I've been getting calls from Dynamic Recovery Solutions, and now have received a letter from them on a debt that I know is past the SOL already, and I heard you can help. I stated to them in the call that the debt was beyond the SOL and they are still insisting I pay it. I had an old debt with Orchard Bank, I think it was a $300.00 credit card if I remember right although it was a really long time ago. The account went into collections, but I was unable to pay it. It has been off of my credit report for a while now and out of nowhere I am getting these calls and letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Stating that I owe 1377.83, but can settle for a one time payment of $482.24, or two payments totaling $688.92, or four payments totaling $895.59!
7 years ago
I have been contacted by a collection group MRS BPO about two student loans from National Collegiate Trust that are in their collections. I took out a 30,000 loan in 2005 and then another 30,000 in 2006. I started to pay on them. I filed chapt. 13 in 2011 but was discharged in sept 2013. They started calling me in December saying the loans are now totaling $85000. I sought local advice from an attorney and sent a letter asking for a full disclosure of my payments on both accounts. they sent that info via email. They say the only option I have it to settle both accounts for $48,000 AND pay $2000 a month for 24 months. I am a teacher and can't afford that. I am also working with other collections and paying down other accounts. I am afraid I am going to get sued by them!
7 years ago
I was going over my bank statements and saw there was a withdrawal for 800.00. From the eastpont recovery group firm .I have been also received calls saying it was a law firm and that action was going to be taken.they would also call my daughter and my husbands cells. Now we don't have what we need to pay some bills!
Jolie Ayn
7 years ago
debt collection, summons, Discover. that would be preferable for any communications at least in the next hour. Also, want to confirm that no fees apply for engaging in email and/or telephone conversation. Thank you for understanding. I'm going to need to charge this laptop (and my phone) for a bit so will check back in about 15-20 minutes via email and should be ok to go. If we can start with email that would be appreciated or I can make an appointment to call later tonight or in morning. Whatever is easier on your end. I can also call a number after about 45 minutes vs. something ringing here if that makes sense. morgan & pottinger. Does the initial consult have attorney/client privilege or no? Everything is such a web that is difficult to figure out... I also do want to ensure that anyone I would be speaking with would in no way be affiliated with morgan & pottinger, discover bank, or any entity related between all and me. Per above-- we left it at the initial consult would begin over email and then move to phone. I did not receive an email. I am happy to make an appointment to speak with someone in the morning if that is better!
7 years ago
Is it normal that an collection agency keep calling at my parents house and give perso mal information about me? i am not living there since 12 years my parents are stress when they get calls like this. Someone even told me that i will regret if i do not pay. I have now some money problème i admit i have kids and my boyfriend Just lost is job. Give me a chance!
7 years ago
I have a consumer case that I am looking to file against a collection agency for numerous FDCPA violations. my one issue is that I cant seem to find them. I got a voicemail from a company threatening suit, gave a case number and stated that I had been officially notified. they called from an unknown number and left a toll free number. when I called back, it said that I had reached National. I have the recording of the VM, as well as the recording of the conversation where the "legal advisor" informed me that they had filed fraud charges against me in a county that I did not live in, or the county where the debt was incurred, informed me that I could go to jail for fraud, etc. I am currently trying to get a hold of the VM that she left my ex husband in regards to legal matters being filed against me as well!
7 years ago
Dynamic Recovery Solutions keeps calling my house constantly and they are harassing me. I don't even know what the debt is? I have been getting phone calls from them for over 6 months now from various phone numbers but when they leave a message it is always dynamic recovery solutions and it is always a different persons voice leaving me messages. Should I call the BBB? I dob't want to answer my phone!
7 years ago
how can i make a payment plan with them. i bought a car and i am now 2 mths behind. my grandfather died and i got backed up in my bills. i did my taxes and i should be getting something next week. i just dont want to lose my car!
7 years ago
I received a document from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They are saying that I have an outstanding bill from Montgomery Wards dating back to the early 90's. I just spoke with the credit department of Montgomery Ward,s and they were unable to find me in there data base. What number will your representative be calling from. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize!
7 years ago
I was just seeing what info there is about dynamic recovery solutions calling me at work. I have not called them back yet. They have called twice. have never been called at home nore received a letter. All I know is that Dynamic Recovery Solutions has called me a couple times at my work extension but I have not called them back as of yet. My wife and I did have a couple years where we couldnt pay things due to layoffs and income change. I have been paying all that I thought I owe for the past year or so. Maybe I missed a debtor. we're just trying to get back on track after some financial hell!
7 years ago
I just received a summons and complaint from Morgan and Pottinger and I was curious on what I need to do? I received a letter from them in Feb I sent a certified letter back Feb 10 requesting validation. I received the validation back feb 28. Then got slammed today with the summons. My question is is this company able to work with a client in Indiana!
7 years ago
was just chatting with someone earlier but we were disconnected. i gave the person my phone number but not my name!
7 years ago
it is in regards to a western dental complaint ....i noticed that Arguss Law Firm has filed against WD before!
7 years ago
I reported a change of email address to you, but this offer of a news letter came to my old email address which will no longer work in one week!
7 years ago
I am looking up information concerning santander consumer usa and came across this website. I cant seem to get rid of these people. They called me one time, threatened garnishment, which is not allowed in in my state, which pissed off the lady that im quite knowledgeable, lol. But I had a loan that I defaulted on, and once the car was auction, my balance was around 6500. I dont know what I did with it, but they reported that I owe 15,000+ dollars to credit bureau. They sold the debt to another companybwhich I havevthe letter for showing a balance of 8500. Can they do this? This letter I have, shows the original creditor and its not them. One credit bureau says it was transferred, so how can it still be reported. The statutes of limitations have passed!
7 years ago
a company that allegedly identifies sex offenders has falsely identified me as such. i lost a contract job at a company due to a google search and my name was identified through this company. i did some investigation of this company and the owners have been convicted of fraud when they owned some other companies. they also would charge $499 to remove information from their database but then not do it. this company has directly cost me a 1 year contract due to this false information...and this was not the first time that negative info affected me!
Leon Carey
7 years ago
I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy last year that got discharged successfully. I do know it is illegal for creditors to harass you afterward but my situation is slightly different. The creditor isn't calling themselves they are using third party agencies to call me. Once I tell them I file bankruptcy they hang and then the next day a different agency is calling about the SAME creditor. Is this legal. I'm tired of the threats and harassment from different companies about a creditor that I filed Chapter 7 to erase debt!
Darren M.
7 years ago
I just sent a letter directly to Attorney Michael Agruss we have been in touch concerning some issues concerning my wife and negative medical facts being prescribed the drug named Respiradal.I wanted to recieved your news letter and was just updating my request. thank You I already have a relationship established with Mr. Agruss he grew up in Merrit Island Cocoa Beach are were I live Thank You. Attorney Michel S. Agruss was notified about a month ago when I was recieving Phone calls and Threats from a company called Dynamic Debt Recovery.We Spoke and the phone calls stopped he's aware of the facts we spoke on the phone I e-mailed pictures of my caller I.D. this company threaened to end my wife a IRS form and told me her personal financial information reguarding a 12 year old Debt prior to my wife and I even being married 02/07/2009 breched her confidentially and told me it was my Debt now since we are married Threatened to send a IRS form requiring me to claim a 12 yer old debt as incom on my 203 taxes it never occured because thats when I contacted Attorney!
7 years ago
I am the ex wife of abt 20 years from David Alt. My name is janis Alt. I received a call from dynasmic recovery solutions. they left a message on my answering machine asking for someone to return a call normally Miranda did not ask for the individual that they were calling for David so I return their call I asked for the qualified manager and they refused. I am under doctors care due to abuse from David I have PTSD and I now have a cutting disorder I'm under psychiatrists psychiatric care the counselor I go to a group forgot it was 12 step group I'm under medication and I don't know how they got my number for him. I am using the verbal email because it's easiest for me this is a very hard situation for me to even hear its name. Has become a cutter or a picker as they say because of the situa abuse from him physical emotional and sexual. I have become a cutter or picker as they say not hit not davidjust said they left a message on the machine to return the call that it is they were a collection agency the name of the agency is dynamic recovery solutions they did not leave a message for any specific name they did not leave the mini Miranda umand that's about it!
7 years ago
My question is that i have been reached by this company about a debt. If am not mistaken its been about 7 years ago. Would this mean that i would have a case with y'all. But what would i tell them when they call me again. They have reach me at work as well. You meant if i have spoken with y'all before. I just want to know what i can do to resolve this matter. I know that they have no right to reach me at work. They told me that they would use some form to garnish my income if i didn't pay them!
7 years ago
can you tell me how can i find out if the collection company have right information? the dept is from 2001 and its scaring me, i need to get rid of them!
7 years ago
I just recieved a request from Dynamic solutions to pay a debt I never heard of. I saw the youtube video. The debt is for 221.68 from sprint ltd. I've never had a pay cell phone and haven't had a home phone in my name for about 15 years. The lawyer best suited to assist you is unavailable to chat at the moment, but I can have someone from our legal team contact you as soon as possible!
7 years ago
I believe that I have been victimized by the same collector that your firm just sued. this collector called me and was very nasty about the amount owed and said if I couldn't pay it immediately he would turn it in to collection , which he did and now my credit is suffering!
7 years ago
I was trying to find out if Sunrise Credit Services can collect in Indiana, I have had a very hard time with them, and I am at my breaking point with them. Sunrise says they have a account with me through ITT Tech, a student loan, it has been almost a year and despite me asking for proof, because I do not recall student loans with them, they have refused to send me anything, they call me all the time, I have stopped answering my cell phone for numbers I do not know, I have asked and sent a letter asking them to stop calling me,and of course they do. I started paying on the account because I feel threatened by them, I offered 151 a month and that's not good enough. I just want proof and I want to deal with ITT Tech directly. It is Sunrise Credit in Farmingdale, NY Julianne Delgardo is who I deal with. I am scared. I have never been in a situation like this before, and I have never talked to a lawyer before, so I honestly do not know!
7 years ago
do you handle "do not call list" calls?unwanted calls by telemarketers. I'm on the "do not call list"!
7 years ago
I am curious about what steps I can take to delete a record off of my credit score. I was hoping I could get some insight into this matter, and would appreciate it if you could assist me. In the time-frame of 2008 to 2009, I had a few surgeries on my hand. Since the incident, there were hundreds (maybe an overstatement) of bills coming in the mail for the procedure. All from different departments, companies, firms, doctors, hospitals, etc. Insurance paid everything, and my family and I paid the rest....Years later, when I looked at my credit score, I found out that I had numerous outstanding balances still with the procedure. The hospital had NO idea, my insurance company was clueless, and we were wondering what the heck happened. Long story short, over the course of the last 2 years, we're still finding random accounts pop-up from the Medical Business Bureau. We've asked them for over 2 years to send us an itemized list of accounts, amounts owed, the doctors/places it originally came from, and for written accounts of when they sent it to us. STILL, we receive new accounts to this day and they supply NO information. Worse case, you could have them reach me at my work line: My main goal is two things: (1) To delete these items from my credit report. The Medical Business Bureau refuses to do such a thing, and I find this to be unacceptable if they're not committed to doing their part in supplying proper documentation and proof for their allegations.(2) Ensure that they do not bring up any other faulty accounts. We have caught them in the past having multiple debt collectors claiming we owe them debt, however all these different agencies have the same account number...that was paid off to another collection agency. I will appreciate that greatly. I will greatly appreciate it as well if I would be able to get any insight or recommendations on what the lawyer believes is the appropriate response to this situation as well!
7 years ago
Portfolio Associates is a third party to a repossession my daughter received, yes I co-signed but was never notified until 6 months afterwards. They contact my Ex and tell him that she is going to be arrested, they have a warrant for her. He in turn calls me with questions, then I have to tell them they are violating the law, they argue. My daughter came to me needing a vehicle, I agreed, her credit was horrible, but then again so was mine. So I co-signed, a single mother of two making 30K a year, couldn't be much help. She moves out and is gone, then 6 months after she hasn't paid, the vehicle is repossessed, I get a call asking for 2800 on a 2000 Kia and take over $300 a month payments for 36 months, they have to be crazy. I told them I can't even afford the $300 a month and you want 2800? It won't happen. So he was repossessed, sold and her Pharmacy Tech license was in the vehicle, so she can't do that job-bingo without a job and car- Then last year my Ex started calling me, he was getting a call from a prosecutor saying they were going to arrest her, (he is a former police officer). I called them it was this place, they proceeded to inform me they had a warrant for her arrest-really? You get the car, sell it and you are arresting her for? They said for failure to pay the full amount. I said and how do you expect that to happen? Generally after 5:30 p.m, I am a Paralegal by trade I know this is wrong but I can't seem to get it through their thick skull. I have the number they left my ex, he texted it to me. Funny, they quit calling me last year when I told them they were wrong now they call all the other contacts and tell them!
7 years ago
I keep having my cell phone blown up by robo calls for payday loans and loan companies looking for a lady who apparently had this phone number 4 years ago. I have repeatedly told everyone calling to stop but about every 6 months I get 60 + calls a day for a week or so with the same offers!
7 years ago
How should you handle an collection agency (TRS Recovery) when it is in regard to an ACH that was unauthorized and was reported to the bank as fraudlent.? They know are threatening to put into collection. We found ach debit from a walmart. Reported it to bank within days. They reversed charge and credited our account. We closed account to protect from happening again. Now we get a letter saying we stop paymented on the ACH and owe them the amount plus a fee or it wil be marked on Telecheck which owns TRS recovery so can't wirte a check or be able to open bank account. Have a claim with bank found in our favor. How do I get them to understand this was fraud. There was no orignial check involved and our bank isn't very helpful because they are very inexperienced!
7 years ago
Allied Interstate LLC is the problem, calling every day, believe it is student loans? Unknown otherwise. I usually hang up on them, so particulars are unknown. They have been blocked on the phone and are still harassing. Will need to do that at a separate time. ARS out of California is one for sure!
7 years ago
hi Megan.... Im not real good on the computer, is there anyone I can personally talkl to ? Mr Agruss has help me before. I'm in Bristol, Tn 37620... got a Christmas card from thought that was a nice touch!!ok... have been getting calls from a telemarker prob 3 times this month.... each time I have asked them to please not call again... the 2nd time I told them I had told them before and I would consider it harrasment if they called again so today they called again and I tried to get him from rattling on and on n asked him if he was from Medtronics (my diabetes supplier) he said "yes" I said then you should know I am NOT due to get a new meter for 3-4 months... I said you should know that IF you are from Medtronics, he then started back stepping... he continued to talk... asked me for 1 minute.. I said ok... but you've already had your minute, so please slow down and listen.. I have asked that calls from your center to be STOP! and I now consider this harassment... so I thought of Mr. Agruss but first I called the number back and a man with not so much accent answered...and I asked him (same guy) the name of the company and where he was located.... he said he was with "Health Group" his name was Chris Jackson and he is in Florida!
7 years ago
Michael asked me to write a short story on how he helped me on my case.This is so he can use it to draw more people his way that have the same propblems. I will contact him myself when time allows it!
7 years ago
Hi im deborah and i would like to talk on the telephone regarding a personal injury is it pissible to have ine of your lawyers call me at 773.544.9102. Prefer to discuss my case anonmiusly first. I may ir may not gave a case and i di not feel my phone is that secure!