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Upon its introduction in the 1970s, telemarketing presented an excellent opportunity for businesses to directly contact the consumer to promote and sell their goods. By definition, telemarketing sells goods or services straight to potential consumers via the phone, internet, or fax.

This way of advertising products increased sales numbers over the years. However, this form of marketing caused a lot of problems, mainly due to the intrusive manner of reaching people and the high risk of scams. 

Over the years, many people express their annoyance regarding the obnoxious amount of phone calls, junk faxes, and text messages. This is evidenced by the Federal Trade Commission receiving close to 18,000 complaints each year, plus TCPA class actions being filed in court. 

Due to the increasing number of complaints filed over the following decades, the United States Congress and then-president George H. W. Bush passed a law to reduce the problem. 

This federal law is most commonly known as TCPA, and it can have more severe consequences than it may seem. Its purpose is to forbid businesses or other contractors from making phone calls, sending text messages, or faxing clients who have not given their consent to receive such advertisements. 

What is TCPA? 

TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a US federal law enacted in 1991 to respond to the enormous number of telemarketing complaints and the danger of scams and fraud. 

Despite the implementation of the TCPA rules, the number of robocalls has multiplied over the past few years as a consequence of technological development. No matter how many TCPA claims the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) receives annually, telemarketers do not refrain from making calls to every cell phone available on the list since it is easier to mask the caller’s identity.

The purpose of this law is to protect consumers from unwanted calls, spam text messages, and junk faxes that can bother them or put them at risk. This law also gives consumers the right to file class-action and other lawsuits and receive compensation for those telemarketing calls.  

TCPA Regulations

To ensure safer telemarketing, the TCPA and the FCC established a list of regulations that businesses should honor to avoid legal violations that could lead to an eventual consumer class action. 

The purpose of these regulations is to provide a guideline to businesses when it comes to telemarketing calls since the principles apply in cases where the clients have not given prior consent. They are as follows: 

  • Solicitors are prohibited from calling clients before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M. in the respective time zone. 
  • Every business or any type of solicitor must keep track of telephone numbers that are in the “do-not-call” list. This register contains the names of people who asked not to be called and must be honored for five years. 
  • Every solicitor must provide their name, the name of the person or entity they are calling on behalf of, and their contact data like phone number and address. 
  • Solicitors are not allowed to use an artificial voice or recording when they contact residences. 
  • Companies are prohibited from using automated telephone equipment and an artificial or prerecorded voice message to an emergency line like 911, a hospital or a doctor’s number, a cell phone, or any other service that would cause the recipient to be charged for the call.
  • Solicitors are prohibited from using an autodialer to call two or more lines of the same business. 
  • Any unsolicited advertising fax is prohibited. 
  • Solicitors must honor the National Do Not Call Registry.

TCPA and Prior Consent

TCPA violations can have serious repercussions that could damage a business in many aspects, which is why asking every consumer for consent is crucial. Unwanted calls, spam text messages, and junk faxes not only disturb the peace of any person but might also confuse them. 

If you are a business that wants to have fair contact with your clients, you must know that there are two kinds of consent: 

  • Prior express consent: a written or oral agreement that indicates the particular telephone number the client wants to be called. 
  • Prior express written consent: a written agreement that authorizes the caller to deliver any telemarketing message. This sort of permission must contain the receiver's written or electronic signature, a signed piece of paper, or a button click acknowledging the agreement. The caller must also state that consent is not required to make a purchase. 

However, in certain situations, a consumer can receive phone calls, messages, and faxes from solicitors authorized by the TCPA to ignore the “do-not-call” rule. In the following circumstances, solicitors are allowed to register with and access cell phone numbers from the Do Not Call Registry: 

  • A consumer may still receive telephone calls from healthcare solicitors whose calls are covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 
  • A consumer may still receive phone calls from political campaigns.
  • A consumer may still receive phone calls from non-profit organizations. 
  • A consumer may still receive phone calls from people conducting surveys.
  • A consumer may still receive phone calls from a firm up to 31 days after filing an application or inquiry unless it is mentioned beforehand not to call. 
  • A consumer may still receive phone calls and faxes from collection agencies, but they function under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Types of Phone Calls 

In general, the TCPA limits the use of phone calls and dialing systems, SMS text messages, and fax machines. However, when filing TCPA lawsuits, it is recommended to specify the type of phone call you received because it will help your case and thus increase your chances of receiving compensation. 

  • Robocalls are telephone calls used with an autodialer or prerecorded voice messages. Since 1991, when The TCPA established the law, it prohibited robocalls without the customers' consent. So if you receive a phone call and you hear a robotic or recorded voice at the other end, it is a robocall. 
  • Telemarketing calls are usually categorized depending on who initiates the call, and that can be either an outbound or inbound call. Most of the time, companies contact the clients, which means outbound calls are the ones that violate the TCPA. As in the case of robocalls, any type of calls, junk faxes, or unwanted text messages that are received without your permission are considered violations of the TCPA. 

Both outbound calls and robocalls to cell phones and landlines are prohibited by law if they are made without permission; this also applies to telemarketing and collection calls. In most cases, the called party is not charged. Unless you provide the business with your cell phone number, any unwanted call or text message is considered a violation of the TCPA. 

If you are tired of receiving unwanted calls or you were scammed, do not hesitate to contact the Agruss Law Firm, LLC. You can employ the help of a TCPA lawyer in Chicago and learn more about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Contact us at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation on your case, and let us fight for your rights.

The Dangers of Telemarketing 

Unfortunately, telephone and text message scams are increasing due to the improvement and accessibility of technology that allows users to make location tracking and voice recognition more difficult. 

For example, many elderly people or concerned parents were tricked into believing that a loved one was involved in an accident and needed money for hospitalization. In many cases, when someone makes a phone call or sends a text message on behalf of someone else, the culprits could not be identified. 

Another frequent type of scam is done via false telemarketing advertisements. There are many cases in which telemarketing scams caused actual damages to clients, like stealing their credit card info. According to the National Fraud Information Center, Americans lose around $40 billion every year because of fraudulent telemarketing calls. 

In all of these situations, contacting a lawyer experienced in consumer protection cases can make it more likely that you will receive proper compensation. The easiest way to avoid falling for telemarketing scams is to take preventive measures like not making your cell phone number public on social media, double-checking the situation before giving away personal data, and not responding to suspicious text messages. 

TCPA Violations and Consequences 

Businesses should always ensure that they receive prior consent from the called party to avoid an eventual consumer class action lawsuit

The TCPA has strict rules that can result in major consequences if violated. Each violation of the rules can result in a $500 fine. 

You are eligible to collect actual losses or up to $500 in damages per violation if you have added your phone number to the National Do-Not-Call Registry. You are allowed to receive those damages if you have received more than one call within 12 months from the same company.

 You cannot be awarded damages for the first call violation under this clause, but you can receive compensation for any subsequent call. In the case of a deliberate violation, the damages might be increased to $1,500. It is also possible to get an injunctive remedy, which is a court-ordered restriction. In the case of a TCPA class action suit, where all of these elements combine, penalties can reach millions of dollars. 

TCPA Lawsuit

Once you have decided that you want to take action regarding the violations you suffered as a consumer, the next step is to contact a professional TCPA attorney. You will learn about the procedure of commercial litigation when you contact our law firm. You want to have an experienced attorney to represent you, so here are some guidelines to help you proceed in your case. 

When Can You File the Lawsuit?

Before filing a lawsuit, it is better to get a free consultation from an experienced attorney who will explain the TCPA to you and help you determine the best possible legal options. 

When a collection agency or solicitor is sending you junk faxes, texts, phone calls, or robocalls at inconvenient times, you should contact TCPA attorneys and get a case evaluation. 

False collection calls, when people receive junk faxes or text messages from so-called bill collectors, are quite common, and you can file a lawsuit right after the first call. 

TCPA Class Action Suits 

Once you decide to proceed with your case, you can initiate a consumer class-action lawsuit if the court accepts class certification. After that, your party can opt for a plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment that asks the court to decide the case without a trial. 

Like most TCPA cases, consumer class action cases require evidence to ensure the victory of those who file the lawsuit. Text messages, phone records, and junk faxes are the best evidence in a class action case. 

How Can a TCPA Attorney Help? 

A consumer class action lawyer will represent you when you are seeking compensation and present the TCPA claims of your case before the court.    

TCPA lawyers go above and beyond commercial litigation to assist every client who contacts them in many circumstances. We will talk about the problem in-depth and offer advice on how to prevent such situations in the future.

Report TCPA Violations 

Suppose you concluded that your rights as a consumer or business had been violated under the TCPA. In that case, you can contact our TCPA lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, who specializes in consumer protection cases and has represented clients in federal courts around the country. 

You can call us at 888-572-0176, email us, or speak with a Chicago attorney on LiveChat in order to benefit from a free case evaluation. It’s time to get some peace of mind and fight for your rights!

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Submitted Comments

Hi, I keep getting robo calls/voicemails from Navient ( My student loan servicer) without reason. I called them because I PAID recently to have my account paused, and they had incorrectly thought I was not paying ( I had it confirmed over the phone and they needed to clean up the account- their bad on their end) Anyhow, they have been calling me daily for over a week or so now, and I want them to stop, because I am up to date on my accounts, and always have been, so their calls are pointless.

i'm getting ongoing calls, messages and text calls from several collection agencies for someone else. Multiple company's have contacted me using these robo callers. When I contacted the agencies to inform them that i am not the individual they're seeking they were rude and hung up on me several times.

I was able to tie a series of robocalls back to Realgy Energy. They are using slamming techniques and spoofed local numbers. I have received many calls using the same recording. On 2/20 I was about to get transferred to the TPV where I verified the company is Realgy. I used the TPV to record my real name and number and tell them they are in violation of the TCPA. I estimate 20-30 calls over many months.

I have received multiple robocalls, including from companies pretending my social security number was violated. I have numerous calls and I am interested in receiving cash compensation because it is illegal.i recently put my name on the do not call list.

This number called me: 386-217-1710 on 012920 at 1:56pm and left me a voicemail which I have saved and said the following: This message is for Della. My name is Kelly. I'm calling cause I haven't heard back from you yet and my client needs to know how you're going to handle this matter. I do need you or your attorney to give me a call back at 866-939-7219 extension 105." I even called the number back and someone answers the phone "hello". I asked for Kelly and she asked who was calling and I made up a name just to get to her line and she transferred me to her. I hung up at that point. I don't know how she got my name or my number and that worries me. Also never identified who she worked for or who her client is or what it is about. This I believe is a scam to try and get my information and money for something.

I received a voicemail that I have saved that is automated and states : This call is from law enforcement agency. Your ss# has been suspended on immediate basis as we have received suspicious trail of information on your name based on your address and benefits will be freezed permantely and until you take care of the situation. In order to talk to a representative with social security administration press 1" called me from 866-657-1981 on 120219 at 9:41am.

I received a phone call from 541-288-9244 on Friday, Feb. 21. When doing a search of that number, I came across the advertisement for your company. If I can make those people pay for scam calling me, I'd love to do it. I also get multiple calls per week from robo-type callers. Please let me know what my options are.

Sallie Mae/Navient A 42,000 dollar original loan that is now 132,000.00 that they have made impossible for me to pay. I make 24.000.00 a year. They have ruined my credit and the stress is too much.

Hello. I keep getting Robo Calls from various numbers that I block, and they then come through on other numbers. How does one file complaints with this list of numbers? Thanks.

RoboCalls from Discover - 1-385-261-7110 to our landline phone -- 3x daily - over four week period. . Two calls today 02/01/2020 already - offending number blocked

I'm receiving unwanted text messages and robo calls to my cell phone, landline and I have also received a call from a number that was actually a fax. It was on my landline.

Repeat calls from 737 237 0174, 0072, 0275 and 0172. I am on the Do Not Call Registry.

I have a recorded and saved voicemails of robo calls in violation of TCPA as prove. Would you be interested in taking a look at the case? The caller scamming falsifies it is from Social Security Administration targeting social security numbers. Numbers involved and date and time were; November 01, 2019 called at 04:09PM 800-678-7193 on my do not call registry number 818-423-3650 November 20, 2019 called at 02:32PM 800-923-8553 on national do not call registry number 818-423-3650 Same callers immediately after my cellphone number call home number right after. Home number is also on national do not call registry database. is the government website for national do not call registry. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or “TCPA,” prohibits anyone from calling or texting you using an automated dialing system, unless they had your prior permission. The TCPA also prohibits anyone from calling you using a prerecorded or synthetic voice, without your prior express consent. No one can send you unwanted robocalls or automated texts—not debt collectors, telemarketers, or salespeople—with few exceptions. TCPA lawsuits often result when companies won’t stop sending harassing calls or texts to consumers. These telemarketers just keep calling, and calling you… It’s also illegal under the TCPA for a telemarketer to call or text someone’s cell phone or landline if the number is registered on the National Do-Not-Call Registry. The TCPA allows people to get money for unsolicited calls and texts. TCPA class action lawsuits allow consumers to sue for robocalls, or robotexts, to collect between $500 and $1,500 per call or text. The TCPA also lets consumers take legal action against telemarketers who don’t honor the national do-not-call list and collect $500 per call, for every phone call beyond the first one.

These people just keep calling. Three times so far this year. Eight times last year. They say They are trying to collect a debt. Sometimes no one talks at all. I've only had this number a few months because I had to change the number because of scam calls. For some strange reason, they keep getting my number. If anything else, I'd like to know why??????

keep getting calls from naivient at least times a day never from the same state or phone number

I get blown up by a wholesale real estate company called Cavadian Properties. I’ve been contacted 5+ times, after telling them 5+ times to remove me from the list. The do not stop.

Many calls per day from Sallie Mae.

I have put my number on the do not call list online and I have numerous robocalls and voicemails from them.

I have been getting calls for like a year or longer from medicredit and they just never stop.

I received 3 calls from 240.374.5461 on my cell within a matter of minutes then they contacted my place of employment about a debt that stems from a rental property with Invitations Homes which I am disputing. I advised the property manager that I would not be renewing my lease and advised that I would be moving out in April. I requested that they use my deposit of $1,350.00 to apply toward the rent which it appears that they did not and they have added additional fees which I am also disputing. I requested that they not contact my place of employment and then received another call on my cell all in one day.

I answered a call when they asked me by name I said yes they hung up I’ve gotten numerous calls since then regretfully. When I called the number back I received a busy signal.

They won't stop calling me even when I told them I don't need their services. They call me like every week. They ask me to call them back when I send their calls into my voicemail. It feels like they are stocking me and won't take a no as a no by calling me.

I have a complaint about getting calls from ace cash express non stoo, always have voicemail from them and its getting annoying and too much.

1-800-275-2273 called me at 2:00, 2:16, 3:01, 3:19, 3:45, 4:19 and 4:44 p.m. Leaving an unsolicited voice mail each time about an Apple Problem. I do not have an apple device.

I get robocalls about debt, loans, and all type of random stuff ppl try and sell i keep blocking the number or putting it on do not call lists but they keep calling

Random numbers when called back are "disconnected numbers" but keep calling stating I have a student loan debt that needs to be paid; I HAVE NO STUDENT LOANS, nor does anyone in my family have student loans. I get these calls at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes in one day. Not only am I receiving them on my personal cellphone but on my work cellphone. I have asked them to remove me from their call list but they KEEP CALLING!

I am just fed up getting calls every single day about student loans i HAVE NO student loans..i would answer the call and when i ask them not to call back i have no loans they would hang one day i would get 4-5 calls sometimes on my cell phone as well i did not give you that number the one above is my land line...I do not answer my phone anymore because most of the calls coming through are such calls i began recording the number and the time the calls come in ..when i call back the numbers there are messages saying my call cannot be completes as dial please check back and call's SOOO ANNOYING!!

I just submitted a summary on one of your other pages. I don;t with to repeat myself only to say that the following SPAM number is getting out of hand: (561)225-2298

Hi, The Fresno Credit Bureau says I owe money for medical bills but my insurance covered it. When I ask for details, they tell me I should pay them and then ask the insurance company to reimburse me - which I obviously will not do. Thanks, Sarah

Hello, my Name is Lori and I get way too many robocalls and I am bothered all the time by salespeople and I have a new iPhone. I'm getting sick of these people bothering me. I get 18 calls a day. I am on the DNC list and I Have been in telesales pre-Dodd-Frank act. The new scam is to give a name and say they are on a recorded line. I did not give permission to be recorded. I'm damn tired of this. I am going to start saving them but the calls usually say Unknown Caller and unless they have Verizon well I can't get an ID. I got hacked last December and had to change all my information. I even opted out of Nexis Lexis credit reporting agency. My bank was hacked, my computer, my facebook!

They have been calling and now called my Father In Law now who is recovering from heart survery!

at least 5 robocalls a day for the last 3 months from same health insurance marketing company. They said their company name is "Health Options" and I spoke with a Michael Counsler. I am sure these are both fictitious names. I have asked to be removed and hit their "9" to be removed and still receiving calls as of today. Thank you!

I am getting tons of calls from Lending tree a day. I received 4 this afternoon. I had my checking account compermised by a person that fraudulent cleared out my checking account. I Called Lending tree and told them my account is frozen and FDIC and attorney General is involved so if u try to do my automatic withrawalit will be returned. As soon as this settled I will pay them. They call me non stop!

I was just trying to see what to do about someone calling me. I am getting calls telling me I need to call them back today from different numbers but list the same call back number. I am pretty sure it is from an old payday loan which I tried to take care of by reaching the company but I have been scammed before by people that call me saying I have a payday loan. Is this a legit law firm?!

I keep receiving calls from more than one number consistently through out the day. Whether the calls are from a debt collection agency or not I do not appreciate numerous calls back to back. I have actually received a few calls after 7pm in which I believe calls like that are suppose to stop before that time. As of right now I have blocked those calls so they wont go through but it is becoming a problem and it is annoying to deal with!

I am receiving robo calls from Medical Service Group. I have been on the DNC registry since 2010. I have told them to stop but they don’t. It is not collections - it is to sell me something. I downloaded a RoboKiller ap that records them and their numbers. But if you call it back, it’s a dead line. This has to stop!

I am on a do not call list and i keep getting 800 numbers calling. I have all the calls in my history and some of which are back to back calls and they are all dated all in this month!

On Tuesday I sent or thought I wrote to your office about these calls that keeps blowing up my phone. These calls are coming from a company Fortiva and on my phone it shows Account Service. I called my Fortiva credit dept. and asked them did they or have they been harrassing me with calls. They said no, we do not call our customers about bills. We have your email if we need to contact you, but never call you. And another company called Comenity, seems like every morning around 9:40 an in evening it's sickening.d 12:00 they call also around 5:00. I don't like putting out my number and email for people to expose. I was looking at your reviews seems very promising hope you can help me out!

I get calls almost daily. Just got a call at 10:55 pm March 1, 2019. Woke me up! This needs to stop!

Hi. No one want to employ me. Is that legal? I need job. I am drug addict!

Is there a charge for your company's services? I am getting multiple calls from 8002895426 to my cell phone (robocalls) and it needs to stop!

I'm getting frequent calls from this number. 855-894-1090!

Paid 149.00 for vacation.that I can't get!

I received a call from a debt collection company and all of my debts have been discharged by bankruptcy over 6 years ago. I am just looking to see what I can do to stop their calls. I called them back and they rudely hung up on me before I could tell them I discharged all of my debts 6 years ago. I have no idea how they got my cell number to even make the call. I just want the calls to stop!

I get calls from this number at least 7 times a day and some after 8pm .. Not sure what the issue is but I am tired of the calls!!!!

In the last months we receive almost a dozen phone calls from telemarketers. We reported the situation to the FCC and nothing. Also, have followed the number to a couple of marketing companies here in Florida with call centers outside the US. Can you help!

I get a lot of telemarketing calls. Some robocalls too. Well I dont usually answer the phone for strange numbers so it would help for me to know what number to expect!

I constantly receive robocalls and have told them to put me on their do-not-call list, and they keep calling!

I have geti harrasement calls from 8554252186. Olso i Get a large number of Robo calls . Please contact me!

They call my cell phone asking for people I dont know. Then they call saying they can lower my credit cards rates and about student loans and I dont have student loans. In the phone book it shows my initials so I get all kind of calls and they call my high house as well!


they keep calling my job and leaving messages. and i dont know what they are calling in regard too!

they call every day 2 to 3 times a day between 8 am and 9 am. i answer its a recording i chose option to speak with person to tell them to remove my number because i don't have any credit cards. That doesnt work cause they still call every day!

not sure if we have one, were out of town, recd 16 calls of same recording from different numbers in a week at our Orange County address (have all of the numbers written down). Also have Encino, CA residence, from 9/24 - 10/26 had 29 messages many robocalls re: applying for an exemption. We get these regularly. Also many calls where no message at all. Have started keeping record of these numbers. Worth pursuing!

Receive calls from 866-343-6666 on my cell phone. I have registered with Do Not Call Registry!

Receiving robocalls about small business financing. Initially could not get any useful information out of the person on the line and the calls were coming from spoofed numbers, however I have now tracked down the company who is using the leads for loan applications. The phone number they called me on is on the do not call list and has been since 2011!

This number calls me everyday all day harassing me!

My wife and I receive robocalls on a daily basis. She answers most calls, I don't. I registered both our phone numbers, and our sons numbers with the do not call registry on 4/28/2009 and our minor daughters number on 10/11/2016. We all get robo calls. I have tons of numbers saved in my phone that I have added to rejected calls. Is there anything you can do to help stop this!

We get "Robocals" from "unavailable", and we have been getting them for several months. If we answer, they say they are from CARD MEMBER SERVICES. My Grandson has called them scammers, and got them to believe he had a credit card. I came in halfway into that conversation. I told him to tell them every time not to call back. But they do. I've told them, and hung up on them. Today at 1:05 PST, a man named "Sam" called me. I played along a little then asked for his phone number. He gave me: 1-800-847-2911. he sound maybe Asian, or later I thought Hispanic. He was offering me 0% credit card interest. (You know he'd ask for my credit card numbers...). Said he worked for "Visa Assistance", Master (card) Assistance, Discover Assistance, and American Express Assistance. " I'm so tired of these people! They don't listen, and they call anyway!

I did a DNC per advise from my internet provider Verizon, and the robe calls actually multiplied. I saved a lot of them ( at least 35-40) to my contacts as they call my cell. I had no idea I could legally be compensated, best way to reach me is email and then a call--Since I don't pick up my cell hardly ever!

877-463-5346 (robo call with SirusXM) calls me every day and I'm on the do not call registry. I've told them to take me off and they still haven't!

Youre also obviously illiterate as well .. Noone can help you if you choose NOT to wear your headgear ... Whatever crayon you eat that day is fine though but by god you better know how to spell ,with your "special" ass !!!

I looked up the number to see who is calling my cell and found that you were handling these robocalls. They call anywhere from 2 to 4 times a day, sometimes before 8:30 a.m. I basically have been just rejecting the calls but they continue to call. This just started on I believe Monday of last week. I have saved the call log as proof of their continued calls. I can be reached by e-mail or if you would like to call anytime on 5/15/18 would be great. Thank you!

They keep calling almost daily. Robo call each time!

Yesterday, Simon from Direct TV called 4 times in a row from 800-531-5000. I told him that I'm on the Do Not Call list and that I don't want their service. I would hang up and he would immediately call back. My husband even yelled and swore at him and said we are reporting them to the DNC list and local police department, but he kept calling. Finally, I had to take my phone off the hook to prevent any more calls. This has to stop!

I have calls every day more then eight times a day from same company Med. SLV Group. They have telephone numbers from 213-269 5102 to 213 269-5191. they have a new number which is different!

Get calls from this 3123276747 constantly and they are harassing me about something do not know what about. Please assist

I receive multiple robo calls a day and I am on the do not call list!

I received an pre-recorded call soliciting window and gutter cleaning. I have gathered all pertinent identifying information on the caller!

I get multiple calls daily on my cell phone and at work about student loan relief. Every time they call I tell them I do not have any student loans and to please stop calling me. They usually just hang up on me. It's probably been 50 calls total, I am on the do not call registry also!

Our apartment building has a major fire and 3 people were killed. The fire was caused by negligence of the apartments not wanting to fix the wiring problem. Nothing was being done and I couldn't sleep at night because I was afraid. If it wasn't for my neighbor banging on our door my family and I might not have made it out cause the fire alarm didn't work and it was 6am on a Saturday morning. The apartment manager understood and told me not to worry about it. We were out before the end of the month following the fire. I know there are a lot of people out in this world that likes to scam people and I really hope this is real. My family has been through a lot and I just want to speak with someone that actually wants to help me and my family. Thank you for your time!

I am drug addikt and no one want to give me job. I need money and wants work but everyone racist to me. I need money to buy more drugs. Help me ples

Hello, I am currently out of work at this time and appealing STD benefits with my employment company. Needless to say that I have not received a check from them since July 2017, since my doctor put me out of work. I had some bills being paid by my HSA card, however since I am not getting a payment from my employer...their is no funds being deducted to pay these medical bills. I am overwhelmed and honestly would just like for people to leave me alone while I deal with my medical conditions. I have had several phone numbers call me that are debt collectors, so it has gotten to the point where if I don't know the number, I do not answer it. I have received several calls from odd numbers, some leave a vague message not stating who they are and some do not leave a message at all. Some numbers are: 1-352-268-1403; 1-786-847-1416; 1-904-509-1009; 1-347-242-5728 and the most recent one is 1-904-421-3330. I'm not sure if you are able to assist me, but would love it if I can just focus on getting better and not being harassed to pay these people. They do not need to call me several times a day to remind me that I have bills due that are ruining my credit immensely because of my situation. I have blocked these people, but they manage to still get through or continue to harass me on a daily basis!

I have been receiving robocalls since several years ago. I am registered on the Do Not Call List since several years ago. Most of them are blatant phising attempts!

I am receiving calls for the last 4 years from various numbers. I qm so sick of it. They are rude! I know the debt is not real. And they Always ask, how do you know you dont have this credit card or debt? Well, because i know!! If something isnt done to stop these scammers I'm gonna freak out. Im so tired of it! I called one back over and over and the # was disconnected later that day. How can these people sleep at night? Email me any information. This has become my #1 priority to shut these people down!

My phone number has been on the national do not call registry since at least November of 2018 and I repeatedly get recorded messages from 913-677-9470 multiple times a day!

The number 800.900.1382 has called us at least 17 times since 20 December 2017 when I had blocked them because I finally called them back and they were looking for a Jay Bishop. I told them there is no Jay Bishop at this number because there isn't and to stop calling. They said ok. But then the calls started again, including 3 times today. At least my AT&T call block hangs up on them after the first ring. This number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since 7 July 2003 (I just checked and got the verification email). Also, another number (800-644-0063) has called our number 24 times since 16 Jan 2018. Quite frustrating, to say the least. Regards, joe!

I have a few collections companies that have been calling me multiple times a day and even changing their phone numbers using Robocallers. I have tried to tell them to stop calling upon my request but just fueled the calls to happen more frequently. One of them is Capital One and they just wont stop calling. Thank You!

have gotten harrasing phone calls from this number regardin my spouse and my children!

I have a lot of numbers that call me everyday and the calls are between 3 to 6 times a day for each number. I look them up to see who they are, I put in my phone Scam (city/state) calling from and keep notebook also. It's so BS with all of these states. They all say something about this is the Government or IRS or Police Dept. and saying that they are going to take my tax return and arrest me or FBI and they are going to my house or my work to arrest me. It's funny about that one I can't work right now due to my back. I haven't worked in awhile. I'm sorry I"m going on but I'm tired of the phone calls!

this number 888-397-2894 keeps calling our place of business to verify address information for a certified letter to be sent!

Summit receivables called with a very threatening message. i returned call not having heard message and they didn't know my name!

This number call 855-764-8806 and gave my full social security number to a relative. The relative told them that they could be sued for doing this and hang up.... The man name was David Jackson!

I get Harrassing phone calls from "Grant " companies from DC and Fla- Plus "Robo" calls from a blocked and sometimes unavailable calls with harassing verbage on computer voice- I fear thes and my family as well- I have been to police and contacted an agency for harassment in Wash, DC- I would like these to stop and to press harassment charge to party involved!

I get a lot of calls throughout the entire day and nite at hours, during the week, weekend. If requested to be be put on the do not call list. I now find myself hating to answer any call in result of the relentless badgering. Can you help with the miserable phone calls? Thanks!

I get several Robo Calls , I am currently working the National Debt relief and in the mean time my phone does not stop ringing form bill collectors!

Just received a call from your number to my cell phone, and I suspect this is a robocall. Please email me your response. Do not call!

Better Education continues to call mu number!

Hi, Recently I have been looking for part-time work using various job sites found through google searches, and I think somehow I must have gotten on to a list (or multiple lists) for scammer robocalls. As such, for the past two weeks, I have been getting spammed by these calls – first coming Portland and Seattle area codes, then calls from area codes all over the US (IDing as "Scam Likely" by my iPhone) and finally, in the past two days, exclusively all numbers from the DC area, at which point the number of calls began escalating dramatically. The last call I have received as of this writing, from 800 863 4785 (Comcast? Unclear), led me to Agruss Consumer Law, hence this message; I have also even as typing this just received a text message from a "" (showing as 1 743 777 0082) as someone with yet more spam. I try to be careful not to sign up for job sites that aren't legit, but I think I must have gotten one wrong. In any case, as someone who has registered multiple times on the National Do-Not-Call Registry, this has grown beyond frustrating. I have no idea if this glut of calls I've received is all from the same group varying their tactics or is the work of several, but since this kind of thing appears to be this firm's subject of expertise, any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!

I get numerous calls from (800) 603-9159. It's come to the point to where I've blocked the number!

I have been getting phone calls from 844-898-6757 for almost two weeks now. They are pre-recorded messages. They never identify themselves, who they work for but that I need to contact them before it escalates!

Repeated robo calls, threats, calling me a work and text messages!

I get a lot of robocalls!

Choice Warranty kept calling me several times. I have not requested anything for it. Please email me.

Receiving calls from Choice Home Warranty on my cell phone. My number is on the do not call list and I have not done business with them. I have over 15 calls from them on my cell since 8/30/17!

They call at least once a day never leave a vm. very annoying!

keep getting phone calls from 1000 different number from credit one there even trying to call on my husbands work phone its starting too get ridiculous!

877.616.8682 today 09/29/17, about 1:15 PM, no message, just go an iphone, have not yet filled a no-call request. This call has disappeared from the recent call list!

Hello, I have an Order for Withholding from Allied. I can not afford the 15% garnishment!

Theyre constantly calling never leaving a message... I wish they would stop this illegal calling, I am a DNC and have been for a long long time yet they keep coming

Keeps calling very annoying. They keep saying they are from some debt company but no answer when I call them back.

I'm always getting these calls and I'm so sick and tired of it

Repeatedly keeps calling my phone all types of hours! I get the robo calls etc.

(212)777-3455- (New York, NY) number called my cell phone exactly 11 times since yesterday. I finally answered today and they said there was a chance for me to win grant money by the "education department" (not the Department of Education). His name was Jack and sounded of Indian decent. He told me the questions his advisor would be asking me and reviewed the answers I was "suppose to" say. One including asking me if I was interested in going back to school. The answer I was told to say was "not right now, maybe in 3 months" The question I was most concerned about was when the advisor would ask me if anyone offered me free money or grants in the previous call (by Jack). I was advised to say NO (even though they told me that was the whole reason they called). He repeated again not to mention this was for a grant or free money. They said I MAY be on a recorded line when I spoke to their advisor. Her name was Gloria. When I asked her what company she was calling from, she mumbled it, saying an Agent for degree management. I hung up after I searched the phone number online. They have my birthday, address (which they would send me a check within a week), phone number, email address, and full name. I am not sure if this is a scam or not... I just hope they don't have any more information about me. I currently have student loans and I thought that was what the call was about.

I received a call just like that a week ago.

We've received 3 calls in 5 days from something that comes up on our Caller ID as "Biz Dev Cent", under the number 877-318-8178, but when you answer, it's just silence - no message, no recording, no option to opt-out. We're on the Do Not Call registry, I always add our number in the event we have to get a new one.

Navient/Sallie Mae calls me everyday between 6 and 7 times a day. I have told them on numerous occasions I am not working and have no money to pay them. I have been paying off a $60,000 school student loan since 2009. I owe like $13,000,you think they would work with me

I had calls from Santander USA.My cell phone number was on the original finance company contract.After I got another cell phone I gave Santander that number and asked them to not call the other cell phone number that was provided on the contract.They continued to call it and use the automated system. Can I be rewarded for this even thou my number was on the original contract? Yes if I can get answers about what a client is entitled to after being overcharged for a vehicle,what am I entitled to if I'm being charged fees I had no knowledge of and also what can be done if Santander refused to send me a payoff statement to payoff my vehicle but later on turned around and sent the statement six months later after I had got another ride!

yes I seen where you help people who are being harassed by halsted financial group, is this true? well I am aware I owe these people. I got a phone call last week saying I had to pay like 740.00 all at one time which I can't do. so the lady was very rude and I told her I might could try doing something else. they offered me to pay 200.00 this Friday and then 437.00 on or before march 31st. am I allowed to make like 50.00 to 100.00 payments amonth!

Receiving calls and voice messages daily from Adastra

I get calls from this number all the time, it's obnoxious!

Harassing calls from 202-239-0398 saying that they are the IRS. Thank you

have received several calls from different numbers telling me to discharge or refi my school loan. Have repeatedly ask them to stop calling

Have a HELOC that was originally through Countrywide, then BOA, then a couple of others before Realtime Resolutions took over. Our first mortgage was in foreclosure that has been modified and we've been current for a few years at this point. As for the HELOC, we haven't made payments in quite a while (I made a few $100 payments over several months when I thought they were going to work in good faith to reach a settlement, but it became clear that they weren't going to make an offer, so I stopped making payments. I have asked RTR for a settlement amount (the amount of the debt is about $34k), but they have continuously asked for more information than was required to actually get the loan in the first place. Our house is upside down due to repairs that need to be made, so any sale would have to be a short sale. I was really hoping to get RTR to agree to a settlement of $3k - $4k to be paid over the next 18-24 months and have them satisfy the lien, but they have not budged at all. In the meantime, I asked them in December to stop calling me before 6pm because I do not want to talk about this on my cell phone at work. They have since called (from 855-881-1170) only before 6pm: 2/13/17 - 10:09am - They robocalled me and hung up when I answered. 2/20/17 - 10:02 am - They robocalled me and hung up when I answered. 3/7/17 - 11:33am - I missed their call 3/8/17 - 2:51pm - They robocalled me and hung up when I answered. 3/9/17 - 10:06am - They called and asked for my wife, Becky, and refused to leave a message or to talk with me.

The number 855-876-5380 calls my phone numerous times a day. They are now calling family members that live 4 hrs away and asking for me! This is ridiculous!

This number 877-862-1132 calls me 3-4 times a day. 7 days a week.

They are calling my family and friends trying to get money. Saying I'm about to be taking to jail for fraud. Can you help me?

1/10/17 I received 4 back to back phone calls from this idiot who calls himself Anthony James calling from William Dubois Office. The number 714-415-3613 comes up on caller id as Western Dental. I have never used Western Dental. This idiot lets me know the time and date and states that it stamped and the attorney William Dubois has a criminal file on me AND ADVISES ME TO CONTACT THEM IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. William Dubois will be going forward and that I have been notified. He also references a Case #CRTxxxxxxx-CA number(actual number's x'd out). These people are CREEPY and the have STARLTED ME. I told the idiot Anthony James.. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER EVER AGAIN... DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER EVER AGAIN.. I repeated it several times and then he took and called my cell number 3x and my house number 2x.. Caller: Anthony James w/William Dubois Office Caller: Anthony James w/William Dubois Co 1/11/17 Anthony James continues to call 1/12/17 Anthony James called and talked to the owner of the company this morning citing a case number CRT-2608674 CA letting him know I need to contact William Dubois @ (714) 415-3633. I also have voice mails..

Money mart calls my cell phone a lot with different numbers. I've tracked 5 different numbers so far.

I had a contract plan with Verizon. The contract was written such that the early termination fee would reduce each month until the final month where it would be $0.00. I cancelled a couple months early at most, paid off the phones and paid my last bill. I went to a Verizon store to confirm. I now have a collection on my credit report for over $500.00 from Verizon. They ignore all of my letters and continue to list a debt that I don't believe is accurate. If I do owe them anything it should be a small percentage of a $350.00 early termination fee. I'm interested in going after them for falsely reporting the debt and the harassment from collection agencies.

I have been receiving annoying recordings calls from Apostole James Broadnax non-stop! It's been months and I keep pressing the DO NOT call but the calls do not stop.

Calling for a man I assisted who was disabled who never lived in my home and has caused me nothing but harm, his name is Michael S.

Receiving numerous robo-Calls from a Bank I no longer do business with