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At the time of writing this out, I have received 36 calls from phone number 469-421-8796. I called back the number, and the recording says they are calling from Conn's. I'm not sure what a robocall entails exactly, but these phone calls happen continuously one after another. I do use an app from AT&T called "Call Protect" that automatically flags or blocks calls from potential scams and spams. So while one or two of these calls come through, the rest are blocked and I am notified by the AT&T app that they have blocked or flagged a call or calls from reaching me.

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Hi Harold. Can you send over the call log of the calls you've received from Conn's Homeplus? While there are no "set numbers" on the amount of calls that are considered harassment, you may be dealing with a violation of the law and you may be entitled to compensation. You can send over the list of calls to [email protected] and I will review them and give you a call. Thanks, Mike