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Episode 40

Taylor Kosla Bio

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My name is Taylor Kosla and I am a partner at Agruss Law Firm. I started in August, 2017, after three years of practicing, I was named partner in February, 2021. Personal injury clients come to our office in a time of need, and sometimes desperation, something devastating happened to them. We can provide clients with peace of mind by ensuring them that we are here to help. We are in this together, and we will take care of them. We are a fast-acting law firm. We are responsive to our clients, and maintain open lines of communication. Our sense of urgency is part of what makes us different from other law firms. We put people first, and we make sure we get our clients the compensation they deserve. Our consumer rights practice is a national practice so we can help people from the East Coast to the West Coast. There are laws in place to protect consumers, and not everyone knows these rights exist and certainly not everyone knows or even believes that our clients never pay us a penny.Several consumer rights statutes contain a fee shift provision, which means that if we prevail, the defendant must pay our attorney’s fees and costs. Our consumer clients appreciate the work that we do, and that makes my job rewarding. What I like most about plaintiff’s work is getting to know our clients, understanding the facts of what happened, and how the occurrence affected our client. As an attorney, we are given a set of facts, and it is our job to create a timeline and story of events. We must put ourselves in the shoes of our client, whether that be at the scene of the accident, or months after at home learning how to adapt to a disability. Having had a family member sustain a life-altering injury, I can relate with my clients and their family members, and this fuels my passion for what we do, putting people first.My favorite animal is a dog. The app I use most is Apple News. It’s hard to say what my favorite food is, because it depends on what I have a taste for, but generally I like steak and seafood. I love to travel, and Florida is one of my favorite places to escape to, because you can go to the beach, play golf, and eat at great restaurants. I like my weekends like I liked my weekdays, which is busy. I like being outside, whether that’s going for a run along the lake, golfing, or skiing. I spend time with family members and friends. I love having people over to cook for and to try new recipes with. Since I was born, I knew I would be a lawyer or a doctor. I learned early on that I did not care for science, which made it easy for me to pursue a career in the law. My job is perfect for someone with a passion for the law and medicine, because these two areas coincide with personal injury and medical malpractice cases.I enjoy reading John Grisham books, and I’ve acquired quite a collection over the years. I’m always up for watching a new movie, but generally I enjoy the classics like Goodfellas and Father of the Bride. At Agruss law firm, we are a hardworking team of people who are determined to maximize results for our clients. Each member of our firm plays an important role in the success of our practice. Our focus is to ensure that we are available to communicate with our clients, and to ensure they have the representation they need. We are dedicated to putting the needs of our client first above all.

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