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Advice regarding consumer rights cases

There are 1.3 million attorneys in the country, and consumer rights is a niche practice. A lot of people don’t know about various consumer rights when it comes to debt collection harassment and Fair Credit Reporting Act cases. My one piece of advice would be to find a consumer rights attorney and ask them questions and let them know what’s going on with you to see if they can help. Consumer rights cases, the ones that we handle under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act are based on a fee-shift provision. That means our clients do not pay us a penny for our time or the cost involved in litigating a case. So if you have a consumer rights issue, find a consumer rights attorney that specializes in that area of law, and ask questions. Our number one job in our consumer rights practice is educating our potential clients, letting them know what their rights are, and then also reassuring them that they will never pay us a penny for our time based on this fee-shift provision.

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