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My name is Mike Agruss. I am the owner of Agruss Law Firm. I started the firm in March of 2012. For the first year and a half, it was just me and things have slowly grown to... There are three other lawyers at the office currently, a paralegal and a legal assistant. When a client comes to us, they're basically assigned a team of people to work on their case. I oversee everything here. There is another lawyer assigned to the case and then there's a paralegal assigned to the case. But, the nice thing about the office is we are tech savvy. We're paperless office. We have a case management software that keeps track of everything at the office, all open cases, closed cases. At any given point, anyone in the office can answer the phone, talk to a client and let them know exactly what's going on.

We help people with personal injury cases and we also help people with consumer rights cases. On the personal injury side of things, we primarily handle auto accidents, dog bites, premises liability cases, which would include slip and falls, trip and falls, nursing home, abuse cases, and some medical malpractice. On the consumer rights side of things, it's primarily financial issues, helping people with debt collection harassment, robocalls and credit report problems.

I told Agruss initially because they were a lot more welcoming on the phone and they just wanted to know the details of my story and if they could help. The most surprising thing when I initially came here was how casual and homey it was.

We are not your traditional law firm. That's on purpose. We have a casual atmosphere. When I started my law firm, I wanted to do things differently. I wanted everyone to work as a group. I wanted people to collaborate on things. I wanted the lawyers to be the best lawyers they could be, the paralegals, the legal assistant. I find that if I treat my employees well, they treat our clients well. If our clients are happy, they refer us business. I think it's just a different way to run a law firm.

The lines of communication were always open and could always reach them via text, via phone call. Everybody here was always a text away and that made me feel good.

Oh, yes. The line of communication was very open. If they have any questions, immediately they respond. To the maximum that I encounter with them was like two hours for response and immediately they respond. To get this kind of law firm, I'm very lucky.

What makes us different is we put people first and primarily that boils down to three different things that we do. The first thing is we don't get paid until our clients get paid. The second thing is we handle cases start to finish. When you contact us, I answer the phone, lawyers answer the phone here, everyone answers the phone and we handle your case start to finish. We don't refer out any cases. The third thing is we never change our contingency fee and personal injury cases. It's always one-third. I knew that I wanted to do things differently. There are, last time I checked, 1.2 million lawyers in America, and so I've created an atmosphere where my employees love coming to work. They're happy helping out our clients. I treat my employees well. In turn, they're happy doing what they do and then they provide services to our clients that our clients appreciate.

This kind of service is just like very close and very personal. That's how I looked into this law firms since I engaged with them. Their name says it itself, people's first.

They put people first. They do. I feel like that. I truly feel that. It's like I feel like they're there for you.

Once again, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any other law firm in the country that had over a thousand five-star reviews from their clients. Every single day, when we come to the office, that's my objective. My objective is to help people out and at the end, make sure that they give us a five-star review.

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