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"Agritourism" refers to allowing visitors - "tourists," in a sense - to visit a farm and learn about its history and current operations. It can be a great way to increase income for a farm, but the farm's operators must also remain aware of the added risks and responsibilities and how to mitigate or remove all safety hazards for visitors.

Here are some helpful safety questions for farmworkers to keep in mind:

  • Does the farm have distinct areas, such as animal areas, non-animal areas, and entrance/exit transition areas?
  • Are soap, water, and paper towels available to visitors?
  • Are hand-washing facilities equally available to children and the disabled?
  • Are public health signs displayed throughout the farm?
  • Are all animals safely confined in designated areas?
  • Is physical contact with the animals prohibited or strictly controlled?
  • Does the farm have a plan for identifying and isolating ill animals from contact with the public?
  • Are all farmworkers properly trained in national standards for handling animals?

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