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Aura Pro Handlebars Recalled

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has reported that Cervelo, a Canadian company that manufactures high quality bicycle frames, is recalling Aura Pro aero handlebars. These handlebars, which were made in Hong Kong and distributed internationally, have faulty clamps that can detach during riding, causing the rider to lose control, and posing an injury risk. Cervelo makes bikes for professional racers, assembling custom frames for championship riding.

The recall was announced on April 25, 2013, and affects handlebars marked with the words “3T”, “AURA-PRO”, and “ULTIMATE-PERFORMANCE” in white; they’re attached to the 2013 Cervelo P-Series bicycles (which come in black, gray and red color combinations). The bulk of the recalled handlebars were sold the United States (623 units); 53 were sold in Canada. All the handlebars were sold in Canada and the United States from September 2012 to January 2013 at Cervelo bicycle retailers.

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