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Blind Spots and Tips for Motorcyclists

As the warmth of spring draws nearer, motorcyclists around the country are preparing to take their bikes back out onto the open road. Motorcycles are loved for their gas mileage, maneuverability, and the sense of freedom they offer, but this independence also comes with a price: the fatality rate in auto accidents is about 35% higher for motorcyclists than drivers of passenger vehicles.

While many attribute the higher rate to the lack of protection motorcyclists have, it is also not this simple; there is another culprit which multiple studies have identified, and that is the negligence of automobile drivers, particularly the “psychological blind spot.” This describes the phenomenon in which an automobile driver did not recognize a motorcyclist near them simply because they were looking for another automobile rather than a motorcycle.

While they often do not see motorcyclists due to this blind spot, some accidents occur due to outright negligence, such as failure to check blind spots at all. Whether it is a blind spot or unsafe driving in any form, the negligence of automobile drivers is among the most common causes of accidents involving motorcyclists.

If you are a motorcyclist:

  • Wear bright gear and colors whenever possible, and especially at night, to increase your visibility to others on the road.
  • Try to avoid the blind spots of automobiles as best as you can and do everything in your power to make your presence known to them.
  • Consider investing in a light modulator to further increase your visibility at night.
If you are an automobile driver:
  • Always check your blind spots before switching lanes and stay aware of any motorcyclist/s sharing the road with you.
  • Be mindful of oncoming motorcycles in the opposite lane and avoid turning in front of them when possible.
  • Put down your phone! Mobile phones are common culprits in distracted driving accidents, which injure and kill more and more innocent people each year. Focus on the road: texting can wait.
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