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Changes That Could Lessen DUI Fatalities

Drunk driving is an unfortunate reality of modern times. Despite public outrage and the efforts of safety advocates, little progress has been made in recent years against DUI fatalities. A recent article in The Seattle Times (in response to two local fatal drunk driving crashes in one week in March) discussed possible ways of preventing drunk driving.

One idea is to bar anyone with a previous DUI conviction from operating an SUV or other type of larger vehicle; the thinking here is that by limiting prior offenders to a smaller vehicle, they’d cause less physical destruction. Enforcing this would be tricky, but keeping people with DUI track records away from large vehicles is still a worthy idea. Another possibility is the wider use of ignition interlock devices—these require a driver to blow into a sensor that will prevent the car from being started if it detects any alcohol in the breath. Some, but not all, states require repeat DUI offenders to install these on their vehicles. And, unfortunately, these requirements are not always obeyed; it’s up to the drivers to install them.

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