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Elder Abuse In CO.

Elder abuse is an unfortunate, growing problem in America. Financial abuse of the elderly can lead to physical abuse; an increasing elderly population and dragging economy both exasperate the problem. All but three states have laws that mandate reporting of elder abuse.

In Colorado, one of the only states that doesn’t require mandatory reporting (and lacks a law that specifically protects the elderly from various abuses), a task force was created to study the problem. Governor John Hickenlooper has set aside $5 million to create the infrastructure needed for adult protective services to be resourced effectively, and connected with medical and law enforcement professionals. Legislation committing resources to the protection of Colorado’s seniors is awaiting a vote on the state senate floor.

A MetLife Mature Market Institute study, published in the January 2013 issue of Consumer Reports, found that “in 107 cases, seniors lost an average of more than $145,000 from fraud committed by family, friends, caregivers and neighbors.” A separate survey, by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, found that 56 percent of 2,600 financial planners reported knowing older clients who had been treated unfairly, deceptively, or with outright abuse.

Financial abuse can be harder to identify immediately than physical abuse, which can be more obvious. Financial institutions in twenty-five states are required to report suspicious account activity involving seniors. The American Bankers Association now offers employee education programs designed to identify financial abuse. The aging of America’s population means a mass change in family finances; it’s hoped that increased awareness will prevent more fraud.

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