Leading Edge Recovery Solutions

is a collection agency that has been in business since 2003. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has offices in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and Getzville, New York. focuses on collecting debt in the following markets: banking, retail, auto deficiency, and telecommunications / small business.

According to its Web site, one of ’s core values for its collectors is “Knowing where my rights end and someone else’s begins.” However, according to its track record, ’s collection activities shed a much different light when analyzed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collects can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), has been sued over 150 times in the last 3 years for debt collection harassment. It does not get any better for on the Better Business Bureau. First, is not an accredited business on the Better Business Bureau. Second, the Better Business Bureau has processed 160 billing/collection issues, and almost 200 total complaints, regarding in the last three years.

has several telephone numbers it places debt collection calls from. may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 888-306-0514, 800-608-5440, 877-865-9750, 888-306-0428, 866-577-8405, 888-306-0520, 888-306-9057, 888-306-0517, 855-440-6622, 773-380-3198, 888-306-0549, 888-306-0497, 888-306-0588, 888-306-1309, 866-318-6742, 888-306-0435, 800-608-5339, 888-306-0431, 800-270-2409, 800-276-0051, 866-318-6740, 877-865-9823, 866-947-6989, 888-306-9058, 888-306-9054, 877-865-9814, 877-865-9816, 800-608-5423, 312-273-9325, 866-577-8407, 800-303-6606, 800-608-5301, 866-577-8395, 855-812-4107, 800-867-3214, 855-409-0343, 610-230-0409, 866-318-6741, 866-577-8402, 877-303-2507, 888-306-0558, 855-240-6539, 888-309-1309, 213-443-1957, 800-633-4707, 866-941-9693, 877-865-9825, 888-533-6985, 800-663-4707, 773-380-3199, 800-306-0435, 800-605-5429, 866-756-3943, 866-756-3947, 855-253-3244, 866-756-3912, 855-237-3984, 855-251-9643, 855-807-9167, 855-884-6158, 855-251-3515, 855-256-1626, 855-256-1629, 855-261-2561, 855-841-8481, 855-841-8309, 855-440-6624, 855-758-8143, 855-261-5315, 855-758-8137, 855-758-8136, 855-758-8134, 855-749-6871, 855-749-6873, 855-749-6869, 855-749-6866, 855-758-8149, 855-749-6874, 855-278-8377, 855-749-6872, 855-240-6540, 855-440-6621, 855-440-6625, 855-278-8304, 855-278-8306, 855-749-6868, 800-608-5436, 855-278-8308, 800-275-2273

Is harassing you over a debt?

If has harassed you over a debt, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, made misrepresentations when trying to collect old debts, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, tried to collect a debt from you that you did not owe, or left you a voicemail message without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

Phone Numbers Used By Leading Edge Recovery Solutions

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Submitted Comments

hello, We've been getting calls from you numerous times but only last two calls i was told i need to call some debt collector Marlena with Artistic Cosmetic Dentistry it's a dental office I've just called the number i was provided as I did a month ago but our number does not come up from Leading Edge Recovery Solutions!


Hi, you guys just called me and I am not available. You guys left me a voicemail about a debt. I actually did report the small debt to my bank and they are currently looking at it for fraudulent activity. Are you a debt collection agency? If so, my number for you guys is enough because I am not trying to receive a ridiculous amount of emails since you have already called me twice today. And I know debt collection agencies can only call 3 times a week. The last debt collection agency would not stop harassing me about this and I actually reported them to the police which is why they forwarded my debt to you, but I am letting you guys know I have already filed the debt as fraudulent activity to Chase Bank and they are looking into it for me!

I have Dynamic Recovery on the phone wanting me to pay for a bill from 2001 or 2005, state of NE SOL is 6-7 years. They have all my personal information and i'm not happy at all, they also just put the address for me from my ex wife of over 15 years ago. The dept does not show on my credit report, and I have never went online to get a cash advance. They are very harassing and I don't know the company. What bothers me the most is that they have my social security number!

I need to find out how to be go about having you take a payment from my checking account each month to pay off my loan with you. I CANNOT hear on the phone. I am almost deaf. Well I had an account with a credit card and the total amount I charged was $200 or less but they just kept adding on and it got to almost $4000. NOW, they are MAKING me pay it all. They have my account with you now, Someone keeps calling my husband on his WORK cell phone and it is getting him in trouble. I am not the kind of person to NOT pay their debt. BUT this amount is way too much. I am on disability social security and it is only $580 a month. But I have to make them in small payments. Am I in trouble about this!

I am being harassed by the debt collection firm called Leading Edge Recovery. They recently started calling me on my cell phone after calling my boss. Last year they called my boss 6 times and then I heard nothing from them for a while. In June of 2013 the final call to my boss stated that I would be taken to jail or someone would have to lend me the money. Needless to say the boss didn't appreciate these calls and all of my work on that job just went out the window. Now they are calling me on my cell. The messages are threatening and when I answered he refused to tell me what debt I owed!

I'm curious as to what I owe to you guys. I get calls during the day and can't answer them. If I knew what it was I could see if I have any money to spare toward it. I googled the number for Leading Edge Recovery Solutions and this popped up. I got a call from 866-318-6742, the voicemail said it was a collection agency. I didn't recognize the name as somewhere I owed, so I googled the number. It came up with this link "Leading Edge Recovery Solutions - Agruss Law Firm, LLC" so I clicked it. As I was looking for contact info and accreditation information, it offered me a live chat... and here I am!

Calls me no message left

Calling me all the time multiple times a day

I am being called from a number that says its a credit counciling solutions company. Plz call me after 5:15 PM, M-F Thank you.

I missed a call from a phone number that when googled, led me here. I am unsure of why I am being called...