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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice lawsuits get a fair amount of media attention, and it’s not always the most accurate. Malpractice is a kind of negligence—only injuries caused by a doctor or hospital’s negligent actions can form the legal grounds for such a lawsuit. Malpractice suits can be difficult to prove in court; the plaintiff must demonstrate that a doctor, medical professional, or facility breached its duty of care, which in turn was the legal and actual cause of their injury.

Like any industry, the health care profession has accepted operating standards; if it can be proven that a medical professional or facility failed to uphold these standards, and failed to provide their duty of care, then a medical malpractice suit is valid. However, there are still some legal liabilities to be navigated before the suit will succeed. Specifically, when a patient gives informed consent, accepts unavoidable known risk, contributes their own harm, fails to mitigate damages, or fails to disclose important information, a malpractice suit will fail, even if negligence has been proven. Patient behavior is not often discussed in the media, but it can be as substantial in a malpractice suit as the actions of the doctor or hospital.

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