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Motorcycle Riders Be Aware

Riding a motorcycle takes some skills—about 2,500, actually. And, if you’ve been away from biking for a while, it’s wise to spend some time getting familiar with your bike, local traffic, roads in your area, and how all of these elements work together. Unfortunately, motor vehicle driver distraction is a major problem on U.S. roads—for drivers and for any motorcycles nearby.

Whether or not the driver involved is distracted, car-motorcycle accidents happen frequently, especially when cars are turning left. 40-75% of motorcycle crashes are in some way caused by a motorist turning left in front of a biker. This happens because the motor vehicle driver is oblivious to the biker, often telling the police they never saw the motorcycle. To make be more visible to motorists, wear a light-colored helmet. Lightly colored clothes engineered for safety are also a good idea.

Motorcycle riders can do other things to stay safe: using mirrors and a visual check before changing lanes; staying aware of every vehicle around them; and keeping focused on the road. Staying away from alcohol is another important way to ride safely. In 2007, 41% of bikers killed in single-vehicle crashes had blood alcohol levels of .08 or greater—in other words, they were legally intoxicated. Keeping the tires inspected and staying on top of bike repairs are also critical towards safe riding. And taking time to practice on different road surfaces, particularly if you’ve been away from biking for some time, is also recommended.

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