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Personal Injury Dog Bite Case Settled Out Of Court

A recent personal injury case in California has been settled out of court; the injury was caused by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Phranc Gottlieb went over to visit Jeremy Ross-Dugan’s home and knocked on his door, which was ajar; Ross-Dugan’s dog ran out and attacked Gottlieb, biting her right, dominant arm and wrist, and pulling her to the ground.

53-year-old Gottlieb, a folk singer and visual artist, sustained deep wounds to her arm and wrist, and damage to several tendons. Gottlieb needed debridement, repair of the wounds, and surgery to repair the tendon damage, and then physical therapy. She continues to experience pain and numbness in her arm and extensive scarring, which is tender to the touch—Gottlieb also suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from the mauling. $66,600 in medical expenses were incurred, and around $39,500 in earnings were lost.

It was Gottlieb’s contention that Ross-Dugan was strictly liable under California’s dog bite statute, and she cited future medical expenses of $6,000 for scar revision procedures. Before a suit was filed, the parties settled for $600,000, paid by Ross-Dugan’s insurer.

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