Debt Collection Law

What is the law on debt collection? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. Its purposes are to eliminate abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts, to promote fair debt collection, and to provide consumers with an avenue for disputing and obtaining validation of debt information in order to ensure the information's accuracy. The FDCPA creates guidelines under which debt collectors may conduct business, defines rights of consumers involved with debt collectors, and prescribes penalties and remedies for violations of the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

What Practices Are Off Limits For Debt Collectors?

False statements: Debt collectors may not lie when they are trying to collect a debt. For example, debt collectors may not:

  1. Falsely claim that they are attorneys or government representatives,
  2. Falsely claim that you have committed a crime,
  3. Falsely represent that they work for a credit reporting company,
  4. Misrepresent the amount of money you owe,
  5. Indicate that papers they send you are legal forms if they are not, or
  6. Indicate that papers they send to you are not legal forms if they are.

Debt collectors also are prohibited from saying that:

  1. You will be arrested if you do not pay your debt as stated in Debt Collection Law,
  2. They will seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages, unless they are permitted by law to take the action and intend to do so, or
  3. Legal action will be taken against you, if doing so would be illegal, or if they do not intend to take the action.

Debt collectors may not:

  1. Give false credit information about you to anyone, including a credit reporting company,
  2. Send you anything that looks like an official document which also contains debt collection law from a court or government agency if it is not, or
  3. Use a false company name.

Unfair practices: According to the Debt Collection Law, debt collectors may not engage in unfair practices when they try to collect a debt. For example, debt collectors may not:

  1. Try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract that created your debt–or your state law–allows the charge,
  2. Deposit a post-dated check early, or
  3. Take or threaten to take your property unless it can be done legally.

Debt Collection Law Protects You

If you have been the victim of debt collection harassment, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, tried to collect a debt from you that you did not owe, or left you a voicemail message without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation

Based on the Debt Collection Law, debt collector who fails to comply with any provision of the FDCPA is responsible for any actual damages sustained, punitive damages, and statutory damages up to $1,000.00. Plus, the FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

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Submitted Complaints

Midland received a judgement in their favor for approx. $13K in 2010 or 2012. Long story but I agreed to pay them $100 a month. That was approx. in 2014. When Hurricane Maria hit I stopped paying them. I told them I could pay $50 a month to which they did not agreed. I stopped paying them. Months after they called me and I told them what happened and they said they would get back to me. Months later they sent me a letter saying that if I pay them approx. $7500 they will settle. This has to be done by Sept. 2021. I do not trust them and want to know how you could help. Recently Agruss handled successfully a credit issue and I wonder if they can help me with this issue.

They another companies call several times daily from multiple different numbers from times that vary between 7 AM and 11 PM do you not properly identify themselves In demand the person answering the phone identify themselves immediately that first giving any information or context to the call

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Joe. Do you have a log of the times that they are calling you? If they are calling before 8am and after 9pm, they are likely violating your rights under the FDCPA. If you have a log of these times, you can send it over to my office at [email protected] I will review it and give you a call to discuss your options. Thanks, Mike

I’m receiving calls from an unknown company claiming they are filing suit against me and will contact my employer. I have no knowledge of this company or any kind of case.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Justin. Under the FDCPA, you have the right to ask any debt collector for a debt validation letter. Your best option is to do so through a registered letter. This will allow you to determine if the debt is legitimate or if there is an error. Please give me a call and we can work through this together. Thanks, Mike

Someone named Jody Roberts keeps calling me and my family members and is saying she’s going to serve me legal papers. I don’t even know what debt she is talking about and I’ve never even talked to her on the phone. The number she keeps calling from is +1 (513) 348-1506 and every time I try to call it back it says the number has been changed or disconnected. Please let me know if this is your company or not so I can get this resolved. She never leaves a number to call back. Thank you. Email is the best way to reach me.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Emma. The number calling you is not my business, it is a debt collector attempting to collect on a debt. I represent consumers who are being harassed by these debt collectors and work to get the calls to stop and if your rights are being violated, getting you compensation. You have some options in dealing with this person who is calling you, which we can discuss via a telephone conversation or you can reach me through email at [email protected] Thanks, Mike

Numerous calls (auto dial) from Credit Management and Marlin Recovery..asked both to stop once and they continued asked again but have a feeling they won’t... the Marlin Recovery one is for a woman I’ve never heard of.. they also started text messaging me asking me for her.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Rebecca. Have you sent a certified letter to them telling them to cease and desist with the phone calls? That is where you can start and it gives you a paper trail in the event that they continue to call. I can help you with this, please consider reaching out to my law firm. We are experienced in dealing with issues such as this and we can have a free, no-obligation consultation with you. You have nothing to lose. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Mike

Numerous calls (auto dial) from Credit Management and Marlin Recovery..asked both to stop once and they continued asked again but have a feeling they won’t... the Marlin Recovery one is for a woman I’ve never heard of.. they also started text messaging me asking me for her.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Rebecca. It's so frustrating when you're being hounded by debt collectors for someone else, especially when you don't know the person and you've told the debt collectors to stop calling. I'll call you to discuss what you can do to deal with Credit Management and Marlin Recovery. Thanks, Mike

My mother and I are applying for FHA Mortgage. A student loan from 1988 has come up and preventing us from moving forward. In 2000 my mother settled this debt before buying her 1st house. Then a few years later, she was contacted saying she owed this debt, she showed documentation and they said she had "another" loan. This school in Oklahoma City has since been indicted of Fraud...see article My mother only had one loan, it was for a Travel School, one class, one loan. We were able to talk to Archives at the Department of Education and there is a document called.... "Unpaid refund charge" that would investigate this but it takes 60 days. My mother is almost 70 years old, on Social Security, but the income she has helps qualify for a home because I am self employed. We have found a house and are under contract, so time is of the essence. The school loan in default they are claiming is $2625, but with interest and penalties is now $7,492. Sooo my question based upon the information, the debt being 32 years old, could it be settled for around $1000 or less? I don't have to tell you if we are getting an FHA mortgage, are funds are limited, but if we could settle this quickly, we could continue in buying the house we picked out. And yes the number they told us to call was 844 225 5501, I googled that number and that's how I found you. Thanks again in advance

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Stacey. I am going to call you to discuss what you can do about this 32 year old loan that is likely fraudulent. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm sure other consumers have similar types of stories and hearing that they're not alone helps them to take the next step in getting resolved. I will be in touch. Thanks, Mike

A compliance manager, from Marlin Recovery has been calling me several times a day and threatening to skip trace my phone if I do not call him and resolve matters immediately. He has never stated what "matters" I need to handle. I've gone to their website, and they are attempting to collect a random amount from an auto loan, that dropped off my credit report after 8 years by original creditor. This was over 13 years ago and I believe that, this is an illegal attempt to collect money from a time barred debt, and I feel threatened by them.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Tuesdee. Time barred debts can be tricky. They depend on the state of residence and in some cases, these old debts can have their "clocks reset". While a debt may be covered by the statute of limitations in regards to a lawsuit, it doesn't prohibit them from attempting to collect on it. They just cannot sue you for it any longer. We can talk about this when I call you, or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. I look forward to talking with you. Thanks, Mike

Long story short version... I’m being evicted by my landlord because rent a center, called my landlord at 10pm telling him to come unlock my laundry room bc we owed 6 mts and they needed their stuff, when the reality was we had just spoke with them twice that day prior to them coming at night and made arrangements to contact the landlord in the am and they were more than welcomed to come back in the am and we would unlock the back room ( we lost our skeleton key that goes for the laundry room) , after telling them all this , my gf proceeds to tell them that she needed to run to the grocery before it closed. They said “ok” the door was shut and my gf got on her bike and was riding down my driveway and onto the street passed right next to a cop that was pulling up and I never thought it’d be coming to MY house bc like I said, from what I knew, they was coming back in the am for the landlord to open the door and get their washer and dryer, about 2 hours later we come home and my laundry room door was wide open clothes that were in the washer and dryer on the floor and in a sink, my gf s took room was opened and their was never anything in their for them, I texted my landlord and asked if he let someone in my back room and he never responded so I called the police to make a report and the police proceeded to tell me they knew we were inside and didn’t answer so they contacted the landlord to come unlock it and the next day my landlord showed up with an eviction notice bc they woke him up saying we were 6mta behind and they were gunna press legal charges if he didn’t come unlock it! Now first of all my last payment was the middle of august when they overdrawn my account 3 weeks in a row and after 2 weeks of me trying to contact them regarding the overdraw bc I wasn’t supposed to pay weekly it was twice a month and they messed my account up with chase that chase even closed my account! Secondly prior that day my friend was in my driveway and they stopped her and she asked how much so she could pay it and get them off my back and they refused to tell her but can call my landlord after making arrangements at 10 pm to get out of his house, and now myself my wife and our 6 yr old son have to worry about finding a place to live when we had literally just paid our rent up of 2500 which put me owing $500 for the month of November and all we truly did was rent a washer and dryer and was late right at 2 mts or 45-60 days late when i paid extra for the benefits plus and never received one single benefit from it from becoming unemployed due to COVID-19

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Bethany. Because your story is unique, I'd like to discuss the details in depth with you over the phone. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695 and we can start there. Thanks, Mike

debt collector harassment.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Danny. Are you experiencing debt collector harassment? What type of harassment are you dealing with? Debt collectors have very strict laws they must follow, which we can talk about in more detail in a no-obligation, free consultation. I'll give you a call or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I keep receiving collection calls from Welton Weinberg and Reese, 800-223-2070. Regarding a Payday loan. I have tecently retired and have less money than when I was working, they keep calling saying I need to work something out and the collection calls will continue.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Laura. Do you have a payday loan that is delinquent? You can stop the calls with a certified cease and desist letter, which is better than a verbal request. If you would like assistance with this, give my law firm a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I got a auto loan through universal toyota they gave it to Exeter finance now its exeter finance LLC a debt collector with very high interest how can they charge interest rates if its debt collector what debt?since 4/5//20 I been paying myexeter loan my Account is $14,000how can that be please help me mary Ortega 2109467587 I live in San antonio tx 78226

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Mary. I will give you a call to discuss your loan that is currently with Exeter Finance. Thanks, Mike

I received and Debt Collection Harressment text message from Zenith Financial Network regarding and debt collection for Check N GO Global Tribe account number 1658353vfrom phone number 1-866-431-3701 for the amount of $684.00 dollars loan debt

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Tommy. Do you owe Zenith Financial Network for this debt? Have you asked for a written debt validation letter be sent? You have that right as a consumer and I would recommend you send them a certified letter asking for such. If you need assistance, my law firm is experienced in dealing with debt collectors and debt collection law. Give us a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Electric company continued to bill me for nearly 19 months after I requested that the service be disconnected. I had all services disconnected. Electric company said they would disconnect the service. They did not. At first they called me repeatedly in 2018 and 2019 while at work Jon my work cell phone. Next they continued to send “Shut-Off” notices. They never shut the service off. Instead they continued to bill me for the electric even while someone else lived there. Then they started to harrass me through credit collection agencies. Now they have ruined my credit. As of yesterday, my credit score dropped by 57 points because Electric Company entered that I owe 2100.00 for accrued bills in a place that I moved out of and requested disconnected service on more than one occasion. -Harrassment -Erroneous Billing -Damaged Credit Please advise. Thank You.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Donna. Your situation sounds extremely frustrating and one that I am sure is causing you great stress, especially with your credit ruined. I would be happy to talk this over with you and determine what options you have. I will give you a call and we can have a free, no-obligation consultation. Thanks, Mike

Constantly receiving calls from Sunrise Credit Mgmt after I have asked them to stop and send me something in the mail.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Regina. Have you received the debt validation letter? How long has it been if you have not? Please call my law firm at 312-224-4695 and we can discuss the law and your rights. Thanks, Mike

I received a "notice of court proceeding to collect a debt from April 22, 2008. I don't have a clue what this is for. Doesn't this surpass the statue of limitation? In the letter, it says "we will go to court unless we are otherwise precluded by law from doing so" to garnish wages. What should I do?

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Wyatt. The statute of limitations in Illinois is 5 years for open credit, which includes credit card debts. Written contracts that include auto loans and installment loans have a statute of limitations of 10 years. Have you asked for written proof of what the debt is from? I would be able to help you with this situation if you'd like to give me a call at my office at 312-224-4695. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Mike

I have sent all creditors letters of my loss of income and ask they contact me only in writing. I am still getting calls and so far not too many are willing to work with me on a payment I can afford and keep charging interest and late fees on statements. The more they pile on there - the longer it will be to pay off. That is if I am able to get them paid off.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi James. I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with this, unfortunately it is all too common and in this time of the pandemic, it is getting even more problematic. Please reach out to me at my office at 312-224-4695 and we can talk about what you may be able to do with these debt collectors. Thanks, Mike

Midland Funding received a judgement of garnishment by sending notice to appear to an address I haven't lived at in over 3 years. Seems they settled a class action with 42 states in 2018 on this. Can they knowingly send to an incorrect address? Do I have any recourse to reverse?

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Sean. I'm going to give you a call so we can discuss your situation. If you need to reach out sooner, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I have been fighting a 15-year battle to regain sole title to my residential property after winning a quiet title judgment against the former temporary joint tenant real estate broker who recorded a deed with just his name on title then acquired two mortgage loans to pay off mine without my knowledge or consent and then defaulted on both. I tried the investing lender, Deutsch Bank to let me cure the loans with a new one in my name only since I won the quiet title judgment, but the lender refused stating he couldn't get the authorization of the joint tenant and it was needed otherwise they wouldn't work with me. Since I couldn't afford a second trial and hired an attorney to stop the last auction which he lost, I have lost my property and the realtor assigned by Select Portfolio Servicing kepts stopping by to intimidate me into letting her inside to take photos which I refuse to do since I am hiring a mortgage deed fraud specialist in July when my CD is due for renewal and I can pay the retainer fee. In the meantime, the stress she is creating by harassing me is unbearable. I expected an eviction attempt in Aptil but the pandemic with the moratorium on evictions has temporarily halted eviction action with the courts closed. Do I have any rights to stop her ongoing showing up and parking in front of the property, getting out of her car and pretending to take outside photos which she has done repeatedly and is continuing to do. She is a paid employee of SPS and has been for 20 years, according to her statement the first day after the property was lost to an REO. I have filed a complaint with the California State Bar against Gary Saunders who purposely lost my property so he could charge me for stopping the evictions while trying to convince me to raise $10K for a retainer to sue the bank for wrongful foreclosure. His history of defrauding clients out of their money is now being taken seriously by the State Bar and he probably will have his license revoked this time, do I have any right to stop this realtor from harrassing me?

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Patricia. It sounds like your situation is not only frustrating, but has some definite complexities that we would need to discuss over the phone. I'll be in contact with you and we can discuss your rights and the law. Thanks, Mike

Doesn’t collector texting me saying to stop avoiding calls Told I am poor communicator threatened law suit via email and now I made a payment he won’t notify creditor I paid 1000

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Joe. Debt collectors are not permitted to threaten you, if he is doing so, he could be in violation of the law. You may be entitled to compensation. I'll call you and we can talk over the issues you're dealing with. Thanks, Mike

Good morning, I have been receiving phone calls from different numbers. They called my work on Jan 6. I was out sick, so I called back the next day and left a message telling them to not call my work anymore, I would get in contact with them. They called my work about 2 hours later, even though I told them not to. They are claiming they are collecting a debt I owe, which I do have unpaid debt. They agreed to settle for just under half of the outstanding amount. I e-signed a form they sent me stating I would pay $100 by today and the rest by Jan 31. They knew information so it seemed legitimate. The lady's name is Miranda and she is from MNS & Associates, LLC. Later in the conversation, I had asked her for her email, but she gave me a website - , and refused to give me an email. She sort of stuttered around with some sort of excuse. By this time I was pretty suspicious. I asked if I will be receiving something in the mail and she said yes, but was vague. I became nervous because she somehow knows info about me and my debts, plus I gave her some info about myself, such as I have a 401k, my hourly rate, my email, if I have kids, and I signed something. She asked if I am expecting a tax return and I told her I think so. Also, she suggested there will be legal action if I don't pay the $100 by today, Jan 10, and the rest by Jan 31. I have been thinking about this and I have reread the form I signed a couple times, it says the amounts and when they will be paid. The wording is weird though. It says x amount will be withdrawn on x date. How will they withdraw the amount if I didn't give them my bank info? I looked online and found negative reviews and comments about MNS & Associates, LLC, along with the BBB stating they haven't renewed/obtained the needed license to operate in certain cities and states. I found your law firm while searching for the company. Can your office help me? I don't want to pay money to the wrong people. Thank you, Amanda

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Amanda. I can help you in dealing with MNS Associates LLC. And if they continue to call you at work even after you've informed them not to, they could be found to be in violation of the law. I'll call you or you can reach my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike


Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Omar. If your lender was a private lender, they don't have any special ability to garnish your wages. They would have to take you to court and obtain a judgment against you, which they could then contact your employer for a wage garnishment. Have you had any judgments against you for the loan? Let's talk and determine what options you have. Give me a call at 312-224-4695, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Mike

I have been recently contacted by Eastpointe Recovery, regarding a debt that was charged off and sold to someone else. They have continued to threaten suing me unless I agreed to there hardship plan and consent electronic payments. When I stated that I would enter into a repayment plan and mail or submit payments through a portal, they said no and repayments were off the table and I would be sued. Can someone kindly contact me. Thanks, Mark McLeod

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Mark. I will contact you. Debt collectors are not permitted to threaten, harass, or publicly shame you and if they are doing so, they open themselves up to being sued for violating the FDCPA. I would like to discuss your case further, I will give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I am intrested in finding out how to stop these phone calls. There's a 404 number that calls me everyday all day. And a 281 number as well. My wife is going through the same things!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Jasmine. I will give you a call and we can discuss the calls you and your wife are receiving. Thanks, Mike

I have a question. I have a student loan that is in the garnishment. I have paid over 35K with an initial balance of 25K. They say I still owe 21K. My question is, how can I get out of the garnishment without them asking me to pay an additional $500 a month on top of the 800 months I already pay. They have it flagged on my credit report saying I owe 21K monthly and its in collections. I can't even rent an apt!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Akia. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with debt and finding an apartment. I am going to give you a call so we can discuss what your options may be. Thanks, Mike

I had a gentleman call from your office but was unable to get back in touch with him as it was a crazy weekend. However, I just received another call from summit receivables and the gentleman is very rude. The gentleman I was talking to wanted me to send him the voicemail and I do not know how to do that!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Melanie. You can send your voicemail from your phone to my office at [email protected] If you need further assistance, give me a call at 312-224-4695 and I will walk you through it. Thanks, Mike

Well, I found your site after googling 18444408188. They have just started calling so I know this will be a whole ordeal. Do I contact you if they refuse to stop?!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Lesa. I would be happy for you to contact me so we can talk about stopping the calls you're receiving. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Hello, I'm having problems with credence Resource Management. They are trying to collect $50 from me for an emergency room visit. Both my parents paid what was needed at that visit and both have stated they have not received a bill for it and neither have I. I had previously ignored them (completely random numbers have called me that aren't connected to CRM), but I decided to answer today after remembering that while having a credit report pulled to purchase my car I had a ding on my report that stated nothing of to whom it was owed to, but just the debt amount. What do I need to do? My father paid the bill with a card at the visit!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Kennedy. I'm going to call you so we can discuss this mysterious debt they are claiming you owe. Thanks, Mike

I borrow money I went to pay it back then they told me I couldn’t borrow it again. I told them that if I couldn’t borrow it again, I couldn’t pay it back. I wanted to pay it back then borrow less. I didn’t have to borrow anymore. They said that I couldn’t borrow anymore because they shouldn’t have lent it to me in the first place because they don’t take support payments as an income. When I look my credit report it says they wrote it off. They will call me 5 or more times a day using all kinds of numbers!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Kelly. Debt collectors are experts at hiding their number to try to get you to answer their calls. Don't be surprised if they continue calling with a variety of numbers. What debt collector is it that is calling you? Can we talk about this over the phone? I'll call you or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I saw an ad for your firm online regarding harassing phone calls. I received a voicemail from a phone number 844-227-9814 something regarding my wife and some documents and it being a final notice so I called them back and they refused to speak to me without her so I conferenced her onto the line and they started saying that she had a complaint filed against her and a judgment for check fraud regarding some company (I didn't catch the name) when I started asking questions the rep hung up. So I called back and got a different gentleman who also refused to speak to me so I conferenced my wife onto the line and he told me that a rep was already working her case and would be contacting us back. Looking online calls from this number appear to be a scam but I'm unsure of how to handle it. They only asked for her last 4 of her social and they had an address listed for her that she hasn't lived at in about 8 years, not sure if that is relevant!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Matt. This may or may not be a legitimate debt. You should definitely find out the specifics before sending any payments to anyone, which my law firm can help you with. 312-224-4695 Give me a call and let's see if we can work together to figure this out. Thanks, Mike

This is about the harassing debt collectors at Sallie Mae. These people call my parents, landlord, and work. I would like this to stop and to see if I could get financial compensation!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Scott. Debt collectors are permitted to call your friends and family in an attempt to get your contact information. They cannot divulge any specifics of the debt or give out any personal information to them, however. Have the done so? Let's talk about this and see if you're entitled to any compensation under the law. Thanks, Mike

I was looking for the Eastpoint Recovery Group. Harassing calls even though no written documentation received. Called me, my wife at work, my mother-in-law on the cell phone in AK. Lied about being given permission to contact the Mother-in-Law. Their number is 7167487968. Looks like Eastpoint Recovery Group has quite the track record. Supposedly a debt collector but phone calls only, nothing in the mail!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Paul. Debt collectors can call your friends and family but only if they're trying to get your contact information. They can't talk about the debt or divulge any information about you, however. Have they done so? Have you asked them to provide you written confirmation of your debt? You do have that right. If you need assistance in dealing with Eastpoint Recovery Group, reach out to my office at 312-224-4695. We have successfully dealt with them and other debt collectors and may be able to help you as well. Thanks, Mike

I am receiving harassing calls from 8558912300!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Christine. Let's talk about the harassment you're receiving. I'll give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I have my 2013 Ford Edge financed through Chase. I am upside down with what I owe on it and if I could get rid of the car I would. I was laid off twice in the last 3 years, however, I never missed a car payment until this year and I am behind one month. My payment is due on the 12th of each month, I paid my May 12th payment on June 10th and will pay my June 12th payment on June 25th. Chase calls me every few hours and has even started calling my parents house. I filed bankruptcy back in 2001, and I cleared that with no problem. I am currently in a debt consolidation program and I owe back taxes, but am in an installment payment plan with the IRS for that as well!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Kim. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties and being laid off. I'll call you so we can discuss your unique situation. Thanks, Mike

I'm in a lot of body pain and I need to see a doctor soon. I don't have any money to pay for them!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hello Tammy. I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling and in pain. Medical issues are very frustrating, especially when you're hurting. If you need assistance, feel free to reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I have been getting calls from these company for months now, 3188079004, they keep calling, I have even blocked there number they still call, they have ruled and don't care how they talk to you, I just want the calls to STOP!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Yolanda. Debt collectors can be very forceful and rude, I've seen it many times. I can help you to get the calls to stop. I'll give you a call and we can discuss how. Thanks, Mike

Hi, I've been getting emails and ups keeps coming to my house for dish equipment despite I never had dish ever. My father in law had a dish I guess he canceled them a month before he died and now they're sending ups to my house daily and sending me emails and weird. To make things worse, they are telling my wife there charging her debit card 1200 for equipment. Oh, and my father in law was on SSI and always paid them before the bill was due!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Joseph. Dish Network can be relentless when they think they're owed a debt or equipment. I'm going to call you and we can work through this. Thanks, Mike

I have been in communication with the firm about a matter involving T-Mobile. Am reaching out at this time regarding a different consumer debt collection issue. The prospective defendant is located in TX. Just do a conflict check on the entity, "USAA" or "United States Automobile Association" and its affiliated entities!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Dale. Let's talk about your issues with USAA. I'll call you or you can reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I sent info requesting review for a claim. I am getting frequent calls from Portfolio Recovery. I don't answer them!

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Viviene. My law firm is experienced in dealing with Portfolio Recovery, as well as other debt collection agencies. I'll call you and we can discuss the issues you're having with them. If you need to reach me sooner, my number is 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Hi, I got a rude voicemail from this company. Trying to figure out what this is regarding. I don't know it just said we have tried numerous times to reach you. This is the first call I got. I am trying to figure out what company this is regarding!

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Hi Jmss. If you're unsure of what the debt is that they're attempting to collect on, you can ask them to provide written proof to you. If you need help with this, I would be happy to help. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695 at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Mike

My name is Linda. I had huge medical bills due to cancer treatments and got behind on about 5 credit cards in 2015. They were all closed out by the credit company’s as bad debt. Midland bought one and has been calling daily- I don't answer They put the debt grime credit one on my credit report as a collection which really impacted my score. I have tried unsuccessfully to Dispute this collection on my credit report approx 5 times. I cited that I did not have a contract with them. They came back each time saying it was a valid entry. I am currently working but was wondering if your company could help with my situation. If so, I can call after work!

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Hi Linda. I would need to discuss the particulars of your case to determine what options you might have. Please give us a call when you have some free time to talk. Thanks, Mike 312-224-4695

I've been harassed by 8558941090 repeatedly and my fiancee has as well. I'm sorry, that's vague, I'm not sure what information you're looking for. The only debts that I generally get calls about are my student loans. The few times I've answered this number, I say hello repeatedly and eventually it just hangs up. The only debts that I generally get calls about are my student loans. The few times I've answered this number, I say hello repeatedly and eventually it just hangs up!

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Hi Richard. It sounds like you're being bombarded with robocalls, which are annoying and frustrating. I'll call you for some more information and we can talk about how to get these calls to stop. Thanks, Mike

Can you help also Canadians? Mircea (I go by Eugene); a collection agency started to harass my wife for a debt I have on a visa (less than 10,000 CAD). I'm the main name on that visa, and she used to have the second card. I would prefer to call tomorrow to talk to somebody since I'm very tired right now

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Hi Eugene. Please give me a call and we can talk about this. Thanks, Mike

Hi, I keep getting calls from this number, I believe its directtv. Its been going on 1-2x a day for months. They called me a couple of times I asked them not to call, They wanted me to answer questions about why I left. I said I wasn't interested. I left in January. The people do not speak good English and seem to be on robocall. When they call again tomorrow, should I answer and ask what they want?!

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Hi Asha. Have they stated why they're calling? Do you have an outstanding debt with them, or is this a marketing call? You can make them stop calling, which I can help you with. I'll call you or you can reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Diversified has been calling harassing me about my "Sprint phone bill" and how I owe them over $4,000. They had a lot of my personal information, including my social security # which really freaked me out. They would not give me any answers as to how they got my info. I am 25 and have been on my parent's bill my whole life. (We also have Verizon). I do not understand how a scumbag company like this can be in business. I would have just shrugged it off if they hadn't had my social, I am about to place a call to my bank!

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Hello Thomas. I can definitely understand being leery of this, especially if they have your social security number. If you've never had Sprint, this is also concerning. I'm going to reach out to you and we can see figure out what is going on. Thanks, Mike

Getting harassing calls for my new husband who did a skip trace and found my cell and my parents number. called from 2 different numbers today leaving 2 voice messages by the same person. not sure I trust any reviews and will not leave my phone number. Can you tell me if skip tracing is legal?!

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Hi Kathy. Skip tracing is legal in the U.S. as long as no laws are broken to get the information, such as threatening someone or illegally accessing private records. Does your husband have any outstanding debts? Have they stated why they're calling and from where? If you'd like assistance in dealing with them, give my law firm a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

So tired of 3343963000 calling my number and my wife at least every other day. Sometime 3 times a day want information and we don't owe them anything. How do we stop them from calling!

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Hello Phillip. You have a few options in getting them to stop. I will give you a call and we can talk about how. Thanks, Mike

I have a complaint against summit receivables and need some help. They threatened to sue me and garnish my wages because I can't pay the 375 dollars credit card debt I owe. I told them what I could afford to pay and they said nope we will follow through with our verification process and garnish your wages!

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Hi Dan. Debt collectors cannot threaten you and they cannot garnish your wages without a court judgment against you. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695 and we can talk about what you may be able to do in dealing with Summit Receivables. Thanks, Mike

A company called Merrick Bank called my landline phone over 200 times. I asked them to stop after about the 30th call. They said that I owed them money but I have never had an account with them. Are landline phones protected by the TCPA? I am inquiring because I was told that because it is a landline phone they are allowed to call anytime!

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Hi Anita. Debt collectors can call your landline, but they are not permitted to call repeatedly or continuously in an attempt to harass you, abuse you, or annoy you. You have the right to tell them to stop, both verbally and through a certified cease and desist letter. Do you have a record of the number of times they're calling you? If you do, you can send it over to my office at [email protected] I will review it and give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I was trying to check out on a number of 8779212582apm and I saw your site somehow they are taking out 30.92 cents out of my Western Union net spend master card account. I haven't a clue how they are even accomplishing this and where they came from. I just noticed this I hope I can get this transaction intercepted in the morning. I am afraid to put money in this account because if they may take more out I want my money back if I dare and I don't know it's being taken out then it will mess up my important things I do use this account for I am unsure how much actually they have taken out this basically is the card I put a lot of money on now I may have to throw put the card!

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Hi Peggy. I'm going to call you so we can discuss this in more detail. Thanks, Mike

I don't know if you can help me or not. I have received 2 calls this morning for debt. I have late charges of $97.00 and they keep calling me. I get paid once a month. I do the best I can to make my car payments will be 2 years in July. They don't tell you that you are penalized the $5.00 a month, and never receive a late statement. Just keep calling!

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Hi Carmelita. I am going to call you so we can discuss your debt and what options you might have. Thanks, Mike

Hi, my name's Eytan. For several months I kept receiving a non-itemized bill from a doctor's office for $400 related to services provided at St Francis Hospital in October 2017. Told them to update my insurance info and process accordingly. Over the phone, they said a had a zero balance, twice. Then they threatened with referring this to the collection and now Summit Account Resolution took over. I sent them a certified letter with return receipt requested, refusing their "intervention" but they keep making robocalls. I never answer calls from unknown numbers/callers but I know it's them!

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Hi Eytan. This sounds like a unique situation and one I would be happy to discuss in depth with you over the phone. I'm going to give you a call or you can reach my office at 312-224-4695. We will talk soon. Thanks, Mike

PayPal has called me 7x in 5 min this morning. I'm only 2 months behind. I purchased something with my PayPal credit a few months ago, could not afford the payment now they call nonstop!

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Hi Nelson. PayPal is known for their frequent calls in regard to debts. What times are they calling you? Do you have a record of the calls? If so, I would like to review them. Please send them over to my office at [email protected] I will also give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I’m not sure why they are calling my number and no I’m not. I decided to contact you All when I called their number back. That is how I found out Credence Management called and I googled their info and that is how I learned about Your Team!

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Hi. I will be in touch and we can discuss the calls you're getting from Credence Management. Thanks, Mike

Hi, your advertisement came up when I researched Capital 1 number. I was a member of LLC, I had a Capital One business card in my name, the business closed. Capital One balance they give is $12,590 when they offered to remove penalties, late fees they quoted $8400 to pay off. Also offered to take a $2250 payment and setting payments on the $12,590 which made very little sense after quoting $8400. I do not have $8400 cash to settle. No cash available from LLC. So I am responsible. I guess they won't consider $8400 divided by 36 months. I was paying $400 a month, like asked, until realized the fees they kept adding surpassed the $400!

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Hi Vince. Settling with a credit card company can be confusing, especially when you get the runaround and they begin tacking on fees. If you'd like assistance in dealing with Capital One, please contact my office at [email protected] or 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I have had Tebo Finance and the had called me every day when I try to pay them a partial payment they had denied my payment from December of last year all the way until now when the repo my wife's car today what can I do

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Hi Charles. I would like some more details on your case. I'm going to call you or you can reach my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Just got a call from 800-866-6080. They called my mobile phone and asked for my son, who is 26. I told them they called my mobile. I asked them what it was about and they wouldn't say. They wanted his number. I told them not to call again and the man said he will call again tomorrow. I repeated - don't call again - and he repeated he would. My son had cancer in 2013. He is fine now. This might be related to deductibles that weren't paid. If they are calling now or within the next couple hours, I have my phone with me!

Concerning Harris and Harris. Every single day several times a day I’m suffering medically and this stress doesn’t help. Even when I block they continue. Just that they call constantly and I drive for Uber, have had health and financial problems and it's extremely annoying especially when driving Uber!

­Why is this number calling me? + 8889303461keeps calling my phone but never speak or leave a voicemail!

Felix Patenaude is harassing me sent my summons and served it to my mom I wasn’t home they are threatening me and my wages just wham. I have rights fair act rights. These people are abusive!

I am repeatedly getting calls from 2169121163, can you help?!

I've been receiving robocalls from Comenity 6147296086. I recently also found out that they have been calling my father's office, which they probably found the number online since we have the same name (I have never provided any number other than my personal cell). They also gave information to my sister about the purpose of the call and the amount they were trying to collect which I am pretty sure is against the FDCPA here in Florida. They frequently also call through an unknown number. How can we stop the harassment and get compensated?!

I am trying to find out the balance of a debt that was turned over to your office. I would like to know the balance of this debt so I can make arrangements to pay it. The original debt was, they sold to Jefferson capitol when I called them they said you were handling it!

Hello, I saw a page online where you guys help with credit One collection spam calls. They keep spam calling me when u can't pay because I don't have the money to pay them yet. Getting bombarded with nonstop calls with no voicemail!

Good morning. Can you tell me what services you offer? I am trying to get my credit score up and I have some collections and charge offs on my credit. My name is Corrie!

I just sent you guys an email about my situation. I do not know where I go from here. I was offered a $15,000 from a PCU and was told that I would be receiving a Contract & Note. I never got one and never signed one. However, the computer generated check for $15,000 did come and like a fool, I deposited it. Now, RA Rogers Collection Firm is out to make me an example. Am I on the hook even though I didn't sign their contract?!

My name is Tiffany. I came across Agruss Law Firm website after typing in a number that keeps calling my job asking for me. It appears to be a number associated with Summit Receivables. They alternate between my cell phone and work phone to contact me!

I'm being harassed from cashnet. There making threats and call from different numbers and have a man calling to threaten to arrest me. I saw a few stories online very similar to my situation. There also calling my job now. I filed for bankruptcy and have been discharged so one not sure why this is happening!

Just received a threatening call from Ashley Reight they bought acct from Wells Fargo in 2008 - now threatening judgment and lawsuit for Meridian Group affiliated with Columbia Financial- threatening to SERVE ME! Isn't a statute of limitations in Nevada for 7 years? And are these threats valid and legal? I don't know anything about this issue - do not bank with Wells Fargo and find it difficult to believe that they're accusing me of owing $1500 in overdraft fees- never heard of such a thing!

I keep getting calls from 6128155881and I can't get it to stop. From what I gather, it may be Target collections or something of that nature. I have called Target and requested to have my online access reset time and time again because I can't make payments online and we do not have a Target where I live, but every time I reset it and log back in I get a message that the password is wrong. It even asks security questions that I never set up. Is this something that you guys can do something about? I am trying to find a new job and apparently being less than $100 behind on my payment has made my credit plummet in the past month or two. I will not be available for contact this evening, but I can be reached tomorrow morning or late afternoon 7622192639 On another note, I paid off my entire bill and had a zero balance until several months ago when I had to use the card as a last resort. They have been calling nonstop multiple times per days. It's ridiculous!

GM financial always harassing me, please help. I'm disabled and we lost our car to them repose and now they want more money and I told them is was sick and they don't give a hoot!

I have been receiving calls from the 800# that I submitted a claim about. Someone called me and I missed it. Is there any way this can be done over the chat?!

I have a collection account with Jefferson Capital System that was sent to them by Verizon. Verizon wireless had not taken care of my account correctly when I deployed to Iraq!

I am wondering if Arkansas is within jurisdiction I am having issues with this harvest company. Received summons that has been electronically filed no info for a debt from Americredit and GM Financial trying to collect harvest financial group is behind it!

Keep getting phone calls from Transworld systems it's kinda annoying

Received a letter from Kazlow Fields looking to sue for mixed beverage tax bond from a restaurant I owned in Texas that was closed over 5 years ago. They said to send payment to Crum and Forster with Kazlow address!

Springleaf has been calling me enormous times and every day. I told them I was laid off and could not pay until my unemployment kicked in. They said they didn't care and I owed them money. I said yes I know that but I can't pay right now. I would pay them but I don't have!

I am calling this number to see who called me today . What type of law firm is this? Are you one of the law firms that threaten to take people to jail!

I have been receiving numerous phone calls from Allied interstate which I noticed was something that you guys at the firm handle and I would like to know what I can do. I'm almost positive that allied took over the debt from sprint (the cell phone company) and the problem with that is, the only reason that debt even exists is because of a discrepancy between myself and the sprint store I went to and when I called their customer service line, they claimed that I still had to pay it, even though I was neglected by the employees at the store on the day I went to cancel my plan (which was within the 14 day period) and regardless of what I told them they still constantly called me and then sent me to one debt collector and then it finally ended up in allied's hands, but the initial debt shouldn't have even existed!

I have a $400 collection bill with DIVERSIFIED ADJUSTMENT SERVICE. I have spoken with someone there 4 TIMES, I've set up arrangements for that payment but yet I get calls from them at least 4 to 5 times a day. I got a call Friday and today and the lady was EXTREME RUDE. I'm so tired of them calling me. I have asked them not to call between the hours of 8-3 because I'm at work at that time and CANNOT answer my phone. They have called TWICE!

My husband, Lettell, received a call from ARA this morning the number 1 630 206 3935. They called about a credit card from 2003. They never gave me a balance for the card but did give me his birth date and social security number. I told him that we live in Texas and the statute of limitations is 4 years. He said I know but we can still come after you. I was told that they were going to prevent us from using our American Express cards. Which I have never heard of. He said I would be receiving a letter from American Express saying we couldn't use our cards until we paid this bill. He gave me some long number was supposed to be for my husband's card and instead of giving him the number I just said that's not even close to our number. He stuttered and said well that was probably the first card you had and the number has changed. So I told him I wasn't going to wait for. The letter I was going to call American Express myself because I didn't believe him. So I did and American Express said they have no reason to put a hold on our cards. Evidently, this isn't the first time they tried this crap. I just need to know if there is anything I can do to stop this? I am 63yrs old and have a heart condition and my husband is 70 yrs old and a veteran. Thank you for any help you may be able to give. He also said that our credit report was low and that's why American Express would cancel our cards. I don't see how that makes a difference besides the fact there's nothing wrong!

I have payment solution harassing me and I have seen something about it online where’s that I report them for harassment and threading to send someone to my job. They called me claiming that I owe money for a loan company and if I don’t pay I would be locked up. I know they are a scam now and they were actually taking money out of my bank account. Idk how they even received my information but I have been putting in for loans online. I got my card deactivated and changed and I filed a dispute I’m waiting on my money to be put back on my card!

I was contacted by the Ashton and Weinberg LAW OFFICE, stating I oweed 400 to Osterman oil. They told me unless I paid, they would follow through with taking me to court. And Osterman confirmed the same. I only owed 160, but bc they came, without my knowledge, they are. They took our empty tank, and charged us an additional fee. I agreed to 4 payments of 87. But, just found out it's NOT EVEN A LAW OFFICE. If I knew that, never would have done that!

⁣Hello, wondering if you could help with a barrage of debt collector calls? I got a new (additional line) phone several months ago. Apparently the # was owned by someone who had debts? I'm receiving DAILY calls from MULTIPLE debt collectors, but just let them go to voicemail, sometimes they leave short messages, often nothing and then hang-ups. What to do?!

You can get me money for getting a call from 8668870751? I am sure it's some what of a requirement to have my name? Couldn't this whole thing be a scam too? How does this process work? Do I need a lawyer are you the lawyer? Are there legal fees included?!

⁣­I have lots of numbers. I looked up the number that called the 800 number and it said spam and then I looked it up on the internet and then you guys came up with that number. It said, " we can help you if this number has called you". What about other numbers? Like today I had a number from Washington DC call me and the message was threatening to say that I did tax fraud on my taxes. But the thing is I didn't file them because my old employer was Chinese and they lied about my taxes so I think I'm going to have to report them. Can you guys help me with that too?!

I received a call from summit she said her name is ms. Atkins and there was a problem at her office and that I needed to call her back at 844-498-6545, no other details. I haven't called them back, because I received threatening calls before about 1 in 6 months and when I ask who the original creditor is they never say but that was from a different company I think!

Summit receivables is it a scam. I checked online with the better business bureau and it says this firm has 117 complaints of fraud. And they keep harassing me!

The number 4015193959 calls me every day sometimes more than once. Call me, please. Thank you!

My name is Jason. I am getting numerous calls from Commenity Bank saying I need lawyer, harassing me, and just called my 70-year-old mother. I don't know how they got her #!

My name is Allison. I submitted my complaint I didn't know this information was even out there I'm receiving approximately 20+ calls from Credit One bank per day!

My name is Marisa. I'm inquiring about a Case #TEC 10004250 I recently was going to refinance my home, said there is a lien on my home, court papers show Brachfeld law as counseling who represented FIA services in this matter. I'm looking to pay off this debt to remove the lien from my property, will you be able to assist me?!

Hi. My name is Lisa. Constant phone calls from Ally. They are using different numbers. Just received one that came up "Unknown". I spoke with them last Thursday telling them I was in the hospital and they said they would note it on their computers to not call. That did not happen. I am currently out of the hospital now. But prior to that, I would get 4-5 calls a day. Different numbers. And sone when I answered there was no reply!

I tried to settle a debt with portfolio and I got the run around 3 supervisors later, asked for a manager was told they'd call me back and never did, then they refused to take my payment and deleted my original agreement. They also filled with the courts on another dept. I had to go to treatment and couldn't pay my bill, they let that one get too a little over 800 before they finally stopped charging me late fees, etc!

SRG called my cell and left a voice mail from a robo message/ pre-recorded message about having my Social Security Number and bank account and getting a judgment. I called the number they left, Asked them who are they and what is their business. They gave me someone else's name associated with my number. I asked if they are a debt collector, then never disclosed any of that information of what their company was. How much will I be getting?

Isn't that against the FDCPA? I get­ ⁣ ‭9-15 calls per day from 8775971385‬ bills. The fact of the bill collectors calling me 9-15 calls per day? I have them on my call log!

Hi, I have a debt from pro collect on my credit, they have called me a ton of times and have left me so many robot voice mails, do I have a case against them? I have a broken lease from 5 years ago, the debt is 2800, for a while, it was almost like pro collect called me every day. I disputed the debt on my credit, and I think that is how they got my phone number, not sure if that matters!

I need a free consultation. I've been getting calls from debt collector almost every hour but now they are leaving voice messages, my mom just past away, and I had not been able to send payments!

I have 4 debt collectors reporting to my credit without providing the proper validation notice. One collector is pan am collections. Phone calls started on 4/11 and no notice was ever sent within 5 business days. In addition, when calling the state they are from a debt collection agency. Reference number and demand a callback today. Can you please tell me if this is a direct violation of the law!

I'm having massive issues with Comenity Bank. I've had several accounts with them, all of which I've fallen behind on due to different circumstances and they're calling me from multiple numbers up to 40 times a day. Yesterday I had a voicemail saying my situation with them was going to change severely if I didn't call them back by 6:30, unfortunately, I was working and was unable to call them back. I'm not sure what to do about it all!

Hi. I am being harassed by a creditor who for the 3rd time has threatened to garnish wages for an auto loan that I am current on. Name is Dana. This company called central Illinois loans has been nasty on the auto loan!

I cannot handle any more of these calls from 9802423627He got hostile with me when I couldn't pay. I've been hospitalized and settling a case with my abusive stepfather. Can you help me? He's already taken 400 dollars out of my account. But when I called the number it went to his voicemail named Robert. I'm concerned I'm either being scammed or harassed. He calls every 5 minutes!

I came across your law firm when I Googled ‭+1 (844) 735-9449‬ (Diversified Adjustment Service) because are harassing me - having called me 12 times in the past 24 hours alone - and will not stop. They have also negatively and falsely impacted my credit. When is the next available time to schedule a call with a representative of your firm to discuss representation? My name is Abby!

I am curious to know how I would be paid money from NCB Management contacting me? Does this mean they would have to delete this collection account off of my credit report? Initially, I owed Republican Bank and Trust. When I did not pay that debt off in full it was charged off to NBC. Can you all still assist me?!

​⁣Hello, I am having issues with Citi Bank on mis-leading advise and now even more debt. I have been Called 4 times a day since January and the list goes on. I am need of help with the situation they have me in now. Can you help me?!

This number has been calling me ‭+1 (1) (844) 735-9449‬, and the only debt I owe is on my car loan and that's around 15k and my credit card 2k, and I'm not sure who it is but they're very rude and I tend to not answer now. I closed my credit card with chase/amazon rewards because I'm a college student and I was using it for books and personal use, and wanted to catch up on payments before I went too deep into debt. My car loan is through internal and I always pay on time, so I'm not sure why this number is calling but they do a ton of times a day! Those are the only two debts I can think of. I'm up to date on my car insurance and everything else. Also awhile back I switched to sprint from Verizon, back to Verizon and sprint screwed me over leaving me with $500 in debt. My mom and I still have to go in and argue our case, because they were supposed to give us money for what I owed like Verizon did when I left their carrier!

My name is Linda and this number 3252679188 been calling and calling. I don't know how many times they call because it was so many and I am not even late they were calling before my due date and when I call them and they say I owe them $21 and some cent over my credit limit and I don't understand that because I don't ever go over my credit limit. They look like rip off. I am always getting something different from them and all these calls need to stop because I sent in the payment on time. They keep calling before!

My name is Morgan. How is your firm able to help me in regards to various numbers calling me? I am very skeptical of this and just would like to know if your firm is legit, before I give out any information. I don't want to be robocalled by your firm in the future if you are not a real company!

I have a car loan thru Flagship Credit Acceptance. I’m periodically late and I have asked them twice now to not ever robocall me. I have asked that only a live person call and leave messages. I keep getting robocalls. Is this something your firm takes care of? I got your name off the internet cause one of the phone numbers they use it on your website as a harassing number. I have saved most of the robocall messages on my phone. I have also saved the 10 different phone numbers they have called from this far!

I need someone to sue Verizon for me. They are reporting fraudulent collection accounts and are causing me severe financial harm!

Check into cash calls me repeatedly after I have asked them to stop that I will handle the debt when I can, they also text me multiple times a day!

I received a phone call from a law firm saying that they were going after me for a payday loan that I had gotten. I thought it was paid because they kept taking it from my debit account and put me in debt. However, this happens in 2011 which is pass the Four years of statute of limitations and they threatened to take my wages and treated me with Court however the laws state that they can't do that after four years and so I had set a plan to protect my family because I need my money. I am a single mother of two. I have done research and the number they call os marked spam they have since then they have taken to payments from me. I realized I have been scammed since they are out of the statue was up and I had paid them back and they legally can't threaten me!

My name is Erin. Last Wednesday, I received a call asking me to call back 4049942810 or they would be taking action against me. I called back and proceeded to have one of the most threatening and horrible calls of my life. I complained to the BBB about the company who owns that number and they claim they never called me!


​­I want to know if the number 4699915349 is one of yalls number and the guy's name is Orlando and the number is Plano TX plus. When I’m at work and I can’t answer my phone. He calls right back and I tell him in at work and can’t answer my phone and he has an accent to from like India!

Just have a debt collector constantly calling from varies of number, call my work place twice!

I keep getting phone calls from GC services that usually never leave a message however this time they did and put down the 8552988436 number. When I looked it up your information showed up on Google. They usually screen it by using a local area code from the Fort Lauderdale area. I just get at least one call sometimes more a day from that area code, but I never answer!

I was search online more information about 9723317540, my employer received a call asking for the last 4 digits of my s.s.# and how many hours I worked, he never said what company. The call was from 9723317540 and when I search for that number your law firm!

John King at summit receivables keeps calling my work. I have told him I cannot take those types of calls at work and yet he still calls. I told him today I was willing to resolve this but all he kept saying was that he was going to let the company know I don't want to take care of this when I told him I do but I cannot talk at work. When I told him that I would call him on my day off the I was on a recorded line and he was nothing that I do not want to take care of this when I clearly told him I would call him on my day off to talk about this matter!

I bought a new car with free Sirius radio. It is getting ready to expire.and they have called me every other day for the last three week but I haven't answered. Who are you and tell me just what is your service. when I googled the 877 number it told me who it was and then your number came up. And since I bought the car I've been getting a regular call about my payday loan has been approved!

We just keep getting calls from Toyota Finance 5139847107at our office and no one on the line will say anything. Happens several times a day. No one owes any money to these guys so we are confused about the calls and sick of them calling so many times a day to not say anything. Just would like them to stop calling or at least tell us what they want!

I talked with I believe Erin was her name about a month ago. I had erased all the phone calls, they have been contacting me lately again!

I contacted you earlier about a bill or at least that what I thought it was. Sorry to get back so late. I do have a new cellphone with unlimited minutes now!

I'm getting a large number of robo calls on my cell phone. 9 just today, so far Some may be collection calls, but others are just for stupid things. I may be able to connect some calls to specific collection agencies, but that would take time. I know that many of these numbers being used are spoofed, as in the area code and first three digits match mine and they are all BS!

I've received 7 calls today from 8005315000. I finally answered it & asked what did they want? Man identified himself as David and his response was you. I said take my # of your list & stop calling me! David asked what was going to do for him? Would I be taking anything off? I hung up. I've blocked the # and marked it as spam so hopefully I won't hear from them anymore!

G­ot a call from 3039231323 and I am on do not call list. They have called in the past can I get some cash out of these unwanted calls?!

I am one month behind on my mortgage. I had medical bills related to an auto accident last year. The bills had to be paid up front even though I have a lawsuite against the other party. I asked Carrington mortgage to please wait til the settlement which should be soon. I have an attorney for this. I am on Social security and I am disabled!

I have a collection agency harassing me about a debt that I repaid almost a decade ago. I am given a deadline of May 28 to pay a mysterious agency a large sum of money. I intend to contact the original bank to confirm if this case is legitimate or not!

I have know idea what this is about. I don't know of any debt of mine being submitted for none payment. Only if I knew , I keep getting these calls from 8778437934 and when I've asked who are you there's nothing!

I forgot to mention, the caller prefaced that he could "assure me this was not a sales call." This is the main reason why I did not hang up to begin with!

Hello, I received a call from 866-869-1920. The caller asked to confirm my name, age, party affiliation, and ethnicity. When I asked the reason for this call, I was told it was confidential and he hung up. Do I have any recourse and/or is there any way of stopping this from occurring in the future? The caller said this was for a survey, and when I asked the reason for the survey, he said something along the lines of, "this is confidential, but I'm sure based upon the questions I'm asking, you can figure out what this is about." I am texting you from my telephone number. May I ask who you're forwarding my info to? I simply googled the 866 number that I provided, and found that the Agruss Law Firm was handling complaints from this number. Just want to understand what I'm getting into. I appreciate your assistance!

Rent a centre harrasment calls all the time on business phone not getting receipts. Keep paying big payments they keep saying I am behind!

I have had harrasing phone call from Chase for like 8 Month. I had my debit card info stolen about 6 month ago and had over draft fee that they said would be refund and yesterday the took out $360 out of my new account!

I have a phone number as 8885421146calling me and my girl 3 to 5 times a day leave an automated message saying about wanting us to take a brief survey about a customer care service that we talked to her something like that 3 to 5 times each that is. I have an idea who it is that keeps calling and calling and leave it automated messages at least by what I read on the internet that it's why not lease. But it's not their phone number that they give me in their emails. At one point I had an air conditioner I bought from Sears through them. And I had automated payments taken out of my account every other week. And then about two weeks ago I noticed that there were no more automated payments coming out probably for the past month. So, I just assumed everything was done and paid but yet I keep getting all these calls that according to what I read on the Internet is why not lease but it's not their number. And every message there that they leave me is just an automated asking me to take a survey!

I was searching a number that called me 4 times in the matter of 2 hours and i guess it happened to be Wells Fargo and your thing popped up when I was. Looking everything up to find out who it was!

This is the number that constantly calling me like every 15 minutes - 8667293293. I am having a financial difficulties this time, I had recent surgery done right after my car accident causing me not able to pay my bills. I informed money gram that I will make the payment once I get funds but keep calling me. Honestly I really broke this time since I only work 3 days for now until I am able to back as fulltime. Hopefully next month will be able to pay off my bill at moneymart!

There was $25 taken off my debit card this morning from Credence Resource. I was trying to figure out why before I dispute the charge!

I am getting constant calls from Regional Acceptance. They are calling me all day every day including Saturdays and Sundays. They care calling back to back on multiple lines I told them yesterday that I would report them for harassment and it hasn't helped. I've spoke them on several occasions and explained to them that I only have 1 income right now because my wife is not working. and I'm paying them as frequently as I can but we are only 1 payment behind with them and they are about to drive me crazy. They have offered not help or assistance but constantly call me and my wife every single day. I've gotten to the point to were I'm just sending them to voicemail!

QI came across your website and I have a complaint regarding a potential scammer (phone # 3252679188). I have a Credit One credit card, and my payment was late, which is when these calls started happening. Let me count how many times. 7 times since yesterday. Not counting a couple weeks prior. I answered one of the first calls a couple of weeks ago (can't recall exact date and time) & I've been asked to make a payment, said I didn't have the funds at the time, and they kept persisting!

Do you know if Pro Collect Inc. ever considers removing paid collections from credit record? It is from a debt we paid for $347 from a leftover fee from a loft we leased in Dallas. We moved twice from Dallas, and when we received the call/notice, it was already in collections. We paid immediately, but it is still there. From 03/2017. I have not yet contacted them to try, but I am not too hopeful it will happen based on reviews!

I have been getting calls from ‭+ 4167743822‬ and I see you guys say you'll get my money because of how many times they call me without me paying you guys. Just that my credit has been bad for a couple of years and I'm only 24!

This number 8669645262is now calling my job, I don't know who or what they are, I just got a message from my employer that an Eric Masters called to speak to me from this number and other people have told me they have received calls from the same number and it's a nuisance call and I can complain, how do I get calls to my job stopped!

It's a judgment on an apt I used to live in which was left spotless. There was damage to carpet do to dog stain. Pet was not new when moved in. No holes, damages or anything like that. This was from May of 2007. I have never been served or gone to court. I would like to know if in any way this is easy and affordable to resolve!

THEY TOOK MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT AND I NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. I tried to use debit card it was denied. Called bank and Oregon one in had withdrawn all my money and cause overdraw. I have no idea what this debt is at this time. I have lived in Arizona the last 10 years. I got the legal order number from the bank!

I pull ad from a Citi bank ad and wanted 2 know what this fraud phone call is about. I don't know what my situation is. I just saw the ad when I was trying 2 pull up a number for the citi bank. I have had an issue with telemarketing or robocalls so I wondered if that's what u are talking about. Once upon a time, I heard about people that make these unwanted calls could be fined so if that's what this is about I would be very interested in how that works!

Wells Fargo is harassing me about a account I didn't open that has a balance. For the pass year they call my cell and home phone leaving messages with whomever answers and voicemails if I don't answer. I've told them personally that I didn't open the account and send me a affidavit so I can sign saying I didn't. I don't know how they even got my numbers. The automated calls and live calls are really ruining my days. My family looks at me as if I'm the bad guy. They call morning noon and night. That they are extremely aggressive like pay me or else!

Hi, my name is Scott. I've been getting a lot of calls from 844-349-8918. They leave a voicemail that does not say who they are but just that I need to call them back. Doing a Google search it looks like it could be from Fingerhut. I do have an account with them and ocassionally make a payment after the due date, but never so late that a collection call would be made. I see you handle harrassment calls like this!

I am being harassed by Northstar for my ex-husbands student loan that I co-signed, but I have a signed affidavit that he would pay this bill during our divorce. They are calling me repeatedly at work. I need help. They are humiliating me at work. I'm a single mom and my ex husband is not paying for my son per court order so its been very difficult for us!

I am a new client. Regarding sunrise credit. I was sending that to Erin Nutt who is trying to help us- she requested I send letter that was sent to me. I started working with Erin this morning. I sent Erin a text with copy of letter- will u please forward that letter to her if she didn't get my text? I text the letter right before u because text wasn't going through to her. Contact me only if Erin can help us out with this matter. Thank you!

7138771881 has put a levi on my bank and my moms bank account without notification and is trying to take 3000 dollars from me for an old load which I paid for last year. There is a James A West law firm also involved. I have filed a police report as well. I paid said law firm 1200 dollars out of 1633. I called Speedy Cash as well who is the orginal lender and they said they don't have the account anymore!

⁣Hi. I received three harassing calls from a number claiming to be from the IRS, but my taxes are in good standing. I can send you the voicemail transcript!

I just received a debt collection robocall to my home landline from a number that came up as "R&B Corporate." They didn't identify themselves (either name or company), just gave a number 7578733667to call back (the number they called from) and a "case number." And then a message about it being an effort to collect a debt. I googled R&B Corporation, and saw your website. I'm not particularly concerned about the call - we get plenty of spam/scam calls (computer 'experts', 'IRS', vacations, etc.), and I'm happy ignoring it. But I see that you specialize in keeping the debt collection industry honest. So perhaps the information is useful for you!

They called me whose number should not be on her/patients form. I told them this was a mobile number and illegal to call. Their number ‭+ 8664602471‬. Told them to write only they stated 12 days before!

THIS man named BRAIN GOLD from assets receivable management said he could lower my apr with better cards. I though that sounded good in a nutshell. He got credit cards in my name that i did not authorize. I closed them out. HE TOOK 2590 DOLLARS OUT OF MY CREDIT MY BANK GAVE IT BACK. These people also threatened my life!

I just owe for a vehicle payment and they call repeatedly none stop to the point that I felt harassed, but I understand it's my fault for not making my payment on time!

My name is Charles. I keep getting calls from NAD. National Auto something. they try to sell you auto warranty. Many of my friends get their calls. I've asked them so many times to stop calling. Now they call and hang up almost daily. I'm starting to get calls from ECMC as well. And when I googled their name and number it brought up your class action law suit. NAD has harassed me for years. ECMC just calls every so often!

I worked out a deal with them. But in less than a year they tacked on all this interest. Even after the deal they keep calling. Other problem is with a vet who misdiagnosed my dog. The same night of service I canceled payment from care credit. they continue to bill me. add interest. I can't get the vet to do anything. And the dog died because of their negligence!

I am receiving robocalls from 844-871-2365. First day to start reciving these calls - so I googled the number and found this info on your firm. They didn't leave a msg so I have no idea what they are collecting for?!

I got a call from summit receivables. Trying to collect for American web loan. It's a installment loan from American web loan with over 1000% interest. That I paid back enough to cover what I borrowed but it went out of control and I couldn't get them paid back. They are out of Oklahoma an Indian tribe lenders!

I was contacted by Zenith today on cell and at work. They left a vm stating I needed to call regarding a debt and that i had been notified. When they called me at work I advised them immediately that I could not conduct personal business at work and to not call again and I would contact them when I was able to, to which they responded "we will continue to call until the debt is settled". I am not sure what the account is regarding or any other details as I have yet to specifically ask. That is all as of now that I know. I did not want to contact them again until I spoke to someone. I had a similar instance happen several years ago regarding an account that I never had with a different collections agency but they stopped!

I keep getting harassing calls from 8008165569. They just keep calling my cell phone everyday for weeks now. What will the process be to stop this and will I recover any money because of the calls?!

8773451727 is harrassing me with phone calls. They ask for my social security # to identify myself and wont tell me what they r calling for until they have it. So I hang up!

8665718908 called me. I don't know why they called. Just noticed other people say they call to harass. Well I don't know why they called. I blocked their number. Just thought I would text and let u know cause many people complaining online!

⁣I keep getting calls from this number 8002653796three to four times a day and everyday even when I'm at work they will call my cell first then my house phone. I've tried to block there number but they keep calling from different number. My kids answer the phone one day while I was at work and they cussed them out and told them I need to pay what gives them the right to do this to me and my kids. They have cussed my husband out too. When I call back the numbers they use it hangs up!

I recently received a couple calls and an email from you about Transworld. I know I owe Transworld but I receive at least 2 to 3 calls per day and normally there isn't even a person on the other end!

­⁣​So comenity shows up on the caller id they call aggressively and when answered they dont reaspond it scares the heck out of my kids they think its a burglar seeing if someone is home, i try to explain to them but there children they dont understand if you can help thankyou very much 6 times an hour is Harassment and very unnerving . My name is Frank. I appreciate your help if you can!

I actually just sent an email! I spoke with a rep back in February I believe about National Credit Adjusters. I will be sending them a cease and desist tomorrow and I was hoping I could be provided with an email address to send a copy of that too so it is on record if they do not stop. I have been receiving random calls from them starting back in January I pulled my credit report and paid off every single debt that was on there i now have 0 debt listed on there. I keep getting calls from them 2-3 times a day and they never leave me a voicemail. I was getting calls from random numbers and I did get one voicemail saying I need to call back or the next steps are to file a complaint through the county. That was in January and I have not received any other voicemails since. I called the number they left me and it went to a generic recording that told me to leave contact info and someone would contact me but i didn't leave any information since I did not know who that was. Other than that, there is nothing else I can think of at this time!

Hi, my name is Arziki. I received a voice message, on my office number, from Omni Credit Services--(800) 401-9026. It was less than 30 seconds; and, the message said, "if you are not this person, please press..." or something to that effect. I do not recall the phone ringing. They may have just sent a voicemail to my line. I have been getting similar odd voice messages and calls sent to my business line as well!

I got an email from Angela Curry and I responded to it but it rejected my email? I get multiple calls a day from different numbers claiming to be debt collectors or offering loans. i would say i get a call every 20 mins throughout the day and ill block the number but they call back on a different number. Its exhausting!

Every time my husbands has ended up in the hospital A U Health ( MCG) r to lazy to do there jobs of getting my husbands medical bills paid thru A U Health. (MCG) they always end up sending his bills to nationwise recovery and always end up getting tons of calls from them. Regardless if i tell them to stop calling me. It is stressful enough when my husband is in the hospital. It dont make much sense that i should have to be the 1 doing their jobs. When they all get a pay check to do their jobs. I just got a call this morning from nationwide recovery @ 9:04 am. I have to locate hopefully my prior notes of their harassment!

Out of the blue, I receive a threatening voicemail stating they are with Independent Services, LLC and threatening to take me to court over a 660 dollar payday loan from 2013. I don't even remember. im still typing. I asked for a settlement letter. They finally sent me something that looked made up with no head quarters info. I have a copy of it I didn't sign anything. I think they are scamming me. How much for the service? How much is the contingency fee. I don't want any surprises. I'm a single parent that has been scammed before in a different situation!

I'm one of the people Direct Recovery Services, LLC, was harassing. They weren't licensed in AR, I found an email they sent and sent an FDCPA 30-day letter also demanding proof of their legal right to collect. Nothing in several months but I have recordings. As they stopped communications after my clearly adversarial letter I'm only letting you know so I could help another Arkansas consumer if they are still collecting without a license here. Only that I don't want to sue, but would provide my experience if another Arkansas consumer needs to prove collecting w/o license is a pattern!

I need to talk to someone about a fraud. I need to find Greg Linderman or someone else I can talk to. That they can help me locate him. It’s a fraud case between Credit Union and a bank in Nigeria. I need to get help from the client complaint persons at citi bank!

I believe a friend with a loan in default was targeted first. After the person found a deduction from her bank account, and proven to be fraud. Then I and others in her contact list began recieving calls. I'm in default on my bank and scammers are calling from my banks number.

Credit problems. Sent to collections on my capital 1 credit card. Can't keep up with payments. I need help. Please. I have a TD loan and a Cash Money installment Loan as well. I can't keep up with the payments. Me and my wife and kids are stressed to the max. I'm trying to get my family out of my condo mortgage. Are you able to help with that? Do you know anyone who can help?!

I'd like to file a TCPA claim but I've now contacted two firms and I'm not getting a response. I'm getting telemarketing and robo calls to cell phone on the No Call List. And I've asked them multiple times to put on a THEIR No Call list. Only to be met with, "No" they won't remove me or curse at me and hang up. I think that's a good summary. I get 2-3 calls a week for the past year or more!

I was on your website wanting to see the type of services you provide in the form of consumer rights. I was recently served a civil summons for an old credit card. I responded within the time frame and I wanted to know more about the next steps in addition to looking at improving my credit rating. Not sure if this is something your firm assist with!

I have a Wal-Mart credit card and I am so so so flippin over these people. They took an early payment I made and called it part of the previous month, then called me late the next week. I have written to the credit reporting agencies, I have written to credit karma. There is no live body willing to change this for me!

I am having issues with a company called ARA Inc. I was contacted by them last week by phone, never heard of them before, was told that they were filing a suit against me for 22 year old auto loan/ repossession. Was told that my bank accounts were in the process of being frozen and were in the process of getting my wages garnished. They would take a partial settlement, but I had to give them a 10% down payment immediately. I panicked and did, now like yesterday they called me 23 times leaving messages that I have until 10:00 central time to call them back or he was contacting my place of business? Is it true that now I've made that partial payment, that I have opened this back up?!

I am receiving harassing phone calls from a third party collection agency. I have sent them a certified letter requesting that the calls stop. They received the letter and continued to call!

Hello. I am receiving many calls from phone# 514-868-7095. Is it yours?!

This place called city services just called and threatened me that if I did not pay they would come and take everything on my place and take my horses. They are relentless won't leave me alone, leave messages on my daughters cell phone shes 10, messages with friends telling them I'm going to be arrested and threatened to tell my employer I owe money so they take it out of my check. is this legal? I'm a single mom with a 10 year old, can they come to my place unannounced!

My name is Getahun. I have been getting call from 3212036954. They keep hangup when I pick up to answer. They have call 6 times. Its got to the point they're harassing me!

Hi, gave your worked with Bayview Motgage? Bayview Mortgage reported my credit as $65,000.00 foreclosure In May 0f 2017. Foreclosed in August 2017. After modification was sent 6/2017, this was so they could auction my home of 36 years. I blocked 100 fake calls from my phone. Reggie Miller of Bayview harassed my mother everyday!

Credence is calling me every day several times a day while I'm at work and home can someone there help with this please. Thanks!

I just filled out your online form to see if anyone can help me. Hired by ROEHL TRUCKING, they promised me on the job training and 3 chances to take my road skills test to get my license if I would remain working for them for 1 year. However, the day of the test they had us disguise ourselves in a different school's company hat and took our company ID badges and told us not to say where we really worked. When we questioned them they fired us. We were nervous about this fraud and lying to a DOT agent and we both failed the test. They kept both our last 2 paychecks and later on sent us a bill from Lockhard Morris & Montgomery collection agency who has a woman with a nasty and threatening foul mouth. After I was fired for whistleblowing I went to our community college and took trucking driving AGAIN and I passed the test easily and got my trucker's license and now am working for a reputable trucking company. The collection bill is for $5,000.00! I never agreed to pay that if I was fired for a trumped up reason especially whistle blowing. ROEHL gets grant money then fires its employees and then keeps the grant money and then sends the employee to collections. IT IS A SCAM and they did it also to another driver who was with me. I reported them to the DOT Department of Transportation. I spoke to the agent in Washington DC for 1.5 hours. They seemed very interested. This collection agency threatened to take money out of my checking account they said the employer gave them my account number! I don't owe them anything! I never finished training with them and never got legitimately tested. For my truck license. This collection agency seemed to know a lot about how this game of theirs and ROEHL TRUCKING works. She was even telling me that the company didn't promise me 3 tests for my driver license. BUT THEY DID. They are running a scam and the collection agency is part of it!

I received a phone call from sumbit receivables saying that I owe them for a pay day loan for $315.00. They demanded payment today. I explained to them that I could not pay today and I will give them something on 4-10-18. The man became very angry when I said this and said that they were going to send to global trust that I don't want to pay and be they will send the papers to my district court. That was the phone call I got today. It was a local number. I called cash central they were the original payday day loan said they sold my debt to global trust. I'm in a very difficult financial crisis I barely make enough to pay rent and buy food. Call me please. Thank you!

I already sent my situation yesterday about these calls from these people that keeps calling me. I don't want to start over again about what I sent to your company again. Maybe my phone might have been off because I have been having trouble with keeping the minutes from this company. This phone is for seniors and I'm a senior. I'll try to keep it on, here is my email please do not share with others only with your company. Just that these people called me again this morning from Acct. Service. I've read all your lawyers reviews and seem to be okayed hope it's not fake? Even if I don't get anything back as your customers said what they'vve got plus the calls stop, I just want them to stop calling me. I pay my bills on time and I know who calls me. If I miss a payment they email me to remind me if that ever happens. And nothing like that has happen to me yet. Thank you!

I keep getting calls from 8008755164. Several times a day. I just want to get these guys to stop calling me. If they need to pay for their calls then get them to pay!

I Googled a number that I didn't recognize regarding a debt that I wasn't familiar with and came across your website. I got a call from 8662051641and this is a coppied message from your fourms but it was pretty much the same script - "This message is intended for ____________. I’m contacting you from the processing division. I received an order for you and its apparent you have two pending charges. Unfortunately because I’m unable to reach you by phone. I will be actively pursuing you, either at your residence or place of employment. Now you do have the legal right to contact the client and try and resolve the matter voluntarily. Understand once you’re located you forfeit that right. You can reach the office at 1-866-205-1641. Good Luck!

I received 2 phone calls from Summit Receivables today in regards to a payday loan I defaulted on. When I tried to call back I asked for something in writing, and the lady *Miss Atkins* told me they were not required to put anything in writing, and when i addressed my concern about that she hung up on me. I did call back a 2nd time, and a man by the name Nathan answered and tried twice to transfer me back to her, she didn't answer. However he attempted to help me and said they would email me as statement, (and I did receive the statement after a few minutes) and I haven't called them back just yet. Don't know if it's with a phone call over a 525 payment!

My name is Kevin. Well I've had my first interaction with Summit recievables. I was left a voicemail to call back a number and when I googled it they came up. The voicemail left was a name and something to the effect of you may not be aware of a lawsuit against you. No company name no details. As I have read about this company I'm concerned about contacting them back. This is my first contact with them so I'm not sure how to proceed!

I keep getting calls from Summit Receivables and they are wanting payments for a past payday loan. I was hesitant to even talk to them because I have had scammers call my phone before and so I told them I didn't do payments over the phone because of this and also said I needed written notice and the guy said ok, but please be aware we only do payments through our banking institution. A day later I did not get a letter in the mail, but instead an email with a letter attached and just yesterday I got a call and voicemail from a different number stating they sent written notice and I have not responded and if they dont hear from me then they will take further action proceedings on my file this week!

I wanted to contact you regarding this phone number harassing me 8773451727‬. I want to inquire about the harassment cases and possibly filing suit against them trying to collect personal private information in an illegal format. I'm wondering how many attempts/phone calls constitutes harassment in this case. I was interested in filing a claim and getting up to 1000 for this particular number since they were extremely particular in prying info without identifying any info. They asked questions and pressed me to "verify" my identity in many different ways in an attempt to collect private information which they would have never been privy to otherwise. They definitely in violation of certain legal rules requirements regarding debt collection/harassing calls. What is the procedure for moving forward to file suit against them? Thank you in advance!

Can u please let me know why you are calling my number?!

I received a subpoena that has been time barred from a harressing debt collectors agency. My debt was from October of 2006. The primary collector sold the company 12/31/2014!

My name is Anton. I don't quite understand, sometimes I get calls from a collection agency but I don't pick up and they don't leave a message. That doesn't mean I have any kind of a case against them, do I?!

This company keeps calling saying they're coming to my home address. Stating I must be there at that time or be prepared to be arrested. I don't know who this Great Arrow company is and they keep calling and harrassing me. Saying they're coming to my home and I must be there or plan on being arrested. Like I said I don't know who they are or what they're calling me for. They left no information!

My name is Melissa. I have a question on summit receivables, I got a threatening phone call and they stated they were verifying my employment, stated I wrote a bad check which wasn’t the case, I set up a payment on my debit card and not checking account. Anyway I think he violated the law leaving a message like that on my cell phone. I didn’t end up having the money to cover the payment but it was through my card. Just I owed the debt to Mobiloans and they took it over to collect, I haven’t had money to cover the balance to pay it in the last couple months !

There is something on my Credit Report, that I know othing about. Did you get the photos? I am trying to send them now. I have No Idea what this is, or who it is! It is not me. I've never heard of these people! Thanks!

This debt collector calls me several times a day after being asked to stop. They also called a reference and left a voice mail with ny personal info including my social and date of birth. Isnt that illegal? My bigest problem is just the excessive phone calls and the releasing of my personal information to other people!

I have been contacted and speaking with someone from Forward Movement Recovery. They have even gone as far as to call my sister-in-law to contact me. They emailed me a letter with the original creditor who has no record of a debt with me. Had a similar scam recently contact me only by email. Saying he was an attorney collecting on an old debt!

⁣­ I submitted a message to your firm that has been harassing my parents at their home as well as my cell phone. When I am being contacted the calls are from an unknown caller. When they call my parents they are asking for me on an automated message. I do not ever answer phone numbers I do not know or are listed as blocked or unknown. They just left me a voicemail indicating if i do not return the call that I will be addressed with legal issues!


I want Credence to stop calling me. They are constantly calling me everyday 3 to 4 times a day and this has gone on for a year and a half!

Just noticed the company is not reporting my mortgage payments to credit agencies since the loan was sold to them. They sold the loan twice, the other companies are listed n report. However S& N is not. Im just curious where my payments could be?!

I am Alicia. I keep getting harassing calls from this Weinberg Mediation and now they have somehow got my mother and sisters phone numbers and they're calling them too for me!

That was some Lawyer Office. She said she was not pmab and Hung up. Can't you just take CARE OF THIS, OR JUST EXPLAIN WHAT GOING ON BEFORE THEY CALL ME PLEASE . As long as they know what's going on. Just get off my Credit Score. Get off my Credit Report!

Dispute a charge with this Company, I have never heard of them. I just seen on Credit Report! If I order on line I use PayPal!

Please provide me with payment history for acct #203-747-5175. I made a $200 payment on January 14th that you did not report to Sunrise Credit services. Please email me a full payment history showing all payments made to you. ASAP so I can clear this up. Thank you!

I really need help/ advice on how to deal with costal credit llc. Me and my husband purchased a car from them back in 2010 or 2011 I believe. And it threw a rod and had to get taken away. So since then we have been making payments to get rid of the car and we have even gone to court with them and set up a payment plan which they went back on. And now are demanding more money and threaten to garnish my paychecks. Their customer service is rude and continuosly tell me they don't have to tell me anything or answer any of my questions. And have been starting arguments with me on purpose. I'm not sure I have been very cooperative with them I even was straight with them when I fell behind on a payment that I finally had the money to pay them but they do not care. I would like to speak to someone!

I sent an email, I am getting robo harassment calls from Credit Acceptance!

I am on the National do not call registry. I have one Insurance Company who has been robo calling me since November I think. They call me up to 10 times a day. There is never a human on the phone. I have listened and given responses through the call twice a n the time they have been calling. I have said I'm not interested and they increase the number of times they call. They also have called me as early as 6:45 AM. CST. They use 4 different numbers and all of them say Cullman Al on the caller ID. They do not give an option to take me off the call list. They are trying to sell health insurance. I figure they have called me 4-500 times at this point! Not that I can think of. They are driving me crazy. I am a pastor and a professor and they ring my phone during church several times and in class. My ringer is off but it is distracting. I need my iPhone when I preach because I keep my sermon notes on it! Try again I answered it and nobody was there and so I hung up!

My name is Richard. I have been getting calls that are prerecorded they don't ask for a name and they call my cell phone all the time even on Sunday and after nine pm. I just got a phone call earlier did not leave a messaged when I googled phone number it said it might be cashnet USA. I have talked to Cashnet USA before and tried to work out a payment and they didn't want to work with me and my income!

I received a call from 8012367581, the agent told me about a medical debt. I questioned it and gave her my address to send some info about it. Well, my 'issue' is that 20 minutes AFTER we spoke, the agent called my sister to ask for my contact info. The debt in question is 14 years old, I don't even know if it's legit. But I'm bugged she called my sister!

I was researching 2 credit Collection companies that are from Doctor offices. They call the house numerous times starting as early as 8 am on Sunday and will ring 4 to 6 times a day. I am trying to find Fax numbers to send them cease and desist notices. I am really fustrated, can't seem to find anything. But companies are rude, when asked for a fax number, one lady hung up. I'm not ready quite yet. Want to discuss what my wife and I are going to do moving forward. The Company I work for has not given me a raise since I was hired. I am the Network admin for 4 companies! They say because I am salary I have to put in time on weekends when called, stay late, I can only get (on gentleman's agreement) time off from my VP. It's been awful situation. I am currently about 22,000 under market for my position compensation. They keep telling me they don't have enough money, but are spending money like crazy on projects not involving pay. Some have been here as much as 8 years without a raise!

I received a call from Tennessee child support. # 865-397-4594. I am constantly receiving letters and I recently lost my job about 5 weeks ago and am currently looking for another one. Is there anything I can do to stop the harassment from these people? How can I be sure you are legitimate? I'm sorry. I've just been burned before!

I am getting tired of those harras calls. One of those calls i had to put a block on. Erin sent me a email in january but I never got a chance to ask for help. I am in study now to be a professional writer and i want to go back to finish being a voice actor. Reason I didnt get back to erin was my mom and I got hacked in our debt cards plus we had a very bad car accident!

I keep receiving calls from Capital One about my credit card. They use to call 5 times a day and leave voicemails. I finally had to block them. I’m working with Freedom Debt Relief to resolve the debt. How can I make them stop calling me? I also receive calls from ‭+ 6147544053‬. Not sure but I looked online and I believe it may be Commenity Bank. They never leave a message and they call all day long!

My wife keeps getting threatening phone calls from you, then when we call back no one answers guess its time to contact federal trade commision. Never heard of a real company not answering the phone. Keep getting phone calls. We filled bankruptcy last year and we don't owe anyone. Why do you only call out but no one can reach a representitive seems very shady. I need to know whats this is about and then the calls need to stop!

I am getting calls from Allocation Adjustments regarding an outstanding payday loan but they will not give me any information on the loan - is this a scan - I have received calls from several different #s regarding this issue including 844-738-7904. In the past my husband took out payday loans against my account and I have received calls from various agencies regarding the account which I have taken care of but they have always provided me with information on the loan - this company just says it is a web loan with no account #, will not give me the name of the original lender and will only tell me that it will be sent to court if I donot pay $1200 they will not even give me the name of the town they are located - they said I have to go to court to get that information. I have looked up some of the numbers on line and must of them say it is a likely scam. I do not want to go to court and if it is legitimate I will take care of it but I am not going to offer to make payment arrangement for $1200 with no details. There are so many scams out here. Is there a fee for this service and if so how much?!

What happens from here? I just got a text from them too. I owe them some money and explained my situation and they call me multiple times a day and are now texting I got 4 voicemails yesterday. I sent some screenshots that might be helpful. What is the next step?!

"I have been getting a lot of robocalls. The 8447387904 number called me stating "" they will be contacting authorities"" if I don't get a hold of them immediatly. I just want this to stop this has gone on from this number and others for 2 years!"

Kep getting calls from 2177174287. They are calling my dad's number everyday, saying I have unpaid fines. I do have fines but they have been being paid on monthly. Tory is the name of the person that calls!

I keep getting robo calls but I do know its from a few creditors but due to separation and student loans I cant afford to pay. Can you tell me how they will be able to help me?!

I got a call from 8008165569saying they were chosen for a pre-judgement case that will effect my employment, credit, and bank account. I have no idea how this is. Can you please represent me about this. Thanks!

Well I was trying to figure out who is calling me from 8662750064 because it just a automatic recording. Doesn't ask for anyone just says call between the hour of 8 and 5 or something like that. I have had my SS number ran after my mom used it for some payday loans that I paid off just these last months. They told me that I had nothing else on my SS and that I had nothing to worry about!

I’ve been getting calls from independence university multiple times a week and I’ve never attended there school. Just that every time I tell them to stop calling, hang up on them or block there calls they keep calling. Thanks!

⁣​­This is Rich. Richmond Logging, LLC. International Development Service was scheduled to come by Monday at 9:00 am. I have canceled, not sure this is correct number but I won’t be there. Just want to make sure it’s canceled.

Was a survival job. A lot of things I was not comfortable with. However I am seeking an attorney to see if I may have case. There is a lot of FDCPA violations, I feel!

Good morning, I'm a former employee. Please call me!

Its nothing huge. I just received a $35 charge from a check-card summit receivables something Nevada hold on one second Henderson Nevada. What is the saying like it it's worded exactly like this it says $35 check-card Summit receivables Nevada Henderson. Don't know where it came from or why is there or how they got my account information or my check card or anything. what is this what like is this a company that's doing this or what what is going on I've contacted my bank and my bank is said it's in the pending status right now so they can't or dispute it or attempt to get a refund until it goes into the posted status and I just want to get a head start on this because sorry to me and my family $35 is a lot of money to some people it's not but it really affects us!

Wondering how your firm works with debt settlement and their harassing phone calls at 8 am in the morning. If that person gets voicemail I might be working and unable t o answer phone- just have them leave a message and I will call back at my first opportunity!

I am contacting you because I have been receiving phone calls from PASI & also received an thank you for your payment email for the payment of $917. The only problem is I dont know who PASI is and I havent made an payment. Its showing that the payment was made with an mastercard that I dont own. I'm curious to find out exactly whats going on!

I cannot use your chat screen. it is too light and it's hurting my eyes!

I stumbled across your firm looking for any filings against Avante USA. If your firm has dealt with them already, I would appreciate working with your firm. They are claiming I owe a debt for a hospital visit while I lived out of state. They appeared to not have filed with the state AG, they didn't have the address of the hospital, or the agency they were collecting on behalf of, among other things!

I was hoping to just see about a problem I've had with my student loan and if there was something I could do about it can I get a free consultation or what do you suggest. Well to make an extremely long story short back in 1992 I believe that was the year I got a student loan for a school called Arizona institute of business technology. It was a very expensive school and I believe it was under 6 months. I don't remember the loan amount but I couldn't seem to get a job even though I had this certification for detention specialist around that time. I got pregnant and moved back home to so I had forgotten all about it had my child and then tried to look for a job in detention and it turns out that the school was not accredited so therefore I couldn't get the job working at a local county jail. Anyway I did as much research as I could into the school and I found out that there was going to be a class action wall suit against this school a few more years go by and I guess the Students WON this class action. However I find out later it was only to those who actually attended the trial. Oh my goodness I just wrote you a book do you want me to go on I don't know how to make anything short I'm sorry. So my income taxes have been held on and off for many years due to this alone I believe but I'm not certain. I was just paying the interest because it didn't seem as though my loan was going down. I contacted the IRS several times to tell them the story and collection agencies who were coming against me and they said that they couldn't do anything about that. Well I was a single mom with mental illness and this wasn't a priority and so I just put it aside and every year or 2I get collection notices and I will hold them and put them away to a time where I don't feel overwhelmed and can deal with it. I realize this has affected me in so many different ways it has prevented me from getting apartments in loans in things in which for made to progress in my life it created a snowball effect. So here we are I'm a middle aged woman it's been over 20 years. And I realize I'm never gonna be able to deal with it so I'm mine as well just reach out for some help or advice!

I had paid this summit receivables for almost a year taking money from me but seems they have never paid off the collection in which they claimed I owed. I feel very scammed out of 1000 dollars maybe even more!

I keep getting calls at home and on my cell I keep blocking and they use other numbers. I get robo calls too!

I have been getting phone calls from 2 different numbers regarding debt collection. I am not sure who the debt collectors are. They are calling at least 10 times a day. I know there are some debts on my credit that I am trying to get resolved. There is a case that where my husband and I were living in a apartment in Tennessee and we split up. Our lease was up and they are trying to state that we have a past amount due of over 4k!

Last April I was contacted by Miller and assert group about a ten year old credit card. They threatened to take me to serve me. I worked at a casino and could not be involved in any money trouble. I didn't remember the bill or find a receipt but agreed to pay 100 a month. I have not worked in 7 months. Surgery. I can't pay and they want to start again. I have had no contact since my Nov payment. I have not answered any calls. It was Miller and Associates that contacted me. My payment e Mrs went to Pristine Asset Group!

I am being harrased by several companies. They have even called my work!

They call my number and when I ask who they are they hang up on me. I had to google their number to find out who they were. They have no permission to call my cell phone to begin with, which is illegal. They hang up when you ask them to identify themselves . they know what they doing is illegal . I never told them who I am just asked who they were and informed them that what they are doing is illegal and again they hung up on me. I blocked their number. I would like to bring a class action suit against them!

I would love to put a stop to unsolicited phone calls from 8778229054. I receive the same phone call at least once a day. I never answer, I have done a reverse look-up and recognize it is some sort of scam. I came across your website. If you can get it to stop, that would be great!

I have been getting harassing calls from comenity bank about a debt that I owe. They call me multiple times a day from different numbers, and unknown numbers. I cannot stop unknown numbers from ringing on my phone, so my phone has been ringing while I am at work and it's causing me stress. I have no proof that they are the ones calling since they are calling from an unknown number. I have answered to them before though so I do know it is them I have spoken with them about my financial hardships right now, and now they are threatening me with a lawsuit and telling me that I need to get a lawyer. I'm not sure what to do I would appreciate contact on this issue. I'll wait to speak with you. Thank you!

My husband and I receive numerous phones call a day from 800-875-5164. What can we do to stop them? No message is left when they call!

I am getting constant harassment from commenity bank. They even keep calling my sister daily and me. Telling her I need to get an attorney. How can I stop this? I know I have a bill but things are hard right now. I am disabled. And said I could not do their minimum and they just keep calling and then I told them to take my sister's number off. They said they did but not they are calling her every day to!

I found out recently that my license has been suspended for a window tint Fix-It ticket. I received a failure to appear hold and the appearance date was on 10-17-17. The case status is number 4050 9.5 holds. It went to collections through g c services and I'm hearing that they are not the best way to go what do you think. It occurred in Glendora California. Maybe the fine stayed on to 1315 that's when they suspended my license. I set up payment with them but they never collected my money and I drive for a living I need my license back!

My name is Ijeana. I have with credit one bank. Have you help people with credit one account before?!

Sorry I didn't think you were going to get back that quickly or I would be waited for a better time. My apologies. Also, I didn't realize this was a legal firm. I don't have the funds for that. Again so sorry. Well. I don't see the point if there's gonna be a fee. But thank you!

My credit report has been destroyed in a couple of weeks, I had a 720 score in January! There's 2 lease for Kia when I only have one and the other was terminated when they gave me the new car and my mortgage company has reported me late when u was under payment plan they gave me! And Citibank, jeros hitting me insufficient funds fee if $34 when I clearly have the funds cause I monitor my account daily. I'm currently at a place financially where every penny counts. Any thoughts?!

Got this in the mail Friday. I have Arguss working on itJust keeping u guys updated they said I'd probly get my $200 back but this doesn't look like it!

I have made regular payments on a medical bill over the last year and have proof. Today, I got a settlement offer in the mail, saying that if I didn't accept it, they would turn me over to a law firm for collections. I've dealt with this other law firm several years ago. What to do? I'm a former client of this firm. I just received this letter in the mail that if I didn't accept their offer, they would turn me over to Komyatte & Casbon, P.C. I have printed out proof of payments over the last year. The agreement was as long as I submitted payments, (even as low as $1.00), I would not be sent to collections!

I have a message on my phone from summit receivable. I have received several calls and message from different numbers claiming to be the same company. I just researched the company today because i thought it was a scam. But i see now that they are a real company but may be conducting business in an illegal way. I have 3 payday loans on my credit report. 2 of them is what this company is trying to collect on. I made 2 payments in the past!

Please DO NOT contact my number, looking for one of your "Debtors" by the name of "MARY SEITER" there are several Seiters living in the state of Arkansas that are NO RELATION NOR AFFILIATION TO THIS INDIVIDUAL! I do not know this individual!

I feel I have been more than harassed by citizens bank world credit card. The worst around! When I have been paying monthly. I'm emotionally broke from the bs. I'm sorry but I have to run right now but saw your page online. Please call tomorrow or email me. Thank you!

⁣ I have been receiving robo phone calls for several months from two numbers repeatedly and both leave blank voicemails. I have filed many many complaints with the trade commision do not call website but the calls don't stop. I do not owe money to anyone but the previous owner of my phone number had many outstanding debts and I proved to all of the others that they needed tp remove me from their list.Please make them stop calling and make them pay for harassing me. I could not tell you how many calls they have placed but it has been going on for many months. 800 816 5569 is the worst offender and 8008755164 is harassing also. I hope you help. Thank you!

I get quite a few robot calls from a few different numbers. They are sometimes non stop two to three rimes a day a piece. I had a title loan through loan mart and even thought I made my payments on time I received several reminder calls some times ten days before my due date and it started to get on my nerves a bit so when I scheduled a payment for two weeks past my normal payment I received a series of calls thresting to repossess my motorcycle. After a very short time they began calling consistently and its usually an automated call. When its a person they demand to know where the vehicle is at the outset of the conversation. Now they send repo guys to talk to everyone at every address that I have had and they share why they are there and ask all kinds of personal questions. At this point I don't know what to do!

Just to know if i need to call their # to cancel contract in 3 days! The area code is suspicious-can u verify the validity? I had computer problem-resolved-was put on paypal acct-how this person got involved-a mystery!

My name is Andre. I keep getting calls from this number: 8582084414. It's an unwanted call telling me how I can earn the money working from home. I don't know how they got my phone number!

NCA called me this morning and it was very threatening!

I have midland credit management harrasing me all day I would like to work out a deal with them but they are rude sound like a scam. I was paying my best buy account on a regular basis then I came into a little slump and was not able to keep up with my payments. The credit agency calls me constantly and is now calling my job!

My name is Charlene. Do y'all have a case against SIRUS XM Radio? I bought my car 6 months ago and they call me 1 time a day every other day, but don't leave a message. Sirus came with the new car for 6 months, but I think we used it maybe 1x, and the 6 month trial is up, and now getting robo calls!

The number you have on your web site has called my folks home and my cell phone. When I tried to call them back they hung up on me. I am in Ashtabula, Ohio 44004. How much will this cost me. Back in December 26, 2014 I received a call. Saying I owed 938 dollars to a company and her I had already paid the company through a consolidation group sent me the canceled checks to show proof. When I realized it and got all the information. I tryed sending the company all the information. Gave me a wrong address. When I called I asked why. Gave them the address and said nope not us. So I'm out that money. Email will be better I'm a classroom teacher. So, I can do email then I can return a phone call. I don't answer number I don't know so if someone leave's me a message that I spoke with you. I will call back. I am very caution!

I am being bombarded by Weinberg Mediation Group. I have never returned their call. They have called my parents, mother-in-law, and my wife (at a minimum). Left personal details on voicemail or with 3rd parties. The robodialer locks up my phone with 20 or more calls at a time in a row. What can be done? I appreciate your time, thanks!

I do have a couple of questions. I called gc services in September/October because they sent a garnishment letter to my job not informing me or sending me letters of what was going on after that they said we called you several times and its the law your employer has to pay us i did offered several settlements they said no pay in full now or garnishment. So now that my employer has paid them, in December they sent her a letter that i was no longer in collections and she did not sent them a payment in january but i still make my monthly payments and a few weeks ago a lady called my manager very rude why hasn't she paid and she did mentioned the letter she said i dont know what you are taking about i will sent you another letter and send payment. I want to know if gc sevices can stop garnishment or should i just finish paying them that honestly i dont see my balance going down. Also was it possible for this company to do all of this without notifying me? Thank you!

GC services took like 500.00 out of my pay check and they didn't call me or send me a letter. My job told me about it today when I called HR. They said it was from a loan I got in 1982 for school for 2500!

Got a letter in the mail from delta mgmt assoc, Inc saying I owe 305.35 for Arizona department of revenue, I have no idea what this is for, I used to live in AZ 2 yrs ago but never had any problems with the AZ department of revenue, I fell that this is a scam and was reading some of deltas reviews, I was wanting to know if I can get some assistance with this matter. Thank you!

I am dealing with ARA Villa Park IL. They said I owe on an account from 1999. What should I do? They just called said they purchased this account and was going to take the full amount out of my checking account but would settle for less. Are they a legit business? Are they legit? I sent them 200 over the phone yesterday I'm supposed to send the rest of money by the 19th. I don't want them taking money out of my account!

Transworld Systems has been repeatedly calling me from what appeared to be a local number: (703) 763-4821. I never picked up b/c there was no name associated with the number. They called again today and I finally called the number back. It turns out they are looking for my sister and the rep asked me if ""she is working or anything."" I told them I don't know because I am not in contact with her. They said they would stop calling me now. It looks like your efforts against them are having some success, but I'll wait to see if they call again. They wouldn't tell me why they wanted to talk to my sister and I asked if they were a collection agency. "Nathan" said he couldn't reveal that info. When I googled them, your law firm was the first result on the list. If they do contact me again about her, I will contact you. I am pretty sure that they must be calling other family members. I'll check with other people to see if they've been contacted by TW. They have been calling me frequently!

I have recently been contacted by a bill collector who says they are Navient Student Loans but the number is 866-517-3093. They sent a fax to my job asking for employment verification and called the next day directly into my department. 1) My job information was not provided to Navient 2) the caller indicated that it was for Co-signed loan 3) there were no issues that could not be resolved through the borrower who they did not attempt to contact!

I was just contacted by RAS and threatened with a civil lawsuit and upon digging I found that this is most likely a scam. I went to a wells fargo location who RAS stated the claim was in regards too, and they have no record of any debt that I owe them. I'm not sure if I want to take action I just had a question or two regarding normal debt collection procedure!

Is there a way to talk to anyone in management I have had the most horrific experience with a credit card of my life? I have been with CITI since 1995 and pain my bill off at the end of the month that whole time. I changed my card to the double dividend card, and somehow I got email billing on an old email account I had back in 1995. I never got anything until the day we are leaving on vacation. I was treated poorly every step of the way given poor information about my account etc. the way you handle your calls is more like calling a collections department, then a credit card company I have been with over 20 years. Every time I have tried that I just get another collections person. I would like someone higher up, please!

I need help with summit receivables they contacted me about a payday loan I didn't pay maybe 2 years ago and well they transferred me to a woman named Susanne and it was a transfer to a 502 number and well I need help because they claim they sent me a letter in the mail which was false and then proceeded to ask me if I'd been prosecuted for writing bad checks in kentucky and I said no which is true and I told them I had no job as of right now but in a couple weeks I'd have some mkney to possibly help settle and the lady said she'd put it down as a refusal to pay and said good luck and hung up. Not exactly other then that I contacted them two more times saying exactly all that and they transferred me to the same exact person and I've never got anything in the mail other then once which was from quick cash the company I defaulted on the loan with saying it was going to collections and then that's all I've really heard and I've had numerous issues with then calling me like crazy over the past few months and never helping at all!

The harnessing collector is in Canada. 17 years ago, my wife took ETR transponder when we separated and the company has been chasing me ever since. It is a toll road transponder and there are no bills from driving in the road just accumulated monthly fee!

​ ­⁣Hi, I found you guys when seeing what my options were. Ally Financial is going to far. They just called my sister on the other side of the state trying to get ahold of me and my wife. Not that I can think of other then excessive calls even after we contact them and tell them what is going on with our payment situation!

My name is Debra. I have been receiving calls for a year or more from: 800-875-5164. They call. They don't leave a message. I called back once a few months ago and someone said I owe money to someone. I have the regular bills, student loans. but nothing outstanding that I know of. I want the calls to stop and, if appropriate, to sanction the harassing company!

Delta Management practice of unethical practice of taking over student loan collection!

My name is Lisa Security Credit Systems is calling me for a debt that happened when my son was in high school. e graduated in 2012. Attended the school in 2008. I paid the bill and it was never reported to my credit and now they are calling me about the past due bill!

My husband and I have accounts with Summit Receivables. We recently had some attempted fraudulent activity on our bank account take place to where we had to close down our bank account. Due to closing the account, they have not receiving their monthly payment and they are harassing me and my family and stating they are going to begin employer verificiation. The rep openly admitted tonight that the lady who had been working with me is being written up for trying to work with me on payments. The lady was absolutely rude. She has called my father several times and he is sick and retired at home and its becoming an extreme inconvenience and he has told them not to call back. I actually just sent an email before I realized you guys offered online chat. Just one question, do you all see a lot of complaints about their behavior in how they treat people? I have never been talked down to the way she did over the phone. And they have literally called me 16 times today and that has just been from around noon up until less than 30 mins ago. And that's not even including the calls on my home phone line. Thank you!

While ago, I received your call message to my mobile phone but I couldn't hear the contents from 412-765-2051. I'd like to know what was business for me!

When I was younger I had a bank account that was defaulted on and went to collections. Years later now, a collection agency (CSG LLC) contacted me and we settled and payment was made in full. Now Weinberg is harassing me about this debt even though it was pain in full September 2017. I have submitted my paid in full report to Weinberg but they are still calling my family members. They also deferred me to jtm capitol, who will not answer the phone or return my calls!

We want you to STOP calling us as we or no one at the number has any leg fall issues going on. Remove our number from your call list. Thank You!

They took the monies I had in my bank account and I don't even know who they are. This is the law firm. It's just that I don't know who and why. I'll call tomorrow to see who they are!

­I have some questions about Credit One. They call non-stop even before the payment is due. If I mail a payment well before the due date they tell me they got it late and tack on late fees. So I tried setting up online payments but the system keeps telling me it can't process my request. So I have been calling it in and they charge me an extra $9 and change for this service. I feel like I am caught in a catch 21 no matter what I do I cannot get ahead with them. Please advise me on what I should do!

I am receiving harassing callas from the Weinberg Mediation group. Just listened to a voicemail from them threatening legal recourse!

My name is Ken. I received a call from Summit Receivables and they were pretty threatening. They told me that they would consider the loan taken out maliciously and I set up a payment plan with them but could not follow through with it after the first payment. They call me pretty much non stop!

Summit Receivables has been harrassing me. They took money out of my account for an unauthorized date. They called my job and they keep calling even after I called and asked them not to call anymore. I want to pay my debt off but I do not want to deal with summit receivables. What can I do? I had to cancel my debit card and start a new card to keep them from taking money out of my account!

I dont have acct number but i need to stop autopay til i can open another acct which i can't til 2-3 weeks. As soon i do I will contact u with new info!

I have a question about a lawyer telling me that I'm getting a Citibank atm card with over $6.5 million dollars and I have to pay for insurance and FedEx delivery fees as well of $250.00 and I want to know if it's a scam or what please? I can send copies of the email if needed. I just need to know if they are the real deal or am I going to be scammed. And thank you so much!

I’ve been getting called and harassed by the Weinberg Mediation Group; I saw your Ad online regarding recourse against them with no out of pocket cost. What do you need to make this happen? Call me please. Thank you!

I have saved messages on my cell phone from summit receivables which I'm almost certain violate the FDCPA. I have many of them. Only that I have multiple messages, a couple threatening to deduct money from my bank that I never authorized!

I received a call from summit receivables. I wasn't available to take the call so they left me a message claiming to have called multiple times when it was only the first time. The message was automated and sounded off to me. It sounded like a bot introducing itself as Anthony and mentioned about something concerning me even though it wasn't clear. I understand that the economy is rough but I feel like they resorted to criminal behavior. I also showed that message to my local authorities and they told me to mention this to a law firm and that this is a case of harassment .I heard you guys dealt with them before so I decided to contact you. I work for McDonalds earning minimum wage and most of the money I earn goes to bills, rent, and car payments. I've received multiple scam emails about loans I've never had and those same emails saying I'll be receiving a court summons(been months and never got one). I can't afford a loan so they have no business calling me!

I received a summons by an individual for the Plaintiffs of Second Round LP. The attorneys for this company are Machol & Johannes, LLC who I have never heard of until I received the summons. They are requesting that I enter an answer as to why I should not have a judgement placed against me for a bill. I do owe on this bill a total amount of 2733.27 from the original creditor of Synchrony Bank. I do not currently have funds available at this time as I am already working two jobs as my wife is currently going for SS Disability as she has been disabled for over two years now. I do plan on paying this bill once I can get caught up on other medical bills. I am suppose to go to court on 2/6/18 and do not know what to do. I have sent a letter desiring to pay $100.00 a month on this bill starting the 15th of February about two weeks ago and have not yet gotten a reply. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

They are calling me to my work place. They state they have a pending case in there office for a debt over 5 to 6 years ago. Now they are calling me to work and harassing my HR dept as well. Not very happy. Just do not like there actions and involving my work place. I am at work right now!

These people from Weinberg keep calling me from a 512 number and leaving threating messages what can I do if anything? They say they have sent out letters but they have not and I don't even want to talk to them because of everything I see online about this group. I just want them to leave me alone. If you call from an unlisted number my phone will block you so please send a contact number. Thank you!

Who is this AMR, they call saying I have a check fraud situation. They wanted personal info which I would not give them. They gave me a address where I have not lived for over two years. We dont write checks. We do our Banking on line with BOA. If the money is not there, they dont send out a payment. They could not tell me an amount. I dont have any debts not covered. I have a health checking account that can be verified. They said I will be arrested. Shortly, how do we stop the harassment. I asked for their address, they are not allowed to give this out. I ask for a supervisor, they are not allowed to speak to people they call. how do I stop them from calling my office!

I signed a contract with nugen solutions, to help me collect money owed, and they are asking me now for money to continue the case and pay attorney. That's all, i would like to ask if nugen solusion is a fraud company and what I can do!


Summit receivables is calling family and friends of mine threatening me with bank fraud lawsuit. Today 3 men came to my house in suits. I didn't answer the door, could they really be suing me? I had a credit card called verve. I think this is what they are calling about. They left me a voicemail as well telling me to get an attorney!

I spoke to you and Emily yesterday regarding my case with the ARA collection agency. ARA charged funds from both my credit card and bank account before I could stop payment. Emily said that she requested to ARA that they refund yesterday!

My name is Craig. I have a company called Delta Management Associates calling me a few times a day. Also calling work colleagues. My wife's workplace. They sent a fax to her workplace yesterday asking to verify my employment with them - this fax included the last four of my SSN!

I need to get an attorney or a LCC.

I have a payday loan that has gone to collections. I have a company calling me called Summit receivables and when I google it most comments say that it is a scam. When I get phone calls it is coming in as my area code but they are located in NV. Just wondering your thoughts!

I’m getting harassed by Weinberg Mediation Group from 844-738-7904. I have no idea who they are or what they want. How does your process work to address this?!

⁣My daughter and her bf were harrasssed and evicted illegally by trailer park. Now park has put a debt of 30,000.00 on both credit reports even though they only received judgement for 2000.00. Can you help them?!

Hi there. I needed to get in touch with your Law Firm. I missed your calls due to work. I'm out of work today all day. If somebody can call me that would be wonderful. Thank you!

Bank of America,the 2nd Mortgage holder, turned note over to Sunrise. Spent a year trying to get help from bank, stopped making payments April of 2017, and have not heard a thing from them!

One primary concern and example is I pay them their monthly charge of $28 they charge me another $9 processing fee they charge me interest rates on top of that they charge me annual fee on top of that and that leaves me a $0.00. These people continue to do this month after month after month I called them and they said oh we will credit it back to you sir sorry for the inconvenience and that never happens! That's just one example the other example is calling them on the phone and then hanging up on you when you ask to speak to a supervisor for someone in the higher position then it gets transferred to the Philippines and you can understand English or they don't speak it these are just a few examples of the b******* I put up with on a monthly basis. My name is Michael!

My name is Thomas. I am scared to death, why am I getting a phone call from a law firm. I am in the hospital recovering from a heart attack and what is this about? I have had three heart attacks and loss my job due to my health. Please note I have monitors hooked up and its so hard to talk on the phone. I want to make payment arrangements and pay next week. I am in the hospital and could not do anything about my finances, I am not ignoring this, just been focused on getting well!

I am looking into help with Transworld collections, I am trying to decide if I can file bankruptcy. I am married but this debt is in my name and my spouse refuses to pay it. I make roughly $580 a paycheck. And the bill is 9,100(?) plus I have 4 other bills that have fallen into collections!

There are a lot of people been rip off from this debt collector. I feel like a slave, I can’t leave the plantation!

Send me more info about Nation Star class action suit. My loan was discharged chapter 7 with BOFA in 2012 and was sold to Nationstar. Since then they have been after me. They changed from bank statements to information statements!

I just submitted a case re credit error I would like to resolve this account!

They keep calling. The # they call me from is 8008615569!

I just Googled the number that called me and saw your post to contact you regarding this number. If notifying you will help stop these annoying calls, I figured I'd do it!

I just received a call today from 720-728-3210. And I'm on the do not call registry!

I have been receiving several calls a day, 7 days a week from 800-842-3603. I told someone a month ago that I am aware of what I owe, made a payment, and said I would continue to make payments, when I am able to. They have not stopped calling. It’s many times a day, everyday. Thank you!

My situation is I have debt to check n go in wisconsin and I was unable to pay it back and they sent it to summit receivables and I have asked numerous amounts of times to send me a receipt through email or hard copy or the company they are representing and I still haven't gotten anything from them on what I owe or company that I owe it too. There might be another account there from the same company but I dont know. I believe it's check n go!

I'm­​ ⁣receiving up to 6 calls a day from credit one when I tell them they are breaking the law they just say do I have business with credit one? I'm screaming calls best to text me a number to call since if I don't recognize number I probably won't answer!

Hello can you tell me more about Summit receivable. My name is Iwona. I'm afraid i shouldn't pay them like they harassed me now i look at loan that i did owe and it shows unpaid on original company website loan was originated in Reno NV I got returned funds email and my statement shows paid they called my work many times, i got yelled at and used bad languaage!

After communication with the bank I had my vihical loan though about my situation and the date we agreed I'd pay to fully catch up on my payment. Myself & ex husband were called and told I could not pay it and it would have to be repossessed that day I had the $ to pay was just waiting for a email response with the full balance. They would not take my full payment and came to take my car. Letter of final notice sent out from bank days after the repo of final notice. Now they want me to make payment monthly on the vihical they took from me! Please help! No reason for them to deny my payment like they did. It was complete discrimination!

I am financed with Ally Auto for my vehicle and I am tired of the calls 7-10 times daily when I am past due on my account. I know that I am past due and I call and tell them that but what I've heard from them each time I get in contact with them is, until it's paid, the calls will continue. They continue to call my husband on his cell and on mine. I know when I'm late on paying but I don't need a reminder almost 10 times daily even on Sundays!

Yes. Out of the blue, I receive a threatening voicemail stating they are with Independent Services, LLC and threatening to take me to court over a 660 dollar payday loan from 2013. I don't even remember. I asked for a settlement letter. they finally sent me something that looked made up with no head quarters info. I have a copy of it I didn't sign anything!

Hi My Name Is Flor , Im Emailing You Regarding This Company The Letter Is Under My Boyfriends Name But What I Do Not Understand Is How Does My Boyfriend Owe That Insurance Money If He Never Had Them , The Letter Basically States That If He Does Not Contact Them In 15 Days They Will Sue Him For Everything He Has ! He Is A Hard Working Person I Dont Understand How This Company Gets Away With These Things Hopeful To Hear From You , Thank You Sent from my iPhone!

I get multiple phone calls per week, saying that I need to respond today, or that they are on there way to my house or place of employment, and that I will be arrested, unless I take care of my debt!

Hi, My name is Mary...I am having problems with SallieMae/Navient repayment I have been trying to get the private loans I have with them consolidated, but with no help. They told me I was placed on a payment plan, but would have to renew every year. They also told me that the payments would be going towards the principle,but I found out yesterday they have not been. One loan was not placed on the program and they failed to let me know, but continued to draft payment out of my account and report the loan late every month on my credit!

I have received several calls from diversified consultants after telling them I have taken care of it. They just called again today and I saw you youtube video so I thought I would contact you. It was over a Comcast bill that I had already taken care of. I told them when they called the first and second time. I told them not to contact me. I have received several calls since then. I tried to call them to take me off the call list and I was on hold for a hour. I called Comcast this was due to their mistake. Not really, this was Comcast's mistake, I took care of it. told them many many times not to talk to me. They keep calling. When I try to tell them not to contact me and I am being harassed I was placed on hold for a hour!

I was wondering if your firm might be able to help me\r\n[11/3/2014 7:03:54 PM CST] Monica: Could you please share a few details about the situation so that we can best assist you? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:04:54 PM CST] Visitor: I am being harrased by Dominion Law Associates. They are calling my cell phone and sending me letters in the mail.\r\n[11/3/2014 7:05:20 PM CST] Monica: We may be able to help you with that. Do you mind explaining the situation in a bit more detail? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:06:39 PM CST] Visitor: They recieved a judgement against me but was denined the money because I dont have the funds to pay it and now they are trying to garnish my wages again\r\n[11/3/2014 7:07:10 PM CST] Monica: I understand. May I ask where you are located, city and state? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:07:50 PM CST] Visitor: Chilhowie Virginia\r\n[11/3/2014 7:08:04 PM CST] Monica: Thank you for briefing me on the situation. Do you mind holding for a moment? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:08:33 PM CST] Visitor: I sure can thank you\r\n[11/3/2014 7:08:45 PM CST] Monica: Thank you for holding. The lawyer best suited to assist you is unavailable to chat at the moment, but I can have someone from our legal team contact you as soon as possible. \r\n[11/3/2014 7:08:52 PM CST] Monica: What would be the best number for us to call? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:10:12 PM CST] Visitor: its 276 780 2491\r\n[11/3/2014 7:10:28 PM CST] Monica: Is there an email address you'd like to provide in case they miss you by phone? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:10:44 PM CST] Visitor: its [email protected]\r\n[11/3/2014 7:11:27 PM CST] Monica: May I know who I am speaking with? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:12:35 PM CST] Visitor: Freddie Jackson\r\n[11/3/2014 7:13:32 PM CST] Monica: Is there anything else that you think that the lawyer should know or might find helpful prior to contacting you? \r\n[11/3/2014 7:14:14 PM CST] Visitor: Not right off hand. I thank you for all of your help\r\n[11/3/2014 7:14:31 PM CST] Monica: You are welcome. I will forward this transcript immediately and request you are contacted as soon as possible. Have a good evening!

We think we are being scammed by a debt collector saying they are going to put a Lien on our bank account. I read in a blog post that you might be doing a law suit against Cogent/Medicredit or Perlmutter. Does that sound correct as the correspondence is from them, but it looks like the document they sent is not court related. It says we declined Mediation. This is a car loan debt from 2008 apparently!

Hi Michael I have debt collecotrs harassing me. I have asked them to stop calling one company in particular told me they can't. Another I have asked to write me and stop calling and they still call. I have received voicemails one robot and one saying nothing and 2 leaving just a name no reason for calling and the other saying they have documents and to call before 6 p.m. I have the recorded voicemails . I have tried working with another attorney but have not gotten very far. They never call me back, they say that the last time I called they sent out letters to debt collectors saying to stop calling. Can you help me? I am disabled and feel harassed and they won't listen. I live out of state in Iowa can you still help?

Sarah, hello! I recently rec'd information that one of my accounts was referred to Global Credit. I have ha da very heard time dealing with them today when I callled to make attempts to pay on the account. They were very derrogatory and hard nosed so I started looking online and your attorney had information on them. Is that something you all can assist with? Have a past due account. Fell ill with cancern and now I am trying to make arrangements to pay it. Called and found out that it had been referred to them. Tried to offer making payments, they wouldn't take it as teh amount is too less but that is all I can manage, not really.. other than what I have mentioned already. Just was trying to settle with monthly payments but they started telling me about my credit cards I can use to given tehm a 10% payment today. Told them it was not an option- they insisted I call the credit card with them. Told them repeatedly it was not an option to get checks from the CC as it does not have that option, they insisted (the manager), told them they were humiliating me and then I called the agency who has the account and they said- nothing they can do, I have to deal with Global. So much for trying to make this right!

I would like my case reviewed by Agruss Law Firm regarding my account with Asset Acceptance. My Chase credit card debt was sold to Asset Acceptance in 2005. The balance at that time was $12,660. Every month for the past 10 years, Asset Acceptance has received a payment from me. I have paid over $8,000 to Asset Acceptance. In January 2014, Asset Acceptance informed me that my pay off amount was $5700. Yesterday, I spoke to a representative at Asset Acceptance and my pay off amount is over $15,000. I want to stop payment on this debt, have this debt considered paid in full and not have this debt hurt my current excellent credit score!

hi im Patti Taylor I have written you before about the Hanna law firm suing me and stirring up old accounts for more lawsuits til the point that I cannot have a bank account anymore. There are still moreletters coming in demanding huge sums of money I cannot possibly pay account from may years ago and I am sure they have started tthis process up I cannot get my newesr email to go through so I am writing you again. Some but more letters have been found since demanding tens of thousands of dollars!

Hi Brianna. I seriously doubt it, but what the hell. I'm not beating around the bush...just have no clue where to begin. Could you please, in detail...somewhat anyway, explain to me what exactly it is you (Agruss) do/represent? I have everything going on. Literally. From harassment by media corporations (comcast) who more or less hold monopolies; to student loan debts that were supposedly 'forgiven' upon receiving 'permanent disability' several years ago, to identity fraud and (even spoke with lawyers who would not hesitate in suing the three credit bureaus... to losing any kind of health care after waiting over 4 years to get on disability and too sick to getting disability after over four years and my credit being trashed and compromised.... forcing me to live in motels for over two years spending every dime.... to finally getting into an apartment months ago thinking, because I had finally set up some kind of physical therapy locally who took medicaid... only to find out, because of new statutes/laws...whatever you want to call them, I was no longer eligible... so I lose any hope of getting better (at least a part time contributor to society) AND lose my doctors because of it.... have/had longtime HUD personell writing on my behalf to reinstate medicaid; even many of my pharmacists and pharmacy managers.... Was taken off any kind of pain medication with new laws...bullshit...was NEVER abusive, addicted...just high tolerance... Medicare is worthless, won't cover half the crap that gives me ANY kind of relief monthly...even for my chronic migraines and annual cluster headaches.... Was forced, before disability to use a worthless local hospital... kept complaining of serious left arm pains/weakness etc...they said have other things to worry about... over a year later, I get medicaid, see a neurologist...sure enough, it WAS NOT carpal tunnel but an irreversible crushed left ulnar nerve which left my left hand more or less worthless (and I am solely left handed...was an artist/writer for I can barely hold a cup.... Received an electronic wheelchair from my PCP by another doctor who ended up being with that 'mobile doctors' out of chicago who'd been shut down due to medicare fraud... I studied/practiced Political Sociology most of my life: have resorted to organic constitutions; state constitutions; everything...all help for the disabled... lost doctor(s) and specialists due to making just over the ($973) per month which makes me not eligible in a state that did not take the medicaid waivers this year but sure as hell found a way around it to receive federal funds....100%, then 90%.... I have creditors coming after me left and right...shit I have no clue where they came from...zombie name it... I take on average 6-8 meds per day and that is at the low end.... I've been in an ongoing battle with Comcast (they hold a monopoly in my area) since June of 2014 and have close to 4 GIGS of recorded phone calls, saved chats/documents/screen shots....getting we were most likely to be sent to Iraq to assist the Navy...never thought about it until disability twenty years later when they said it didn't matter...honorably discharged/medical during wartime...I should get some kind of help....three years with the worthless VA was no help...ended late 2013...gave up...wasn't looking for education, house, whatever...even 1% compensation blah blah!

Okay Hi , please let me know if you can help from Il. Im in Kansas. Portfolio recovery asso. is suing me, still. -Dave. Lets see. My previous attorney has withdrawn. he wrote a continuance (i think) which was about two months ago. Next week the court has a case management hearing with me. It will be waiting on a phone call from their side. Right now I have no attorney to help. I have not been able to get anyone since then. I am looking for help or advice. One thing, I tried to settle it over the phone Tuesday with 500.00 except I could not identify with the second parties name and I said so. So now he said I must send a written statement saying I have not heard of them. He told me it takes two weeks. I have not written it yet but plan to go ahead. That being said, I still do not have a way away from the hearing Mon. So , a friend advised me to find some articles on the companies meanderings to show the judge.... thats when I found you .... I have had no luck finding any real help and its a serious matter with this companies tactics as you may know!

A collector left a message at my home. I have no outstanding debts.

I have received a letter from a Halsted Financial Services, LLC about a debt from a payday loan from at least 6-7 years ago. This is the first time I have received anything from them and haven't been threatened with any actions for this debt. I thought I had taken care of this debt a long time ago, so receiving this letter was a little bit of a shock to me and unexpected since I am trying to clean up my credit report debt, which this is not included on any of my credit reports. The amount seems a little excessive but they are offering a 50% settlement offer, and they say I have until the 27th of this month or they will return the debt to the original creditor!

I continue to get 3-5 phones calls almost every day from a Global Credit & Collection Court. They have contacted family and even my ex-husband and his family. I have contacted them before after threats they were going to take me to jail from my place of employment if I did not call back so they could send me the court papers. So I called they started talking and transferring me. So once I finally spoke with someone I basically said I do not have time to be on the phone so I verified my address and told them to send to me. This was 3 months ago and still have not received anything. The only thing I have received is numerous harassing phone calls. How can I get them to stop.

My mom is cancer survivor she got her teeth removed when i was 18. Her gum line was lasered off and she needed to get a set of teeth alone with a gum line she requested my support. She got a care 1 credit card for emergency. They keot threatening me to go to court and I never was contacted by lawyers or anyone i kept being harrased. Im still harrased now like if owe 10s of thousands of dollars. I need help

Received telephone call from 816-600-4581 - voicemail - rep identified herself as being with Cauley & Bergman, stated is not a sales call and not a tele-marketer, did not give mini-miranda.

I keep getting a call from a payday advance outstanding debt but ive never done one in my life. This is becoming a harassment that ive got inot verbal altercations with

They're threatening to serve me with papers for a loan and they say I owe now 1,087 dollars. they also called my work yesterday and told my boss.

I have had mortgage with Ocwen since around 2010, a house I purchased in Kentucky with my ex husband. he stayed in the home after the divorce and according to our agreement, he was supposed to refinance the home in his name. he was unable to, and eventually abandoned the property and stopped paying the mortgage, which I did not find out about until the house was 2 1/2 months behind. I was forced to take out a loan on my retirement in order bring the mortgage current and make the next month's payment. Since then, I have taken cash advances out on credit cards to make the mortgage payment while the house was not being rented, and have not been delinquent on a payment since when my ex abandoned the property, all in an effort to keep my credit in good standing. my ex signed a quick claim deed on the property, which was filed with the local court, relinquishing all interest in the property, but it did not remove his name from the loan. since then, he has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and although the home loan is not behind on any payment or delinquent in any manner, I have been charged numerous fees every month, and am force to make payments higher than what my mortgage is every month. I requested for those fees to be waived, and my request was denied. additionally, I was supposed to receive an escrow refund check last year, and the check was made out to both me and my ex husband. I was unable to cash the check because it was made out to him as well, and requested that they send the check with just my name on it, because my ex signed a quick claim deed (which they had been sent numerous times), but they still refused to refund me the escrow check because they said his name was on the loan and the refund check had to have both of our names. I do not see anywhere on my account where the escrow amount was credited at all. I have not done this company any wrong, but yet they are continuing to take money from me when I am already making my mortgage payments to them. Its very difficult for me to pay two mortgages, but I have been doing it for many years now, but they refuse to give me any credit for what I have done. I am trying to refinance the loan with another company in just my name, but cannot do that until I sell the other home that is in my name.

Harris Harris is harassing me they won't stop calling me threats of arrests if I didn't pay e.t.c. so id like to submit for whatever legal action your taking.

CHAT 888-572-0176