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Do you think Tesla Solar Roof is not playing fair? You have rights under the law and we can help you at no cost to you. UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business.


If Tesla Solar Roof violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and Tesla Solar Roof will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 312-300-5996 for a free consultation.

What is Tesla Solar Roof?

Founded in 2015, Tesla Solar Roof is a branch of Tesla that specializes in solar-powered roofing technology. The tech company offers products and services like residential and commercial solar paneling and installations and maintenance. According to its site, Tesla Solar Roof offers home evaluations, certified quotations, and professional installations. 

In 2016, Tesla acquired SolarCity, a retailer of solar energy generation systems. The company then catered to residential, commercial, and industrial lines. SolarCity is now a part of Tesla Energy. Peter and Lyndon Rive, founders of SolarCity, are cousins of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. 

Tesla Solar Roof Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

1215 K St Ste 1220
Sacramento, CA 95814


+1  415-610-4003
Business hours unlisted

Contract Problems 

According to complaints against Tesla Solar Roof, the company has been augmenting contract prices after clients have signed into their contracts. Per the reports, Tesla Solar Roof has been shooting up contract prices to up to 100 percent of their initial quotation just right before installation; a colossal addition considering their already steep pricing. Consumers from across several states have responded with a lawsuit that’s been filed in the Northern California Federal court on their behalf. 

Deplorable Service 

Broken roofing, poor installation, and non-existent after-sales services are just a few of Tesla Solar Roof’s lamentations. Despite advertising professional services, consumers have reported having their roofs damaged due to poor installation; mostly reporting unpatched holes on their roofs. Others detailed having solar devices stop working as intended, causing them thousands to repair. To make matters worse, some have had to navigate repairs by themselves as Tesla Solar Roof has failed to act on requests for repairs or even pick up their phone lines. 

Constant Price Hikes 

Despite claims of affordability, Tesla Solar Roof’s service rates have sky-rocketed over the past years. Tesla Solar Roof’s consumers reported having no clear explanation for exorbitant hikes aside from the change being a “business decision”. This is amid a growing niche for solar-powered panels in both residential and commercial avenues. The price hikes also contradict the company’s aim to bring their products and services to more and more households. 

Dismal Customer Relations

In addition to the above complaints, consumers of Tesla Solar Roof have also lamented the company’s illusory customer service. A common theme among consumer reports is the tech company’s unresponsive service line, including project managers, that’s left consumers without assistance for weeks or months on end, even with urgent issues. Others detailed receiving excellent communication from Tesla before the contract signing, and things going downhill from there. Some have also reported having project managers unknowledgeable of Tesla tech, as well as representatives unaware of troubleshooting technical issues.

Unfortunately, contract issues, excessive price increases, and generally abysmal technical service complaints are just the beginning for Tesla Solar Roof. The tech roofing company’s customers are left wondering what options they have regarding their consumer rights.

We Fix Complaints When Customer Service Won’t

Has Tesla Solar Roof used misleading sales tactics? Have you received poor service? Do you have complaints with billing? Do you want customer service at Tesla Solar Roof to listen?

A lot of Tesla Solar Roof Corporation customers aren’t happy with their service and Consumer Affairs lists 9 customer complaints against the company, including complaints for billing and collections practices, problems with a service/product, advertising and sales, among others.  

If your complaints haven’t been heard, we can help. At Agruss Law Firm, LLC we help customers who have been mistreated by big companies--much like Tesla Solar Roof--and we turn your complaints into resolutions!

We’ll not only file your legal demands with Tesla Solar Roof, we’ll negotiate with the company. If your claim isn’t resolved through these negotiations, we’ll work through the legal process that is outlined in your Tesla Solar Roof contract, which is typically arbitration. 

Agruss Law Firm, LLC gets results--including zero balances, refunds, and other compensation. 

Here’s How to Make Big Companies Listen

It can be frustrating when you rely on a service and don’t get the results you’ve paid for. Big companies make mistakes every day and not only is it their fault, but it can also cost you money, time, and leave you with big headaches. 

Have you tried calling Tesla Solar Roof to address an issue, only to be told that the representative has no authority to do so? Or maybe you’ve tried talking to someone higher up in the company, only to be ignored, dismissed, or they take too long, continuing to waste your precious time. Maybe you’ve sent an email to the company which only resulted in a prefabricated response or they never follow through with what they’ve promised. 

When you’re limited in your choices for service providers or you’re locked into a contract, what can you do?

Fortunately, you do have options. 

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint

Most companies like Tesla Solar Roof have an arbitration clause in their contracts to prevent being taken to court for traditional litigation. This is actually an advantage for the consumer. When you request an arbitration hearing, an independent third-party (the arbitrator) with knowledge of the type of situation involved will listen to the facts from both sides and make an impartial, binding decision. Tesla Solar Roof will have to do a lot of work and there is no guarantee that they will have a successful outcome. 

Arbitration is Fast, Inexpensive, and Private

Arbitration with Tesla Solar Roof is conducted through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). According to the AAA Consumer Due Process Protocol, arbitration through AAA will comply with their Statement of Principles, which includes:

  • The process is fundamentally fair - All parties are entitled to qualified, competent, impartial arbitrators who will conduct a fair hearing.
  • You get access to all relevant information - This includes reasonable costs, confidentiality, reasonable time limits, and meeting times and/or locations that are agreeable to both parties.
  • Transparency - AAA provides clear arbitration agreements and the ability for each side to hire their own representation.
  • Just process - Arbitration allows the arbitrator to award the same relief as traditional litigation in a binding decision. 
  • Alternative to arbitration - Mediation and the ability to take the case to small claims court should be available in some cases.

Arbitration Gives you Control and Leverage

When Tesla Solar Roof is alerted that you plan to pursue arbitration, they know it will cost them money out of pocket. Not only do they run the risk of losing the case, but they will also pay for their mistake(s) and the arbitration itself. This gives you more leverage with your demands. 

If Tesla Solar Roof doesn’t meet those demands and you have a real complaint, Agruss Law Firm, LLC can help by representing you in arbitration where you will get a fair, just, and transparent hearing.

Control and Leverage Triggers Faster Settlements

Large companies like Tesla Solar Roof don’t like the uncertainty and loss of control that comes with arbitration. Not only do they lose the advantage in the situation, but you’re also on equal footing with them in the eyes of arbitration. 

The first step in taking on Tesla Solar Roof is to formally raise your complaint. The lawyers at Agruss Law Firm, LLC can help you to do so. We will send a letter of demands to the corporate offices of Tesla Solar Roof, letting them know that you’re ready to begin arbitration if a satisfactory resolution is not achieved. Typically, this is 30 days, but it will depend on your specific contract with Tesla Solar Roof. 

Approximately 50% of cases will settle before proceeding to an arbitration hearing during this time. However, if Tesla Solar Roof doesn’t offer a reasonable settlement within the appropriate time frame, the next step would be filing a case with AAA. Agruss Law Firm, LLC will not only put together the necessary paperwork for arbitration, but we will also help you take the next steps in the arbitration process. 

UDAAP and Arbitration

UDAAP is an acronym representing laws that prohibit Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices in the context of trade or business. This includes misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

UDAAP laws are regulated by two organizations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC expanded the initial UDAAP laws in 2004 to include unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Some standards for unfairness, in particular, include if it causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers, the injury is not reasonably avoidable by consumers, and the injury is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.

Every state has UDAAP laws, which can vary widely. However, the lawyers at Agruss Law Firm, LLC understand these laws and can use them to get compensation for deceptive practices, representing consumers throughout the country in cases of arbitration at no cost to them. The company will not only pay the consumer, but they will also pay my fees as well. The consumer will never pay me a cent.

If you’re dealing with an issue with Tesla Solar Roof, you might try filing a complaint with the BBB or the customer service team with Tesla Solar Roof. Unfortunately, these avenues won’t always lead to a successful resolution for you, the customer. Instead, you may want to consider an experienced arbitration lawyer to take on your case. 

Arbitration is a very useful tool for resolving disputes, and Agruss Law Firm, LLC can help. With our expert guidance, we bring the big companies to the table and provide the support needed to get your bills corrected, credit reports fixed, improper fees refunded, and more. Let us pick up the sword for you; you have nothing to lose.

How Do I File a Complaint Against Tesla Solar Roof?

We will use your state’s UDAAP law to file a complaint in Arbitration on your behalf at no cost to you. UDAAP laws include misrepresentation, deception, false advertising, or false promises. Under your state’s UDAAP law, you are likely entitled to money damages for your actual damages.  Plus, the other side will pay our fees and costs.  You will not pay us a penny.  These laws emerged following the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The ultimate goal with these laws is geared towards protecting consumers involved in financial transactions, educating consumers on their rights, and allowing them access to information and resources to best inform their decisions.

People, First

We are proud to serve consumers in arbitration cases. We see you as a person, not just a client – and that makes us better at the work we do. We listen. We learn your story. And, as we help you get the money you deserve, we go above and beyond in a way most law firms never could and never would. Because we’re not just lawyers. And you’re not just a client. We’re friends, neighbors, family. We’re all people and here at Agruss Law Firm, we put People, First.

Share Your Complaints Below Against Tesla Solar Roof

We encourage you to post your complaints about Tesla Solar Roof. Sharing your complaints against this big company can help other consumers understand what to do when they have problems with this company. Sharing your experience may help someone else!

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Submitted Complaints

Tesla starting installing solar panel 9/27/21. They stopped due to a weak spot in my roof that they missed on inspection, causing me to pay someone $1,700 to repair. They finished installation on 11/22/21 and gave me permission to power on the system on 1/13/22. It did not work. I called 8 to 10 times, and most times it has they have provided different answers. The latest consistent answer is that my system is missing a part, and they will not provide me any updates as to when it will be fixed. I asked specific questions such has the part been order, has the permit been submitted for changing the system design. They just continue to say we will email when we have an update. They also started collecting payment for the system which is stated as being illegal in their contract. Installation is suppose to last no more than 90 days per their contract. It has been more than 120 days since the start of installation. If you call me, call as late as possible.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Craig. Your story sounds a lot like the many other consumers stories who have attempted to get solar panels from Tesla Solar Roof. They have multiple complaints against them, so this isn't a surprising situation, however I understand how frustrated you may be. I will give you a call, but you can also reach me at 888 572 0176 at a time that is convenient for you. Thanks, Mike

Assumed Tesla solar roof lease buying this new house. Now, the system is no longer monitoring the panels. So, we can’t tell if it works. Tesla is not very helpful at all. Please help.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Jeff. This is a very common complaint against Tesla Solar Roof and its a shame that they do not take their customer service as seriously as they should. Let's talk more about your roof and how you can go about dealing with it and getting this frustrating situation resolved. I am going to give you a call and we can have a free, no-obligation consultation. Thanks, Mike

Leak in my Reid start July 2021, I call them to arrange to remove the solar na pa els so I can replace my roof, with every month I tried to ff up with them until I receive their email to sign a documents, I did signed it but did not received their confirmation, but they gave me a schedule of March 11 2022, mins how slow their actions but for the mean time my roof still leaking and gets worse than before. So the after a couple of weeks I receive an email that they will cancel my schedule as they did not received the documents that I signed, so their resolution is to send it again to me docu that they will expedite my schedule , I signed and get confirmation email that they received. I did not hear anything email from them after so I ff up every week to double the Statius each person I spoke over the phone said that they cannot reach the schedule person for repair, one said she promised that she will email me back but did jot receive anything from them, one said that I am schedule March 11 and today I ff up again and Gary from customer service said that he can't get hold of the person that promise me she will send an email, he said according to what his looking that I did not sign the documents that they needed and that he said they don't have a problem in their end. So his saying that it's my problem why my sign documents was not received by them. It is almost one year and till now I have no final schedule of when they will Put down the system for my roof repair.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Annie. Unfortunately, you're not the first consumer I've heard of that has issues with Tesla Solar Roofing and I'm sure you won't be the last. Fortunately, you may have some options and I would be happy to speak with you about what those may be. I will be in touch to discuss your situation and I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Mike

I am getting the run-around with Tesla Solar. I assumed a contract that was made with Solar City November of 2016 when I purchased my home. Tesla took over that contract with their acquisition. One of my solar inverters has been broken and non functional for months and I am struggling to even get a technician out to fix the issues. The contract has a performance guarantee in it, however whenever I try to get concrete details about the guarantee, no one can explain how it works except to say that it's an "automated" process. I can't get a date on when the process has occurred in the past, nor can I get a date on when this process will happen again. One agent says that it will be in March of this year, another one says that it won't be until the end of this year. I have a nagging suspicion that this process will never happen. Despite the lack of service, or support, or even a fully functioning system, I am still expected to pay my lease payment. I feel like Tesla Solar has breached the contract I had signed six years ago and would like to know the legal options available to exit this contract, as well as recoup lost dollars from these events. Please advise. Thank you. Aaron Wildung

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Aaron. I would be happy to speak with you about the possible breach of contract you're dealing with and Tesla Solar Roof. I would like to speak with you and look over your original contract, which you can send over to my office at [email protected] Once I have had time to review it, I will give you a call and we can have a free, no-obligation consultation. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Mike

Made a contract with Tesla for a new solar roof last year around June/July the install the roof but haven’t been turn on yet, it was said to me that it wouldn’t last more than 6 months now I been emailing back and forward with them and they are telling me is their team that has to do the interconnection with the power supply co. Is over month now and I’m paying the loan and electric.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Giancarlo. If you need help in dealing with the contract you signed with Tesla for a solar roof as you're not getting the response from them that you need, you can reach out to my office and we can chat about your options. Thanks, Mike

After the past 7 plus months, I have been fighting with Tesla to repair my inverters. After requesting the inverters to be removed for the construction, Tesla provided a third party to perform the work since they would take much longer to get to it. I used that third party to remove the inverters and reinstall upon completion of the addition. Since the reinstallation, the inverters have not worked properly. Tesla tried to blame the third party and required an update to the new wiring installed. This was done, but did not fix the problem. After insisting multiple times and escalating my issue over and over again, Tesla finally agreed to send a technician to review the work again. That technician stated the work was done properly but there is a problem with the inverters and they need replaced or repaired. Since then service to perform repairs have been scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled by Tesla about a dozen times. Now they are claiming the system is working properly and no work is to be performed. I have been trying to work with a service supervisor but he is slow to respond, sometimes does not respond or answer the questions in my emails. He refuses to speak to me on the phone and will not escalate this further. Now he wants me to prove my system is not working properly. Per Tesla’s mobile app, it is clear the system is producing about 1/3 of the energy it has since my initial installation several years ago. Additionally there is an error on one of the inverters and it does not appear to be working at all.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Joseph. I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with issues with your Tesla solar roof. I'm sure it is frustrating, especially when you can't get the help you need. I would be happy to speak with you about your roof and what options you have in dealing with this. Give me a call at 888 572 0176. Thanks, Mike

Had the roof install after all work done and finish in around July/aug the system still not turn on they telling me that is on their scallation team and they have a backlog meantime I still paying electric.

Michael Agruss Headshot

Hi Giancarlo. Sorry to hear that you're having to pay for electricity while having paid for solar power that you cannot use. Let's chat about it and discuss your options--give me a call at 888 572 0176. Thanks, Mike